Crystal Ship

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Scribe Notes
The adventure takes place on the Isles of Freedom


Adventure: Crystal Ship
GM: Mandos
Session: Autumn 807 wk
Night: Thursday (Starting Thursday 15th of March)
Level: High
Location: Chez Mandos

  1. Thaeuss - Elven (Evil) Binder
  2. Mortimer - Halfling-Elven Wicca
  3. Kern - Elven Warrior-Earth Mage
  4. Kit - Navigator of the Bizarre
  5. Logan - Human Enchanter played by Neil Davies
  6. Silverfoam - Elven Namer played by Michael Parkinson Mil Sci & Leader
  • The R&S Golem is taking dictation.

Carlston: A representative of Prince Bodenius Sornatius Voturia
A Master Mechanician requires assistance acquiring some additional matériel's required to finish the construction of a magic ship.
Two spell crystals per adventurer recruited.

Scribe Notes

Chapter One

Three Kyanite crystals were supposed to have been supplied last month by Lord Arrindale, he now claims he is unable to make the deal. Bodenius would like the crystals by the deal being honoured or by whatever means necessary.

Two (Green & Black) of the five dragons ceased to exist two weeks ago.

Politically there is now a zero tolerance policy for magic use and foreign mercenaries.

Travel, supplies, and other logistical matters are discussed and dealt with.

At Kit's insistence we pack token cooking supplies just in case we share camp with someone else and need to pretend to hunt and cook for a few minutes before producing the slow-roast pork with orange & port glaze.

Kern assures us he could hunt roast beef anywhere in a reasonably convincing manner.

Mortimer, Silverfoam, and Thaeuss start working on the design of the Catch & Roast or Catch & Steam traps for wild pork and venison.

A Mechanicians workshop is assembled in Logan's room and raw materials are packed in, just in case we need to fabricate sophisticated devices while in the field.

2nd Fruit

We meet after breakfast, Kit has attached wheels to his flying ship ready for Silverfoam to sail it overland to the portal in the Filgiso. Carlston pulls a horse from his pocket, attaches it to his wagon and flies above and ahead of us.

Sitting in the loungers on the fore deck we consume wine and while away the morning discussing ways to turn Logan into a mechanical grenado.

The Trorc village has not changed much, we pass through quickly, pausing only to break Kit's ship in half to fit it through the tunnels and portal.

On the mountain at the other end we continue the wine soaked conversation while Carlston opens his rune-ish portal to Broesai.

Through the portal we are in the large warehouse where the Iron Ship was built, the mana levels are unpleasantly low.

We leave the ship-wagons and walk through town to the palace, there we are given rooms for the night.

Logan is twitching a lot trying to find whoever is scrying us.

3rd Fruit

In the morning we are given opportunity to study their one Kyanite crystal. It is two-foot tall cut crystal that resembles a large blue diamond. It inherently focuses and enhances mana flows that pass through it. A mage with great affinity for mana should be able to become reasonably proficient in using an untuned cut crystal with just a few years study. Even then the chances of random and potentially undesirable effects would be very high.

We ask Carlston to remove the crystal again before the temptation to use the crystal becomes too much for someone.

We take the 6,000 pounds of Mithril which was the agreed price for the three crystals, repair Kit's ship and fly off to the east.

Logan spots a Void Cruiser to the west of us and heading away. Kit pops below to protect us from it and Logan finally stops twitching as we take to the air.

After the first few times we get used to the frequent free-falling which Kit assures us is normal. Logan curls up and naps on the pile of Mithril. Silverfoam rousts Kern who was being a log amongst our lumber supplies. Thaeuss makes a few suits of mithril chain for those that want some. Kit teaches Silverfoam how to fall the ship properly so they can take turns flying through the night.

4th Fruit

Mid-morning we arrive at the plateau.

Chapter Two

Leaving the ship in mid-air under Logan's care, we fly down to the Plateau. There are no magical auras in sight, the top of the plateau is dense forest, the trees appearing to be almost uniform height, the canopy undulating when the land does. There are no animals nor even any insects. A small animal tossed onto the top of the plateau does not immediately die, so Kern lands, talks to the trees, shouts our arrival, and eventually steps within the forest. Kit takes Mortimer and Thaeuss into the ethereal where the forest appears as a black malevolent mass, Mortimer and Kit feel is is diametrically opposed to their powers.

Kern returns shortly reporting he has met with nine guard types who informed him that Prince Arrindale is not home and there will be no trade for the foreseeable future. Kern and Thaeuss enter the forest and return a few minutes later reporting that the Prince is not at home to visitors at the moment, there is another buyer who takes precedence over our order, that is all the nine can tell us, they have sent a messenger with our request for an audience with Lord Arrindale.

Thaeuss is slightly life drained, Silverfoam and Mortimer investigate, experiment, and determine that the area has a low level necromantic life drain effect (about 1 EN per hour). Kern is not affected, either because he is a Druid in a Druidic place of power or due to the god (of Earth & Death) he is pacted to.

When the messenger returns we all enter and meet with them. A noble servant of Arrindale has come who can speak as his master's voice. We discuss various trade options and try to find out more about the other buyers. They will say nothing of the other buyers, they set the price of completing our order first at 10,000 slaves (preferably Dwarves) for the mines, they will give us until the end of the season to deliver before they break the big three crystals up into the smaller ones needed for the new order.

We take our leave and fly north to the Lakes of Regret. There Mortimer and Thaeuss use the portal expecting to get to Sherazar, instead they find themselves underground with a lot of Dwarves. Mortimer sweet talks the Dwarves for a while gaining their trust and a dinner invitation. The Dwarves have been here a long time, they generally keep to themselves and few (if any) of the humans know about them. Their end of the portal was supposed to be closed, divination indicates the Lakes terminus was redirected to connect to their caves by someone powerful and (we later confirmed) copper coloured just before we arrived at the Lakes. They used to have cousins to the south-east, contact was broken and now they are slaves of the dark crystal. The Dwarves have many tunnels that connect to the Dark Crystal area and raid occasionally trying to recover their cousins. They guard the tunnels as they are occasionally raided and lose people (presumably to slavery in the crystal mines). The Dwarves are lead by their senior mages and guild masters. They have many colleges and use a form of runic focus to enhance their magic.

After dinner the Dwarves escort Thaeuss and Mortimer to one of their surface entrances. From there they fly to Sherazar, brief Carlston who would like the Mithril back asap, then portal back to the Lakes to rejoin the other for the flight back to Sherazar.

5th Fruit

Most of the day is spent flying NNE to Sherazar. Kit makes contact with Ijel who confirms he moved the portal, he trusts we found the meeting useful. There are two new powerful factions in the isles that could be the other buyers: The Calamar and something else that is in the north of the isles. Ijel would like Kit to find out what the 'other' is and let him know.

Back at Broesai, we hand over the mithril - some now in the form of furniture. Logan restrains himself to just a few tears. Discussing events with Carlston he tells us that an army of bugs (presumably Shareal) has been marching north beside the mountains.

We decide to scout the bug army on our way north to see what we can spot and checkout the northern place of power now that it is not being drained to power the curse.

Chapter Three

After dinner we take flight again south-east towards the mountains.

6th Fruit

In the morning the trail of the roach army is reasonably easy to find, we follow it north until it seems to end beneath the jungle near Mt Eried. As we arrive Logan traces scrying to a spider on the ship, it seems it was possessed by its god and used to scry us for a while. Kern interrogates an Earth Elemental, Kit sends in a bird-bat, and then Thaeuss flies in as an invisible R&S golem. From the scouting we find out that Shareal led his army of roaches into a cave, fought with similarly large spiders leaving many corpses (approx. 300 roaches, 400 big spiders, a few hundred smaller spiders), but it seems did not win. 300 yards down the cave it widens and further progress is blocked by spider webs as strong as steel. The only visible survivors are an unconscious and almost dead Shareal on the back of a badly damaged roach. The roach is attempting to follow instructions to take Shareal to get help at Alice's Swamp. The roach believes Isreana and Shareal are allies, the Spider Shaman is an enemy.

We take Shareal to the ship and keep him alive until he can be petrified, Kit and Kern finish off the roach.

We briefly debate investigating the lair of the Spider Shaman now while she is presumably weakened, but decide to continue north instead. A golem sweeps the ship for spiders, tossing them and their webs overboard. Logan detects scrying from the back of his head, Kit identifies it as a spider dug in at the base of Logan's skull and cuts it free with his Katana.

Continuing north we see no overt sign of new evil in residence and reach the Rock of Corruption around dusk.

Nobody has set up base here, and it seems to be healing slowly. After leaving our mark we fly south again through the night heading towards the Dwarves with a brief stop at a town (Kinarigan) for Mortimer to commune with the light. He reports that the light is tainted somehow, and the spirits are uncommunicative.

7th Fruit

We conceal the ship in a gully and enter the Dwarven cave. The guards are expecting us and escort us to their mages. We discuss their magic, our magic, their lost kin-folk, tactics, and kyanite:

  • We confirm that the dark crystal they refer to is Kyanite.
  • Two families of the clan discovered the crystal and claimed it as their territory.
  • Those who mined the Kyanite area usually became corrupted in form and mind and often died.
  • Mainly they have fought Dwarves (corrupted and normal), some undead, and a few humans who look like Arrindale's guards.
  • Using magic around the kyanite is very dangerous, the dark Dwarves seem to have mastered it, they frequently use Blackfire in combat.

We agree on a joint incursion, the Dwarves will raid to draw attention while we sneak in. We will exchange magical enhancements before the raid, they are interested in experimenting with Greater Enchantment using powdered kyanite as the component - this could take a couple of days to get right.

8-9th Fruit

Discussion, magical enhancement and experimentation.

Chapter Four

We discuss options and plans with the mages, and gather information some detailed information from a spy that has just returned from deep cover. The spy has had his mind protected by a ritual but his body has been distorted by working and living in the mines. One arm ends in tentacles, his hair has turned into a hand that covers a blind eye that allows him to read thoughts, he has a wound from a raw Kyanite shard that will not heal. After some discussion and establishing some trust, Kit draws one of his blades, stabs Mortimer, then stabs the spy healing his wound and extracting a Kyanite crystal that is aligned with darkness (according to Kit and Mortimer).

  • Arrindale has a major shipment heading out for his new buyer in seven days, Arrindale and several of his guards will be going with the shipment in a flying ship. There is some tension over late/under-delivery.
  • The mines are is split into five levels that the spy knows of. There are hundreds of feet of rock between some of the levels:
    1. Mines the lowest level, where the crystals are mined.
    2. Refining where the raw crystals are formed into safer 'blank' crystals. The majority of workers are women, new workers are usually recruited from the miners.
    3. Slave Quarters where the Dwarves live.
    4. Masters Quarters where the 'Masters' (human-ish guards of Arrindale) live and where the refined crystals are stored.
    5. Arrindale's Quarters where Arrindale reportedly lives.
  • There are three open access points to the Kyanite Mines, they open onto the Slave Quarters level. The other tunnels were collapsed and are believed to be patrolled by Earth Elementals.
  • Before the split most of the Earth mages and Necromancers were living/working in the Kyanite mines. Our Dwarves have limited Earth and Necromantic mages and spells, the enemy have lots.
  • Our three big crystals are stored in a room at one end of the Master's level, the small crystals to be shipped out are in a room at the other end.

After lengthy and heated discussion the party agrees on a strategy.

  1. We will sneak in before Arrindale goes and attempt to plant magical traps in the shipment of smaller crystals set to trigger after they have left. With luck it will take out the crystals, Arrindale and his guards, and (assuming) a void cruiser.
  2. After he has left we will make a full assault with the Dwarves to rescue as many corrupted Dwarves as possible, recover our three big crystals, and possibly destroy the mines/plateau behind us.

Discussing the detail of step one, once inside we will use disguises to try to blend with the slaves and/or guards to get to and from the small crystal storage room. We will use Itemisation to make the traps safer to carry, harder to find, and as first part of the timer. The traps will be a mix of magical traps made by Mortimer, Silverfoam and the Dwarves, using spring based timers. The only sticking point is how to get past the guards at the mine entrances.

Chapter Five

10-12th Fruit

Logan works with the Dwarves and perfects using Kyanite dust to perform Greater Enchantments.

The traps are built charged and itemised in sequence:

  1. Flash of Light Rk 20
  2. Sleep Rk 15
  3. Dehydration Rk 18
  4. Blackfire Rk 16
  5. Damnum Magnatum (Hail of Herring) Rk 13
  6. Thunderclap Rk 4
  7. Fireball Rk 10
  8. Ignite Flammables Rk 6
  9. Transmutation into Coal Dust Rk 13
  10. Fireball Rk 10
13th Fruit

Party portals to the Dwarves advance barricade, 10 miles from the entrances to the mines. The party flies 1 mile closer at a safe 10-15mph then Kit and Thaeuss (as a R&S Golem) windwalk the rest of the way with rest of the party following slowly.

The windwalk gets K&T through the killing zone and well into the complex. Following the map and moving quickly they reach the storage room but are spotted once from a cross-corridor and an alarm is raised. After that, they break invis and appear as a mutated dwarf. The store room in the masters' level has no door or defences; hundreds of small boxes are stacked against one wall, each of the boxes contains several amulet-necklaces with a small crystal on each. The crystals are imbued with some sort of curse. The traps are planted in a random selection of boxes.

On leaving the masters' level, the previously busy dwarven living quarters are now empty, there are a lot of armed Dwarves at the mine entrance and the oily black evil substance has sealed the way through. K&T go ethereal and carefully snake through the surrounding rock as a stream of fog, avoiding most large lumps of crystal and the angry ethereal elemental.

By the time they emerge from the ethereal, both are significantly drained from contact with the crystal. Half of the drained EN cannot be healed with magic.

Meeting the rest of the party at about the 5 mile mark they all fly back to the barricade, debrief, portal back to the main stronghold and rest.

Info gathered about the Kyanite Mines:

  • The entrance tunnels are fortified with some sort of black soul draining stone, this can be reshaped within minutes (probably less) to seal the entrance (?looked liquid?).
  • The rock is laced with malignant crystal, contact with it results in (EN) draining. Bits of crystal are exposed to the walls, ceiling and floor of the tunnels, some are hard to spot care is needed to avoid contact. Protection from damage, undead draining doesn't help, and holy protections only slightly, as it drains lifeforce.
  • The complex is reasonably open and easy to move through (apart from the crystal).
  • Only a few of the Dwarves are able to see invisible.
15th Fruit

A void cruiser arrives at the Plateau near the end of the day. It departs a few hours later heading roughly East.

16th Fruit

An hour before dawn we portal to the top of a mountain near the Dwarves stronghold and look south east where we estimate the void cruiser is. At about the right time there is a small flash on the horizon, Kit estimates it is near the west coast about 1,000 miles south east of us.

NB After the raid we should ask the locals down there what they saw.

Portalling back to the Dwarves we finish our preparations preparing to portal to the advance barrier for the assault.

Chapter Six

It turns out when we get back the the Dwarven assault force has gone off on some mission that is evidently more important than rescuing their lost cousins. What they are doing is secret and they should be back in a couple of hours. Then they suggest delaying a couple of days, completely missing the point of attacking while Arrindale and most of his guards are absent/injured/dead (if we're lucky).

We pass time arguing over specific tactics for getting through the black slime and capturing Dwarves who are trying to kill us.

Then Logan informs us we are being scried by someone out of his locate range. Kit goes ethereal and sees a large 'Blood Eye' that is hovering near us. Going back in with Kern and Mortimer, Kit, Kern, and an Ethereal Elemental slay the eye, K & K are hurt by some form of draining or reflected damage. Meanwhile Silverfoam picks up a non-Dwarf about 400 feet below us who is curious and concerned.

Before charging down and slaying her too, we ask the Dwarves if they are expecting any non-Dwarves to be there. They confirm they have another guest that would be about there but are cagey about who it is. Having nothing better to do, we negotiate an introduction.

During this Kern and Logan notice that some Dwarven warriors are arguing with some of the mages, we can't pick up what they're talking about but one of the warriors is waving around a giant 'roach leg.

We are introduced to Zahie who turns out to be the Millipede Shaman. She has heard of some of us and would like to employ us to find/rescue a friend of hers - Shareal. She offers money or favours in return, most of the party prefers favours. We negotiate carefully to find out what she knows of Shareal without revealing that we already have him. Zahie informs us that the great Shaman are guardians of the isles, each picked to serve a totem and guard their aspect/portion of the Isles. She believes that Shareal has been spending the last year preparing to fight a great evil, this included abducting the Riverman to stop him from supplying the evil. We (those who have encountered him when he was conscious) believe Shareal to be a servant/ally of evil. Zahie believes this was all a misunderstanding and offers to negotiate a truce when Shareal is rescued.

Zahie offers to read the stones for us regarding our current venture, Kit leaves the room, while she does her reading on the rest of us. She informs us that if we proceed now then we will be expected and thing will go badly for us, a better time would be after the full moon, at the new moon would be best. In the hopes of elaborating on this we discuss Arrindale and the involvement of the Calimar. Zahie uses another ritual to see through the eyes of her Millipedes and finds an island off the SW coast where there are burned ships, damaged people, and directing them is a squid head.

The Dwarves will not continue the assault if Zahie has warned against it, so that is postponed a couple of weeks.

After a private discussion we decide to hand over Shareal, and tell Zahie most of the truth in terms of how we came by him. She becomes a little hostile and tries to renege on her end of the deal since we already had Shareal. In the end we leave stoned Shareal with her, she will gather what she needs to heal him and we will revert him to flesh when we return from checking out the squid.

Deciding on speed (portal and fly to be there in a couple of hours) over stealth (a couple of days in the undetectable ship) we set off for the islands.

Chapter Seven

Portal to emerge from cave next to water nymph pool.

Fly to coast, assaulted by Air spirits along the way. Logan buys safe passage.

Silverfoam talks to village to find Island we need to get to.

Scrying ahead, ships are gone and wharves are being dismantled.

Spot ships while flying to Island, divert to chase. Ships scuttled by their crews. Crews killed by "Reign in Blood" ( Blood Magic).

Blood magic scyring targeted at Thaeuss who petrifies himself to lose the scrying. Kit checks the eye in the Astral and Discovers that he is unable to get back to Alusia as the spell does not time out as normal. When he attempts to get to the Fae Realms he is returned to Alusia with a strong negative sensation (and a headache).

Land on island 2 miles from cove, quick meal, buff magics.

Fly in to attack...

Chapter Eight

Duration of short-term magic in effect for the attack
after subtracting 2 minutes flying time
  • Quickness : 3 minutes
  • Enchant Weapon : 15 minutes
  • Multiple Images : 18 minutes (+ 3 images)
  • Duck (Kit) : 35 minutes
  • Faith (everyone's MR ~125) : Kit's whim - max 2 minutes
  • Mind Counterspells: General Rk 12 (+66 MR; 17+D minutes), Special Rk 16 (+78 MR; 21+D minutes),
  • Durability on non-magic Armour +3AP, 118 mins.
  • 6 Itemised Instant Stone Golem grenades.
Medium Term Magics
  • Invis : 157 minutes
  • SoS : 34 hours
  • Flying : 12 weeks
  • Armour spells (varies by target) : ages
  • Disguise (as undead minions) : ~15 hours

We fly in, the party (except Thaeuss) decide to land inside the cave, all except Kern manage to avoid impacting the wall set just inside the cave. Kit charges into the cave through the waiting defenders, once isolated and surrounded he starts to fight.

In summary:

  • Inside the cave is the squid-head who has been scrying us guarded by a dozen or so Swordworld confederation elite.
  • The squid has a blood filled cauldron and casts blood magic and some Mind spells. The prisoners outside explode occasionally, presumably used up by the blood magic, removing the Kyanite amulets doesn't help.
  • The cave is probably all bound earth, they seemed to be expecting us - all quickened and in defensive formations. The squid is protected by a barrier that reflects spell attacks.
  • Outside are another half dozen guards, tough, but not elite.
  • Most of the guards have invested max rank Phantasms, and most (if not all) are able to target us through Rk 21 Invisibility.
  • The magically enhanced Stone Golems are able to occupy the guards, and sometimes win one-on-one.
  • Logan's Disenhance lets us survive the later waves of phantasms, but significantly restricts our magical capabilities, especially the effectiveness of Mortimer and Silverfoam.

After about 30 seconds of furious combat half a dozen of their guards are dead, another 4 or 5 have fled through a portal outside, we are all badly damaged and driven out of the cave by deathly vapours, fleeing the cove at maximum flight speed.

Chapter Nine

5 minutes later we are healed, recharged and heading back in.

During that time the Calamar punched a hole in the bottom of their bound cave and started a volcanic eruption under themselves. What is left of the cave is floating in a pool of magma and slowly filling and sinking. Peering inside there is no sign of life, Logan recovers the slagged remains of one of Kit's swords.

Outside we collect the bodies of two of the guards and a chest with three dimensional splinges.

During a long visit to the ethereal, Kit, Silverfoam, and Kern discover a kyanite crystal within the magma pool (about 30' down). After bouncing back to reality via Fae rejection, Kern summons an elemental to retrieve the crystal. Thaeuss then wraps the still hot crystal in clay so we can safely carry it away. Investigations complete Kern sends his Elemental home, Thaeuss farewells his magma golem, and the party flies off to find a quiet island to spend the rest of the night on.

Changing plans mid-air we fly on to the mainland where Kit carves a ship from a tree and Silverfoam sails it upriver while we sleep.

Divination reveals the dimensional splinges will each transport one person to a pre-set time and place on another plane.

17th Fruit

Taking off from the ship in bubbles to protect us from Air Spirit attacks we fly towards the nymph pool and cave until we are stopped by a wall of air about 300 miles out from the cave.

Unable to find a way through we divert north until the bubbles start wearing off. Then Logan and Kern chat to the Air Spirits who have been paralleling us (presumably maintaining their Air wall), they negotiate passage initially for 10,000sp then for delivery of a message (ball of whispering winds) to Roche instructing him to stay out of their area.

Then we fly the 400 miles to the cave and portal back to the Dwarves stronghold.

18th Fruit

Shareal is de-petrified into a cauldron of roaches that Zahie has prepared. It will take a few days for them to heal him.

The Dwarven Kyanite specialists tell us that the magma crystal is attuned to fire magics and will enhance fire magic once it has recovered from its current depletion (this will probably take 6 months in a normal mana environment).

19th Fruit

We fly back to Sherazar in Kit's ship, there we meet with Carlston and suggest that they try approaching Arrindale again to purchase the crystals as the situation may have sufficiently changed.

21st Fruit

Visiting Sherazar again to find out how negotiations went, Carlston tells us that Arrindale will sell now, we have completed our mission. The crystals will be collected in a week and we will be paid.

Chapter Ten

20th, 22nd - 30th Fruit

Talking, training, drinking, experimenting, etc. Waiting for the moon to cast the right omens on our attack. Highlights and lowlights include:

  • Receive the spell crystals from Bodenius.
  • The Dwarves are keen to destroy our fire crystal before finding out what it does.
  • Kit singing to a crystal, shaking monkeys out of their trees for miles around and destroying the top of a mountain.
  • Shareal being mostly recovered, telling us of the spider-demon he has been hunting, and thanking us for saving his life by turning people into roaches.
  • Kern, Logan, Silverfoam, and Mortimer changed into roaches for days on end for roach training, Kit learning to talk roach, and Thaeuss' R&S golem chasing them around the room with a fly swat.
  • Dwarves inform us of a flute somewhere to the west that would destroy all of the Kyanite, but they're not sure who needs to play it or exactly where it is.
  • The Dwarves are keen for us to deal to the 12' crystal that subverts their cousins while they distract them with a massed attack.
Maxim of the day: Beware of insect Shaman offering favours.

Chapter Eleven

Reference Information


Lord Arrindale

Lord Arrindale is a Lich. Lives in/rules the Plateau of Decay. The only known source of the Kyanite crystals. Has human guards/servants that do not seem entirely alive. They wear uniforms, use armour and weapons, breathe, but also appear unaffected by the life draining of the Plateau.


The Dwarves live in a stronghold within the mountains through the centre of the isles. Their tunnels are fairly extensive under the isles with portals to help traverse them quickly.

They are lead by their mages who use colleges we are familiar with but use tattoo like foci for their spells. The foci are ritually charged then allow casting for minimal fatigue but at a much slower rate.

About 500 years ago a couple of their families/clans found Kyanite and started mining it, then contact was lost and now their cousins are corrupted by chaos-stone like effects and slaves to Lord Arrindale.

The Dwarves keep to themselves, most of the humans on the Isles have no knowledge of them, but they do have regular dealings with the Insect Shaman.


Hunted by Shareal, he believes it to be a Demon (enemy of the cousins of the dragons) with a spider aspect or spider powers or some such.


Mt Eried

Six hundred feet below the peak on the southern slopes a cave is concealed by the jungle. The cave is at least 300 yards long, further exploration was blocked by spiders webs as strong as steel. This is presumably the lair of the Spider Shaman.

Plateau of Corruption

The Plateau of Decay in northern Umshatar is 5 miles across, the rim is a sheer cliff 4-500' high. An Earth place of power and inimical to life - slow life drain (1 EN per hour). Covered in dense forest of trees of uniform height. Observed in the ethereal as a place of evil-darkness by Mortimer and Kit. Kyanite Crystal mines are presumably within or below the Plateau, slaves are used to mine the crystal. Use of any form of magic or magical construct in the mining is dangerous.

Rock of Corruption

The Rock of Corruption was an anchor point for the curse. The dead tree in the ethereal no longer has a caged werewolf and now has a fresh bud of new growth. The power of the place does seem to be slowly recovering from being drained by the curse. Mortimer blessed crops in the region in the ethereal and normal planes, expelling the salt from the soil. Kit built a quaint brick cottage as a distraction/decoy from what is important about the point. Thaeuss discretely planted a couple of Black Hickory tree nuts at the peak of the hill.


Standard Magics

Magic Caster Effect Duration When Cast Targets
Strength of Stone Rk 19 Kern +19 EN 34 Hours* Every 34-36 Hrs All
Armour of Earth Rk 19 Kern Def; Elemental Armour x Weeks At Guild Kern and Kit
Aura of Power Rk 6 Logan +9% Def -3 Damage from all sources 13 Hours* Morning and Evening Logan and Thaeuss
Sense Observation Rk 10 Logan 99% chance to detect all magic scrying 21 Hours* Morning or Evening Logan and Silverfoam
Mortimer's Defence Mortimer ? ? Hours* Morning and Evening Mortimer and Silverfoam
Disguise Rk 21 Kit No Locate except Rank 14/20/21+. 32* Hours / 4 days Every 30 Hrs All
Itemisation Rk 7 Thaeuss 1/10th Wt 1/12th Size 15 Days* Fortnightly Food, Drink, Mithril
Greater Rk 20 Logan +21% on.. Days ? Golems/allies
Mortimer Flight Mortimer Fly 65mph 13 hrs/day 13 Weeks At Guild Mortimer, Kit, ?
Greater Rk 20 Logan +21% on.. Days ?
Faith Kit MR boost to 80-100% Whim 50' radius not Kern
* Enhanced (Rk14) Duration
Linking Lifeforce toRangeFigurine Held By
Kern 700 MilesThaeuss
Kit -- --
Logan 700 MilesThaeuss
Mortimer 700 MilesThaeuss
Silverfoam 700 MilesThaeuss
Thaeuss 2100 MilesSilverfoam
Items Lent (to be returned)
  • Amulets, etc of MR, to Kit, to boost whole party (except Kern).
Amulet of Elvish Hypericum: +7% MR vs magic cast by humans (from Thaeuss).
details from lenders, if still keen.
  • 1 x Gabrielite Holy Water potion, to all (except Kern). To be imbibed.
2 off all damage (magic, physical draining, etc.) from undead/demons/unholy.
Minor Fear, infection boost as per Rank 3 Necrogeny.

Short-Term Combat-boost Magics

  • Enhance Enchantment Rk 14
  • Dampening Enchantment Rk 10 (Remove Ranks from all spell effects in target area)
  • Quickness Rk 16 (BC 107%)
  • Enchant Weapon Rk 6 (BC 87%)
  • Counterspells - All Colleges, Rk 10-18
  • Invisibility Rk 21
  • Multiple Images Rk 10 - 3 images
  • ...


  • We should assemble the boat - Silverfoam
    I would prefer that we didn't get it wet - Kryan
  • How many legs do those bipedal things have? - Kern


Autumn: Fruit (4)
  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Waning Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting
2 4h Sail to Filgiso
Portal to Kapit Mt, wait 3h, portal to Broesai, sleep at palace.
3 Talk, Div, Fly east. 4 Reach PoD, negotiate.
Fly to Lakes, portal.
5 Fly to Broesai => Mountains. 6 Mountains, Mt Eried, Rock of Corruption.
New Moon 7 Dwarves 8 Dwarves 9 Dwarves 10 11 12 13
Waxing 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Full Moon 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Autumn: Harvest (8)
  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 Equinox
16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 Michaelmas
30 1 2
Autumn: Vintage (9)
  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest