Temple of the Knights Templar

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A temple in Southern Brastor at the head of the Champion River. Also known as The Temple of Light.

Information on the Temple

Winter 806

Artifacts are used to simulate the return of Sigismund to rescue Peter and Cob. This is successful but has some additional effects:

  • All 500 of the Knights woke up.
  • Sigismund was partially summoned.
  • Sigismund and his Knights were given the 5-minute 500-year history of the Western Kingdom by Dwarves and citizens of Kinlu.
  • Sigismund commanded 20 of his knights to find out the state of the Kingdom and the rest to return to their training.
  • At Thoric's request Sigismund passed his Crown to one of his knights who is remaining to observe.
  • Sigismund returns to the battle on another world that he was called from, the temple is raised from beneath the ground to resume its original position. It is now guarded by its own magics and some of the knights (4).

As of Winter 806

Investigation by Father Broc of the notes, details, seals and other tomes recovered by the party in http://dq.sf.org.nz/library/snau0501.pdf and in another prior season has lead to the following conclusions.

  • The temple was dedicated to the service of King Sigismund in teh protection of the Western Kingdom
  • The Knights held here were those who could not follow him on his crusade and who completed their training but were unable to locate him.
  • A few of the Knights effigies are from the period between King Sigismund's disappearance on the Crusade and the present time which leads to the conclusion that some have returned for whatever reasons and chosen to 'join' with the other Templars awaiting King Sigismund's return
  • The conditions for 'Awakening the Temple' are very strict and specific
  • Assistance in research on the Temple is being given by Thoric


  • Peter Smith was entombed with the knights from Winter 805wk to Winter 806wk.
  • Cobalt was entombed with the knights from Winter 805wk to Winter 806wk.

Knights of the Seal

Tombs of these knights charged with protecting the Seal of the Western Kingdom (part of the Western Kingdom Regalia) have been recently discovered and work is progressing on deciphering some cryptic clues as to their purpose and how they can be 'revived' from their 500 year slumber.

There are also references to the Knights of the Orb and Knights of the Sceptre who were the sacred guardians and defenders of these items of the Western Kingdom Regalia.

Knights now wandering the Western Kingdom

The following list of Templar knights is known only to the party who went to the temple and met King Sigismund and Father Broc who met and completed any gaps in their knowledge in late Frost 806. List of Templar Knights - Win 806


Templars are servants of the Church of Light. Many who have the Templar skill are also Warriors or Military Scientists and these are collectively known as Templar Knights. Most Templars serve a specific church or Lord who embraces the Gods of Light. Templars that wander the land, and are not tied to a specific church, may be known as Paladins or Knights. Templars that stay in one locale, are tied to a specific church, and 'look after the locals' are simply known as Priests. Only the most faithful and dedicated followers are chosen to learn this skill.