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Status Kingdom
Location East of Artzdorf and Flugelheim.
Area 98,250sq miles
Geography Varied but mostly hills.
Population ~3.8 million




6% (mostly urban)


The Kingdom of Eltrandor is bordered by the kingdom of Artzdorf and Flugelheim, the County of Volari, the Kingdom of Glissom and the areas of Brandenburg, Cauldersfield, Drakenburg and assorted Badlands.

The ruling con Sartra family is headed by Ronan con Sartra the King of Eltrandor and he has no named heirs.

Eltrandor covers an area of around 98,250sq Miles and has a population of approximately 3,800,000 people which are 90% human.

Originally held by an Archduke on behalf of King Sigismund, it became a Kingdom 20 years ago when the 'mourning period' for the loss of King Sigismund came to an end.

The Kingdom had a chequered start during the Baronies war when undead had some power and held lands on behalf of the crown for services rendered. These lands were later taken back and the undead moved to more secure areas away from other citizens.

During the war the Kingdom provided much of the food for the troops. Artzdorf & Flugelheim were still 'forgotten', and so Eltrandor gained much prestige and mercantile position.

With the change of the realm from an Archduchy to a kingdom and number of noble houses feel less than equitably treated so there is some simmering discontent amongst the noble houses and other areas of Eltrandorian society. The factions are mainly split between ProKing, Neutral and AntiKing. There have been a few isolated incidents in the last 10 years of civil unrest and insurrection which have been quickly quelled and the ringleaders put down but more fester all over Eltrandor.

Of recent times Eltrandor has been consolidating its security and establishing firm borders along established geographic boundaries.



The nobility of Eltrandor are ranked (in order of precedence) as follows:

  1. Royalty
  2. Duke
  3. Marquis
  4. Earls and Counts are equal ranked
  5. Viscount
  6. Baron
  7. Knights
  8. Yeomanry
  9. Commoner
  10. Serfs

There are 6 duchies and these are the Duchy of Eltran, Duchy of Kinloch, Duchy of Algain, Duchy of Westport, Duchy of Ralden and Duchy of Adenport.

Full listing of noble titles

  • Duchy of Eltran, Earldom of Tarc, Barony of Sagran, Barony of Marab, Barony of Darik, Barony of Barolt, Barony of Prindar
  • Duchy of Adenport, Earldom of Varkran, County of Kriel, Earldom of Yelron, Barony of Aveltar, Barony of Pryldon,Barony of Coltran, Barony of Donier, Barony of Kalac, Barony of Traydon, Barony of Feldaryn
  • Duchy of Algain, Marquisate of Caric, Marquisate of Doldin, County of Monthard, Barony of Brigam, Barony of Yolanda, Barony of Norpont, Barony of Endryn, Barony of Shein, Barony of Weydon, Barony of Kryndon, Barony of Sachman, Barony of Twiville, Barony of Oknoyn
  • Duchy of Westport, County of Soulport, County of Dimrovnic, County of Berinar, Barony of Consardral, Barony of Worill, Barony of Sarandon, Barony of Hyldron, Barony of Hale, Barony of Seneca, Barony of Stavlyn, Barony of Arryn, Barony of Bodarc, Barony of Trijac, Barony of Soest, Barony of Glaskville
  • Duchy of Ralden, Earldom of Talos, County of Rysor, County of Kriel, Barony of Malthon, Barony of Kland, Barony of Tishel, Barony of Marden, Barony of Baryn, Barony of Dryk, Barony of Halph, Barony of High Vale, Barony of Kiltary, Barony of Vakwon, Barony of Tynzl, Barony of Zindass, Barony of Derim, Barony of Englin

Cities & Towns

Eltran (Pop:34192) is the Capital City of Eltrandor and home to the royal con Sartra family. It is situated on the shores of Lake Eltran and the middle reaches of the Eltran River. Based in this city is Eltrandor's academy for learning the dangerous art of Magic which is the Eltran Reserve for the Magically Apt

Other Towns

Places of Interest

Remen Hill
This lonely spire in a sea of grass and small hills rises to a height of some 1500 meters from the surrounding countryside with Fir trees and groves of other trees in various dells on the hillside. Some quartz veins have been discovered in the western hillside and a small-scale mining operation is underway for the excellent quality crystals of great clarity. A small clan of dwarves live on the Southern face in a small dell next to a cave complex, what they do there mostly is unknown but they produce some of the best ale around under the Snogsworth Brewery brand famous for it's consistent quality and taste.
Tilden Woods
This is an old woodland of great age with signs that it was once much larger but the encroachment of civilisation has seen this forest shrink to it's current size and density. Much of the unique flora and fauna has disappeared but some still remains in the deep woods. The majority of the trees are of good quality but some of the outside woods show signs of age and disease. Druids replenish the old stock with new saplings and cutting from other parts of the woods.
The rare Hogarsh Tree variety is found here in a few carefully cultivated dales deep in the woods, these are well protected and hidden from indiscriminate felling or cultivation.
The woods are regularly patrolled by the Earl of Tildens men who supplement the 'bands' of Royal Eltrandorian Foresters that also abide here the ensure the peace and serenity of these woods.
The renowned ranger Clayr de Wolf lives here along with his family in a small dale some 20 miles north of Tilden on the lakeside of Lake Tilden.
Mt Asgran
This large mountain rises sharply from the Asgran hills around it to a height of 3900 meters and it towers over the hills and vale of Asgran as well as all the other nearby countryside.
This Mountain is named after the Great Archmage Asgan Beltarcon who lived in the tower ruins about 1800 meters up the eastern face, he was the Arch mage of the Tarcian academy from 600wk to 680wk when he retired here to continue his research and experiments.
Destroyed in an explosion resulting from an unknown source or reason, you can see the remains or ruins should you be up the mountain and searching for them. The Mountain has a sheer face on the northern side (The Giant Mirror it's called) which starts at 200 meters and ends at 800 meters. It is fabled to have been cleaved off in a fight between the gods which resulted in the marble underneath becoming a pure vertical face of black 'glass'.
The west face of the mountain has many caves in it and legend has it that the tunnels lead underground for huge distances and may even get to the river and sea or further!
Very little vegetation grows on the lower slopes and only some hardy groves and specimens survive on the upper slopes, which appear to have a green and black chequered appearance due to the interspersal of rock and woods.
On the 26th of Thaw annually the nearby folk gather at the glen on the Southern side to celebrate he Glenscoyn rites of fertility. Performed around the Glenscoyn stone, this is a solid block of green mineral about 10m square with a flat top surface and 3 sheer sides but one small set of stairs leading from the south side to the top some 3m up.
There is a hole in the stone some 6 inches deep and 3 inches around but no one know what the purpose of this is.
After the hot summer days sometimes the stone appears to glow into the evening (rumour), these fertility rites are supposed to ensure a good harvest and herd growth according to folklore.
Strangely enough the rites have been continually observed since 1698 and the vale has yet to have a bad harvest or outbreak of livestock disease.
Seneca Bay
This is the main bay for the Artz River and is the main traffic route of shipping to and from the main ports of Port Artz (in Artzdorf and Flugelheim) and Westport (In Eltrandor), as such is a very busy waterway.
The waters are deep and the current strong here, the shoals closer to shore shift often but are mapped and charted as often by the local harbour-masters and naval fleets. The bay is renowned for it's shellfish and large lobster beds.
Pilot Isle
This is a lighthouse maintained by both Artzdorf and Flugelheim and Eltrandor to ensure the safe passage of shipping to and from their respective ports. They both station ships and marines here and they exercise regularly against each other in the ongoing battle with pirates and corsairs that abound in this region. Up to a dozen ships could be in the small protected harbour here and the barracks could accomodate up to 2000 men at a push. The usual garrison here is 3 ships and 600men.
Kinloch Marsh
These are a series of large Marshes which is located to the south of Stink Wood, abounds the Eltran and Tilden rivers and runs along to coast of the Bay of Felice. It has extensive reaches and wide fens, quaking mires and bottomless pools. The residents of the marshes are hardy folk and very insular.
An abundance of herbs grow here as well as numerous several special animal and aquatic species and the odd unique herb such as Dark Soul Weed.
The marshes have several Watchtowers in them and are patrolled by the nearby Kinloch based marines and regular troops, as well as a contingent of Royal Eltrandorian Rangers who have interests here.
Eltran River
This river finds it's birth in the great Lake Selak and runs from there to the sea at Kinloch on the Bay of Felice.
It meets the Elden river and the forces combine into the main stretches of the Eltran River.
Mid way down the river is Lake Eltran which then feeds on down to Bilarsh where the river again meets another (the Tilden River) for it's final run for the ocean.
Tilden Hills
Otherwise known as the Tildens, these hills are well cultivated and settled by many different people who use the area for farming and cattle and a small amount of mining. The main mining is around Glanville where they recover some valuable minerals and ore. The Order of St Adric have a small order house in these hills.
Alycatraz Tower.

Little is known about this tower, however it is reputed to be made of iron and is the headquarters for the Third Section of His Majesty's Own Chancellery.


Rulers of the Realm

The ruling con Sartra family is headed by Ronan con Sartra the King of Eltrandor and he has no named heirs. Most of King Ronans children have yet to form an attachment or find a suitable partner to marry so there is a great deal of competition to be the 'lady' who gets her prince or the 'gentlemen' who gets the princess. A number of deaths have occured in various duels in the last 5 years as well as some forbidden by the crown from starting.

King Ronan has yet to declare his designated heir as he thinks the Princes need some more time 'growing into the role'. He plans to make an announcement in 810 one way or another.

King Ronan is the oldest of 6 brothers born to Bryn and Angela Con Sartra.

Other Royalty

Senior Eltrandorian Officials

Misc Nobility

Others of Note

Weiz Velda

Weiz is the leader of the Order of St Adric, a military order based here in Ekltrandor.


Theros is a Wicca who lives in a small valley some 4 miles NorthWest of Westport. His familiar is an overly-bold black cat named Mikah. Theros has been cautious but helpful when previously approached by guild members.

Selar Imlach

Selar was the Archdeacon of Aveltar until he met his unfortunate demise on a hunt in Summer 804 during the annual Eltrandorian Royal Celebration in Eltran.

Rachel Morth

Rachel is Chaplain to the Baroness of Halph, Elesse Barek. She has in the past arranged for a guild party to investigate goings on the the Barony of Halph.

Brendan Morth

Brendan is the brother of Rachel Morth and he presently holds (as of Summer 804) the position of Deputy Astrologer of Eltrandor. He has risen from the position of Assistant, Deputy (apprentice) Astrologer of Eltrandor due to his success in predicting a threat to the royal family at the annual Eltrandorian Royal Celebration in Eltran.

Slothar Dakron

Slothar is the Lord Magistrate of Eltrandor

Patrig Thyst

Patrig is the Registrant General of Eltrandorian Adventuring Companies

Angela Con Sartra

Angela Con Sartara (nee Kiltary) was born in 732 and married Bryn Con Sartra who became King of Eltrandor in 795. She has a large family with her husband Bryn. She is a female human, 5'9" of slight build with very blonde hair (hidden Grey) and green eyes. She received in her youth training at a finishing school and she returned with some skill and Mind Magics. She and Bryn have been together many years, through the good times and the bad. When Bryn stepped aside as King she followed him and allowed their first born son Ronan to be come king of Eltrandor as was his right.


Wolfgang aka Lord Wolfgang Horshwitz is the 3rd Asst Steward of Eltran Palace. B780wk


Karlos Denjeit is a Sgt in Eltrandor's Hawk Regiment. KNown to be a Celestial Mage. B778.

Marie Shein

Marie is the 3rd Lady in Waiting to the Queen. She is rumoured to be able to look after herself. B?

Marcus the Black

Marcus is the head of the Eltrandor Mages Guild



The Eltrandorian Military are well established as a tradition for the nobility as well as a profession well suited to the adventurous young people living within the borders.

Command of the Military is complex with some 60% of the troops part of supported by their respective regions and their controlling nobles and the rest are professional soldiers.

The Military numbers between 60,000 and 100,000 personnel which includes the Naval Troops and the Army. The Navy is well established and has around 100 ships of all sizes and around 7,500 men.

The most notable of well known units are the 8 Legions which each comprise between 3,000 and 6,000 men and are formed from the best of the Eltrandorian Military.

  • Algain's 1st Legion
  • Kinloch's 4th Legion
  • Westport's 8th Legion
  • Eltris's 3rd Legion
  • Talos's 6th Legion
  • Rysor's 5th Legion
  • Varkran's 7th Legion
  • Dimrovnic's 2nd Legion

Other units in terms of importantance and quality are:

  • Tilden's 5th Brigade,
  • Adenport's 10th Brigade,
  • Kriel's 1st Brigade,
  • Soulport's 7th Brigade,
  • Berinar's 8th Brigade,
  • Tarc's 2nd Brigade,
  • Consardral's 4th Brigade,
  • Eltran's Hawk Regiment,
  • Halph's 3rd Regiment,
  • Aveltar's 13th Regiment,
  • Oknoyn's 2nd Regiment,
  • Pryldar's 4th Regiment,
  • Eldren's 16th Regiment,
  • Sagran's 6th Regiment,
  • Rexam's 21st Regiment,
  • Kland's 22nd Regiment,
  • Ralden's 3rd Regiment,
  • Kiltary's 7th Regiment

Eltrandorian Navy

Minor Groups

The Hawklords of Eltrandor are spoken of in soft tones for the people know little of them but what rumours they know have been tales of power and often involve the disappearance of people saying ill of or speaking of them.

The Talarian Council is rumoured to be a collection of disaffected nobles but none knows who they are or what the aims of this group are.

Governing Principles

Laws of Succession

Eltrandorian law stipulates that the King must define his heir presumptive for the crown to be passed automatically to his children otherwise the order of succession should follow the traditional order of succession. Should the King die without an heir then the succession order would then effectively revert back to his father and in the event of the father's death then the oldest male sibling of the now dead king. Should there be no oldest male sibling then the children of the previous King would be eligible for succession.

The Eltrandorian succession order stipulates that firstly all male descendance is seen through, including all collateral male lines, but if all agnates become extinct, then the female who is closest heir (such as daughter) of the last male holder of the property, inherits, and after her, her own male heirs according to the order. In other words, the female closest to the last incumbent, is regarded as a male for the purposes of inheritance/succession.

This is a pragmatic way of putting order: the female is the closest, thus continuing the most recent incumbent's blood, and not any more distant relative than necessary. At that order, the original primogeniture is not followed with regard to the requisite female. She could be a child of a relatively junior branch of the whole dynasty, but still inherits thanks to the longevity of her own branch.

Designated Heir

To be the designated Heir to the Eltrandorian throne the following conditions must be either met or not contravened.

  1. Religon: The Heir must be a member of the Unified Church of the Western Kingdom – Powers of Light
  2. Marriage must be with the consent of: The King /Parents/Guardians.
  3. The marriage must be a lawful, proper and legally recognized.
  4. If the union cannot produce children then the applicant cannot rule the kingdom.
  5. The Applicant cannot have died prior to becoming ruler

Royal Policies

The King has a policy of progressive consolidation (i.e. Internal improvements combined with a steady expansion of the realm's borders) and is fair and just.

Tax Policy

The tax policy is considered progressive and it's set as 1sp per inhabitant per month.



Eltrandor has good relations with Glissom as it provides a stable and secure border and is free of civil unrest. They believe that the new King there will be good for the region as a whole, should this prove untrue then they will march in with a portion of their armed forces and restore order and install a new ruling structure. They sent representatives to the recent wedding of Lady Alexandra de la Verain and King Doron of Glissom. The wedding present was an exquisitely carved royal carriage with 4 of the finest horses. A personal present of a brooch made of a single milk opal set with small diamonds and silver in the shape of a swan.


Eltrandor has a cool relationship with the latest Baron of Erewhon due to his dark past and scurrilous rumour suggests Eltrandor would welcome a change of Baron.

Law & Order

Laws of Eltrandor. The laws of Eltrandor are similar to those of other neighbouring kingdoms but with the following extra-emphasised conditions.

  • 1. All persons entering Eltrandor must register with the officials of the nearest garrison.
  • 2. Foreign currency can only be used in certain locations. Please exchange your coins for Eltrandor golden lions at your first opportunity. Locations for this are in the main cities and along all the border towns.
  • 3. Adventurers must acquire a charter before undertaking any operation as a company. A company is defined as three (3) or more individuals acting together towards a common goal.
  • 4. All weapons must be peace-bonded. The only persons exempt from this law are members of the chartered adventuring companies and members of mercenary companies that can offer proof of employment.
  • 5. Bow your head to royalty, the local nobility and any royal officials.
  • 6. The Eltrandorean Army / Navy has the right to search you upon request. Should this be seen as unreasonable the aggrieved party can take the case to the superior officer or a royal official for some sort of investigation.
  • 7. Hunting on private land is forbidden.
  • 8. You are to deport yourself with civility and manners appropriate to your station.

Breaking of the laws as briefly set out above could lead to any of a variety of punishments which range from fines and warnings to imprisonment or summary execution depending on the severity of the offence.''


Eltrandor is an efficient producer of Grains and is a net exporter of Grain around the Western Kingdom, Fish and Cattle. Its also known for its fine horses from the Rysor region.




This celebration held 17 days after the start of summer is a celebration of the New Kingdom and is a day of rest as well as the following day across the kingdom.

The are all sorts of festivities, balls and events held over these 2 days and include the Eltran Royal Hunt and Eltran Royal High Ball afterwards, the Eltran city tradition of fruit throwing at mimes and other such fun activities.

Recent Events

Recent History

Bryn Con Sartra abdicated in favour of his son, Ronan Con Sartra. This was due to the onset of diminishing sight and infirmity. King Ronan has not yet designated his heir and this is thought to stem from his son Baric's inability to live up to his family standards of conduct.

Summer 807


King Ronan spends some time abroad fostering relationships with other realms and building friendships with the strangest of people. He attends the Festival of the Arts in Sanctuary and then travels up to Ranke with the new Duchess of Ranke Duchess Meredithis who takes the Rankene Throne amidst all her supporters. King Ronan spends the rest of the Month there at various social, political and entertaining occasions as the guest of Duchess Meredithis. 30th of Meadow sees the King and his personal guard leave to travel back to Sanctuary and his waiting flagship and escorts of the Royal Eltrandorian Squadron.


King Ronan and his entourage depart from Sanctuary headed for Ormond and some trade negotiations with the Count of Ormond
The Fleet departs Ormond headed for Zumular


The Fleet departs Zumular headed for home


News reaches the court that the King has taken ill and is convalescing on Tarc Isle under the care of his uncle Maryc Brindar, the Earl of Tarc.

Scribe Notes


Families of Eltrandor

Notable Families

  • Alouson Family
  • Ambrol Family
  • Amtros Family
  • Astrin Family
  • Barek Family
  • Barents Family
  • Beldan Family
  • Beltar Family
  • Beltarcon Family
  • Belyf Family
  • Beyntin Family
  • Biltarsh Family
  • Blackthorn Family
  • Bodain Family
  • Braddon Family
  • Breldon Family
  • Brindar Family
  • Bryght Family
  • Caddick Family
  • Caper Family
  • Carlton Family
  • Choan Family
  • Coltrayn Family
  • Con Sartra Family
  • Consardral Family
  • Corinde Family
  • Dalmeyar Family
  • Dandyr Family
  • Dark Family
  • Davish Family
  • Davyn Family
  • Dayon Family
  • de la Verain Family
  • de Melbard Family
  • De Rovnic Family
  • de Wolf Family
  • Denjeit Family
  • de Vindsor Family
  • Devara Family
  • Doyyer Family
  • Drajon Family
  • Drax Family
  • Dryacon Family
  • Drycon Family
  • Duhol Family
  • Dumrone Family
  • Elnon Family
  • Erina Family
  • Estol Family
  • Gamrin Family
  • Gerentor Family
  • Glusman Family
  • Grannic Family
  • Harmon Family
  • Hasdon Family
  • Hawkwinter Family
  • Heldane Family
  • Hestyn Family
  • Highsleigh Family
  • Hool Family
  • Hoskyns Family
  • Hume Family
  • Imlach Family
  • Justan Family
  • Kenrial Family
  • Keron Family
  • Kiltary Family
  • Klapproth Family
  • Koch Family
  • Kronlor Family
  • Lachlan Family
  • Lacklan Family
  • Lanstaph Family
  • le Duc Family
  • Lendrym Family
  • Lucio Family
  • Lyall Family
  • Lyndel Family
  • Lysardol Family
  • Malton Family
  • Marsden Family
  • Matza Family
  • McKreel Family
  • Morlan Family
  • Morola Family
  • Morth Family
  • Northar Family
  • Oblish Family
  • Palathar Family
  • Payne Family
  • Preston Family
  • Randon Family
  • Rasmetar Family
  • Rendysh Family
  • Risklar Family
  • Roaringhorn Family
  • Ryldon Family
  • Sageson Family
  • Sambur Family
  • Santell Family
  • Schur Family
  • Senecan Family
  • Shein Family
  • Shrives Family
  • Silvermane Family
  • Skalan Family
  • Splore Family
  • Stark Family
  • Stillhawk Family
  • Straus Family
  • Strend Family
  • Sunspear Family
  • Tarmuren Family
  • Thorne Family
  • Tilden Family
  • Tislyn Family
  • Trelb Family
  • Trelg Family
  • Tretal Family
  • Tryeck Family
  • Trynnar Family
  • Tubal Family
  • Tyrine Family
  • Varden Family
  • Varris Family
  • Vaylin Family
  • Velda Family
  • Virae Family
  • Vladeck Family
  • Von Helyn Family
  • Weber Family
  • Whitebrow Family
  • Wylan Family
  • Wyndfawl Family
  • Wyndish Family
  • Yandal Family
  • Yasgan Family
  • Yogal Family
  • Yognos Family