The Redemption of Lord Surturs Bane

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Adventure: The Redemption of Lord Surturs Bane
GM: Mandos
Session: Autumn 807 wk
Night: Wednesday (Starting Wednesday 25th of April 2007 - a special 4 session game)
Level: Medium
Location: Chez Mandos


Lord Surturs Bane needs some help getting free from the confines of his sword.........
Loot gained on adventure + favours from Icarone. Please note this is not an official guild mission.

Scribe Notes by Icarone

Chapter One

5th Fruit

Lord Surturs Bane announces to me (his current host) that an opportunity to free himself from the confines of the sword has presented itself. Something has happened to two souls (one good, one bad) approximately 5-6 weeks ago to bring them to the awareness of him. He can consume one of these souls and the energy will be enough to free him, however he does not know which of the souls needs to be consumed. We need to locate these two souls.

6th Fruit

I request assistance from some old friends. Advise that Lord Surturs Bane can sense the direction of the two souls to the north. We decide we will travel via Shoka's cloud, then spend the rest of the day getting ready.

7th Fruit

Shoka summons a cloud and we depart northwards as that is the only direction we know so far.

Stop for the night in a fishing village just north of the Ffenargh. No inn as such, however very hospitable fishers who were willing to offer their hay barn for the night. No payment necessary however they were grateful for the extra ingredients we provided for dinner. I provided some banapples which the children liked very much. The parents were not so keen on the resulting stickiness and purple juice stains all over their clothes. Such is the way of the banapple.

8th Fruit

Travel a lot by cloud. Every 6 hours (dawn, midday, dusk and midnight) Lord Surturs Bane provides me with a more focused direction.

We eventually arrive in Ravens Keep which is near a big river that used to be the border of Aladar and Aquila. As we near the town I begin to sense the presence of the two souls like two heartbeats. Lord Surturs Bane informs me that the souls are not physically together however they are both in this town. Ravens Keep seems to be reasonably famous for its light blue glassware so we use Morgan's glass merchant knowledge as a cover to scout things out.

Lord Surturs Bane can sense the two souls anywhere on the plane.

Morgan is convinced the two souls are twins.

In our general knowledge gathering we find out some information about Baron Joseph Sartori, however subsequent to one of the visions Lord Surturs Bane advises that the Baron's family is not either of the two souls.

There is a very large Urielite cathedral in the town which has room for many more people than the current population.

9th Fruit

After having some of Shoka's herbs overnight to induce visions, Lord Surturs Bane advises me the evil soul needs to be killed (the redeeming act). This will dictate how Lord Surturs Bane will be after he is freed.

  • Morgan There are a lot of people who need killing
  • Morgan If there are two of anything, kill them (Convinced the two souls are twins so best to kill them both just in case)

Shoka's vision was about a purple fish and a brown fish. The purple went to the light and was captured in a net whereas the brown fish went down to the dark. We take this to mean the purple soul is the good one (light = good) and therefore the brown soul is the evil one.

My midday vision on the brown (aka evil) soul tells us the male is in the keep and the purple is the other.

We visit Ravensglass lake in the hope of finding something of interest there. We don't.

Chapter Two

9th Fruit (continued)

Shoka is not feeling so well after the herbs so has a rest.

Morgan thinks we should set up shop to entice people to come by for Lord Surturs Bane to check. This is one of many such plans. Morgan is bored with being a glass merchant. We leave the lake and check out Ravens Keep. We spend some time working out our story for getting into the keep as it is moderately guarded by soldiers who appear to have seen some action.

Some of our plans:

  • Clarissa seduces the Baron or the Baroness
  • Pretending to be dungeon inspectors
  • Saying we are the Guild assassination team and asking to be let in
  • Getting 'friendly' with the Baron's priest
  • Access the church records to find out recent events

We finally settled on the following:
We are searching for an illegitimate son who has been recognised as an heir in Ranke. We get an audience with the Bishop for tomorrow at midday.

6pm vision - a faint smell of horses in connection with the (brown) male in the keep. Midnight vision - the purple soul (he) is in the arms of a lover.

10th Fruit

6am vision - the brown male in the keep is in the stables.

We meet the Bishop at midday - his Last Magic To Impact is "True Form" and name is Francis De Assini. He provides access to the town's records (his library has 12 books with what appear to be births and deaths). This would have been great however it is written in Alurian (sp??) which none of us know so Michael and Clarissa pretend to read while Morgan scouts outside. She spots the stables and a number of busy stableboys and when I come out to 'find' her I immediately saw one of the stableboys has an 'aura'. A successful Detect Aura reveals nothing unusual about the 16 year old however as he gets closer Lord Surturs Bane informs me that this is one of the souls he needs to be free. It is VERY hard for me to move away without Lord Surturs Bane forcing me to kill the soul on the spot.

Morgan finds out that the boy is "Steve" and he has a brother "Albert" who works in the church.

Lord Surturs Bane wants to be free and doesn't care which soul is good or bad and I have a hard time keeping control.

Once Steve leaves Lord Surturs Bane advises that his returned form will be influenced by the remaining soul. He wants to be good, as evidenced by the marked change in the swords color during the time spent with me, however it is hard while so near freedom.

Michael checks the males in the church and Albert is the twin of Steve, which proves Morgan was right. She makes sure we know it :)

Now that we know who the two souls are we need to determine which of them is the evil/bad one as Lord Surturs Bane only gets 'insights' every 6 hours and at this time I have a brief sense of being the person.

Clarissa and I lurk unseen near the church at dusk.

6pm vision - Albert (purple soul in the church) has no 'guilt' for any actions. This does not rule out any evil actions however. Midnight vision - I have the sense of pleasure and sex from Albert. Now who would the church boy be having sex with and with no guilt??

Chapter Three

11th Fruit

Shoka feels better however he seems to have passed something to Michael who now needs a rest.

We need to establish which of the souls is evil. I need some sleep so we agree to meet after breakfast. This means I miss the 6am vision).

  • Morgan We need to work out which one is the spree-killer. (As she is convinced the evil one MUST be spree-killing). Shoka How does spree-killing make you evil?

Lord Surturs Bane reveals that the souls are twinned and each is heavily aligned (one good, one evil). When either soul dies his freedom can occur. The death does not have to be caused by him however he must be close by else he will not be able to kill the messenger that will come to collect the soul. The messenger will contain the power necessary to free him from the confines of the sword.

Morgan uses her healing arts to help a nun novice with a medical problem while Shoka is visiting Albert. The novice has been raped for the last two years and more recently also cut with razors. She describes one of the twins. So either Albert is somehow getting over the wall that separates the male and female halves of the church OR Steve is sneaking all the way down from the stables. The novice's room mate has never seen or heard a thing happening which makes us wonder whether there are drugs or magic involved. We think back on the visions and realise that Albert must be the evil soul as he was without guilt, having sex and in the arms of a so-called lover.

Shoka advises that Albert seems to be overly pious which is a little bit suspicious.

While working out how to get hold of Albert Michael suggests simply announcing that we think we have found the possible heir and tell Steve and Albert we will take them to Ranke for their family to work out.

I can't be near the twins so Michael and I ride a half day out of town to wait for the others.

Steve and Albert are released from service without problems and while the party is getting ready to travel Shoka engages both of them in some sword practice, 'accidently' cutting Steve on the arm as a means to identify the twins. Morgan uses her orcish sense of smell to differentiate them based on Steve's smell of horses and Albert's lesser smell of incense and churcy things.

Chapter Four

11th Fruit continued

Clarissa d'Ornay, Shoka and Morgan the Orc were unsuccessfully ambushed by local assasins. They were hired by a man in the pub to kill "the orc".

We take their two Rank 6 composite bows and two horses and let them go.

We set up camp, give Steve and Albert sleeping potions and put Steve with Chesmi, Shoka's griffin for safe keeping.

I kill Albert and his body is instantly encased in an earthly tomb.

Four hellhounds, 2 black knights and an avatar of Savnok appear and we battle them.

The hounds and knights ultimately succumb, releasing noxious gases when they die. Savnok's avatar died after a few fine blows courtesy of Lord Surturs Bane. Some of his green gaseous essence was captured into the sword which turned pure white. A bolt of white light shot into the body of Albert which then changed slowly into a 7'2" elven male. We all pass out.

13th Fruit

We come to, all well rested and I no longer have Lord Surturs Bane attached to my arm.

Z'Lesh, an elven gentleman hands us bowls of soup. I recognise his voice as the one I've been hearing for all these years from the sword. Turns out he was the original person who sacrificed his soul to power the sword to kill Lord Surtur.

Z'Lesh will train Steve and see the world.

We cloud back to the Guild.

14th Fruit.

I buy everybody a lot of drinks as thanks for their help.

Reference Information


Baron Joseph Sartori


Ravens Keep

Ravens Keep is famous for its light blue glassware, this is a town of approximately 2000 people. There is a very large Urielite cathedral that does not match the population size of this town. Some members of the party suspect it is the third largest in the land.


  • 2 rank 6 composite bows


Autumn: Fruit (4)
  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Waning Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting
2 3 4 5 LSB requests Icarone's help 6 Icarone requests help of friends
New Moon 7 Travel north by cloud - sleep in fishing village 8 Travel north and west by cloud. Arrive near Ravens Keep. 9 Scout around town. Brown soul with horses. Purple soul with lover. 10 Brown soul is Steve - stable boy. Twin purple soul is Albert - church novice. 11 Likely Albert raping a novice. Get Steve and Albert released from service. Kill Albert, battle Savnok, free Z'Lesh from the sword. 12 Passed out. 13 Awake, talk to Z'Lesh and cloud back to the guild.
Waxing 14 Arrive back at the guild. 15 16 17 18 19 20
Full Moon 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 1 2 3 4