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Auckland DragonQuest New Member Guide

Welcome to the Auckland DragonQuest Guild.

Multi-GM Campaign, One shared world & time line, Many histories, legends & stories, over 30 years of continuous play, 25 GMs, 100 players, & 250 characters.

We are a group of about 100 people who play the "Paper and Dice" DragonQuest Role Playing Game (DQ) that is set in the fantasy world of Alusia. Together we have formed the Seagate Guild of Adventurers (the Guild) that runs this site and DQ in Auckland.

How it Works

We meet at the beginning of each season (summer, autumn, winter, spring) to organise adventures: a typical adventure would have one Games Master and 5 to 7 players meeting once a week for about 13 weeks. Most players only play in one adventure in a season.
During the adventure the Games Master (GM) describes the fantasy world of magic, combat and fantastical creatures and races, that the Player-controlled Characters interact with.

GM to Players "as you walk along the lamp lit street, dodging piles of rubbish and filth, you hear raucous laughter and the sounds of fighting coming from the basement of a ruined house, and you cant help but notice a revolting smell".
"Orc-pit", mutters Long John, "keep moving and look straight ahead".

You, as a Player, get to control a Player Character (PC) on an adventure - dont worry, we will help you create your PC and offer advice during your first few games as you get familiar with the rules and the world of Alusia - which then interacts with the fantasy world that is DQ: trading, fighting or ensorcelling as the need and mood takes you.
Your PC will learn and improve skills, weapons and magical abilities between each adventure and so you get to watch it grow and develop as it adds to the already rich history of the Guild.
If you like; you can think of your PC as the main character in a book.

Why Play DragonQuest (DQ) with the Auckland Guild?

Here are some of the Advantages

  • Common and shared world and timeline.
  • Longevity – this campaign has been going on for 42 years, some active characters nearly as long (as of 2023).
  • If you don't like the group you are playing with, you can play with different people next season.
  • For variety alone there is nothing that beats this Guild.
  • If your GM runs out of steam, you can still play your character.
  • Its cheap to play.
  • You can take a break.
  • You don't ever have to take a break.
  • You only need to commit for 13 weeks at a time.

The Auckland Guild is also a sociable group of people, we meet each week in people's homes to play together. It is not on-line, and it is a very cooperative, team oriented game.
We reward PCs for the depth of characterisation: the better we portray the character of our PC the quicker it develops. We are also rewarded for the skills we contribute to the team and for the fun we inspire.

The Easiest Way to Join the Guild

The easiest way to become a member of the Guild is to contact any member or come along to the Guild Meeting. Below is a list of people that can help you. Please feel free to contact them. They will be able to assist you in creating your first Character and answer your questions. We can also offer advice and assistance for your first character.

People that will help

You can txt or call Jono on 021 917 173. You can also email William, Ian, or Jono at the email addresses below.

Guides and Booklets that may help

Next Guild Meeting

Guild Meetings are usually on the second Sunday of December, March, June and September. You can find a list containing the times and locations of the upcoming Guild Meetings on their page.

At the meetings, everyone gets together to see what is happening in the upcoming quarter and catch up on any rule changes and other upcoming events as well as sharing stories of what happened in the previous quarter.