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The Herald, The Messenger

Gabriel manifests as either a dazzling human-like youth, with almost feminine features, or as a young elven woman of flawless beauty. Gabriel is dressed in blue robes, and bears a sword and an heraldic trumpet, and may in rare circumstances appear in armour. The trumpet has a banner attached, on which its name, Veritas (Truth), is embroidered in gold. Gabriel may appear with great feathered wings, and/or riding a sentient pegasus. Gabriel's voice is melodious and mellifluous. Gabriel favours the hawk as an animal servant.

Gabriel's office is that of herald, messenger, evangelist, and inquisitor. Gabriel's agents, the Gabrielites, are charged to spread the word of the Elohim, to convert entities to the faith, and to root out heresy and evil-doing.

Gabriel is quite impulsive and often makes hasty decisions. Gabriel is closely associated with Michael, and often defers to him on matters of policy. Followers of the Elohim state that Gabriel will one day signal the resumption of the War of the Powers, and the onset of Nightfall, with a mighty trumpet blast, that will be heard on all planes and dimensions. Other observers have commented that Gabriel seems all too eager to discharge that particular duty.

Gabriel is quite suspicious of Mages, but accepts their worth and will accept as Agents those that have unequivocally proved their austerity and self discipline.

An avatar of Gabriel will be a mighty Adept of the Thamatugies and practices many magics that are similar to the Bardic college. Gabriel is stunningly beautiful to look at and may inspire Awe. Gabriel may Charm as a Talent. The avatar will also posses abilities in Courtier, Spy, Troubadour, and perhaps other skills.

An avatar of Gabriel will not be a great fighter, but will do so if pressed, using a hand & a half sword. This sword may be considered magical, able to strike any target, even those usually immune to material weapons. Gabriel may wear blue plate armour of some light-weight material, although this is rare. Upon entering combat Gabriel becomes surrounded by a coruscating aura that provides significant defence.

Gabriel may be summoned into any place of learning associated with the Powers of Light, or anywhere that heresy has been discovered.