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Started playing DQ in 1990 and have played continously since. Started GM'ing in 96 and run games on a variety of planes and locations predominantly the small village of D'arbres in northern Newcourt. Currently writing a series of Games based around a large island off the Alusian East Coast called Insel der Freiheit.


I have played five characters over the years

Currently Active

Currently Inactive

Player and GM assistance

College of Exsanguination

The College of Exsanguination is a particularly nasty blood based NPC college.


I also work on a charactersheet in spreadsheet form to help players with their ranking and keeping track of all the numbers used in combat.

A new version of this spreadsheet is under construction in collaboration with Neil and Ben which will encompass more automation, and an easier interface while also making it easier to tweak for older characters.

NPC Generator

I have produced an NPC generator which produces rough numbers for NPC's for use in combat. This is still somewhat buggy and quite limited but further development will continue.

As an extension to this I have developed a combat recording sheet that takes the information from the NPC generator and allows a GM to simply enter the damage an NPC takes in combat and automatically deducts armour and keeps track of the remaining FT and END. This is only in alpha test at the moment and obviously is only useful for GM's with a laptop or PC available to them during the combat.

Experience Spreadsheet

This Experiance Sheet assists the GM in tracking EP as well as treasure with easy options to calculate tax and divination/valuation charges.

It produces a chit to hand out to the players.

Level Generator

This Level Generator is an attempt to help codify the level of characters across the game. Still needs a lot of tweaking but is moderately accurate.

List Server

I maintain a list server for the purposes of helping GM's and their parties communicate and plan outside of the sessions. Any GM's requiring access to a mailing list should Email me and I will set one up.

All support for lists is best efforts only and no SLA's or guarantees are available :-)


I help out on the Character Tribunal re-writing items for players when the items are either unreadable unplayable or both.

I also work with the Campaign Committee.


Below are some of the scribe notes from adventures I have run. A huge thanks to all those who have completed scribe notes.

This group is part of a completed story arc revolving around a small village in northern Newcourt.
The completed Story Arc

And in a hopefully expanding section these are notes from a new ongoing story arc set in the Isles of Freedom.

Tips and Tricks

After discussions on the Mailing list about hints for GM's I wrote up a few articles on what I do as a GM and the tricks I have learned over the years. I thought they might be worth hanging on to (if only to laugh at in a few years) and so are below.

Social Networking

I can also be contacted via the following Social Networking communities.

The Wiki

Below are the categories and pages for the various area's I have run games as well as information I have added to the Wiki.


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