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Braegon considering his options

Braegon is a Human Earth Mage and Elementalist played by Stephen. Braegon is a master Healer, Ranger and Philosopher.

Info for GMs

Braegon is 5'11" 160 lbs male human, red hair, medium build, average looks (PB 14) dressed in plain brown leathers including a cloak, with the usual collection of magic amulets, rings, bracelets, etc. covered by gloves and a nice white scarf.
On Adventure Braegon usually carries 2 maces, a war hammer, a Strange Wood shield and wears a large backpack.
Visible Value
200,000+ value in visible magic items.
Party Roles
'Buffing' and Support, Environmental Control, Healing, Transport. No blast magics, not much of a fighter.
Initially a professional adventurer - earning a high-risk living without compromising integrity.
No longer needs to earn a living but enjoys helping people out because he can, improving the world, seeing new places and people, learning new things, and hooked on the buzz of the adventuring life.
Friends and Allies
Carzalan & Allied Militia - for his help, magical support, and healing during the Dark Circle campaign. Most notably organising the Brastor Breakout. Holds lands in Brastor.
Girwyllan, Catherine, Clementine, Feldo and Gross, Martin Candlestone, and a few others in and around the Fastness of Girwyllan.
Nobility and advisers of Artzdorf and Flugelheim. Also holds land in this area.
Noble family and advisers of Eltrandor - may bear arms and use magic in Eltrandor.
Roche a dragon and J'anthro L'roi an Elven druid from pre War of Tears.
Lord Yo, friends would be presumptuous but allies would probably be acceptable.
Several Ancient Dragons, mostly resident on other planes.
Matt Tumbledown - have aided and been aided by Matt several times.
Syrene of the Great Heart
The Heartwood Order - remnants of an ancient order of Elven Nature Priests based near Brastor.
Ladlaugh - helped with the great birth-a-thon of Aut 809wk.
Úvandor - party to freeing them from the predation of Gasferis and rescue of Kalianth, swordsmith of Siegens.
Lord Kerenthos of Liesuen - helped exact revenge for the curse on his family
Rescued the Queen, Lady Alais, and a couple of other VIPs from the Plane of Ick. Rescued many of the court from influence by an Icky controlling Doppelganger. Owed a major favour. Autumn 813wk
Western United Church
Rescued the arch-bishop from an Icky Doppelganger. Owed a favour. Autumn 813wk
Necromancers of the Fastness of Girwyllan
the Beast Rabban - helped destroy him as he attempted to takeover Furfur's demesne.
Demons/Powers of Dark (The 72 71)
Seir - met several times and worked together pre War of Tears.
Foras - met and worked together pre War of Tears. Worked with his agents. Trapped his Avatar for a few days while dealing with Rabban & Furfur. Earned his discrete appreciation in dealing to Rabban & Furfur.
Zepar - encountered and thwarted pre War of Tears.
Ipos - encountered, he betrayed Malphas to us.
Malphas - was part of the group that imprisoned his avatar and wore his vestments for a while afterwards.
Haagenti - encountered ~791wk.
Labolas - thwarted one of his agents, and party killed his Avatar (Win 807).
Leraje - Trapped his Avatar for a few days while dealing with Rabban & Furfur. Helped to destroy him and his realm in Aut 809wk. Temporarily held joint control of his domain before destroying it.
Furfur - party to the destruction of 3 Furfurs, including Rabban, and ascension of Silguitia, Furfur IV.
Vassago, Berith, Furfur, Dantalion - Part of an elaborate plan to return some books to them.
Angels/Powers of Light (The 5)
Uriel Met a few times, was gifted some of Uriel's power to aid in destroying Leraje.
Michael Supported him in battle.
Raphael Aided him in battle.
Gabriel No direct dealings
Sammael No direct dealings
Other Gods and Powers
Norse/Dwarven Gods - have met Odin & Thor, known as a companion of Sabrina and Vychan.
Xanadu the Dragon God - have successfully worked for and with him and his agents.
Ahriman - have worked together towards the same goals in the past.
Apollyon - was party to thwarting his goal of releasing his father.
The Fates - dealt with them on good terms, completed a few important tasks for them.
Death - dealt with him on good terms.
Anguitia - dealt with her on good terms, helped capture her chaotic sister Discordia.
Justice - entered the lands of the dead and passed her tests of wisdom. Earned additional favours and used them in bringing Blood Cultists to justice.
8 Common, 7 Dwarvish, 6 Elvish, 5 Hobbit, 4 Silent Tongue, 5 Drow, 3 Orc, 5 Folksprach, 5 Reichspiel, 5 Lunar-Empire, 5 Lalange, 5 Draknbrger, 4 Ivinian, 3 Sea-of-Grass, 4 Storm Giant, 2 Draconic, 6 Middle Kingdom.
Main Skills
12+ Healer. More effective at night, sometimes use silver needles to aid in healing. Can resurrect some undead.
10 Ranger (Woods), 2 Navigator
7 Herbalist, 5 Cook
3 Beastmaster (Equines/Land Animals), 4 Hunter/Trapper, 2 Farmer, 2 Apiarist.
9 Philosopher -
Magical World: Elements (Earth), Earth College (Tunnelling), ManaZones, Healing, Other Planes (Elemental Earth, Nexus, Water, Fire, Air, Hell), Planar Travel, The Powers (Ascension).
Plant World: Magical Plants (Healing, Fastness of Girwyllan, Pallaran), Trees (Oak)
Material World: Geography, Geology & Mineralogy.
5 Mechanician (Earthworks, Mines, Fortifications), 5 Miner
4 Mil Sci (Skirmish, Logistics)
10 Hair Weaving
4 Courtier - Carousing, Etiquette (Baronies), Simulate Emotions, Seduction; 1 Troubadour
6 Armourer; 3 Weaponsmith
Standard Magic
Earth: Armour of Earth (21), Strength of Stone (20), Tunnelling (20), Walls of Stone and Iron, Earth Elementals, Trollskin, Healing, Hands of Earth, Hypnotism. Almost all of the Earth College. Investment (10)
Fire: Generals, Fire Armour (20), Fire Proofing, Heat Shield, Cleansing Flame
Water: Generals, Rainstorm (20), Cold Resistance (18), Waters of Vision
Air: Generals, Whispering Wind
Celestial (Star): Generals, Light & Dark (20), Witchsight (20), Star Wings
Ice: Generals & Winter Garden
DA, Necrogeny, Resist Pain, Resist Temperature, Sense Danger
Non-Standard magic
Anti-Scrying (21) - While in contact with the earth, Braegon and surrounding 3-hex radius is protected from scrying. Locate, ESP, and Telepathy < Rk 21 are blocked.
Internal Air Spring - Personal air supply and limited control of air in personal space.
Elemental Transformation - Partial transformation into an elemental, able to see and move through the earth, enhances some earth magics.
Other Deep Earth Magics: Moving Earth, Destroying Earth, Creating Earth, Locate Entities in Contact with Earth.
Talk to Stone and potentially release bound stone
Tremor sense - Can sense those on the ground within 100' by their movements
Fall Banding
May enhance personal mana level and healing rate by taking root in the earth.
Planar Travel: Tunnelling to and from the Earth Nexus and some other planes.
May summon and travel in a sentient tunnel & art gallery (Deep Street)
Elven Gardener - Advanced Plant, Animal, and land lore.
Other Stuff of Note
Tracking BC 161% (+2/entity, -4/rk of concealment)
Often covered by magical rock
Permanent (beyond death) double lesser.
Magical healing is 50% more effective on Braegon.
Will not break contact with the earth unless he chooses to. Effectively immune to Trip, Levitate, TK Rage, Air Blast, Windstorm, Sinking Doom, ..
Can walkabout and find short cuts to known places (can lead 10 people 1500 miles in 10 hours)
Life Aspected
Always wins Unengaged IV
Passive Abilities
Life Aspect
91% chance of making 1xPC checks - Enhanced senses
Ranger Detect Ambush more than 70' away 243%, within 70' 263% (less 5% per rank of ambusher).
Mind Mage Sense Danger 101%
Has internal air supply, maintains comfortable, breathable personal environment
Self + 3 hex radius not scryable while in contact with the ground (Spell)
Will not break contact with the earth unless he chooses to.
Can sense those on the ground within 100' by their movements (Tremor sense)
10' demonic and undead amulets

Darkness on the face of the Deep: Braegon's Treasure The Middle Way: Braegon's Award


Seagate Guild
Braegon occasionally stays at the guild lodgings or just crashes in a corner of the Healers chambers if helping out there. Convenient when doing intensive training or work at the guild.
Tobintown, Brastor
Braegon helped rebuild Tobintown after the Dark Circle devastation and made a few friends there. He visits occasionally and usually stays at the inn.
Fastness of Girwyllan
Braegon knows the fastness well, and knows a few short cuts to and from there.

Manor House in Eastern Brastor

Braegon has inherited and restored an old manor house in eastern Brastor, about 5 miles south of Emmitsburg. He usually stays here and potters away in the gardens and fields when in Carzala and needing a break from the bustle of life at the guild.

The nearby hamlet is shielded from view and accidental intruders by apparently natural terrain features and flora. The locals are various people who needed a home and are willing to live in harmony with nature under Braegon's protection.

GM Notes: There is an Astral Gate in a tower partially concealed within an Oak Grove behind the manor and an Inter-planar Portal Nexus in a basement well below the Manor. The Oak grove is a Pacifistic Earth Place of Power.

Slow Portal to Asan

At the end of a discrete cave, then entrance to which is moved on a regular basis, the back wall is covered in 2 tonnes of copper plates.

This is a slow portal allowing a 12 hour trip through some very cold & frosty dangerous lands to a warm sandstone cave.

The other end of this slow portal is in a sandstone cave somewhere in the desert of Asan.

Guild members on adventure are welcome to make use of this portal, current directions to get to the cave can be obtained from the Guild.

Farm in Northern Flugelheim

Braegon holds lands in northern Flugelheim, he has carved several farm houses, stores, and stables into the hills and added discrete walls and ditches to secure the estate from most predators and bandits. The farm is worked by local free-men/women who pay a small percentage of their crops as rent.

Some slightly odd ponies are bred here.

Not widely known but there is a small healing chamber here consecrated to Diancecht. Healing in this chamber is easier and faster than normal.

Manor in Northern Artzdorf

Braegon holds deed to a poorly maintained manor house (with six staff) which is the only surviving section of the large set of ruins known as 'the Castle Alexi De Vault'.

Its location is in the Daluing Valley in northern Artzdorf. Rumours of missing locals, underground ruins and dungeons persist to this day. Retaining staff members is hard because of the ghosts.

The house has four stories, a basement, ground floor, first floor, & attic. The six staff members have bedrooms in the attic level. All of the stable hands, groundsmen, and wood cutter have a small cottage in the lower garden.

Above description is as at Autumn 821wk. Work is then started on restoring buildings, cleansing the land of malign influence, revitalising fields, blessing the people and livestock...

City of Brass

The Elemental Lord of the City of Brass that bears a remarkable resemblance to Braegon has a modest dwelling in the city. The Lord is reclusive and frequently absent on business.

Permanent Portals

A set of connected permanent rune portals created by Prudence of AnteCarzala. The portals are runes carved into stone around existing arches or to create an arched doorway on a stone surface.

These portals do not require a Rune Mage to activate and do not cost Fatigue to use, they will activate on touch and transport the entity to the next portal in the chain. Most of the portals are concealed in hard to reach sections of obscure natural caves.

Portal Points
Brastor - Braegon's Manor House, 5 miles south of Emmitsburg, in the basement of the manor.
Brastor - Tobintown, 5 miles west of Tobintown in a cave in the forest.
Carzala - Candlestone Farm, in the hills 5 miles west of Candlestone Farm (40 miles west of Guild).
Ranke - Sanctuary, 10 miles north of Sanctuary in a concealed mountain cave.
Aquila, Bremen, a hidden mountain valley in southern Aquila, in a cave in the mountains at the south of Bremen.
Pagan Mts, North-East of Glissom, north of Brandenburg, west of Aladar, a mountain cave well above the snow line.
Eltrandor - Algain Mts, a small cave high up on the western-most of the Three Sisters, Algain Mt Range
Eltrandor - Lake Eltran, a small cave with an underwater entrance in the Asgran Hills, North of Lake Eltran. Prone to flooding in Spring.
Artzdorf & Flugelheim, in the basement of Braegon's Estate, northern Artzdorf and Flugelheim

Planar Nexes

Braegon knows of the following Planar Nexes and has means to travel between them. Travel time is usually 1-2 weeks.

  • Earth Nexus - connected to or part of the Plane of Earth, a flat plain dotted with tailings of Tunnelling spells that come and go.
  • City of Brass - a powerful and well connected Nexus with many permanent paths maintained by the Lords of Brass.
  • Alusia - a labyrinth of tunnels and caves beneath Braegon's Manor House in Brastor.
  • Terranada - an alternate Alusia, the Nexus is in the same location in Brastor as the equivalent on Alusia.


790-799 wk

Join the guild, trained in Earth Magics.

Autumn 791wk
Delivered herbs for the Guild to The Brotherhood of the Golden Bough, then investigated a Haunted House in south Brastor, captured the smugglers who were faking the haunting.
Winter 791wk
Discovered the Fate of Baron Garcia
Spring 791wk
Tracked down a magic using thief in musketeer-france.
Summer 792wk
Travelled to OZ to Find the Cowardly Lion (& Dorothy) and and return him to the Emerald City.
Autumn 792wk
Hired to track down some Dwarven slaves that had gone missing, the situation was a little more complicated but we resolved it to our satisfaction if not exactly what our employers wanted.
Then took a season off to rest and train.
Spring 792wk
The Brotherhood of the Golden Bough have been attacked and vanished. Investigation revealed that the Oracle had moved them on to a new plane to protect them from old enemies who had tracked them down.
Summer 793wk
Travelled to the plane of Purple to fulfil an astrology reading.
Then took a season off to rest and train.
Winter 793wk
Defence of the Muleskin Tavern & The Day of the Snork
Spring 793wk
Eretrian Name Quest
Then took a season off to rest and train.
Autumn 794wk
Trace what happened to Sigismund and try to recover The Spurs of Ulric (Part of the Regalia of the Western King). Followed the trail but were continually harassed and then ambushed by The Beast Rabban and his demonic allies.
Then took a season off to rest and train.
Spring 794wk
The Elven Crystals
Summer 795wk
Wings of Death in Amba
Autumn 795wk
Investigate the murder of a 60 foot Giant.
Then took two seasons off to rest and train.
Summer 796wk
Recover a guild party captured by orcs.
Then took a season off to rest and train.
Winter 796wk
Raid the Castle of Ultimate Darkness
Then took a season off to rest and train.
Summer 797wk
A Trip in the Woods (Truce with Harpies)
Autumn-Winter 797wk
Acquire 12 Items Required as Bridal Price for a powerful eastern noble.
Then took a year off to rest and train.
Spring 798wk
Follow an ancient Treasure map found many years ago by Kilroy to find the tomb of Hurolg the Hammer.
Autumn-Winter 798wk
Deal with Harpy & Necro problems in the Fastness of Girwyllan.
Then took almost a year off to rest and train.
Winter 799wk
Explore and Clean the ancient Troll City, the King and Consort were being influenced by Demons and a Demonic ritual was being fuelled by the regenerating corpses of Trolls.
Then took a couple of seasons off to rest and train.

800-809 wk

Autumn 800wk
Aid in the defence of Carzala against the invasion by the forces of the Dark Circle.
Then took a couple of seasons off to rest and train.
Summer 801wk
Scout Terranova and report back on the progress of the Spawn Army and the Drow.
Then took almost a year off to rest and train.
Summer 802wk
Locate plunder on a newly risen isle in Pasifika.
Autumn 802wk
When the Troll took the castle it caused a cascade of refugees invading their Neighbours. The latest to be invaded want us to move their invaders back to where they came from.
Then took a season off to rest and train.
Spring 802 - Summer 803wk
Sought out the 1st and 2nd generation dragons who left Alusia millennia ago and enlisted their aid in dealing with Baal and stopping his son's from bringing him back.
Then took a season off to rest and train.
Winter 803wk
Stop Mimes from disrupting the Carnival. What we weren't told at the time of hirage was that they wanted us to leave all our gear with them and go into a plane from which there is no return and bring out the king and his court if we can.
Then took a couple of seasons off to rest and train.
Autumn 804wk
Get rid of the demonic ice plane that is on northern Flugelheim and free the captured inhabitants of Flugelheim.
Returned to the guild to rest up then back to Flugelheim in Spring to construct buildings on my new land in Flugelheim, hire/find some people to live on and work the land, and establish breeding of the steppe ponies with local stock.
Summer 805wk
Ghosts of D'Abres: A ghost has started to Haunt D'arbres and the locals are once again a little upset with the supernatural issues they are having to deal with.
Autumn 805wk
A messenger has arrived declaring the gates of death are opened and our doom has come. A multi-pronged attack on the guild by allies of Rashak is thwarted.
Winter 805wk
Organised the assault on Carlson's Switch and then led the discrete team to open a new pass to rescue the encircled settlers and troops in the Brastor region.
Spring 805 - Summer 806wk
Living at the guild outpost supporting the allied forces resisting the Dark Circle. Healing, casting support magics, and training.
Autumn 806wk
Into the Fastness of Girwyllan to eat the fish and deal with a few other issues.
Winter 806wk
Accompanied the guild teams to the Lunar Winter Games to provide Healing and Earth magic to support their endeavour.
On return travelled to Brastor to repair Emmit's Ford, re-open Braegon's Pass, and help with the reconstruction of Tobintown.
Spring 806wk
Assist guild healers in regeneration of Silverfoam, TDP, and Kit. Spend some more time working in Tobintown.
Summer 807wk
Attend the Festival of the Arts in Sanctuary, provide assistance to the party working there.
Autumn 807wk
Provide support for Kilroy and Pent, and Mordrin and Clementine then join them in their attempt to repair the crystal.
Winter 807wk
Aid the Kingdom of Eltrandor with some familial issues.
Spring 807wk
Help enact Engaltons plan to pay a debt to help a friend and inconvenience some demons along the way, and rescue Angela.
Summer 808wk
Destroy Furfur 3 times, destroy The Beast Rabban, accelerate the completion of the Girwyllan Ritual, rescue Angela again.
Winter 808wk
Evict the blood cult from Kirkul.
Spring 808wk
Help deal with issues on another plane caused by Alusians. Exploring and training in the MK, then further training and helping guild healers through Summer.
Autumn 809wk
Clean up a few issues in Alfheim then aid the massed childbirth in Ladlaugh. Killed Gasferis, (re-)forged Ira, freed the souls bound to Seensplate, reported the destruction of Leraje.

810-819 wk

820-829 wk


Braegon does not normally sell his magical services. On occasion he is requested to help parties that do not have an Earth mage, the following spells and investeds are potentially available provided that Braegon is available to help:

  1. Check with your GM, if Braegon's availability would mess with their game then he is not available.
  2. Contact me to check if he is around and if he will help (it depends on which character is asking and what for). I can be contacted by Email or Phone if you have the number/address, or discussion page here if you have neither.


  • Strength of Stone Rk 20; Dur 21 Hours; BC 122%
  • Armour of Earth Rk 20; Dur 10.5 Hours; BC 122%
  • Trollskin Rk 13; Dur 75 sec; BC 101%
  • Witchsight Rk 20; 10.5 hrs; 112%
  • Fire Armour Rk 20; 21 Hrs; 122%
  • Other Elemental spells at lesser ranks


Braegon does not have a stock of investeds to sell, anything you want will need to be made in the game days after you request it. The prices listed below are cost price, some recompense for the time spent investing is additional.

Investment is at Rk 10, BC 107%.

Investing Strength of Stone and Armour of Earth
  • Scroll: 1 charge of Rk 20; 1,000 sp; BC 142%.
  • 5 charges of Rk 20 in 10 days, 10,000 sp (@2,000), BC 142%.
  • 1 charge of Rk 20 in 6 days, 2,000 sp, BC 142%.
  • 1 charge of Rk 15 in 1 day, 1,500 sp, BC 127%.
  • 5 charges of Rk 11 in 1 day, 5,500 sp (@1,100), BC 115%.
Investing Trollskin
  • 5 charges of Rk 13 in 3 days, 8,125 sp (@1,625), BC 121%.
  • 3 charges of Rk 13 in 1 day, 4,875 sp (@1,625), BC 121%.
  • 5 charges of Rk 11 in 1 day, 6,875 sp (@1,375), BC 115%.

Braegon Investments


Braegon, having over-committed himself to various interests and causes, is rarely at the guild but often hangs around the Healers when is is at the guild.

His base chance for Resurrections is currently 130% plus the below modifiers. He is life-aspected, he prefers to do resurrections in groups of 4 or 5 at a time.

+ EN patient's normal full endurance.
+5 if patient is life aspected.
- 5 if the patient is death aspected.
- 1 for each year of prolonged life.
- 1 for each day of regeneration required.
- 10 for damage equal or greater than 2 x EN.
- 10 per resurrection attempt.
+ 8 under moon light
+ 8 from Acupuncture if required (adds a couple of minutes to the time)
  • The minimum BC is 13% and the maximum is 105%.
  • A resurrection from Braegon is instantaneous (normally no more than one resurrection per pulse).
  • Base chance for most other healer abilities is 103%
  • Repair will take 8 hours (or 5 under moonlight), Regeneration will take the same time to initiate then regrowth will be 14% per day reducing the subjects maximum FT by 14 for that time (or 15% per day and -15FT if initiated under moonlight).
  • Should a guild member require it, Resurrection of Undead is difficult but possible with some additional costs.


Records Held

These are personal records, presumably most are also guild records, and some might be world records though that is harder to confirm.

Feat Record When
Tunnelling (non-stop) 14 Miles in 7 hours 8th Fruit 805wk
Oldest Resurrection ~30,000 years since death 30 Vintage 809wk
Most Resurrections 12 per Second, 400,001 in one night 30 Vintage 809wk
Biggest Dice Modifier -90,002 (Life Buzz & Lesser) 30 Vintage 809wk