Lord Arrindale

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Lord Arrindale is a Lich who resides on the Plateau of Decay. His only known interaction with the rest of the islands populace is to sell Kyanite Crystals to those few who know their power and can use them. He has been confirmed as having provided Rashak with large quantities of Kyanite Crystal to power the Dark Circle and a shipment of worked crystal amulets to the Calamar.

He has human guards/servants that do not seem entirely alive. They wear uniforms, use armour and weapons, breathe, but also appear unaffected by the life draining of the Plateau.

Since 807 Lord Arrindale's location is unknown, he left the Plateau of Decay after an attack by the Guild and has not been seen since although he is known to still be on the isles somewhere.

Dealings with the Guild

Winter 807WK
A guild party gathered together the required devices to destroy Lord Arrindales Kyanite Mines.
Characters : Logan, Anooke, Brundar, Kirgoth, Menolly,Father Broc, Kit, Silverfoam, Lizette, MDK.
Autumn 807WK
A Guild Party discovered Lord Arrindale was the source of Kyanite and approached him to sell some. His retainers who dealt with the party offered the Crystals for 10,000 Dwarven slaves, an offer which was refused. The party then coordinated an attack upon the mines freeing the Dwarven slaves currently held captive.
Characters : Thaeuss, Kern Silvercrest, Kit, Mortimer, Logan, Silverfoam