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Dramus is a very tall (7'6"), very slender elf (197lbs, 190lbs of elf and 7lbs of hair), with floor-length blond hair bound in wooden rings and interwoven with amulets of various kinds. Around town and the guild he is very well dressed in expensive clothes matching the latest styles, none of which he seems particularly at ease in.

Adventuring he wears marginally more rugged versions of his about town clothes, covered in a well used comfortable looking long black cloak. Occasionally he puts on armour, made from a slightly scaly leather in a deep red colour.

Dramus generally has three shortswords at his belt, two look as if they can be drawn in a hurry while the third seems simply decorative.

Visible Value

Dramus appears rich and well appointed, with fine clothes and demeanour. Other than clothing however he appears to carry little of obvious value. He often appears to be otherworldly and has the appearance of grace and power beyond that of Elves.


Offence:Medium (Low damage blast spell and few weapon ranks)
Defence:High (Walls and Single Target Agony)
Utility:High (Magical Tower)

Passive Detections and protections

  • Can perceive Fae Glamours
  • Can see through illusions
  • Cannot get drunk
  • Can detect if large spiders are nearby (Item)
  • Immunity to Agony.
  • Spiders will not willingly approach within 30 ft (Item)
  • Large or intelligent Spiders must make Fear Checks when approaching.
  • Undead will not willingly approach within 10 ft (Item)
  • Undead will not willingly approach within 30 ft (Item)
  • Normal Fire protection (Spell castable due to item)
  • Magical Fire protection (Rank 10) (Spell castable due to item) Effect identical to the original spell of the same name.


Reaction Modifiers

  • Very positive reactions from Socially inclined Fae (+30%)
  • Very positive reactions from Dwarves (Item)
  • Positive reactions from other Fae (+10%)
  • Slightly positive reactions from Orcs (+5%)
  • Slightly positive reactions from Drow

Friends, Allies and Associates


Less than friendly non enemies

  • Seir - While not actually an enemy Seir is not currently hugely happy with Dramus.


  • Elvan
  • Brownie
  • Draconic
  • Dwarvish
  • Termite


Long Term

  • Magical knowledge and prowess including restoration of high MA. Primarily to help others but with a healthy dollop of self interest.
  • Bring Asheth back to full health and be a good Ruler and Husband.

Short Term

Current Focus To fix the Magical Tower and restore it to working order.

The rest in order of importance

  • Find a way to remove Justine from Newcastle and stop her influence on the Baron and family.
  • Find a solution to the Undead invasion of Haven.
  • Find a good safe home for Twiner
  • Learn more about the White Tower in Newcourt.

Skills and Abilities

Party Roles

Support and investigations. Defensive Combat and Healing.

Main Skills

  • Philosopher (Master)
  • Embalmer (Master)
  • Healer
  • Courtier
  • Apiarist
  • Sculptor

Main Spells

  • Battle Leaven (Rk10)
  • Single Target Agony (Rk6)
  • Wall of Bones (Rk4)
  • Spectral Weapon(Rk16).

Other Stuff of Note

The useful

  • Teleporting tower
  • Can create Fae Circles and occasionally travel to the Fae realm.
  • Agony may affect undead (item).

Not so useful

  • Allergic to Iron.
  • Likes to be home on the Full Moon.
  • Known to have an extreme reaction to very large spiders.


Dramus can be viewed via this Excel spreadsheet.