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Real World

Public Calendar containing the guild meetings. You don't need a google account to view this, but if you do have one and use the Google Calendar you can add this public calendar to yours, set up reminders, etc.

Upgrade Notices

In Game

This is the place for rumours, gossip, data, innuendo, soft / hard facts and other assorted bits and pieces of Information which contribute to the fabric of our DQ universe. Anything placed on here should have the following information attached to it (where possible): Event, location, date (or date period), details or Date placed, Who placed it, and it should be in the appropriate period.





  • Summer 824wk
  • Autumn 824wk
  • Winter 824wk
  • Spring 824wk


  • Summer 823wk
  • Autumn 823wk
  • Winter 823wk
    • Nouveau Zumalar. This Viscounty has been created as of Winter 823wk. This replaces the old Viscounty of Zumalar due to the destruction wrought by the recent invasions etc. The current Viscount, Viscount Xavier Sartoris and the rest of the nobility remain the same.
      • Zumalar City the ruins of this once large port city have been declared off limit to all.
      • Chestyr has been named as the port replacing Zumular City as the main port in the SouthEast of the Western Kingdom
    • The strange floating land anomaly on the NE border of Aquila and Aladar ends. Previously flying land falls presumably killing hundreds. Area comes to be known as Rockfall.
  • Spring 823wk



Seagate Bulletin: Herbalists Wanted

Seasonal contracts at generous rates are being offered to Guild Herbalists to work in the safe and sunny County of Ebola.

Journeymen can earn 25,000sp per season!

See Count Aryan at the guild pub after the meeting or the Ebolan Trade Embassy in Seagate.

- Stephen (talk) 22:51, 14 March 2021 (UTC)



The last of the Drow major units have departed the WK.


Some shipping of food to New Moriquendi on the Elvish Isles. Other shipments of food to New Moriquendi cancelled.

Winter 818wk: the drow invasion is blunted and this is the final major battle of the invasion. The drow invasion forces break up and start retreating to the sea over the next seasons.


At the end of the year, a naval engagement happened between the Black Fleet and a reinforced Destiny fleet.
The Black Fleet was forced to withdraw under the cover of a fog.




The Drow do not leave the Elven Isles and keep the money. The Drow reinforce Borovia.


Winter 813

The Drow on the Elvish Isles receives payment from Destiny as they are going to sell the Elvish Isles to Destiny.

Spring 813

Isil Eth's Visions for Spring 2013
Isil Eth's Visions for Spring 2013

Murder, Mayhem and Piracy in Ebola

The guild has learned of the rescue of several members from the clutches of pirates on the southern seas. We also note that there is a substantial bounty on Lathron the elf and his evil scrott minion Mad Jack the Hobbit and guild members are advised that the bounty can be easily paid by any of the Ebolan or Del Toro ambassadors or King Aryan

End of the World

The guild astrologers have prophesied the end of the world again, with a number of them falling unconscious due to the strength of the revelations. A spokesman for the Guild announced a Guild party would be dispatched to take a look and not to be too concerned.

Activity in Calder

Rumours of a Cenobite Triad abound in Calder, although with no reliable evidence in support of them. Any information on the Triad is to be passed to a Guild Security operative with the utmost practical despatch. There will be no payment for this, except for the knowledge that you are serving your Guild, who love you and protect you from all wrong thinking.
Weather has been unpredictable along the coast, and on the evening of the 10th of Ice, the moon emerged from clouds surrounded by a pale green aura. Upon interviewing the conscious Astrologers, Guild Security has issued an advisory that it doesn't sound all that dangerous, but Adventurers who suddenly become green, acquire green treasure or are accosted by things that are green may want to speak to professional Namers afterwards.
Philosophers report that the effectiveness of meteorological magic is improved by about 2 Ranks, and will pay 200 sp for any Adventurer who can provide a written report. Some testing in the High Mana Thaum Collider will also be required, which is working much better than the unfortunate events of the Summer Solstice, many of the survivors of which are now in a position to wave a limb-like extremity gaily to indicate how keen they are to get back to work.

In the Far North

Since the Winter Solstice, sky fires have been vivid and dramatic. Undulating ribbons of colour spread across the sky and seem to writhe against each other in a most unusual display.
The Philosophers ask that Adventurers who are in the area to find some way to bathe in these excited streams of colour. They would very much like to interview any who survive, and again, some testing in the High Mana Thaum Collider will be required. 200 silver pennies is offered to each research subject to thank them for their efforts.

Winter 813

Forces engage the Drow Ice Road
On the 3rd of Frost forces commanded by General Kern Silvercrest deployed to the new Icy Road front around Innesburg with some of the forces that had been mustering near Konigburg. They had previously been slated to reinforce Field Marshall Blitzkrieg at the front but have now been diverted to the new icy front aimed at Alfheim via Innesburg and its environs.

Kern and his troops have been deployed to North East Aquila to hold the Drow forces in the area of Innesburg from further incursions deep into Western Kingdom Territory. He has been given command of a number of units including the 3rd and 4th Aquilan Cavalry Regiments as well as the Elite 7th Aquilan Cavalry Regiment, the 7th and 8th and 9th Aquilan Infantry Regiments, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Aquilan Engineers.

He has also taken a number of mages from the Kingdom Institute for magical support. The mages have some plans to deal with the new infernal Ice road and will look to act as soon as they are able.

Forces continue to muster in Aquila
The slow build up of troops continues in northern areas as troops are mustered and deployed to rear areas in preparation of Spring offensives by Field Marshall Blitzkrieg and other Western Kingdom Generals.

Innesburg feels the Cold
The Drow infernal Icy road is currently close to Innesburg and the locals are suffering. The Innesburg Pike Regiment and other Northern WK forces are looking to hold in place while reinforcements rush to their aid.

Autumn 813

Ship Lost
The merchant ship The Late Harvest has been reported lost between Ebola and Port Avalossa

Enemy forces engaged
Western Kingdom forces under Field Marshall Blitzkrieg ...

Strongholds lost
The war with the Drow and their allies has been fought at great cost to the Western Kingdom. The following towns have been lost in Aladar this season;

Summer 813

The Drow invasion is in full swing and has managed to secure a beachhead in Southern Aladar along most of the coast. Movement inland is hampered by mountains, bad weather, bloody forts every 15 miles and adventurers. This was not the short victorious war they were promised.


Spring 812

11th of Thaw 812WK - Guild vaults breached

Guild security submitted a report to the guild council in regards to the loss of the item titled 'The Mablung suspension' from the lessor guild vaults. It appears that an intruder scaled a guild wall and obtained a set of keys to the vaults but not to the inner vaults where 'The Crown Jewels' of the guild are secured. A junior member of guild security named Fingolfin Cúthalion has been disciplined and is presently inventorying all of the guild assets for as long as it takes!

In completely unrelated news the guild as of the 11th of Thaw 812WK, once again lists Blackrod as an active enemy of the guild and its members. Guild parties are advised that he is in league with diabolical entities such as Raum, Bathin and others with the ability to change localised world laws for a short period of time and employ highly disciplined, or perhaps bound cadre.

Elvish throne of Western Alusia now Vacant
11th Thaw: Elves in Western Alusia notice the land has lost all affinity with Isil Eth, who was once the former Provincial Governor of this part of the ancient elvish nation (the so called Queen of Western Alusia). (This should not be confused with the human Western Kingdom which is unchanged.) Isil Eth is thought to be off-plane.

Artic conditions in Ffenagh
9th Thaw: A large storm, like a hurricane only colder, has killed off most of the vegetation and lizards in the northern Ffenagh swamp and covered the land with up to 40 feet of snow. Most of the humans in adjacent lands had already left due to the depredations of the lizards, and it may take years for the area to recover. The weather in neighbouring Dumar, Aladar, Bowcourt etc, will be affected in the coming days.

Drow stopped from Adopting Aladar
7th Thaw: a group of Drow were stopped from completing a ritual to become the Adopted family of senior Aladarian (undead) nobles. Aladarian nobles had an affinity with the lands through centuries of ancestor worship, although that is mostly a thing of the past now that families have been forced to move by the Peace Treaty with Aquila. The adoption would have allowed the Drow to control weather, crops, water etc in the area, and for the area to be unscryable.

Earthquakes strike the western Kingdom
A series of large and powerful earthquakes have struck the Western Kingdom in early Spring 812wk with most damage centred around the northern reaches of the Ffenargh. These quakes have substantially changed the flow of water in the area

Food prices soar
The price of food has increased 10 fold in the western kingdom with the shortages cause by the plagues and famines of Summer/Autumn 812WK. People with surpluses are selling their food at a good profit, so that food prices even in Carzala, where there haven't been plagues, have doubled or in some cases quadrupled. Food riots are a common result across most of western Alusia. The lands that weren't blessed prior to the famines & plagues have suffered large losses in terms of the quantity produced and many barely harvested enough to feed themselves never mind send any to market. The lucky and blessed farmland produced an average amount last harvest and so there is a lot less food to be had for at least this year until the next harvest.

Priests or witches who can cast blessings on areas are in high demand in order to enable a good harvest in the coming seasons

Merchant traffic through Carzala increases
The end of winter and the start of Thaw has seen a huge increase in the number of merchantmen heading northwards from Seagate carrying food to the Western Kingdom. Seagate warehouses had become rather full over the winter with imported food as few ships would sail through the winter storms. The produce is now being rapidly moved onto waiting ships, and up to 30 ships a day are sailing for the Ffenargh River or Southern Aladar, up from the usual 5 to 10 sailings. The docks of Seagate are heaving with wharves full of ships and sailors frequenting the usual entertainments through the town creating a mini boom for businesses who have warmly welcomed it after the slow winter months.

Brastor Trade increase
Last year's bumper harvest in Brastor has seen all their surplus stocks either sent to Seagate by wagon for transhipping onwards or by wagons northwards through Tuscana, Ranke and Mordeaux and into Bowcourt to alleviate shortages there. The high demand for their goods and the record prices will be speeding up the rebuilding of infrastructure damaged during the Dark Circle War. One recent immigrant to Brastor was noted to have said "well that's the silver lining to the Dark Circle legacy – the land has been so thoroughly blessed many times over that the ground is producing bounties for the new settlers and enabling a speedy rebuild"

Shortage of Surf and Spray Mages
The chaotic weather being experienced in the Western Kingdom has led to most air and water mages being offered employment up there to calm the situation and make sure the latest crops have the best weather possible. Air and water mages are consequently in short supply in Seagate for helping ships and these competent and important seafaring mages can command five times as much as usual. Most of the heavily laden and valuable food carrying vessels are making their way using slower and less predictable traditional methods. Air and Water mages have also been recruited for military operations and so any unemployed Surf and Spray mages are likely to be untrained, incapable, terribly busy doing 'research' or incompetent.

Piracy on the High Seas
Ships in late winter 812wk reported an increase in the number of pirate sightings and encounter on the seas near Carzala and Ranke. Shipping companies and owners fear for the implications if pirate activity increases during a period of heavy reliance on there could be concerns for the supply line to the Western Kingdom. The price of shipping in such dangerous seas has increased twofold since autumn 812wk due to increased expenses such insurance, death taxes, crew rates etc.!

Wagon Shortage
The increase in trade between realms has meant that there is now an acute shortage of wagons in Carzala and Brastor. Smiths and Carpenters are working to make more wagons (especially heavy goods wagons) but it will take time and the prices for wagons has increased to 1500sp for a 4 horse 3t wagon (triple what it was) as a result.

Unseasonal Fogs
Fogs have been reported on most of the rivers of the Western Kingdom and out at sea. The fogs out at sea are reported to have a semi-magical component and cannot easily be dissipated by magical means. Some inhabitants are exhibiting despair which may be a secondary effect.

Contact Lost
There have been more reports of lost contact with small towns and villages across the Western kingdom and the recent bad weather has made this hard to substantiate from rumour. Once it is possible to travel then patrols will be dispatched to see what's happening in these more remote locations across the western kingdom and near realms. Some weather effects may have been fatal for badly sited locations and some may have had some terminal infestations of Suarime, Orcs, bandits, Havenites, Drow or some of these villages may have been taken over as thralls by various hungry vampires and such like.

The Barretskyne mists grow
The mists surrounding Barretskyne have been noted to have strange lights inside them and they have started changing colours and intensity. They have also increased their speed of outward expansion which is causing concern for the neighboring farmers and landowners. The area around Barretskyne has been reported as being covered in mists since the 8th of Seedtime - Spring 810wk when a huge field of mist has grown around the ruins centred on the old city and extending for at least a mile around the city. Brother Waldemar Ţepes, the commendatory abbot of the nearby Michaeline chapter house has since forbidden any further investigation of the mist and the brothers are fervently praying for the return of their old leader Abbot Richard Blung who has been on a 'pilgrimage' since 804.

Border Clashes

The Western Kingdom borders with Cauldersfield and Drakenburg have seen increased levels of cross border raids and clashes of troops at various strategic locations. WK forces have been sent to reinforce these borders.

Lizards emerge from deep nests

The ancient allies of the drow, the Suarime have emerged from the morass of the Ffenargh swamp in numbers and attacked people there and the villages in the Ffenargh and the surrounding lands of Aladar, Ormond and Bowcourt causing much loss of life. It has been estimated that several thousands of these Suarime have come out of the swamp and a number have been reported to be riding giant lizards that run on two legs and have huge jaws. The presence of the Suarime in the deep swamps of the Ffenargh has been known for generations but it was suspected that the Suarime there had mostly died off or been severely reduced from previous numbers – but this supposition has been proved incorrect with their recent emergence.

Winter 812

Ice 812WK – Week 1 – 3rd to 9th of Ice

The first week of Ice 812WK sees a series of heavy storms move in across the western kingdom bringing heavy snowfalls to inland and sheltered areas disrupting travel and commerce across the realms with the Coast of Aladar being hit with huge waves and high winds causing the loss of a number of vessels.

The hills and mountains of the kingdom are heavily coated with snow and many avalanches occur in the high lands and valleys.

Traffic along the great rivers reduce with the increased amount of Ice floating downstream causing hazards to vessels on the rivers and some rivers become impassable. A few areas of the kingdom seem to suffer less than others and the use of weather control magic in some form or other is suspected.

Ice 812WK – Week 2 – 10th to 16th of Ice - New Heirs are born to the King and Queen of the western Kingdom

Dawn on the 10th of Ice 812WK brings news of great joy with the birth of 3 children to King Ulric Schwarzrotgold and his wife Queen Meredithis Schwarzrotgold.
They announce the birth of their son Frederick Schwarzrotgold IV, their daughter Cecilia Schwarzrotgold and their son Magnus Schwarzrotgold.
Queen Meredithis is said to be doing well but is very drained from the birth and will be resting for a few weeks. The Queen is well served by her ladies in waiting and companions who look to hers and her children's every need. Lady Patsy Byrn has been appointed the children's nurse.

The storms start to abate and dissipate leaving a mostly white realm of snow covered kingdom lands.

The full names of the children are

  • Frederick Schwarzrotgold IV,
  • Ceceila Catherine Schwarzrotgold
  • Magnus Schwarzrotgold

Autumn 812

A military supply cache was discovered by guild members in the Ffenargh swamp just north of Zumular. The cache was less than 1 year old and included full supplies for an apparent orcish army of 100, including weapons, armour, food and utility and support supplies. A newly constructed Altar to the Drow spider demon was in the same location.

Summer 812

Summer 812 - Week 1 - 1st to 6th Meadow 812

Response to the Recent elven attacks near the great river

In response to the recent spate of attacks by elves along the great river in the last week of Blossom (Spring) 811 King Ulric has mandated a serious response to this given the capability for this to become an issue and problem during the upcoming wedding period and he has dispatched one of his capable commanders to deal with the matter. The Marquessa of Bowcourt upon hearing of this has denounced such actions and declared any such elves or anyone else committing such crimes as criminals and outlaws.

The Marquessa has sent some of her personal forces to the area to bolster local troops and several other Western Kingdom specialist forces have been moved into the area and have been quartered locally. These specialist units have some considerable experience in dealing with magic capable offenders.

Even after such a short period some of the locals have taken to calling this unit as the Pansies Company in reference to their unit emblem and designation but the members of the unit don't seem to mind the names. The Parnzie Company is led by Colonel Felix von Gotrek and he has based his command at Castle Valliere where there was sufficient room for the company and volunteer auxiliaries from some of the Western Kingdom schools of magic. The Parnzie Company is normally based in the Parnzie barracks in Ostow.

On the 2nd of Meadow (Summer) 812 a group of 9 of these elves (along with 3 humans and a Halfling) were encountered by Parnzie Company committing such crime and after refusing to surrender these were captured and questioned about their activities. They provided a few names and leads for follow-up and they were then crucified for their banditry just outside of the city of Valliere (Bowcourt) the next morning. The 3rd of Meadow saw local forces detaining a number of elves in the area in relation to the matter. Several of the elves were judged innocent (or without incriminating evidence or testimony) and freed but 6 implicated themselves and others and these were stripped of any wealth and holdings before being sentenced to 10years hard labor in the Royal mines.

3 minor functionaries of Lady Isil Eth were among those found guilty of the crimes by implication and attempted escape from custody through the summoning of a demonic power and died in the resulting melee when the demonic power answered their summons. Their remains once sanctified, cleansed and blessed have been buried by emptying into the river as someone said "Well that's what they wanted to be part of and so they shall!"

A source has discretely told this reporter that they employ a secret concoction of Pansy Distillate when combatting elves and have special amulets to help when dealing with recalcitrant elves.

Flower shortage

Due to a high demand in the Western Kingdom there is an overall shortage of certain types of flowers, namely Pansies, Acomite and several other varieties which have been bought in bulk by the Royal Officials of the western Kingdom for the upcoming wedding of the King. Anyone wanting less than common flowers should be aware they might be paying a hefty premium at this time.

Lencre in Flames

Flames burned down several buildings in Lencre (Bowcourt) on the 1st of Meadow when a suspicious fire was started in the ground floor of a merchant store. The damage was extensive and while no lives (of the 60 that lived in the block) were lost the building remains have since been torn down due to the state of their damage. The block was owned by the Bowcourt Elven Merchants Association and will cost a considerable sum to replace. An itinerant Domani was discovered drunk nearby with fire-making equipment and a torch of the type used to start the fire and he has been found guilty of the crime and was hung the following day on the 2nd of Meadow

Troop Movements

An observer in Aquila has noticed that almost all of the military units have moved out of their main barracks and been distributed out to secondary barracks during the Spring 811 and the coming Summer 812 period for what has been described as security concerns around civil unrest and disturbances. The mobilization is the largest since the end of the baronies war and this time since the mobilization is for all Western kingdom military forces (Aquila, Aladar, Bowcourt, Mordeaux, Borderlay and the rest) it actually represents the largest ever for the WK. The effect of this event is that the larger regiments and units will be dispersed in the local territory rather than in one central barracks or fortification which the high command has stated will provide more effective management of manpower and allocation of resources to deal with any issues.

The sole exception of this is the forces in and around Konigburg for the duration of the pre-wedding and wedding celebrations. These forces which are half royal forces and half kingdom forces total some 20,000 highly trained troops and auxiliary forces attached to various units. The Konigburg forces under General Artura de Vellesley have been hard at work patrolling the increasingly busy and populated city as well as guarding significant numbers of important guests in the city at this time.

A side effect of this has been a reduce incidence of bandit activity in the border areas of the kingdom and the number banditry attacks across the kingdom was sharply down in Spring 811and is expected to stay low over Summer and beyond. The local commanders have been tasked with rooting our any suspected bandit or outlaw hides in their areas as part of their mobilization remit.

The future queen arrives

Duchess Meredithis of Ranke has arrived in Konigburg to an impromptu parade through the streets on the way to the palace. Garlands and gifts (as well as hundreds of social invitations) have been received at the palace in recent days and Meredithis is expected to enjoy some of the city before her marriage to Ulric. Meredithis has spent the last few months travelling from Ranke to Konigburg and stopping by many towns and villages on route to the city which has endeared her to the people of the Western Kingdom. She arrived with a large entourage that included a company of lancers and well over a hundred servants, close friends, personal guards (20), ladies in waiting and closest advisors carried on 2 dozen wagons and carriages. Meredithis is expected to rest a few days before undertaking arduos social duties.

Summer 812 - Week 5 - 28th Meadow to 4th Heat 812

3rd of Heat
WK Royal Wedding in Konigburg (32 days after guild meeting)

- see latest SGT


Spring 811

Eostre 17th Seedtime - Celebrations quiet as Plague and Crop Blight Sweeps Western Kingdom
Spring Crops across the western kingdom have been decimated by locust swarms, blight, and unseasonal storms. Farmers have been found dead in their fields and herders dead along with their flocks. Church crops and a few select farms have not been affected. Carzala and Brastor have been clear of the plagues and blights but have been hardest hit by unseasonal storms. Food prices are soaring as the wealthy start to hoard food amid concerns over mass starvation throughout the Western Kingdom.
Sunday 18th Seedtime - Seagate Spring Ball
Moonday 19th Seedtime - Mass poisoning at the Spring Ball!
Many of the guests at the spring ball last night have been poisoned. While not apparently fatal, the poison is exotic and beyond the arts of mortal healers. Symptoms are pallid dry skin, extreme sensitivity to sunlight, and an allergy to silver. Investigations reveal the poison is an organic substance delivered via ice served in refreshments at the ball. Unconfirmed reports from castle staff members implicate a dark haired, pale skinned Elven woman disguised as a servant and heard to comment "who can doubt my mastery now" as she finished her shift. The suspect arrived with a group of servants from Bergelfen brought in to help for the night, she has not been seen since she walked into the darkness that night.
Moonday 17th Blossom - Assault on church chapter-houses in Ranke
Four chapter-houses were simultaneously attacked last night, each was destroyed by a hail of millstones and the survivors then murdered. Nobody was left in a resurrect-able state. Runes were formed on each site with the blood of the faithful, violating the consecrations and leaving the following messages:
  • Michaeline Chapter-house: The sword shall be broken until it turns on the unholy who hide in Seagate
  • Raphaelite Chapter-house: The shield shall break while it shelters the unholy who hide in Seagate
  • Gabrielite Chapter-house: The message is death until it reveals the unholy who hide in Seagate
  • Urielite Chapter-house: Judgement upon those who turn a blind eye to the unholy who hide in Seagate
NB Millers across the Western Kingdom, not wishing to be insensitive, but they would like their stolen millstones back. Until then flour shortages are a certainty.
Duesday 18th Blossom - Sabrina slays Chenaya in Sanctuary
As dusk fell over the streets of Sanctuary, Chenaya was cut down and trampled by Sabrina, Baroness Midgard. Sabrina then declared to the crowd, "Thus is settled the debt of a Valkyrie, now her vitriol shall stain no more than the streets!" before her Pegasus flew her into the night.
W'ansday 19th Blossom - Chenaya Lives!
Saved from the fatal blow by the foresight and protections of her allies, Chenaya lives. From her sick bed, Chenaya vowed that once she was recovered, she would see the foul assassin Sabrina brought to justice.
Kali as head of Sabrina's college is leading a guild delegation to Sanctuary to offer aid in resolving the matter and offer healing to Chenaya. Before departing she informed senior guild members that she is certain Sabrina is innocent, while Chenaya and Sabrina have history, this attack is not her style and she believes Sabrina is resident in Valhalla at the moment.
Frysday 21st Blossom - Kali and Jessica Missing!
Kali and her delegation which included head of Healing Mistress Jessica have failed to return from Sanctuary. They were last seen boarding an unusual skiff at the docks of Sanctuary and have not been seen since.

Winter 811

Ascension in Ranke

The people of Ranke are celebrating as Countess Chenaya has been named the ruler of Ranke once Duchess Meredithis of Ranke becomes Queen of the Western Kingdom. Countess Chenaya Vigiles is the daughter of Lowan Vigiles, an old-family noble of Ranke who is doubly pleased that his daughter has finally become ruler of Ranke and also achieved the position his family has aspired to for generations and Chenaya's cousin, Prince Kadakithis of Sanctuary is known to be overjoyed at her ascension to lead Ranke forward in this new age.

Chenaya has gathered about her a group of close advisors including her elder father Lowan Vigiles as her Chamberlain to help her in this time of transition and to ensure the realm runs smoothly once the Duchess becomes Queen of the Western Kingdom. The Countess brings with her a number of friends from her gladiatorial days who will certainly make interesting courtiers at the new court of Chenaya but most of the establishment that worked so tirelessly for the Duchess will be kept on for their experience, ability and knowledge in running the complex and convoluted realm of Ranke.

Wedding Preparations

The kingdom is getting ready for the wedding of their lifetime where they will see King Ulric marry Duchess Meredithis of Ranke to become King and Queen of the Western Kingdom. Vast amounts of food and beverages have been imported into the Kingdom to cater for all the guests. Some commercial houses and families have seen fit to provide gratis goods to help the royal family and some of these generous houses are The Pavoni Family of Lunar who have provided 600 tierce casks of their best wine, the Sartoris family of Borderlay have also provided 1000 tierce casks, the de la Verain family of Eltrandor gifted thousands of sheep, the De Vonge family of Aladar have gifted three thousand head of cattle and there have been many more instances of such generosity.

Guild Members Invited to the Wedding

The Seagate guild council have all been invited to attend the wedding of King Ulric and Duchess Meredithis but few others of the guild have received invitations with some notable exceptions. While a full list of those attending isn't known the following are known to have received invitations – Tari, Mario Pavoni, Sebastian, Sven, TDP Roberts, Vapour, Wordsmith, Cher, Aurora, Ben, Ibrahim de Hassel, Baroness Sabrina, Lady Clementine – the 1st Lady of the Sceptre, Marquis Kern Silvercrest and Count Engleton Redwood.

With the exception of the guild council and the WK/nearby realm nobles the invited guild members are rumored to have provided significant service to the crown in recent times or be known to King Ulric, Duchess Meredithis or the Marquessa of Bowcourt in some capacity that even Vapour (the ever self-inflating) wasn't disclosing

Border Crossings upgraded

It has been noticed that border crossing points into the Western Kingdom have had a spruce up in recent months with fresh coats of paint applied, small repairs made, new towers built and in some cases expansions of the garrisons at these key points. While the need for the show of 'new life' in what has been an unexceptional posting has been expected there have been a few area of note that certain experts may be signs of unease. The largest expansion of border points have been in the Cauldersfield, Drakenburg, Alfheim, Tuscana, Burgelfin and Ormond crossings where the garrisons have been at least trebled, gatehouses, towers, walls and fortifications have been added to extensively and most of the previously long standing garrisons reassigned and replaced by other regular troops. Officials have stated that this is a normal state of affairs and the rebuilding and replenishment of fortifications occur whenever funds are allocated to enable such things and should not be considered anything out of the ordinary.

Bureaucracy looking forward to the reformed western Kingdom

The new borders of the reformed western kingdom will for the first time not include Cauldersfield, Brandenburg, Drakensburg. The royal Bureaucracy will be expanded and the first thing is that a royal Census will be held along with an audit of lands and holdings.

Wedding Attendees and entertainment flood into Konigburg

Konigburg, the capital of the Western Kingdom is looking to be overflowing with the attendees for the royal wedding flooding into town along with their entourages and servants. All the high end accommodation has been spoken for months in advance and much of the medium end accommodation has been recently upgraded to cater for some of the various attendees and the manors in the surrounding countryside are also being used for accommodation while the normal residents holiday elsewhere.

The who's who of anyone important in the western kingdom has been invited as expected but it's who hasn't been invited that makes the scandal around the city. Elven Princess Isil Eth has not received an invitation and the rumour is that 'too many queens' would spoil the wedding. This snub to Isil Eth has seen some of her staunch elven (from the "the Isil Eth for Empress of the world political party") supporters who were invited indicate their unavailability to attend the wedding as well while other fence sitting members of the elven political establishment have instead accepted the invitation to attend along with the elven queen. Notable other snubs were to Herkym Sozet, the Zupan of Cauldersfield with whose realm Aquila has had significant hostilities recently in terms of border raids and off the record officials say that a state of war isn't far off, The Count of Ormond hasn't been invited as he has denounced the wedding as a sham and vowed to fight a unified western kingdom, The Duke of Volari was also notably not invited for reasons suspected to do with his daughter.

There have been some disturbing tales coming out of Konigburg in that some robberies have been targeting people that have invitations to the wedding and there are fears that some undesirables might try and sneak in to the wedding using stolen invitations but the palace guard and the city guards say they have ways of detecting such things and no one should worry. There has been a huge amount of parties organised for the months before the wedding and while the wedding is of course the main event, many people are coming just to attend the parties held in elegant settings with beautiful people, music and entertainment as well as those being held on the boats floating upon Lake Canismere which is a renowned location for edgy parties frequented by the young, virile and adventurous.

Entertainers, musicians and artists have all come to Konigburg and its environs for the celebrations and the city is alive with new murals, sculptures that appear overnight and street performances all aimed at getting the crucial invite to entertain at the wedding or provide a service where the artist / entertainer could make a name for themselves and gain wealthy patrons and fame.

Around the city entertainment is centred on the spectacles of jousting and feasts or banquets. There is a good feeling in the air and many new long and short term romances are starting every day around the tournaments and jousts. The sumptuous feasts and banquets will also provide entertainment for people as during the feast musicians would play and provide musical entertainment. The after feasting entertainment will be provided by minstrels, troubadours, jesters, acrobats, fire-eaters and conjurers and then dancing well into the night. There will be Juggling Jesters, Magician Jesters, Stilt Walking Jesters, Fire Eating Jesters all wandering the streets and performing in the various squares around the city for the entertainment of all.

Freshly cleaned Regalia on show

In late Frost news was released that the Regalia of the Western Kingdom was again on show before the royal wedding after extensive 'cleaning' by the royal jewellers - Von Cleef & Arplet has seen many flocking to view the items in their majestic and impressive display cases. The Crown of Peace, King Maximilian's Censer, Orb of the Western Kingdom, King Otto the Gentle's Sceptre, The Signet Ring / Seal of the Western Kingdom and The Crown of the Western Kingdom are all displayed in their magnificence guarded by a detachment of the Kings Rapiers and other guardians.

The regalia pieces are all together on show for the first time in centuries as the Keeper of the regalia has said that it was kept hidden for security reasons for fear of loss and damage. The crowds have been so numerous that only so many are allowed to see them each day under the watchful eyes of the Kings Rapiers and other more shadowy guardians.

Conspiracy theories about the royal family

There has been speculation amongst various philosophers within the WK and neighbouring realms over many cups of cocoa that all hasn't been revealed about the Regalia and a fierce debate rages whether these are in fact the real regalia or fakes and whether the regalia will accept Ulric as the true king of the WK or that he isn't a real descendant of Ulric the wolf by way of the late Duke Frederick Albert but is in fact the secret lovechild of Richard of Foxcourt or the Herzog or Baltmund Alagaad as some have suggested.

Other have said that Duchess Meredithis of Ranke will be the downfall of the Western Kingdom and that she won't be accepted by the people for her decadent and excessive rankene lifestyle and deviant practices. Several souces have said on condition of anonymity that she consorts with witches and she has 13 black cats that are set to arrive with her when she arrives in Konigburg to take up residence. Naturally such theories are just that and the western kingdom is looking united in its wish to have a human queen once more after the long period without a true king and queen in charge.

High Level Discussions

There have been a number of high level delegations from the Western Kingdom travelling through neighbouring realms recently that are reputedly trade missions but seem to have some very interesting members discussing 'trade' and other matters. Some have voiced suspicions that they are sizing up neighbouring realms for invasion, others have suggested that they have been setting up spy networks and the like or making overtures for inclusion in the new Western Kingdom or simply just a series of 'junkets' for outgoing high level functionaries and bureaucrats.

Whatever the reasons the delegations have been judged successful as there has been a marked increase in trade volumes from neighbouring realms as well as reciprocal delegations visiting the western kingdom to build ties of cooperation and establish new protocols for communication and enterprise.

Rankene Revelry

The Duchy of Ranke saw their Duchess off and on her way to Konigburg with a 6 day festival in Alcazar starting on the 4th of Ice during which celebrations the populace were said to have had the time of their lives with few incidents in the city.

Duchess Meredithis then at the closing ceremony handed over a symbolic key and seal-ring of authority for the realm to Countess Chenaya Vigiles who will rule Ranke in Meredithis's stead until she has a child that can take over as Duke or Duchess of Ranke (and after she has a son that can be King of the Western Kingdom) in the future.

Duchess Meredithis then took to carriages and with some loyal servants and personal guards set off across Ranke to say her farewells before she moves to Konigburg before the wedding. She spent the next few weeks crisscrossing Ranke before ending in Sanctuary where she took ship for Zumular and her journey from there to Konigburg where she is expected in Seedtime after seeing some of the realms of the Western Kingdom.

Autumn 811

On the night of the 2nd/3rd of Fruit a call comes in to the Guild, a request for all available Healers to report for duty. Old Seagate is in Riot, Monsters are rampaging though parts of the old City, the Watch and the Army are trying to restore order, many people are injured or dead.
As the night progressed more information filtered back to the Guild.
A Demon had turned most of the people in the southern part of old Seagate into Monsters, as warped ravening mindless beasts they were attacking the rest of the city. The Watch and the Army barricaded off part of Old Seagate to contain the Monsters, but some broke out of Raphael's Gate and were loose on The Commons.

Over the following day the story is pieced together; a worker at the bakery supplying an area of Old Seagate had contaminated the bread they sold with a substance which when ritually activated by the Demon, caused all those who had eaten enough of it to transform into Monsters. A magical chrysalis formed around person and shortly a monster emerged. The monsters then went Rioting though the neighbourhood smashing the place up and attacking people.
Most of the afflicted people where from the streets surrounding the bakery, an area of mostly brass and tin smiths. However a family of carters who delivered charcoal to the brass foundry and a tutor from the Temple of Light also changed into monsters.
Seagate residents fear further transformations by those less contaminated, but the official word is that if you didn't change on the night you're safe.
A Guild party that was already looking into some missing persons in Old Seagate is said to be after the Demon responsible.

In the next few days once the problem of dealing with the large number of dead and injured has passed, there is an issue with looters and concerns over inheritance and employment arise.
While funerals are held for those killed, tales are told of babies found alive inside the Cordon by the Watch, hungry and smelly but still safe in their cribs overlooked by the monsters.
The Smiths Guild is in disarray; its Guild Master is missing presumed transformed as are three more Master Smiths, their households, their Journeymen and Apprentices. Several ships previously expected to remain in Seagate for refitting leave for other ports as Seagate now lacks the tradesman necessary for the work.
Guild Counsellors meet with the Duke and his Advisors. Reports from the Healers & Namer College say that the people remain transformed after death, resurrect as monsters and that the Demon somehow changed the Trueform of the people afflicted. Binders are sent from the Guild to turn all the dead monsters to stone while a cure is investigated, the Church of Light and the Smiths Guild want their people restored, and no one is able to tell who's who in their current state.

A week after the Monster Riot an area of Old Seagate, south from Broad street and west of Raphael's Gate for several blocks remains cordoned off behind a wooden barricade, guarded by the Army and the Watch. A party of Junior Guild Members is hired to help clear the few remaining monsters out.
--Helen 01:53, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

Summer 811

Ulric Betrothed – New Queen of the Western Kingdom Announced

The guild has just learned that King Ulric of the Western Kingdom has asked Duchess Meredithis of Ranke to be his Queen and she has accepted. Our source close to the royal family informed us that as a result of his spring season official visits to Artzdorf & Flugelheim, Eltrandor, Ranke, Aladar and Borderlay he made up his mind and on the 28th of Blossom he discretely went to Ranke and asked for her hand in marriage after asking permission of her Uncle, Prince Kadakithis of Sanctuary.

King Ulric has announced that he is betrothed to Duchess Meredithis of Ranke as of the end of Spring 810 and that they have set a summer wedding date of the 3rd of Heat 812 in Konigburg as a wedding of this importance is very complex and Duchess Meredithis must nominate her replacement to act as the leader of Ranke.

The regents of the king, the Marquessa of Bowcourt (his mother) and his older brother, the Duke of Aquila are said to have given their most effusive blessings to Ulric's choice of wife as they had met her last season and were most impressed with her skill and ability to survive the labyrinthine politics of Ranke.

The royal court is now abuzz with planning a wedding which is expected to the be wedding of the decade, if not century. A courtier out of favour with the court was said to have whispered that the Marquessa has been digging into Meredithis's family and life and been less than impressed before he was dragged away by some royal guards.

Mists around Barretskyne

The Michaeline chapter house at Barretskyne has reported that on the 8th of Seedtime - Spring 810 a huge field of mist has grown around the ruins centred on the old city and extending for at least a mile around the city. At the end of spring (21st of Blossom 810) five of the hardiest brothers volunteered to investigate the mists and only 1 came back and he was in a seriously damaged state both mentally and physically and he was unable to say anything coherent about the mists until his death on 5th Meadow 811. 6 more brothers went into the mist on the day after the summer solstice (16th of Heat 811) and 2 returned with no apparent ill effects but they reported losing their brothers in the mists between heartbeats until they wandered out and returned to the chapter house. Brother Waldemar Ţepes, the commendatory abbot has since forbidden any further investigation of the mist and the brothers are fervently praying for the return of their old leader Abbot Richard Blung who has been on a 'pilgrimage' since 804.

Raiding in the Cauldersfield hills becomes more of an issue

The levels of raiding activity in the disputed 'wild' lands between Aquila, Drakenburg and Cauldersfield has increased in the last few seasons and now border lords on all sides of the borders are calling for increased forces to help maintain the peace in the area or the ability to call up more local militia. However to date the lords have been told to deal with the problem themselves after receiving messages back with verbiage akin to 'So, are you saying you aren't capable of dealing with a few raiders yourself?" which usually result in brief replies of "of course not m'lord". The disputed wild lands have been this way for centuries since the realms cartographers can't agree exactly where the various borders are and since cartographers keep getting killed, 'lost' or eaten the issue isn't likely to be resolved any time soon.

Busy time for high society

The upcoming wedding of King Ulric II to Duchess Meredithis of Ranke is causing a large amount of work for the suppliers of quality items and services to the nobility near and far from Konigburg. The seamstresses and Tailors are working feverishly crafting unique and special items of dress and perfumers are concocting all manner of special scents to differentiate their clients from other nobility. Meanwhile the high end smiths and craftsmen across the kingdom and nearby realm are making gifts fit for a king in readiness for the grand occasion. The invitations to the wedding will be sent out in Spring 811 but those who know they will be invited (of course) have already planned their actions and resource requirements for the period


Spring 810

A new round of 'Trade Negotiations'

We have news that King Ulric_Schwarzrotgold is being despatched abroad on trade visits to various realms internal and external of the Western Kingdom. Spring 810 will see him visiting the towns of Artzdorf, Eltran, Grobbelartaun, Ranke City and Borderlay as part of "trade negotiations" and he will spend some time with various local families in order to get a better idea of the area and local population. It is likely he will be spending at most 2 weeks in each location starting on 3rd of Thaw in Artzdorf and departing Borderlay on the 23rd of Blossom to return home before Walpurgisnacht on the 30th of Blossom. The news of these upcoming 'trade visits' have meant a huge increase in the number of civic works being completed and post winter repairs being bought forward. An unconfirmed rumour has a lot of 'unsightly or unpleasant' relatives being sent away for extended breaks on various estates - no doubt to give them much needed rest!


A number of noble families have recently seen their young daughters and sons engaged as a result of recent interactions at the recent series of balls and events held as part of the Royal_Debutante_Ball_of_810 in Konigburg. We are studiously trying to compile a list of who's who doing what and where but our normally reliable journalist Aurora has been visiting various gardens and woods in Bowcourt and surrounds.

A number of details have come to light and are detailed here Summer 811 - Significant WK Engagement Announcements. There are a huge number of rumours making their way down the halls of the rich and powerful across the Western Kingdom and we'll bring you some when our litigators approve them.

Trade negotiations with Artzdorf & Flugelheim progress

King Ulric arrived in Artzdorf on the 3rd of Thaw (Spring 810) as part of the Western Kingdom Trade delegation and he stayed in Artzdorf & Flugelheim for 2 weeks while the trade negotiations were underway. It is said that he spent more time with Princess Mary and her family than at the trading table as a result of her good standing from the Royal Debutante Ball 810. He saw many of the unique sights of A&F while there, such as Maltheim, the Lake of the Moon, Seraphim Falls and the Turquoise Rocks of Rhigelheim before he departed en-route to Eltran on the 17th of Thaw 810

Trade negotiations with Eltrandor progress

King Ulric arrived in Eltran on the 20th of Thaw 810 as part of the Western Kingdom Trade delegation and he stayed in Eltrandor for 2 weeks while the trade negotiations were underway. It is said that he spent more time with Princess Wilhelmyna con Sartra and her family than at the trading table as a result of her good standing from the Royal Debutante Ball 810. The festival of lights held on Lake Eltran in late Thaw was one of the many official functions that King Ulric attended before he departed Eltran en-route to Grobbalartaun on the 4th of Seed 810.

Trade negotiations with Grobbety progress

King Ulric arrived in Grobbelartaun on the 9th of Seed with great fanfare today where he made his first state visit to the County of Grobbety. He was feted by the Count and his family and he undertook a short tour of the county during his stay. It is said that he spent more time with Analise Schaefer and her family than at the trading table as a result of her good standing from the Royal Debutante Ball 810. While in Grobbety he reviewed several new companies from some newly formed regiments in the Royal Army of the Western Kingdom which were the Aladarian Lancers, The Duke's Companions, Royal Marines, the Aladarian Pathfinders and the Aladarian Heavy Foot. King Ulric welcomed the new troops, presented them their new regimental colours and wished them luck in their ongoing battles for the security of the Western Kingdom and piracy suppression. Ulric departed Grobbelartaun on the 22nd of Seed 810.

Trade negotiations with Ranke progress

King Ulric arrived at Ranke City on the 26th of Seed 810 to a great feast and celebration in his honour. He spent much time with Duchess Meredithis and her relations as a result of her good standing from the Royal Debutante Ball 810 while his trade officials undertake talks of closer relations between Ranke and the Western Kingdom. He saw many of the sights in Ranke before departing for Borderlay on the 10th of Blossom.

Trade negotiations with Borderlay progress

King Ulric and the trade delegation arrived in Borderlay on the 12th of Blossom where they had a new vintage named after the event, the "Ulricnacht" vintage. Ulric's trade officials are expected to undertake strenuous "bargaining" with Borderlay over a number of matters while Ulric spends time with the Miranda Alagaad and her family as a result of her good standing from the Royal Debutante Ball 810. Ulric stayed in Borderlay until the 26th of Blossom when returned home to Konigburg..

5th Aladarian Congress of Lords

The Congress of Lords on 5th of Blossom (Spring) 810 will be held in the town of Wesmarch in Westmarch in the lands of Viscount Daviich Falkenhayn.

This congress was attended by a number of Aquilan officials and border lords at the invitation of Duke Baltmund who sees this as an opportunity to hold vigorous discussions over various matters of state. Baron Hugo Sartoris of Jitomar died during one of the tournaments held during the festival (he was a vigorous 57 years of age) and his lands passed to his son, Baron Francis Sartoris of Jitomar (Grobbety).

The congress was presented with a series of works requested by King Ulric and which were fully funded from the royal treasury. The works presented are as follows; Establishment of a new naval facilities in County Grobbety as well as royal docks and a major shipyard, enlargement of the port of Zumular naval facilities and establishment of small shipyard, the founding of a new military training facility in SW Aladar and an engineering facility.

The congress was informed that the Kingdom Magical College has been allocated increased funds (rumoured to be tripled) and that more applicants were invited to apply for magical training.

Ulric also requested additional forces be trained and authorised the expansion of the Royal Aladarian Regiments. He informed the congress that he has also instructed the expansion of the Royal Aquilan Regiments, the Bowcourtian Regiments and has given permission for Borderlay to form nine small regiments.

Autumn 810

A noble death

Ernst Voarst Felbold von Hoenstruck the 4th (son of Leroy Hoenstruck the Graf of Innsluber) was reported lost, presumed dead when raiders from Drakenburg came across him and some guards in early Autumn 810. The raiders captured Ernst and 2 of his guards but killed 4 more in the raid leaving 2 badly wounded guards who provided reports of the event. Leroy Hoenstruck the Graf of Innsluber organised several searches and offers of ransom for his son Ernst but no trace of him was ever found.


Spring 809

Tensions within Alfheim have been mostly resolved although Prince Eoren is still missing. The Queen has issued a proclamation conferring Palatinate status on those provinces desiring greater control of their affairs. The partial devolution of central power is supported by Princess Illyana, the heir presumptive. The New Arrangement was proposed by guild member Isil Eth, nicknamed 'The Lawbringer' by some circles in Elven society, who negotiated with each province to address their specific desires. The change in governance has energised the provinces, especially after Isil Eth said any lethargy is a sign of continued demonic influence, a clear reference to the millennia long demonic curse that was broken by a guild party. Elves are joining a military reserve that Isil Eth formed to support the Border Regiments and the Elven Host, and ensured that Elvandar will answer any call for military aid. Isil Eth is personally supported by 5,000 Zentradi warrior mages, the Guild and TAC, the Tash Adventurers Council. Isil Eth 08:02, 11 March 2010 (UTC)

Society Engagement

The engagement of Victor Schweryn, son of Bernard Schweryn the Baron of Hohenburg (County Bolar) and Alena Rothschild, daughter of Ludwig Rothschild the Count of Erisberg was announced in Spring 809.

Winter 809

By the end of the first week of winter, the flurry of snowstorms has passed, and the weather is chilly, but dry and well above freezing. The crescent moon rose white, so the blood moon appears to have passed without ill-effect. On the 2nd and 3rd of Frost, a series of meteors fell from the sky, trailing south from Seagate, pausing above Novadom for a few hours, and then continuing south past the Five Sisters and through the Isles of Adventure. The net effect of the meteor shower was that several Suarime were disturbed in their swamp, and a sheep was badly burnt in the high country of southern Carzala.

On the 6th of Ice, the Guild Astrologers announce that they foresee Astrology Readings becoming unreliable for the next month. Apparently there are perturbations in the ether due to it being the anniversary of some ancient stars having fallen, and cycles are being re-written as they speak, or some such nonsense. Regular customers report no change in the quality of their readings. More disturbingly, the Savage Cult of Duke Berith, one of the mainstream religions of Sanctuary, has been suffering from a series of unforeseen misfortunes. This is not a good look for a Demon who claims to knows the past and future, and is patron to half the Sanctuary merchants, power-brokers, and future-traders. Andreww 16:34, 21 Jul 2009 (NZST)

By the end of the winter quarter all of Alfheim will be in chaos. Elvandar has seceded and most of the Wild Elves have left for their lands. Lord Eoren has not been heard of, with rumours that the treacherous Lord Veltyn has made him Warleader and that he has gathering a mighty host with which to invade Alfhiem. Prince Rylec has chosen this time to finally really stand up to the Queen and leave too. While Nursey may be proud of him finally getting a pair, everyone else is less impressed. Finally someone has commandeered some of the few intact loyalist units and taken them to the less than loyal north-eastern provinces. Whether to join them, put them down or conquer them and form a yet third faction is unknown. Most of the trouble seems to of been ignited by the return of about 20 Winged elves in the middle of winter. Eoren went missing about that time too. --William 18:28, 21 Jul 2009 (NZST)

Winter raids across the border between Aladar and Aquila are officially being dismissed as 'boys being boys' - high-spirited young men cooped up for too long by the bad weather. Unofficial reports indicate that these are ongoing feuds that can no longer be suppressed by the imposition of foreign lords and outdated Western Kingdom law. Whatever the real story a lot of well connected Western Kingdom nobles are meeting behind closed doors on both sides of the border. -- Stephen 12:55, 4 Aug 2009 (NZST)

1st Snow 809wk - Civil tension escalates
Adventurer, Elf, and Baron Steinhugel of Aladar, Kern kills Freiherr Dietrich von Hochburg, an Aquilan Baron and second cousin to Herzog Albrecht in a duel.
Kern states it is over the honour of his wife. Dietrich denied the charge, accepting the duel to defend the good name of Aquila.
So dies an Aquilan who is without honour, he came as an honoured guest with fair words and then attempted to seduce my wife with smooth moves and words. She, like Aladar, is made of sterner stuff than finery as she judges others through moral fibre, social standards, honour and actions that enforce good and noble behaviour.
Aladar has been seduced and pillaged by her enemies for too long and she needs to stand up for herself, treat others as she wishes to be treated and do unto others as they do unto you. I say we should work to end tyranny and act together to grow our land to her former greatness. My actions here today were as a family man, one with morals and standards I will judge you by and you can judge me by, remember this day and be the great and noble Aladarians you want to be.

- Speech made by Kern as he stood victorious over his foe.

-- Stephen 14:14, 11 Aug 2009 (NZST)

6th Snow 809wk - Kern charged with treason and exiled
In open court, Count Grobban charged Kern with treasonous activity, namely inciting war with Aladar and mudering a peer in a prohibited duel. Kern declined to contest the charges. The Count then declared Kern guilty, stripped him and his descendents of the lands and title of Steinhugel. Instead of the usual sentence of successive painful deaths, the Count granted leniency based on Kerns great service to the realm in the past and exiled him.
Later that day the Count announced that Hubert von Humboldt, last surviving member of the family of the previous Baron Steinhugel would be the next Baron Steinhugel. Eyrc von Flegg and Ambyr Whitebrow are appointed as guardians of the Baron-elect until he reaches his majority in Spring, 812wk.
The true and full story is revealed in an exclusive interview with Kern in the Seagate Times!

-- Stephen 20:57, 11 Aug 2009 (NZST)

Autumn 809

Late Vintage in Carzala - the arrival of winter has been preceeded by unseasonally cold temperatures and storms that have rolled in from Confederation Bay. High winds and snow have arrived early and travel warnings are issued bu the guild for flying until the storm(s) are past. Travel by road will be impaired by the conditions and the crowd for the start of the winter season guild meeting is expected to be less than usual.

  • 26th of Vintage - a series of Winter storms hit the Western Kingdom coming eastwards across Aquila/Aladar. It has been determined that there are 4 separate storms that are all marching eastwards (estimates are at a speed of around 100miles per day) and should blow themselves out before they reach the inland sea near the Lunar empire in about a week's time. Very heavy snowfalls are expected along with windblasts and low temperatures for the late autumn period. According to the high air Mage of the Western Kingdom, Ivan Ayvazovsky, the storms are natural in origin and while early they are not unusual for the coming season.
  • 5th of Vintage - the rising crescent moon shines a red light over Ranke and northern Carzala. This red tinge on the moon is visible only to Celestial Adepts and madmen, and remains for the rest of the month. No other signs or related portents appear. In Seagate, a rash of Astrologers respond to a surge in business by describing why this is an omen of good fortune, until the Duke cracks down on fake licenses.
  • Harvest Moon Festival in Brastor is coming up on 19th of Harvest. Young Neil is booked to play with Horse Crazy as the backing minstrels. More details to follow closer to the event.
  • 1st Harvest - Due to a series of unlikely and uncanny events the Demon Marquis Leraje is no more. His essence has been destroyed along with his artifacts, phylactery, body and dimension. Needless to say any pacts aren't worth the paper they're written on, and nothing turns up if he or his minions are summoned.
Several Powers and Gods know what happened but they're not telling anyone who does not need to know (that's you).
  • Early Fruit - more remnants of the Ranke invasion fleet limp into Sanctuary, having been scattered and lost in the Isles of Adventure on their journey home. By the start of the Harvest storms, less than half the 'victorious' fleet has appeared.

Summer 809

  • The Combined Ducal Militias of Tuscana have been recalled and expected to mount an extended campaign in the field in the year. While official announcements are suggesting action in the Sea of Grass to subdue continuing barbarian raiding groups, many believe their are preparing to intervene into the on-going troubles in Ranke.
  • Ranke invades ... Ranke
The combined military and naval power of Ranke that had been gathering over Winter and Spring has been sent south and upriver, dispersing through southern Ranke, and seizing control of all non-cooperative castles and strongholds. It appears that Duchess Meredithis is continuing the good work of Sister Grace of Mordeaux in tidying up the bandit-invested wilderness of Southern Ranke.
  • Ormond invades Ranke !
In an act of utter madness, the Rankene protectorate of Ormond has invaded its own benefactor, sending in several hundred troops to make surgical strikes against several large villages and manor houses around the northern city of Ilsig. The surrounding countryside, stripped of its menfolk by Rankene press-gangs, has been devastated by the invaders, and lies helpless beneath the ironshod boot of its estwhile conqueror, at least until Ranke turns its gaze north, at which point Count Mollan is going to have an awful lot of explaining to do to both Duchess Meredithis and Archbishop Xerxes. Rumours of Tuscanan involvement have not been substantiated.


Spring 808

  • The Rankene armies of the ruthless child-Princess Meredith, are preparing for a summer campaign, destination unknown. Press gangs have been operating in Sanctuary, Ilsig and Tainsfield, and the Sanctuary 'merchant' navy has finished refitting after its anti-pirate operations. There should be no problem in paying for an expansionist compaign, as the tax take from Sanctuary and the north have been prompt and delivered in full for the first time in several generations.
  • The Church Knights of Mordeaux have withdrawn from Southern Ranke, having completed their post-Dark Circle pacification programme. Sister Grace has claimed victory for the forces of Justice after three hard-fought years, and says that the last of the undead, bandits, and rebel Barons have been brought into line.
  • County Ormond is calling upon all its Knights and men-at-arms to provide their 40 days of annual service in person, on the southern border, from the start of summer, and for as long as necessary. It is calling in political favours, and requesting that its allies vigorously support its internationally recognised and rightful independance from Ranke, promising provisioning for as many foreign troops as will take to the field in support.
  • Her Grace Meredithis Alfaris Duchess of Ranke, Protector of Ormond, and Countess of Ilsig and her other Realms and Territories, hereby offers a naval commission to all upstanding water mages of good morals and neutral affiliation, for the period of 1 month, being Meadow, the first month of 809 Kingdom. Applicants for said warrants to assemble at the docks of Ranke city on 26 Blossom or the docks of Sanctuary on 29 Blossom with papers and references.
  • The Rites of Spring were successfully and peacefully held in Ladlaugh, Alfhiem. Think of Octoberfest meets Halloween meets Babylonian Fertility festival. If you attended and are female or Vychan you're pregnant. Unless you're chaste, your own species or have a note from an elder god.

Summer 808

Newhaven Castle Defense System Stops working

The Castle defense system at Newhaven appears to have stopped working. Odd things are afoot.
See licence under CDS link... Greg Graydon 29 Jan 2008

Duke Leto DeWinter Grants land

In Summer 808WK, Duke Leto DeWinter granted two large sections of land to the Western Unified Church. The Church was gifted 5 million silver pennies by members of the Seagate Adventures Guild to establish and run two large Chapter Houses to support the locals as well as Church activities, teachings, in the areas of; Brastor Holdings and Novadom City. (GM: Jon McSpadden)


Spring 807

Logan's wedding

Ronan con Sartra of Eltrandor and his wife Liselle Davish-Con Sartra are pleased to announce the marriage celebrations for the marriage of their daughter Karyna Con Sartra to Baron Logan of Newhaven. They will host a weeks festivities culminating in the marriage ceremony on the 15th of Blossom 807 at the royal chapel of Eltran, Saynte-Chapelle.

The festivities will include street festivals, balls, gala events, several hunts and entertainment events throughout Eltrandor, although concentrated more in Eltran itself.

The King and Queen of Eltrandor are hosting such luminaries as King Ulric Schwarzrotgold of the Western Kingdom and Emperor Titus Flavour Valentius Stabilius of the Lunar Empire along with royal families from the neighbouring realms of Artzdorf and Flugelheim and Glissom.

Lady Isil Eth of the Elven Royal Court, the Arch Bishop of Mordeaux, Duke Leto of Carzala, Lord Byron Dumbarton of Brastor, the Sorceress in Silver and Etienne Sorholus-Vesubie will all be present as will the Duke of Aquila, the Marquessa of Bowcourt, the Duke of Aladar, Duke of Brandenburg and the Duke of Drakenburg.

Nobles from Volari, Brandenburg, Drakenburg, Cauldersfield, Calder, Destiny, the Western Kingdom, Carzala, MMHS, Borovia, Tuscana, the Isles of Adventure, the Five Sisters, and a number of other realms have all been invited.
The 'Seagate Adventurers Guild' will be prominently represented by its leaders such as Kali the Nameless and Wegan the Inscrutable. Senior Guild members and notables such as Lord Axis of the Dragon Court, Count Kree of Borovia, Count Engalton OM of Newhaven and protector of Novadom, Lord Blitzkrieg, Admiral Silverfoam and many other prominent guild members will be seeing their comrade leave bachelorhood.

The King and Queen have made a number of palaces, manors, and residences available for the influx of nobility to Eltran and their security is pre-eminent with the visiting nobility being assigned local escorts in addition to their bodyguards. A number of Mages have been assisting with arrangements as well as Eltrandorian Military troops and Knights from the Order of St Adric.

2nd Aladarian Congress of Lords

The Second Annual Aladarian Congress of Lords was held on the 5th of Blossom 807 in Baltheim and hosted by Viscount Vladimir Mangelsdorff.

The Congress approved the shipbuilding program proposed by Viscount Xavier Sartoris and the expansion of the Aladarian Navy to foster security and trade across the region. Funds were approved for the rebuilding of the Yoffan Dike that was damaged during the Middle Duchies War and the Congress also agreed to relax labour restrictions to enable the movement of serfs between estates to ensure work is done to complete the harvest.

The congress created the Aladarian Engineer Corps that will be tasked with infrastructure improvements to road and bridges across Aladar in an effort to increase trade and communication between various realms and the corps will be led by General Karl von Schultz.

Viscount Xavier Sartoris by virtue of his rank would have been Lord High Admiral but convinced the Congress to make his cousin Davydd Sartoris the Lord High Admiral of Aladar to reflect the importance of the role and enable him to continue his work in Zumular.










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