Dwarves of Insel der Freiheit

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The Insel der Freiheit Dwarves were first encountered by a guild party when a portal unexpectedly took them to the dwarves instead of the expected destination (See scribe notes).

They live in a stronghold within the mountains near the centre of the isles. Their tunnels are fairly extensive under the isles with portals to help traverse them quickly.

The Dwarves keep to themselves, most of the humans on the Isles have no knowledge of them, have requested that this secrecy be maintained. They do have regular dealings with the Insect Shaman, and are on friendly terms with at least some of the Dragons, as they are trusted with access to the cavern where Chaaff lives.

They are lead by their mages who use colleges we are familiar with but use runic like foci for their spells. The foci are ritually charged then allow casting for minimal fatigue but at a much slower rate.

They primarily know the entity colleges, with a lack all of the thaumaturgies.


About 500 years ago a couple of their families/clans found Kyanite and started mining it. Contact was lost, and their cousin became corrupted by chaos-stone like effects and slaves to Lord Arrindale. Those of the slaves that were still savable were rescued in a collaborated effort of the dwarves and the visiting guild party in the Autumn of 807.

Knowledge of Necromantic (and Black?) magic was lost when the clans split. It is understood that the clans that had this knowledge mastered the control of their magic with the amplifying effects of the Kyanite in the mines in which they were enslaved.

Known Dwarves

Simrund - King of the Dwarves
Grurim - Sub-king, leader of the former slaves rescued by the Guild.
Bilmin - An advisor to the King who has assisted Guild Parties
Runkk - Head Mage

Dwarven Portal Network

The Dwarves have a network of rune portals for traversing the large distances on the island. The portals are separated for safety, with 10 to 20 miles of tunnels typically separating each portal in a chain.

Portal entrances known by Guild Members are:

Nymph Pool
Portal is concealed near the Nymph pool in Waringin (South)
In a cave on the hills above Broesai, the capital of Sherazar. (North)
At least 100 miles upstream AND 5 hours jungle-bash from Boenoel, in Madi (West)
far up the Kojan River in Tidoengsche, the portal is in the hill above this mining town. (North East)
Lakes of Regret
Portals is at the temple at the northern end of the Lakes of Regret in Tanah Boemboe (East)