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This is a site about a role-playing game campaign and the fictional worlds, characters and adventures within that campaign.

If a google search has bought you here, be warned that this is mostly bull shit. The fictional creations of several warped and twisted brains inspired by a mix of fiction, myths, legends, current events and history - both past and future.

Seriously, don't believe a word of it!

This is not for profit, we make no money from any of this, it's just about fun.

If something you find on here offends you, sorry, no offence to anyone outside of our own little group was intended. Best if you go find a safer website to browse.

If you are running your own game and want to use anything from here in whole, part, or just be inspired by it - aweseome! Go for it! If you somehow make money from doing so, share the love, whatever seems fair to you, wiki hosting costs money.

If browsing this site fills you with the desire to move to Auckland, New Zealand and start playing DQ with us then you'd be very welcome and we're required to suggest you seek counselling. ;-)