Fastness of Girwyllan

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Fastness of Girwyllan

West of Carzala
Fastness of Girwyllan


The Fastness is a semi-mountainous and valley region of land some forty miles west and southwest from the city of Seagate in the Duchy of Carzala - home of the Seagate Adventurers' Guild. The fast running Rithe Regar and Unicorn River originate in the Fastness.

The Fastness is a High mana area.

The hills of the Fastness of Girwyllan, above remote Tiana Falls, are also known for being rich in magic, and special creatures not found in other parts of Carzala. The hills have had magical rituals bound into them. These rituals can be used without having to specifically knowing how to cast magic and are sometimes used by brave common folk who travel into the hills for the benefits. The rangers and guides that live at Candle stone Farm know the special short cuts between places within the hills making traveling quicker on foot and in small bands. Some of the traders also walk the special paths and bring all sorts of news and stories of far off lands and items out of the hills for trade with the local farms in the foothills. Sometimes these items end up in the local towns in the west of Carzala.

In the general stores of the walled village of Gugnir's Hope and in the small hamlet of West Crossing trade items from the hills can sometimes be found. A magical vine that can be used like a rope apart from when up against a wall become almost invisible and can't be seen. These hard to see vine ropes fetch a very good price from shadier Adventurers types. Locals look to the hills as a source of wealth but also as a source of their fears. The cold winds of winter occasionally bring monsters raiding out of the hills into the low lands and farms. The Duke has no interest in sending people into the hills after the damage has been done, and he doesn't have the skilled enough people to be able to prevent the raiding before it happens. The need for adventurers is great.

Current Situation

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Other things

Other things that some people have talked of are:

  • The Dead Forest. Valley of the Dead. (Necromancer area)
  • Mathew the Healer.
  • The Hobbits in the west.
  • The Hobbits' magic cauldron. The Field of Toadstools.
  • The Amber and Tin mines. The Vampire Bats.
  • The Caves of Old.
  • Unicorns of Conviction.

Settlements in the West of Carzala

Information about Adventures run in this area

GM for this area is: Jono Bean

Character reports

Scribe notes

Kill a rock troll that is stealing people from Amba, rescue and name Clementine the Water Spirit, fix Faldo & Gross's wings, get treasure map and start treasure hunt, Amba gives us a cottage

$ Fishing Adventures


Seagate Guild members comments

If character that have been to the Fastness wish to leave comments please leave them here (other than scribe notes).

Scab: All the witches there are hot ladies and I've slept with them all... though I didn't do much sleeping if you catch my drift... heh heh heh
Clementine: I am happiest when I am in the Fastness. It is a area that is great fun with lots for me to do.
Hey I didn't say that!
Michael: The Fastness is a nice safe place to adventure so long as you obey the signs and keep your wits about you.
Boulder: The Fastness is terrable dangerious place in which it is not at all clear what is going on and death leers around every conner. Nice place though - many friendly and helpfull people, very fun.
Ben: One should always bring some spare wits and a master healer. That and someone to keep track of your to do list. I do like the cat people but not being fed to a witch.
Lucius: Drink the water, eat the food. It all has most improving effects on you. PS, Jono is the best GM :-)
Sabrina ...