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I am working on a number of small projects to assist GM's and players with DQ.

The major project is the ongoing development of an extensive charactersheet but as an adjunt to that a number of other sheets are being developed for GM's.

NPC Generator and Automated Combat Record

File:Combat Generator

This is a simple NPC generator that produces the basic numbers required for combat. It is based on the same tables and structure as my charactersheet so it is very easy to use for those with prior experience.

It also has another few sheets with it, that are an extension to the NPC generator, that produce a combat track. As the GM enters the details of how much damage the NPC has taken the sheet automatically deducts armour and records remaining FT and END.

Please note in order to get the spreadsheet small enough to go on the Wiki some part have been removed. On the Calculations sheet you will need to select the bottom line (668) and drag it down to the final lines at 1000 to fill in all the lines in between.

This is very much in Alpha testing and the following are not yet finished

  • Automatic Stun notification
  • Armour reduction after Spec Grevs
  • Automated random stun recovery

No documentation, trial version only. Any bugs, errors, or issues should be added to the Bug Tracker

Experience Report

This sheet assists GM's in tracking and producing their EP and treasure. Chris C has put in additional work to improve the look and usability of the spreadsheet.

Latest Version: File:Experience

Alternate Version: File:Experience This sheet uses a variation on the standard EP. </i\>

Any bugs, errors, or issues should be added to the Bug Tracker

Character Generator

This sheet assists GM's in creating characters covering all the options for languages skills and initial ranking.


Any bugs, errors, or issues should be added to the Bug Tracker

Level Generator

Some spreadsheets to help you work out what level your character is.

The first is based on Jono's E rating document.

File:Level Generator 1.06.xls

The second is based on Hamish's Level assessment document in a similar format. However this breaks the character down a little more and is less character specific.

Level Assessment

Both documents need some work to ensure the results are accurate. Please Email me if you feel your character is not gauged accurately.