Candlestone Farm

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Candlestone Farm & The Guild
Area around Candlestone Farm in Winter
Candlestone Manor House

A well built and strongly defended manor farm is in the extreme west of the Duchy of Carzala. The 'farm' has a population of about 300 humans and 30 others. Martin Candlestone and Jedburgh of the Seagate Guild (Plate Armour / Namer / Warrior) are the local leaders. The local elders know information about the Fastness of Girwyllan.

The farm has a large stonewall around it. On the inside of the stonewall is a wooden wall matching it. Set into the stonewall are hundreds of bottles, which are intended to fall and break (raising the alarm) if the wall is magically tunnelled out. There is a 50 foot wide fresh-water moat. On the gates are trained dogs that smell for intruders. There are also sand pits that are raked clear after each person crosses them. The guards are always looking for footprints of invisible or unseen people or monsters that are trying to enter the farm complex. From all of the buildings and most of the walls are different sized poles pointing up into the sky. Most of the poles are between 25 and 40 feet high. Between the poles and the buildings are ropes holding them in place and creating a hazard to flying creatures.

The 20 homes and buildings surround the main courtyard. Most of the buildings are set into or close to the outside wall and have no windows on that side. On the second floor of most of the buildings are covered walkways. The buildings have copper roofs (see Copper Trees) and are three stories high, and also have an attic. Generally the ground floor is the largest with no outside doors or windows. The way into the buildings is by climbing a stone staircase that is about ten feet from the building and then crossing a wooden gang plank onto the covered veranda. In times of trouble the gangplank can be removed which makes getting into the building from the ground challenging. On the veranda there are usually older women sitting in rocking chairs sewing and knitting. From inside the buildings there are windows looking out onto the veranda. All of the windows have storm shutters.

To one side of the buildings in a sunny and sheltered spot grows a fine magical Willow tree belonging to Logan.

When travellers come to this small community the children will often follow them about asking about stories and legends. The locals often offer travellers food from the kitchens.

To the east is mostly fields and open farms lands. Farm animals are kept in underground barns over night within the main complex. Fifteen miles to the north west is the town of Gugnir's Hope. Ten miles to the east is Crystal Spring.

Stone Circle

To the south west of the Farm are hills. At the base of the hill is a circle of stones that looks as if the rocks have melted away as if burnt candles. Magic scrying can not see inside the circle, if a namer walks into it.

Short Cuts and Ways

It is rumoured that some of the locals and rangers know special ways of travelling to and from the farm. Often these short cuts or 'ways' look like normal things - like a copse of trees or a small pond. Some guild members know short cuts that take them between the Guild and the Farm.