Tanah Boemboe

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Tanah Boemboe
Location Eastern Insel der Freiheit
Government Principality ruled by House Paetas.
Current Prince Prince Caelistis Pescenniu Paetas
Population 877,500.
65,000 - 8%
Major Towns
Setagen - Pop:5,000

Pasir - Pop:26,500


Tanah Boemboe is a coastal province in the southeast of the Island. The province is bordered to the north by Dajak and Koetai, to the southwest by Mercato and to the east by the sea. The eastern border is dominated by a large mountain range called the Meratoes Range.

The land is mostly thick and dense jungle and includes the area known as The Devils Claw. The bulk of the population resides on the islands off the coast and the town of Setagen is the busiest port on the Isle. It's large deep-water port and massive breakwaters enable the town to handle the largest ocean going trading vessels and house a large home fleet.

The capital Pasir is the second largest city and is home to the Paetas Gardens a large cultivated area that stocks plants from all over the world. Over 200 gardeners are employed to keep these maintained.



Major Port town of Tanah Boemboe, famed for it's obsidian breakwater and Docks.

Places of Interest


House Paetas
Prince Caelistis Pescenniu Paetas
House Colours
House College Water Magics.
House Amandio

House Voturia


This family is huge. Marsus Paetas had six sons, all of whom have produced families. Unlike most Houses where the lesser family members become unclaimed by the main family and must make their own way in the world House Paetas has claimed all younger members and assigns each to a trading vessel to make their own fortunes. If they make enough from trading to buy out the ship from the family they may establish their own families, if not they remain bound to the House. Many of the Captains will not try to free themselves instead amassing a fortune for their children rather than taking the risk of free venture.

The Family

Many of the family are known to be Water Mages, it is suspected that most of the family are Water Mages and that it is the only college known to the family.

Main Family

These are those entitled to the House Name. Wives of captains have not been listed for brevity.

  • Caelistis Pescenniu Paetas - Prince of Tanah Boemboe
  • Juba Carius Paetas - Princes Son.
  • Carina Iulius Paetas - Princes Wife (deceased)
  • Marsus Hosidius Paetas - Caelistis's Father.


The relationship to the family is not noted, but most are cousins and uncles with the occasional second cousin.

Governor (Captain) Orientalis Papinius Paetas

He is a 5'10" middle aged human with a heavy tan and rough outdoors look to him. He has spent much of his life at sea and prefers to dress in a similar style although the cloths used are expensive and unsuited to sea travel.

He is a known air mage with high ranks in travel and communication magic's and he is also known to be able to detect falsehood although to what extent has not been determined.

He is second in power within the region only to his Brother Caelistis Pescenniu Paetas Prince of Tanah Boemboe and is the driving force behind the area's shipping fleet and it's mercantile dominance of the isles.

Pusulia Tadius Paetas
Young woman in her 20's. Daughter of Orientalis.
Pusinnus Sulpicius Paetas
The son of Orientalis whose ship 'Paetas Pride' was attacked on the 10th Thaw 906.
  • Severlinus Atronius Paetas
  • Trifer Granius Paetas
  • Volusianus Nipius Paetas
  • Rusticus Pomponius Paetas
  • Audaios Clodius Paetas
  • Carnifex Julius Paetas
Decianus Petreius Paetas
His daughter is Paetus Pinarus Pythion who married into House Pythion.
  • Fraucus Titius Paetas
  • Hardalio Falerius Paetas
  • Julian Cassianus Paetas
  • Martial Hostilius Paetas
  • Orientius Papirius Paetas
  • Severus Attius Paetas
  • Triferus Gratidius Paetas
Vonones Norbanus Paetas
Captain of the 'ShadowWind' known to travel a coastal route between Pontaningal and Matan.

Advisors and Members of Court

  • Sulla Cordius - Advisor to Caelistis
  • Valgus Longinus - Trade Advisor
  • Cucuphas Pomponius - Lord High Tax Collector
  • Ignatius Scipio - Master of Shipping, he plans the routes and governs the goods purchases by the Captains on behalf of the house.



  • House Amandio - Deals are friendly between these houses and support during the Civil War has made them close.
  • House Voturia - House Paetas carries a large volume of trade from House Voturia to the mainland. No-one is certain what these goods are and no Captain has yet been brave enough to find out.


  • House Fabia - While there are no actual hostilities between the houses there has been a cooling of relations in the wake of the recent Civil war.