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A young Dwarven Rune Mage of the Henrikson family fresh from Zirac Holding in southern Ranke. He and his father were once kidnapped by Suarime and rescued by Guild members.

Bodric is a sensible chap with only a mild keenness to take things out at the knees if they represent any kind of threat to his family and friends (or if they are goblinoid scum. Racial hatreds being easy to grow in an impressionable youngster).

He primarily follows the Dwarven Gods Cron and Ustelf.

He resided in Gryphon Pass where he ran an Inn and hostelry with his Brother Henric and was mostly retired from adventuring. At the end of Winter 809 he disappeared and has not been seen or heard from since.

Bodric is a good young dwarf and regularly sends letters and money home to his parents.

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Bodric is a young dwarf, not yet old enough to have more than a few wisps of chin hair. He is solidly built and well muscled.

Bodric carries a large Mattock that he looks after very carefully.

Visible Value

He is usually dressed in a leather equivalent of plate mail that is well oiled and cared for, and does not appear rich, but certainly competent.


Offence:Low (Max Rank Mattock, no other weapons, no offensive spells)
Defence:Low (Leather Armour)
Utility:Low (Fighter with an unranked college)

Passive Detections and protections



Reaction Modifiers


Friends, Allies and Associates

  • He is known around Novadom as a slayer of Sea Monsters.
  • He is known to the Novadom and Brastor traders as an honest Innkeep.




  • Dwarven
  • Common


Long Term

To be a dwarf his parents would be proud of.

Short Term

  • To rescue some dwarves hidden in the hills north of Novadom
  • To build a successful business.

Skills and Abilities

Party Roles


Main Skills


Main Spells

None Ranked

Other Stuff of Note

The useful

Not so useful

Has a strong racial dislike of Goblinoids.