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This very rough page related to background on the upcoming investigations & machinations to Liberate Borovia & the Elvish Isles in accordance with the Elvish court's wishes and the best judgement of relevant guild members.

This an OPEN page to all players, in GM-Voice, to the players ... so that:

  • several upcoming "investigation" adventure can be GM-ed,
  • players have an idea of what rumours their characters may have heard & how their various characters will interpret the situation ...
  • players can decide what their characters will try to do.
  • players have the opportunity to use their Spy skill (Master skill advancement maybe).

The Recent Unpleasantness

A general statement of the current state of occupation. Since Spring 813 WK:

Borovia is currently occupied by Drow and they are a remainder from Drow Invasion of the Western Kingdom. The tunnel between Alfhiem and Borovia has been closed for years. The Borovia portal to Kin-Lu has somehow been retasked to act as a two way portal between Borovia and Elven Isles. A large portion of the general population of Borovia escaped as poor refugees, later becoming guests of the Superstition Mountain Dwarves south of Carzala.

The Elvish Isles has been sold to the Kingdom of Destiny and is said to still be largely occupied by the Drow. Few details are known at this stage.

The Elvish Court of Alfhiem wishes to have the Drow removed from Borovia ASAP, and hopefully information which will assist the liberation of the Elvish Isle.

The payment of budget will need to be agreed to by the ambassador Isil Eth backed by the Elvish Court of Alfhiem will need to be agreed to for the mission. Payment - Coin, Land & Favours.

Some TOP-LEVEL SPY guildmembers are investigating with almost imperceptible discretion
... and hope to have more actionable intelligence this season
SOME TOP-LEVEL MilSci guildmembers are mobilising troops, gear, and support structures.

General Process

PHASE ONE will be conducted by email, as in players need to sort out what their characters are going to do ... and the summary of gained knowledge (& cost) posted here.

Then, as determined by the GM of the first part (Jono) ... although he will pay attention to evil whispers suggestions from other players, options include:

PHASE TWO which may require a (few) short (concurrent) specialist sessions later THIS session.


The Elvish Court of Alfhiem wishes to have the Drow removed from Borovia ASAP, and hopefully information which will assist the liberation of the Elvish Isle.
In other words, the mess on Alfheim's Doorstep is top priority;
but the Crown (which crown?--Kelsie (talk) 23:55, 22 April 2018 (MDT)) also needs to get the Drow out of the Elvish Isles;
and the portal re-dedicated to profitable trade with Kin-Lu (principally for Alfheim, naturally), but of advantage to surviving towns in the Western Kingdom and future rebuilding.

The big WHY / WHO / WHAT / WHERE problems, so far

Are (as below):

  • Find out the number of Drow involved in the occupation of Borovia and Elvish Isle.
  • Find out who leads the Drow involved in the occupation of Borovia and Elvish Isle.
  • Find out their aims.
  • Information on their capabilities would also be appreciated (but hard to evaluate).

And these are some suggestions —

  • How to create the conditions to make the Drow in Borovia want to leave.
  • See how or find some way to make the portal in Borovia to/from Elvish Isle one way to stop reinforcements to Borovia from the Elvish Isle

Alternate, parallel & subsequent stratagems may ensue when we know a bit more ... or REALISE what other questions need to be answered.

However we must AVOID embroiling Alfheim in further conflict ... even if we "know" that certain Destinians, (former) Bowcourtiers, or Whatever, are up to no good.

Strategic questions include:

  • Is there an importance to the fact the Drow now control the Portal (on the Elven Isles) to the Empire of the Sun.
  • What is the truth behind Destiny's rumoured purchase of, or involvement with, the Elvish Isles?

ACTUALLY: The Islanders sold the Islands to Destiny for cash; the Destinians turned up to find the original inhabitants absent (with their cash) and the Drow very much present. The Elvish crown has temporarily placated the Destinians (Future promises, partial repayment, etc).
This is little-known and not discussed.

  • We assume Rabenschloß castle (which overlooks Borovia Town) has fallen to the Drow.
  • Dread & devious traps have undoubtedly been wrought by the Drow.

Bull little actionable intelligence is yet known to the Guild.


All players please fill in this hyper-link to a Google form so I can some character details, in an orderly fashion by Monday 16th of April 2018 by 12 noon. - Thanks --Jono (talk) 1.08pm, 12 April 2018 (MDT)

Autumn 817 Wk Onwards

Characters able to participate in the pre-missions and build-up to Winter 818 WK.

If any character is away on adventure during any of the months -just skip that month, unless you make arrange in advance.

Please note their key (relevant) skills/abilities, money/resources, and amount of time they are contributing.

Character Player Roles/Skills/Abilities/Resources Time
Silverfoam Michael Strategist/General Mil Sci 10+ Able to assist with spells, also some FUNDS (from the Elves)
Little Dove/Queen Aleksandra Kelsie Master Courtier/Spy/Assassin/Thief/Troubadour
Tegan Kelsie Journeyman Spy/Beastmaster and crazy person
Aryan Stephen Scout/Commander/Operative Mil Sci 10+, Ranger 9, Navigator 9, Courtier 8, Spy 5, transformations/disguises. Transport
Braegon Stephen Seagate based - Buffs and Healing for operatives. Healer 10+ Elemental buffs
Capt Zohar Chris Scout and infiltration roles. Master spy, thief, assassin and mil sci. Has an armed 'Merchant' fleet of various types
Sooty Bernard SAT equivalents at 5, healer 10, Wings, Improved wildfires, 325+ mile fire portal, 13+ mile fire teleport
Aurora Keith Courtier 4, Troubadour 3, Spy 4, Assassin 2, Stealth 5, Flying 10. Several languages, Air Wings(14), Flying(20), Personal fae glamour(10) On Adv Spr 17
Callas Ross High level earth mage. Logistical support and group teleport. Details sent to Jono
Ishamael Ross Flying Logistical support. Details sent to Jono
Turf Terry Murder, death and killing. Assassin. Stealth monster. Summoning people. "Teleporting" groups. Details sent to Jono
Kel Terry Mind mage. Spy. R20 Bind Will (21 days). Read and speaks Drow. Details sent to Jono
Sabastian Terry Celestial. Merchant (cover story). Dark Spheres. Can provide unlimited fatigue. Details sent to Jono
Everan Dean Necro. Spy, Scholar, Philosopher, gathers knowledge from the dead
Alandis Fabio Fire Mage. Assassin 7, Spy, Thief, Fire Elemental, knowledge of Dylath and already holds a place in the Drow society
Kali NPC is enabling those of you urgently in need of Language lessons (Drow especially) to aid in your spying. Jono will give more details later.
Aqualina Keith Water mage, Thief-3, Troubadour-7, Courtesan--5, Waterbreathing-20, Nav-3, usually works underwater. Pasifika based.

Winter 818

Dolphin Island liberty
Liberty of County Palatine of Borovia
Queen Ithilmor

Buffs provided

Magic Caster Rk Effects Dur
Lesser Sebastian R22 (enh) -1 on rolls 3 months
Greater Zohar 20 +21% BC 3 months
Long term CS Turf varies varies Up to 24hrs
Enchancement Sebastian * Enhance all aspects of a spell (except BC by 4-7 ranks). Required Sebastian to be present
Enchancing Enchantment Callas R18 Required Callas to be present
Lesser Enchantment Callas R20 -1 off all dice 30 months
Strength of Stone Callas R20 20 points split between PS and EN 38 hours (enh)
Armour of Earth Callas R20 +42 Defense 17 hours (enh)
Potions of Healing Callas R42 Restores 42 points of damage Until use
Elven Waybread Callas Replaces hotmeal and restores 24 points of FT One season
Strength of Stone Braegon 20 +20 EN 41 hrs (enh)
Armour of Earth Braegon 21 +44 Def, 2 DR 22 hrs (enh)
Fire Armour Braegon 20 100 Ablative Mag. Fire 41 hrs (enh)
Heat Shield Braegon 9 40 Ablative Mag. Cold 19 hrs (enh)
Fire Proofing Braegon 13 Prot. Normal Fire 5 less Dmg 27 hrs (enh)
Cold Resistance - Water Braegon 13 Prot -22°C 4 Less Damage 27 hrs (enh)
Water Proofing Braegon 7 Dry, protection from Rainstorm 45 hrs (enh)
Water Breathing Braegon 6 Breathe and see in water 13 hrs (enh)
Witchsight Braegon 20 20½ hrs (enh)
Various, will detail tomorrow (see Silverfoam spreadsheets for all) Silverfoam many 20+ varies

Sooty, quick list for strike team. Breathing spell good for magical gas etc, Defence spell, 42% if you have a shield, 21% otherwise, extra Gen/Spec counter-spell, Fireproofing (also works vs cold), 7 Endurance armour, 125 magical damage ablative, 13% S.C. Ignores 4 protection weapon spell, Spell that reduces AG penalties, +35% vs restraint, and can't lose actions to spells like agony, pulses duration anti poison & 1/pulse healing spell, Branch counter-spells less protection but entire branch. Aura effect 21 points anti draining. Rank 15 enhance enchant.



Please fill in this hyper-link to a Google form so I can some character details, in an orderly fashion by Monday 16th of April 2018 by 12 noon. - Thanks --Jono (talk) 1.08pm, 12 April 2018 (MDT)

The GMs will engage with players by email (twice a week to a timeline) and players are encouraged to share information with each other (posting on the wiki pages) in a general hope to assist each other. The aim of this is so that Characters and The Seagate Times, can gain a "report" which will be a useful document which will be for Guild members only (as in - there is no chance of the enemy getting ahold of the information).

Spy Game - 816 WK & 818 WK chit

Spy Game - 816 WK & 818 WK