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The Judge, Lady Justice

Uriel manifests as a beautiful, dark-haired human or elven woman, dressed in purple robes edged in gold, and bearing a sword and her balances or scales, Jus & Fas (Law & Justice). Uriel may appear with great feathered wings, and/or riding a sentient pegasus. She may appear wearing purple plate armour if she feels it warranted. Her favoured animal is the owl.

Uriel's office is the gathering of souls, the judging of their behaviour, and the choosing of the final rewards accorded to the followers of the Elohim in the afterlife. She charges her followers, the Urielites, with the dispensing of justice, and the punishment of criminal and unethical behaviour. Uriel will accept Mages as Agents, favouring Thaumaturges.

Uriel is stern but fair, brooking no argument with her judgements. She does know compassion, however, and may reduce the severity of her judgement if she feels that the subject had cause for their actions.

An avatar of Uriel will be a great mage of the College of Sorceries of the Mind. She is a great debater and Philosopher, Astrologer and Courtier. Uriel is dazzlingly beautiful and may inspire Awe. Uriel can always detect if someone is knowingly lying to her, and can cause a mortal to feel great pain every time that they lie. Uriel's Magic Resistance is special in that she will always resist magic that is cast at her unjustly, or with criminal intent.

Uriel is not a great fighter preferring to work through legal and diplomatic channels rather than open combat. If forced into combat she uses her Hand & a half sword, which is of extreme quality, and which can strike any target, even those usually immune to material weapons. She may wear purple plate armour of some light-weight material. If she enters combat Uriel becomes surrounded by a coruscating aura that provides significant defence.

Uriel can only be summoned into a place of justice (court, prison, etc.), or to where a crime has recently been committed.