The end of days

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Adventure: The end of days
GM: William
Session: Autumn 809 wk
Night: Mostly Wednesday - starting Wed 11th March 2009
Level: Extreme
Location: Chez Caulfield in Royal Oak

  1. Dalran
  2. Kit
  3. Braegon - Scribe, backup Mil Sci
  4. Sabrina
  5. Naden
  6. Silverfoam - Mil Sci
  7. Caprice - Party Leader

Employer: Lord Kerenthos of Liosene and War Leader of Free Alfhiem

The Mission: Complete and total revenge on Leraje, the Marquis of Archers for cursing his entire lineage for a length of time longer than the lifespan of most civilisations.

Precis: The mission is impossible. The enemy is a demon lord, immortal and the incarnation of a vice. He lives in a realm where every aspect can be subject to his whims and desire. Destroying him may well have unintended consequences of a catastrophic nature and is likely to cause a breach of the peace. What you do after lunch is up to you though.

Scribe Notes

Chapter One: A Queasy Start

Kanon meets with us and requests our help. He has a flying ship available for us if needed, but we decide to use Kit's ship instead, trading comfort during transit for his protection from observation.

Once we get over the queasiness of Kit's erratic captaincy, we sort out introductions, updates, strategies, roles, gift-giving, etc.

Braegon alters the party's thighs to remove Moonshae's favourite spot to shoot, except for Sabrina who would prefer to trust in her skill than alter the lines of her legs.

Our initial disguise when we reach Liesuen will be of average Alfheim Elves.

3rd Fruit, 809wk

We arrive at Liesuen early in the morning and are escorted to a small clearing where Kerenthos and other senior Elves are waiting to meet us.

Kerenthos is not even sure it is possible but he would like Leraje destroyed, completely, utterly, irrevocably. We discuss previous encounters with demons, what might be possible, and what the consequences would be. Aid from other demons would probably work, but several in the party are reluctant, and even if we succeed it may be a bad result for Alusia. Other pantheons may be keen, but could lead to a god war. Claiming responsibility as Guild Members may move the guild from being mortal annoyances to killers of immortals and may lead to the guild being wiped out.

One of Kerenthos' companions suggests dropping Leraje in the Well of Forgetfulness. We are interested enough by this to investigate further. They know it was near the borders of Alfheim when it was constructed, we estimate this to be somewhere in the Lunar Empire now. The University may have more information about it.

4th Fruit, 809wk

We land shortly before dawn for Kit to attempt consultation with Sammael to see if he can give us insights into Demonic Politics and how one of them might be destroyed. Michael intercepts the conversation, he is pleased that Kit is going to destroy Leraje, he suggests we could get a fragment of his sword which is in the bottom of The Lake, have it reforged and use it to behead Leraje. Michael is looking forward to hearing about Kit's success.

Flying on to the university, we meet with senior librarians and ask about The Well. They tell us of Sisargia, show us his statue (which can theoretically be used to locate him), and confirm the location of the well. The area the well is in has a large fortified garrison, with no obvious reason for its presence. We suspect their presence is to do with The Well.

Chapter Two: Water and Fire

We 'sail' in our flying ship to Vorimairë lake, then stop to rest the remainder of the night.

5th Fruit, 809wk

Dalran uses a crystal to try to locate where the sword shard is but is attacked through his scrying.

Kit has a go next being a little more indirect he identifies where we need to swim down from to find the shard.

With all but Dalran changed into Merform we fly out over the lake and then dive in. After a long swim we pass through a densely packed layer of some small (sweet tasting) fish. Deeper still we find a building that was intended to look like a Michaeline chapel, except the door is a façade and the entrance is a whole where a chimney would usually be.

Caprice confirms this is consecrated to Michael, Dalran mentions that he would be challenged by Michael if he gets too close.

Inside is a Naga, she is the guardian of the shard until the resumption of open war between the Powers of Light and Dark. We ask lots of cautious questions... The shard is destined to bring harm to the Marquis of Archers; Nobody else is destined to come and retrieve the shard if we do not take it; While the War between the powers has never stopped it has been going through a 'cold phase'; Resumption of open war will not lead to greater manifestations of avatars doing battle in the mortal realms but we will see increased conflict between their mortal followers; The Naga is mortal and from our future (as we see it), there will be continuation of the mortal realms.

While some of the party are already sharpening their swords and envisioning battles, we have some serious reservations about taking the shard. Eventually Braegon's doubting minority is reduced to one and we agree to take the shard. The Naga is surprised that 'the traitor' agreed to this, she tells us that Dalran is destined to betray the demonic realms. It is very small, Kit has a reliquary ready to hold it and eagerly takes possession of it.

Before we leave we ask the Naga some questions about our mission:

  • We need to take a large picnic basket when we talk to the Titans
  • We would want to talk to the woman in the water, the Naga does not know who this is which she finds odd
  • We should find our prey before he has a chance to escape through birth, we guess this means we have about a month (until all of the elves start giving birth)
  • Leraje does not know we are coming but he can no longer see himself in the future when he divines it
  • If the Naga were in Sabrina's position she would seek all her friends and enemies, Sabrina believes this refers to her Pantheon and the Calimar
  • Kit has a mission, has a demonic target, and is on his way to getting an angelic sword, there is nothing else he wants to know.

While he was waiting outside under Sabrina's supervision, Dalran found several little things he had lost or discarded over the years, and found something large with tentacles that could destroy Wizards Eyes.

We swim back to the surface, manage to find the undetectable ship reasonably quickly, have some lunch, and then set 'sail' for Siegens to find the smith Kalianth.

Kit sails us over the mountains to the west then Silverfoam sails us upriver (beside the water) so Kit can get a full night's sleep.

6th Fruit, 809wk

We enter town after breakfast and ask after Kalianth, they are surprised to see us so soon. Seeking clarification we find out that Kalianth was abducted a week ago by the Dragon Gasferis, they sent money and a message to our guild requesting help but were not expecting a response quite so quickly. We obfuscate a little (Braegon outright lied several times -- tut, tut) and then talk to Kalianth's family; she was out riding with friends when the Dragon turned up and demanded one of them go with him, she volunteered to save her companions. The Dragon has been terrorising and robbing this region for a long time, and his network of spies has prevented any requests for aid from reaching the right people in Eidolon. They would like him seen-off or killed.

On the off-chance that spies are watching we spread misinformation (more foul lies) about our plans and timing then head back to the ship.

Sabrina, Naden, and Silverfoam are keen to kill Gasferis, he is unfinished business from last time they were here.

Flying towards Úvandor, the region where he is frequently seen, we can easily identify his lair by the fire scarring. Gasferis is an old Red Dragon and we're fairly sure he is a mind mage. While scouting the area, Dalran spies a devil making its way inside.

We land (hover) on the far side of the mountain behind the lair, Braegon summons an Elemental who can sense the Dragon, a Demon (Sallos, an E&E), and an Elf, all in the same cavern. Following directions from the Elemental, Braegon Tunnels to their cavern, we cast last-minute spells, and then emerge within 20' of them.

Ajax and Sabrina charge the dragon and start laying into it, Kit charges Sallos and destroys him with his first flurry of attacks, Naden who was going to help with the Demon switches targets and charges Gasferis, Dalran drops a Slow then joins in the melee, Caprice, Silverfoam, and Braegon throw in some magic to stop Gasferis casting and protect Kalianth. Within 10 seconds of entering the cavern, the dragon is also dead (beheaded by Sabrina), Caprice is extracted from its maw and has the acidic saliva washed off, and Kalianth is released.

Kit and Silverfoam deal to a few devils that are elsewhere in the complex, we light a small bonfire, have lunch, find out that Sallos commissioned Gaheris to abduct Kalianth for him but we can't find out why (preventing the creation of the Sword that Shall be Forged, obviously), DA and Divinate Gasferis' bed of gold, and ask Kalianth to make a sword for us.

The bed of gold will heal anyone sleeping on it (as per Rk 7 Healer), naturally it is cursed. the Thieves will be drained of life over 4 days and then turn into wraiths. Braegon reverses the curse, now the thieves will be filled with life-energy for 4 days until they turn into trolls. Nobody is keen on this version either so Silverfoam begins removing the curse while Braegon leads the skinning of the Dragon.

Braegon has his elemental create a tunnel large enough for Kit's ship to go to within 40' of the surface, then uses Tunnelling to open the last bit so Kit can bring the ship in. Sabrina seals the area against demonics, Dalran protects an area from scrying, and Silverfoam opens out his pavilion.

Later that evening the curse is lifted, the Dragon butchered, the skin and some other parts of it loaded on the ship. We settle in to rest the night, some of us enjoying sleeping on the ground again.

Chapter Three: A plan takes shape

Dalran claims that during the night, Seir visited his dreams to ask why Dalran is here and why Sallos is whining about being hunted and murdered Demons and other drivel about the end of days. Dalran offers to look into it, Seir starts to enquire further then leaves abruptly.

7th Fruit, 809wk

Over breakfast we discuss the forging of the sword with Kalianth. She suggests we seek Bael Iron to complete the blade (we later learned we could find this near Seagate) but that would require a very hot fire and a type of coal called coke.

We load Gasferis' bed into the hold of Kit's ship, then set sail back to Kalianth's home to report her safe rescue and so she can check some texts. While she is researching, Dalran protects her from scrying (we don't want anyone else trying to abduct our smith).

Sabrina climbs a rainbow to seek audience with Odin, Kalianth joins the rest of us as we get lost in the woods for 4 or 5 hours until we conveniently find ourselves near Seagate where Sabrina rejoins us.

After a late lunch we get lost again, extract some iron ore from the Artusian Hills, and then find ourselves back at the guild in time for dinner.

Caprice studies her book which is invested with a great store of ancient Elven knowledge. She learns that Leraje was once a lord of the Smoked Jaguar clan, he became a Demon by using a Necromantic song of strife and discord that led his clan to cause their own deaths. Caprice gains some insight into the words and tune of Leraje's song. Before that he had lost the woman he loved, Jiall-en-tielle (who Caprice has met and practised), to a lord of the Leaping Tiger clan (who later became Foras). The Smoked Jaguar clan lived (and died) in the province Seensplate.

On a related topic Caprice learns that the Elven Lord Urial composed a song of unity based on the same style of Necromantic magic, the key difference is that the participants in Urial's song knew what the result would be. Some philosophers believe that the power that is Uriel continues to be maintained by and in some ways be the song.

There is a messenger from the Sword Worlds Confederation, responding to our missive (that we haven't sent yet) they would like to meet on neutral ground not far from the guild.

We meet with Larak Mafader (a Calamar) and a few of his people, we discuss what we intend to do, they are very keen and offer us lots of good advice on how to kill a Demon, with some specifics for the type of Demon Leraje is. Some plans start to take shape. He (how do you tell with a Calamar) also advises that we need to be firmly united in purpose, a geas would help as would 'brotherly bonding' rituals.

NB Details of the philosophical discussions on the nature of powers, their origins, their malign influence on enlightened civilisation, etc... might be filed separately with the guild philosophers, but more likely, just discussed with them over a few beers.

Larak invites us to ask if there is anything they can do to help in our quest and he passes on In Search of Civilian Applications's offer to provide us transport to any plane we need to get to.

A harmony using the Words of Unmaking composed to counteract Leraje's song would probably have a good chance of undoing the magic that led to his ascension (fall).

8th Fruit, 809wk

At dawn, Kit communes with Uriel to ask about the song of unity and seek Uriel blessing on our venture. Then gets our ore blessed by the highest ranking United Church official he can find in Seagate.

Caprice collects the Titan sized picnic basket she had ordered from Alphonse's then we take the portal to Tycho City and ask at a temple for a message to be sent to Matt Tumbledown. A couple of hours later the message reaches him and Matt appears next to us.

After introductions and Matt's generous offer to squash Dalran, we tell him what we are up to and ask about the Well of Forgetfulness. Matt is a little concerned that we know of it and where it is as he thought he had dropped the last person who knew of it into it. We hastily explain how we learned of it and who we intend to drop in it, this mollifies Matt's concerns and he takes us to have a look at it. The well appears to be a normal (out-of-order) well at the edge of town (exact location not to be disclosed). We sit down for a picnic next to it while Silverfoam and Sabrina divinate it.

The well is a one-way entrance to a dimensional pocket, the nature of the dimension is such that its contents are forgotten.

After our picnic, Matt alerts the local guard captain that we may be coming back in a hurry with something demonic to throw down the well then transports us to see his mothers.

The elder of the three (Atropos) greets us, she too is happy with what we are doing, Leraje makes such a mess of her threads. And how about we get rid of the rest of them once we've dealt with him. She weaves us together for the season so that we are of one family. She offers to trim the threads for Dalran and Kit to give them a fresh start and avoid all of the pain that is in their future. And she gifts Braegon a strand of thread (DA: Fate, not specific to anyone), apparently we will know when to use it.

Matt then drops us off back at Kalianth's forge. We start packing up what she needs ready to relocate to the head of the Sweetwater.

Chapter Four: Forging Nightfall

9th Fruit, 809wk

Setting out early, we get lost again and find ourselves near the Sweetwater in the Sea of Grass. We pause for an early lunch while Silverfoam unfolds his ship then set sail beside the river to find its source.

As fate would have it we follow the right tributary the first time and sunset finds us docking in a hidden valley burgeoning with life. In the middle of it is a large spring-fed pool, the life-aligned source of the Sweetwater.

Braegon, Kit, and Kalianth start creating the forge while the others set up and secure our camp site. Dalran plants his staff to create a great Ash tree growing over a small cottage, Braegon plants an acorn which instantly grows into a mature oak, then Braegon asks both trees to donate some wood to make the charcoal for the forge.

10th Fruit, 809wk

By morning the forge is built, the fire set and Kalianth begins her work.

Investigating the pool we find that it is Life and Light aligned, it has significant restorative properties, healing old scars, wounds, and ailments. Spending more than a few minutes in the pool will result in gaining Life Aspect. Spending more time in the pool will have a rejuvenating effect. For anyone Death Aspected or aligned to demons it would be hazardous, probably fatal.

11th Fruit, 809wk

Dalran paints an image of the forging and finds he has included an angelic woman in the pool, we guess she is the woman the Naga told us we should talk to.

Braegon enters the pool to talk with her, relaying the conversation via Mind Speech. Damriel is an angel and has come to open a portal for us. To complete the re-forging of Ira it needs to be wielded by Michael. The portal Damriel will open the way to Nightfall, if we fight our way to Michael to give him the sword then he will have two swords for a critical battle and we will gain the sword we need. She hang around to open the portal when we are ready, there is no specific hurry, Nightfall is a conceptual time and place, it has already started and is yet to come.

12th Fruit, 809wk

The forging is completed, we prepare ourselves for battle, sing, dance, and drink tea. As night falls the portal to Nightfall is opened and we board Silverfoam's ship and sail through.


We are on a land that is no land, the stars in the firmament beneath our feet are the strongholds of the demons, five suns assault the firmament and these are the angels.

Our master Mil sci sees the flaws in the demons plan - we assist Raphael against "suffering" (we are drained from all stats by "suffering" but take minimal damage), then help him to go through Raum to get to Michael. Silverfoam sails us to battle, Sabrina riding alongside on Ajax.

Sabrina charges Raum while the rest of us deal with his lieutenants. Kit blends through one then joins Sabrina; Silverfoam defends the ship, Caprice and Braegon freeze and hold the lieutenants who seem strangely vulnerable to our magic; Dalran slows them then joins the melee, Naden takes down the lieutenant that seems immune to magic then works his way through those that have been affected; Raphael absorbs a couple of Raum's attacks and then withers his leg.

Kit's left hand is destroyed when he strikes Raum, this only seems to enrage him further as he hauls himself up Raum's scythe wielding arm and then rips Raum's head off.

Dalran takes Raum's first disciple prisoner, we grab a few things off the bodies and then move on towards Michael.

Michael is grateful for the sword and a few buffs his brothers can't provide, and charges off to blood both swords in battle.

A short victory later, Michael gives us Ira and we leave.

Dalran wanders away from the rest of us to talk with Seir, when he returns he no longer has his prisoner or his pact.

13th Fruit, 809wk

In the morning we get lost in the frozen wastes again, emerging near Kalianth's home.

In answer to Sabrina, Kalianth tells us that Alorian, the Master Armourer of the Court of Velteyn would be the greatest Elven Armourer at the moment.

We leave Kalianth disguised with a warning to maintain a low profile for a while, find Kit's ship and set sail for Ladlaugh.

14th Fruit, 809wk

We meet with the Lady of Ladlaugh, or at least her chancellor, and discuss plans for the birthing day. Then visit the hall the Beltan Elves are setting up as the birthing centre, the pregnant elves are progressing well and all seem to be due on the same day, the 15th of Vintage.

Caprice reminds us that Toria is where Leraje Ascended from. Discovering that the local Elves cannot tell us where in Seensplate that Toria was we get lost back to the Elven Library.

15th Fruit, 809wk

At the University are able to examine old maps and learn a little more about Toria. It is most infamous for the Elven Necromancer Illian who researched and created the Spell of Agony there. They also mention he was seduced by Seir but we are not sure if this was before or afterwards.

16th - 18th Fruit, 809wk

Deciding we'd like a closer examination of Seensplate we decide to ride the 70 miles NW to Toria.

We arrive in the right area in the late afternoon of the third day. All the trees contain screaming remnants of souls, but with no particular link. Kit starts chatting to a local (fairly hostile) Dryad, Braegon casts a spell on her tree so everyone can join in. She grants us four days in the area before she sets the trees and trolls on us and the directs us to where Leraje performed his ritual. Kit offers to meet her at the Fae Courts to discuss matters further on the next Full Moon (21st).

The site of the bonfire is now under about twenty feet of soil, we tunnel down to it and perform several divinations on it and an intact skeleton which is beneath it (presumably Leraje's).

The skeleton is linked to Leraje, and the charcoal contains remnants of the souls that were subsumed into the ritual, same as the trees. It looks like we can move them without breaking the links, it would be more convenient to have them closer to the border of Ladlaugh. The bonfire was about 15' by 6', and 6" deep, making it about 45 cubic feet of charcoal to move.

Chapter Five: Life, Death and Dryads

After all the investigation, we re-bury the remains as moving them now may tip off Leraje that something is going on.

Dalran scries the scroll he unearthed and reads the original of Leraje's song. He momentarily feels his life endangered then the danger passes as it seems to consider 'monkeys' to be inconsequential, an Elf would almost certainly have died.

We make camp in the forest a couple of miles from the site.

19th Fruit, 809wk

In the morning we spend more time DAing and divining, the trees this time. When Leraje invoked the enchantments embedded in his nursery song he killed about 2.5 million Elves from a variety of clans around the world. About 400,000 of those were consumed in his ascension, the rest are bound into the land and trees within a few miles of the bonfire site. We can't confirm whether it was Leraje or someone else that bound the souls, but we have lots of theories.

Kit spends the time on some philosophical calculations and informs us that with Quickness, unlimited energy, and no sleep it would take 11-12 days for Braegon to resurrect all of the souls out of Leraje, and another 2 months for all of the tree-bound souls.

After the investigations we take an icy short cut back to Ladlaugh, there we seek after a recently dead Elf so that Braegon can experiment with reducing the FT cost of resurrection.

The Chancellor directs us to the grave of ___ who died participating in the games in Spring (a king-of-the hill type competition involving a ziggurat covered in grease). Channelling earth mana and wielding two major artefacts of healing and life Braegon resurrects the 6-month dead elf at a quarter of the normal cost. This is a good sign, but even at this reduced cost it's going to take fairly extreme measures to get enough energy.

We provide ___ with some clothes, money, and advice then send him off to begin his new life.

Tangleleaf turns up a little while later to ask what we're up to, why we're performing miraculous healing, and how can he help. We move the discussion to Kit's ship and then cautiously fill him in. He can't offer much direct advice but his wife is a master musician and familiar with magic imbued songs, and his brother might know something about the spirits bound into the land.

We split up at this point, Braegon taking the Elves to Eidolon to find Tanglebones while Kit, Dalran, and Caprice stay on the ship and study Leraje's song with Tangleleaf's wife.

We have no problems finding Tanglebones in Eidolon, he is happy to return with us and help any way he can.

20th Fruit, 809wk

We all meet up again about mid-morning on Kit's ship in Ladlaugh.

  • The composers have come up with a counter-harmony that seems a safer way to neutralise the song than 'overloading' the existing melody until it collapses.
  • Using the Words of Unmaking would make the counter-song more effective, it would also leave a Leraje shaped void that would probably be filled by something else. We decide to proceed without the words of unmaking.
  • Tanglebones thinks that the magic binding the souls to the land would have been cast by someone else, he suspects his uncle Karkasen, unfortunately he can't confirm this as Karkasen joined with a cause led by Gabriel. he does suggest that we may want to warn Death that we are about to release two million souls into his care.
  • Tanglebones tell us that Tangleleaf can't be trusted to keep the secret of what we're doing, he's a compulsive gossip. He has a herbal amnesiac which he has used before when he needed his brother's advice on confidential matters. We pass this on to Tangleleaf's wife who will add it to his tea.
  • And he suggests we could use the device that some of our guild removed from the Laughing God. That would gather enough power to do the healing, all we need to do is find a god to stick it in.

We spend the afternoon walking back to the Western Kingdom.

21st Fruit, 809wk

Sabrina and Naden lead us to the temple where the Dagger of Saint Cuthbert is stored. We retrieve it and then make our way to Seagate to pick up some other things, touch base with the Midwives, and spend the night in comfortable beds.

22nd Fruit, 809wk

At dawn, well outside the guild, Kit requests a volunteer to power the 'infernal device'. Uriel turns up, stating that Gabriel is busy so he is going to do it. Uriel offers Dalran some work now that he is no longer employed by one of the targets and confirms that Braegon is willing to take on this painful and risky task (resurrecting Leraje).

Gabriel is called in so we can talk to Karkasen. He did try to stop Leraje by binding the souls but was too late, Leraje had already gathered enough to ascend. He has no problem with us breaking the spell and releasing them but thinks we should do it after Leraje has been dealt with.

Gabriel departs, then Uriel leaves with the Infernal device.

We get lost again, finding our way to the Temple of Death. Those who have not met Death before are cautioned about their manners and the need for a frog to protect them. Sabrina as an agent of Death will not be affected, Naden, Braegon, and Caprice will be mostly protected by Necrogeny. Kit chooses to remain behind while the rest of us cross over to meet with Death.

He is pleased that we will be dealing to Leraje and releasing the souls. We should drain Uriel (he used another name) while we're at it. We appreciate his position but decline to betray and kill an ally. After that we are dismissed and we promptly head back to the lake shore.

Soon after we have had a hot meal to recover from our meeting we see an old man approaching. On immediate alert we quickly work out he is an agent of Uriel, he has a filled goblet which has been his life charge to look after and now give to Braegon. As soon as Braegon accepts it the old man drops dead. A lid is carefully fitted to the grail then Braegon stows it in a safe pouch.

At midnight that night Kit takes us to the Fae Courts to meet with the Dryad of Seensplate as he had agreed.

We are announced by our given names and known titles except for Braegon and Naden. Naden is announced as the Heir Presumptive, referring to his proposition to the Dryad Queen, he is also offered a potion to turn him into a Troll so that his proposition would be acceptable. Braegon is announced as the Heir Apparent, not of a Fae realm, but possibly of the Western Kingdom (which seems highly unlikely) or of another powerful realm (probably referring to a risk of becoming the next ruler of Leraje's realm). The Fae aren't sure (and imply they don't care), they simply state what they see.

The Seensplate Dryad is at court and immediately denounces us as tree killers and demands our execution. Fortunately the others are more reasonable and after questioning us for a while to determine our intentions they grant us permission to release the souls and suspect that the local Dryad will gradually become more normal (for a Dryad) after that.

Chapter Six: Born-Again Demon

23rd Fruit, 809wk

We travel back to Seensplate to start setting up defences around our resurrection site. Kit starts teaching us Leraje's True Name. Sabrina seals large areas. Dalran creates scry-guarded areas and starts work on his place of power for resurrection. Naden catches some pregnant rabbits and Baregon and Caprice hunt squirrels.

Caprice raises a keep on a hill, the keep is 20' wide with 30' high walls made of a magically resistant green metal, the outer wall is low but the ditch behind it is deep enough to protect the defenders. We spend the night in it to give it a try, Braegon likes it but the rest of the party decide it is too small.

24th Fruit, 809wk

Caprice levels the keep and creates a massive tree with walkways between the firing platforms and secure sleeping chambers amongst the highest branches. We spend the night in it to give it a try, most of the party likes it but Braegon feels too out of touch with the ground.

25th Fruit, 809wk

Caprice fells the tree and creates a crystalline castle. The walls are magical, stopping unwelcome guests and projectiles without impeding the views. The three main buildings are towers of crystal which blend with and emphasise the natural beauty of the land. We spend the night in it to give it a try, and everyone decides it is just right.

30th Fruit, 809wk

We have finished learning the ITN, the place of power is built, scry-guarded, sealed against demonics and elementals, consecrated, and hidden by illusions.

The day is spent braiding hair, roasting boar, making tea, and resting. After sunset we gather around the fire for a song and dance then retrieve the remnants of Leraje and his victims.

Naden releases the cute animals to give birth. Disguised as the love of Leraje's life, Jiall-en-tielle (that Foras stole from him), Caprice goes out alone into the night, calling him in the voice of his true love, summons Leraje, invites him inside and then pinions him with the Dagger of St Cuthbert.

... I take him by the hand, lead him into my boudoir, and in embrace, plunge the dagger into his back. As his heart breaks he is transfixed, paralysed but aware as ...

The avatar of Leraje is dragged inside and placed next to his mortal remains, Kit summons the angelic choir, Braegon drinks from Uriels Graal, Dalran keeps watch and everyone else starts singing the counter-ascension song (Kit accompanies the singing with the Harp of Order).

Braegon starts resurrecting the souls out of Leraje allowing them to pass on to their afterlives. Initially resurrecting two per pulse, the rate is slowly accelerated. At 20 per pulse we get our first batch that don't want to go, they manifest as some form of Life-Draining Demonic Spectre and are quickly destroyed by the singers. As the Life energies increase and accumulate the resurrection rate is increased to 60 per pulse, the rate Kit says we need to be finished by dawn. Kit estimates that the Life Aspected party members (Braegon, Caprice, and Silverfoam) are feeling the effects of about 9,000 resurrection/re-births at any one time.

Aware that there is trouble brewing, devils and other demonic minions start pouring out of the still-open portal that Leraje created, angels peal off from the choir to meet them in battle. After watching and evaluating for a while, Dalran informs the rest of the party. Caprice steps out of the keep, chastises them all for disturbing us, sends the demons home and the angels back to the choir.

About 10 hours, 400,000 resurrections, and hundreds of Demonic-Spectres later the last of the souls is released and then Leraje is resurrected, his skeleton fleshing out into a freshly living Elf.

... Braegon and Caprice teeter on the brink of divinity ... and step back ...

1st Harvest, 809wk

Picking up the semi-conscious and now bound Leraje, we step beyond the scry-guarded area so that Matt's Dwarves can sense us, Matt appears shortly thereafter and takes us all to the Well of Forgetfulness. There we throw in Lera.. someone... There we throw in the remnants of the demonic avatar of someone who...

Since we can't remember, we assume we have done what we intended at the Well and Matt returns us to our castle.

While we are divining and sealing around the open portal to hell, an angel of Uriel appears to summon Kit to face justice for starting the war and disturbing the celestial balance. We persuade it to wait until we have finished cleaning up, the angel reluctantly releases Kit into the care of his family under a bond of a century of good works.

Divination reveals that the portal will not close on its own and we have no way of closing it from here, so Braegon leads the party into hell, turns and closes the portal behind us.

The realm of the Marquis of Archers is a beautiful forest stretching off indefinitely. Braegon indicates the direction of the centre and we start walking. A short while later two devils turn up and ask their master (Braegon) what's going on, Braegon informs them that he is destroying the realm, they have six hours to leave or be destroyed with it and they should go inform all other denizens. They promptly leave and the rest of the party exchange significant looks, DAs, and have a quick conference while Braegon confidently marches ahead. DAs reveal he is still human but he is also the lord of this realm. Kit's beneficial magic no longer affects Braegon. They decide to proceed but keep careful watch on Braegon.

Invoking the clause that the party leader must be someone who is not aligned to any of the powers (Addendum: and not becoming a power themselves) the party leadership transfers to Caprice.

At a clearing we can now see ahead to where a fortress sits atop a mountain, while Braegon thinks he could transport everyone there in an instant, we decide to fly the last 30 miles.

As we approach we can see there are four demonic armies battling in and around the keep. At least one of the armies is invading from another realm, we think it is from Alloces, The Warrior Duke.

Chapter Seven: Third Time's the Charm

Representatives of Alloces fly up to meet us, he wishes to talk. We meet him on the ground near the volcano he is invading through. We negotiate for him to hold off his invasion for a week while we finish our business then the field is his to do with as he will.

Flying within a few miles of the castle is impossible, so we land.

Disguising ourselves as denizens of hell we join one of the armies assaulting the castle and lead them in an assault on the walls. While we are organising the assault, Leraje shoots a few arrows at us from his tower within the keep. When we reach the walls Naden breaches the gate and Braegon removes a large section of the wall, our army pours in and engages the defenders.

We fight our way through and around the battle to a small side entrance into the inner keep. Staunch guards are waiting inside but we cut through them and find ourselves in the prisons. Braegon has instinctive knowledge of the prison, prisoners, and layout of the keep but tries not to use it or any other knowledge or power associated with the realm. But when the party asks questions, the knowledge immediately floats to the fore of Braegon's thoughts. From this we learn that one of the prisoners (down an oubliette) was a mortal king (we rescue him but carry him unconscious until we have time to deal with him) and while we could follow the passageways, it would be faster and involve less combat if we tunnel directly to the tower.

Apart from a slight incident where a tunnelling opens into the void, it goes well and we arrive at the lowest level of the tower where elite guards are posted. The guards are killed in a brutal fight.

The next floor above us is an archers killing ground, rather than running their gauntlet, Braegon tunnels out the roof, the archers fall and are promptly killed.

The next floor is Leraje's throne room. Once again, we remove the roof and Leraje and his throne fall 60' smashing into the floor and sending stone shards everywhere.

Half of the party are struck by awe of Leraje, Sabrina, Kit, and Naden attack while Braegon tries to rally the others. Leraje takes and deals out massive amounts of damage, but most of it heals just as fast. Eventually the whole party is functioning again, we start singing the anti-Leraje song and this seems to hurt him a bit, then Dalran destroys Leraje's Phylactery (that contains the scroll with his song of ascension) and that finally kills him.

We gather up loot from the guards, the three portable artefacts of Leraje's realm (Bow, Crown, Dagger), and then destroy the fourth (the throne) with Ira. As the throne is destroyed Braegon can sense that Leraje's realm is diminished by a quarter, unfortunately it is the quarter we are in and we find ourselves floating in mists of chaos.

Chapter Eight: Inn Time and the End of Strife

After a few minutes an Inn forms around us. We enter and are served drinks by the barman. The Inn and barman have just been created specifically for us by Sophia(??), it is the Inn at the end of our universe, if we step out the door we will find ourselves back in Seagate in our own time, if we go out the windows we will become powers/creators of the next universe.

While considering this we explore the Inn and find someone sleeping in a room upstairs. Marcus Caradine is an immortal mage that Sabrina has met before (in our time). He is waiting for the next universe to form, when he saw the inn he decided to rest and wait here, at least until we depart and the Inn ceases to exist, then he'll probably go stay with The Oracle.

We spend a couple of days (not that time is particularly relevant here) divining the things we've picked up, healing the major injuries from the fights in hell, talking with Marcus about events in our time and the effect of our actions, and talking to the Nordic King we rescued.

Our rescued Northman was King of a region of Svenway about 2,500 years ago. He led his warband into hell to rescue his lost love and was captured.

Eventually once we have done all we can here and have grabbed souvenirs, we leave through the door.

2nd Harvest, 809wk

It is early morning and we are standing in the street of the gods in Seagate just outside the door of a small Inn.

Sabrina takes the king to Valhalla for Wotan to judge him, we take a couple of shortcuts and get lost on our way to Liesuen. There we seek audience with Kerenthos and tell him what has happened, then suggest he might like to have a hand in the breaking the three artefacts we have and the final destruction of Leraje's realm.

Just in case there is collateral damage to the region from destroying these, we set out with Kerenthos and some of his people for an old quarry a couple of days walk away.

4th Harvest, 809wk

Arriving at the quarry in the evening, we set the artefacts down and one at a time, destroy them with Ira.

The spend an evening around the fire discussing the future and what the rewards Kerenthos can offer us for what we have done.

5th Harvest, 809wk

Parting company with Kerenthos, we get lost and find ourselves back at the site of Leraje's resurrection. Caprice collects her castle, then we wander over to the site of Leraje's ascension pyre and start work on releasing the souls that Karkasen had bound to the land. It takes a couple of days of ritually casting Necromantic counterspells to cover the entire area and release all (~2 million) of the souls.

8th Harvest, 809wk

While we are in the area we head down to Ladlaugh to check that everything is still ok there and that there are no sudden early (demon-infested) births.

While there, an angel arrives with a summons for Kit.

9th Harvest, 809wk

We are brought into Uriel's hall of justice, there are five thrones but only Uriel's is occupied. Uriel informs us that her brothers are busy (or making excuses) so it falls on her alone to pass judgement. The charges against kit are:

  1. Breaking the peace and risking the start of Nightfall
  2. Risking the destruction of the firmament (when we destroyed Leraje's realm while in it)
  3. Succeeding but being too clever and sneaky about it (unofficial charge from Michael)

After some consideration and consultation, Kit places himself at the mercy of the court. Uriel passes judgement that Kit is guilty and sentences him to be struck once by Uriel's mace. Uriel promptly executes his sentence and touches Kit once with her mace.

After that we have a general chat, Sabrina tries to negotiate a more official alliance, we offer to return Uriel's graal but she declines, it was given to us and we may keep it.

10th Harvest, 809wk

We set out to start returning all of the borrowed items. Kit consults with a cherub whether we should return Ira, we interpret the ambiguous response and comments about the miracle of two Iras as permission to keep the sword until it is needed elsewhere.

We travel to the Fates to return the unused skein of fate, they enigmatically question whether it is unused and we depart more confused than when we arrived.

11th Harvest, 809wk

Return the dagger of St Cuthbert.

12th Harvest, 809wk

Get back to Seagate and return the Sword of Justice and the Crook of Raphael to their guardians.

1st Vintage, 809wk

Braegon transports the guild midwives and healers (Penni, Darien, Phaeton, Amelia, Anathea, Mary-M, Mortimer, Kelestra) to Ladlaugh (Serra is already there).

Over the next couple of weeks, Sabrina renews the seals against hell, the birthing rooms are checked and prepared, many Wiccan blessings are given out.

Kit decides to take his ship and get out of range before the great birthathon.

Chapter Nine: Happy Birthday

The first week is filled with preparations and the occasional early birth.

8th to 22nd Vintage, 809wk

The majority of the births happen within a week of the 15th. Miraculously all of the babies are born healthy and with the attentions of the many skilled healers, all of the mothers survive and are up and about soon after the birth.

Most of the Midwives and Healers get their sleep in naps and their food on the go for two weeks, only the Life-Aspected manage to maintain their smiles throughout.

Babies with healthy lungs and sleep deprived parents dominate the town of Ladlaugh.

Beltan warships are drafted into shipping baby clothes to Ladlaugh and transporting recent parents back to other parts of Elfheim.

28th Vintage, 809wk

Braegon takes home those that want to get back to Seagate before the guild meeting.

The Healers and Midwives are welcome to stay on in Ladlaugh if they wish.


The Sword of Wrath
Kalianth, the greatest living Elven Swordsmith, will make a sword for us, in the same shape as Michael's sword (a two handed sword?). This sword will be forged using:
  • A shard of Michael's sword Ira.
  • Baal (?sp) Iron from the Artusian Hills.
  • A Michaeline Cross (holy artefact).
  • Several Holy Swords - used by Angels or forged by Micheal's will.
  • Quenching in the headwaters of the Sweetwater, to imbue life and peace.
  • Tempering using several magical potions, with protective and healing properties.
despite this re-forging, it may be more prudent to 'borrow' Jus or Fidei from other guild members, as these Archangelic swords are aligned to Justice and Faith, rather than Wrath. Wrath is the virtue most closely related to Strife, and we plan to weaken Strife through a general love-in and sing-a-long.
The Song of Unmaking
Leraje Ascended (Fell) through the shaping and dissemination of a malevolent composition. This necromantic song, when sung by his relatives, caused them to die, and their souls to bolster his power. This subtle approach resulted in as much bloodshed as the more obvious 'mountains of corpses' method, but was more carefully targeted to only bind the souls/wills of his kin. The general principle is not evil however; Uriel composed a song along similar lines that requires the free will of the participants for them to join harmoniously as one, and this may have been how the Archangels formed (heresy).
We believe that, by using a counterpoint/harmony based on the original Song of Leraje, and incorporating the appropriate Words of Unmaking, we may be able to unbind the original souls trapped in Leraje. At least, it may discommode him. We have 3 Rank 10 Composers, and 5 Rank 10+ Singers in the party, and a few magical musical instruments that may assist. We may also be able to get some compositional hints from Uriel or Gabriel, or borrow an angelic choir.
This seems the technically interesting and intellectually challenging part.
The Brotherhood of Harmony
Given that Leraje can create dissension and strife and discord amongst people, and we are a guild party with many different approaches, rampant egos, and agents of rival powers, we thought we might be a tiny bit vulnerable to his talent. As a form of Geas / Oath / magical consensus and co-operation, we have willingly sworn a magical oath using a form of Uriel's original Harmony, so that we will co-operate with each other and avoid strife. This strengthens our cohesion, but the geas penalties means that if Leraje overwhelms our additional defences, and we turn upon each other, the geas will also strike us.
The Fates have made us into siblings (without affecting our existing race, lineage, etc). This is hopefully advantageous for the purposes of Aspects (life/death), but more importantly binds us together with ties of kinship, blood being thicker than water. The party atmosphere changed to a more loving, sharing, caring one shortly after this occurred.
Seensplate is in the far north-east of Alfheim. It may have been the original province where Leraje and his relatives dwelt, and where he killed them all to Ascend. This province is apparently deserted, and has been for millennia. We will base our final activities in the south of this region, just north of the suddenly fertile province Ladlaugh.
The Rites of Spring
With tens of thousands of elves becoming pregnant during the Rites of Spring in Ladlaugh, there is an opportunity for Leraje to escape his fate by being reborn into a Elf-child. This poses a risk for us. However, the fertility magics involved with both the original Quickening of Spirit, and the upcoming Birthing are diametrically opposed to Leraje's sphere of power, and will weaken him, while strengthening those opposed. WE tentatively plan to move several hundred elves just north of the border into Seensplate to given birth under the guidance of a Rank 13-14+ Healer. The cumulative Life effects may give the Life-aspected amongst us a slight edge, and cause discomfort to any death-aspected enemy.
Elves may or may not reincarnate - the Elves disagree about whether this is something that some of them choose to do, or once did, or it was a fad at some time, or part of their intrinsic nature.
The Plan, Part One
We may be able to lure/summon an avatar of Leraje into Seensplate, and pin the avatar there using Saint Cuthbert's dagger, which Naden owns. We can then use the Song of Leraje to Unmake the bonds trapping his kinsfolk, and our demonic-level Healer may then be able to resurrect the newly-freed souls from Leraje through the conduit caused by the pinned avatar, so transferring the souls from Hell to Seensplate, where thousands of fresh Elf-children are being born, and pop the old souls into the new bodies, reincarnating these lost elves and removing their source of power from Leraje's domain in Hell. With Leraje greatly reduced in power, his domain should shrink or collapse in on itself. At a minimum, there will be some confusion.
The Plan, Part Two
We then get the remaining bit of Leraje (still far more powerful than any mortal), probably by whipping into Hell with help from Matt Tumbledown (backup plans include Braegon Tunnelling to there; traversing Yggdrasil, the World Tree, but we don't want to get the Norse Gods involved if possible; In Search of Civilian Applications but this involves the Calamar). We then smite Leraje real good with big swords, bundle him up, and pop over to the Well of Forgetfulness (which is somewhere we can't tell you - ask Matt), and drop him in. Then we can be off home in time for tea. This bit of the plan may need more detailing.
Loose Ends
Things I've missed or got wrong.
  • Dalran will be a traitor to the Demons he serves. Whether this means he will do over Seir at some point, help start Nightfall and his side lose, or just be involved in the death of Leraje its hard to say, but the Fates think it's going to be a big, painful, tragic sacrifice. May be more than just Dalran's problem.
  • The fates have given Braegon a skein of wool, which is raw fate - it will become obvious when to use it - presumably to reknit someone's fate line - maybe removing Leraje, or reincorporating him somewhere new, or saving party members (or writing them out of existence), or crossing people's fate lines, or whatever. Braegon's problem.
  • Nightfall. Not so much a loose end as something that Michael, Gabriel, Odin, and most of the other big players seem keen on. Us not so much, although Sabrina and Kit seem maniacally happy to take their lead from their respective powers. Every mortal's problem.
  • The Words of Unmaking. Was Uriel going to provide them, or do we need to quest for them? Also, I understand
  • Source of FT for Braegon to resurrect hundreds of thousands(?) of Elves at 8+FT each (400,000x8 = 3.2MFT).
New Thoughts
If/as we aren't using the thousands of births as a buzz for Braegon, and possibly not even acting on the 'anti-strife' fertility day of the births, what do we use to kick-start the soul-sucking?
Does anyone play a Harp really well? Preferably Caprice? (And not mind being kidnapped or similar)
Are we going to try to borrow Jus, or Fidei, which seem handy, and less-strife-inducing than Ira?
Does anyone have a use for Leraje's ITN?
Do we know what Leraje's agents are up to? It might be better to be quick than to stop and check?
What tasks remain before we start the summoning and stabbing?
  • Learning the tune & (changed) words
  • Getting the Unmaking Words as a backup, in case playing nicely with the fabric of reality doesn't work out.
  • Assigning roles and items to defend Braegon better than humanly possible.
  • ...


Autumn: Fruit (4)
  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Waning Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting
2 ...Sail... 3 Liesuen 4 Michael, University, Sail... 5 Lake, get sword shard, Sail... 6 Siegens/Úvandor - rescue Kalianth, kill Sallos & Gasferis.
New Moon 7 Siegens, Odin, Mining, Guild, Calamar 8 Guild, Tycho, Matt, Well, Fates, Siegens 9 Sail to head of Sweetwater 10 Smithing 11 Smithing 12 Smithing, Nightfall 13 Siegens
Waxing 14 Ladlaugh, University 15 University, Ladlaugh 16 Riding in Seensplate.. 17 ..riding.. 18 ..riding - Toria 19 Toria, Ladlaugh, Eidolon 20 Ladlaugh, WK
Full Moon 21 WK (St Cuth Dagger), Seagate 22 Uriel, Death, Fae Courts 23 24 25 26 27
Waning 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
... 3 weeks ...
Waning 26 27 28 29 Michaelmas 30 1 Transport guild healers to Ladlaugh 2
Autumn: Vintage (9)
New Moon 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Waxing 10 11 12 13 14 15 Ladlaugh Due Date 16
Full Moon 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Waning 24 25 26 27 28 29 Healers home to Seagate 30 Beerfest

Reference Information


  • Lord Kerenthos of Liesuen
    • Kanon - messenger to the guild for Lord Kerenthos
  • Marquis Leraje, embodiment of Strife and competent Archer
  • Sisargia - Elven shaper, made the Well of Forgetfulness, Head of the University for 500 years, disappeared 15,000 years ago. Nasty piece of work
  • Michael - unsurprisingly, very keen for us to kill Leraje
  • Kalianth of Siegens, she is believed to be the greatest Elven Swordsmith currently available
  • Naga of Vorimairë lake, guardian of the shard of Michael's sword
  • Gasferis - Red Dragon, had been preying on Úvandor and nearby provinces. Died 6th Fruit 809wk
  • Sallos - wanted Kalianth (presumably to stop her forging Ira), killed his avatar 6th Fruit 809wk
  • Seir - poked his nose in to see what happened to Sallos
  • Raum - Demon of Suffering, may get what's for come Nightfall.
  • Odin - Already has his people sharpening weapons in expectation of some good fights, offered Sabrina a couple of battalions of The Fallen to help invade hell.
  • Bael - ancient god of fire/forge. Gave fire to men. Followers used to be based at mouth of the Sweetwater. Weapons forged by him/his followers are especially effective against demonics.
  • Larak Mafader - a Calamar
  • In Search of Civilian Applications - a Void Cruiser, has offered us transport
  • Matt Tumbledown - Titan, and all round good guy, unless you're pacted... Happy to help Demon Killers but why stop at one.
  • The Fates - Matt suggested we see his mums who helped by making us family.
  • Michael - swapped weapons at Nightfall
  • Uriel - volunteered to use the 'Infernal Device' to provide the power needed for the resurrections
  • Gabriel/Karkasen - Karkasen is part of Gabriel, uncle to Tanglebones, bound souls to land in Seensplate in an attempt to stop Leraje ascending.
  • Damriel - angel, met us at the head of the Sweetwater and opened the portal to Nightfall
  • Alorian - Master Armourer of the Court of Velteyn
  • Dryad of Seensplate - unusually hostile, possibly affected by the bound souls or demonic remnants.
  • Chancellor of Ladlaugh
  • Tangleleaf - Elven Philosopher and compulsive gossip, lives in Ladlaugh.
  • Sorceress Narimue - Wife of Tangleleaf, a master musician.
  • Tanglebones - Elven Philosopher/Courtier, brother to Tangleleaf, resides in Eidolon.
  • Illian, deceased (we presume) Elven Necromancer from Toria in Seensplate who created the spell of Agony.
  • Death
  • Fae Court


  • Fae Courts


  • Lord Kerenthos's clearing somewhere in Liesuen
  • Elven Library in The University of Highest Learning, Erlangene
  • Great Lake in Vorimairë
  • Kalianth's forge (and family home) in Siegens
  • Gasferis' lair in the mountains of Úvandor
  • Seensplate - empty province of Alfheim
    • Toria - 60-70 miles NW of Ladlaugh, where Leraje ascended, centre of binding on ~2 million Elven souls, Necromantic Place of Power
  • Ladlaugh - just south of Seensplate where hundreds of Elves are due to give birth 15th Vintage.

Lunar Empire:

Carzala / Sea of Grass:


  • Nightfall. Not to be confused with Armageddon, Ragnarok, Götterdämmerung, or other foreign knock-off Apocalypses. It's a unique home-crafted beauty, coming to your home soon. Just ask your local distributors, Michael and Gabriel, for details. It's pretty, with lots of stars (demons) in the firmament, for you to strike down.
  • End of Days. The spirits of the dead rise and are judged. We are planning to raise and judge 2.4 million of them, as part of an apocalyptic-style event. We've caused stars (e.g. Raum) to fall from the firmament. Previously, as a foreshaddowing, Abaddon, Apollyon, etc have been released, although I believe Apollyon had the Spawn rather than the Swarm - possibly a textual variance, or mis-translation? There are many positions even within the party as to whether we will be rewarded - who thinks that what Dalran has coming counts as a reward? I'm not saying its the End of Days, but this mission is titled The end of days.

Standard Buffs

These are magics that are considered 'always on' all of the party, they will be re-cast on a regular basis or when the durations are due to expire.

  • Strength of Stone (Rk 20): 41 hours +21 EN
  • Armour Spell - one of:
    • Enchanted Armour (Rk 29): 29½ hours +1 AP +60% Def (Sabrina, Ajax, Caprice, Zmeya )
    • Armour of Earth (Rk 21): 21½ hours -2 Dam +44% Def ( Braegon, Kit )
    • Wraith Cowl ( Naden )
  • Fire Armour (Rk 10): 21 Hours 44 Ablative protection from magical fire (not Sabrina or Ajax )
  • Fireproofing (Rk 6): 13 Hours (not Sabrina or Ajax )
  • Anti-scry (Rk 21): with 15 feet of Braegon (when he's on the ground)
  • Campfire houri: (during the night) FT/MR +18 for 500sp or +21 for 1167sp for watchers, +17 or 27 for Sabrina (not Dalran)
  • Disguise (Rk 21): 5 days (not Dalran)
whole party requires doubled Rank 21 Locate to find.
  • Faith (Rk 14): MR at least 92, 124 vs the Damned or Fallen in combat
extra +20-50 against bard, witchcraft, curses, charms, non-college, or when really trying,
does not protect (well) against Flash of Light,
within 50' of Kit. (not Dalran or Sabrina)
  • Unpredictability - any plan significantly influenced or affected by Kit is unpredictable/unforeseeable.
  • Moonshae Spot - armouring/removal of the specific spot Moonshae always hits. Options: Stone Plug to bounce the arrows; Wood Plug to have the arrows harmlessly stick (and possibly appear to have been a normal hit for her); Hole in the leg to leave a hole so the arrow passes straight through. (not Sabrina)
  • Enchanted Hair Braiding: 30 mins per person per day. Probably only on Kit on a daily basis. Also on Sabrina, first 2 aspects only. Gives:
    1. +50% vs Demonic Charm
    2. +50% vs Magical Charm
    3. +50% vs Bardic Charm
    4. 25% less damage on attacks from behind
    5. One 2-hour+ duration magic will be extended to last the day
Not so useful
assumed not to be on unless explicitly organised
  • Metamorphosis (Rk 13): 2¼ hours / 5 days, screws with enemy warriors (not Dalran)
  • Transmutation (Rk 16): 5½ hours (not Dalran)
  • Heat Shield (Rk 3): 7 Hours 16 Ablative protection from cold
  • Tea (Black 2MA&2PC / Gold 3WP): 100 mins, limited brews
When flying
  • Can't be sensed, detected, predicted, astrologised, or any info gained by demonic abilities, etc while on the Impetuous Grace, unless detector is within 400 yards. Also can't pray to one's gods. Flying/hovering near the ship means you are detectable/astrologisable, so people will be fastened to the ship at all times.

Combat Buffs

  • +12 Engaged IV, SC, and Def in Melee, those engaged at end of pulse get a free pass action.
  • WP +17: 2 pulses (raise morale)
  • Spectral Weapon (Rk 20): 25 minutes
  • Enchanted Weapon Rk 21 - SC +22% and +8DM
  • Quickness (Rk 24) 9 targets for 8 mins x Variable
  • Counterspells, mainly Rank 15-18
  • Trollskin (Rk 13): 95 seconds (un-enhanced)
Not so useful
  • Multiple Images (Rk 10): 3 targets, 21 minutes / 7 days (not Dalran)
  • Illusionary Invisibility (Rk 21): 3½ hours (not Dalran)
  • E&E Invisibility (Rk 21): 3½ hours
What are our witchsight ranks? If enough people can see Rank 20, it's worth throwing it around.
  • Braegon - Rk 10 for 1 hour per day
  • Caprice - Rk 8
  • Dalran - Rk 20
  • Kit Rk 10
  • Naden - Rk 20
  • Sabrina - Rk 13
  • Silverfoam Rk 20


Some items detailed in The end of days items

From Gasferis' Lair
Death-cursed (MA28) to inflict uncontrolled growth on thieves 4 days after they steal it. Loaded into Kit's ship.
  • Skull, skin, claws of a dragon, in near-mint condition.
    • Taking skin to Alorian (Master Armourer of the Court of Velteyn) to be made into armour
  • Storm in a Cup
  • Dragon Slaying Spear
  • Invulnerable Mail
  • Piercing Arrows
  • Wand of Firebolts
  • Mace of Smashing
From the Mists of Time
  • A shard of IRA, a corporeal instantiation of Michael's Holy Wrath. Reforged into an Incarnation of Ira.
From Nightfall
  • A Sword fated to Destroy S-someone, given into Dalran's hands by Raphael
  • The head of Raum (some damage to moustache)
  • Misc loot from Raum and his lieutenants
From the Fates
  • A skein of unwoven fate - returned to the fates, presumed unused
From Uriel
  • Graal that contained Uriel's life energy
  • Caprice's get out of jail free card
From Hell (The realm of strife)
  • Former King of Svenway taken to Valhalla
  • Loot from shock troops and prison guards
  • Loot from Leraje and his guards
  • Leraje's head
  • Leraje's Throne, Bow, Crown, Dagger - destroyed
From the Inn at the end of the universe
  • Beer Steins
  • A stuffed and mounted Bear head
  • 2 Gold Coins


  • Possible magical goods and services from Kerenthos and Liesuen for services rendered.
  • Weapon-smithing from Kalianth
  • Payment from the province of Siegens for completing their mission (liberating Úvandor) before their messenger arrived at the guild requesting it. Payment was sent to the guild.

Nominations and SGT Snippets


Names suppressed for their protection...

Why isn't Isil Eth joining us?
She is neither the prettiest nor the strongest willed, of course she couldn't.