Vestments of Malphas

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This is s set of deceptively expensive looking armor/clothing including a doublet, trousers and boots, all black trimmed with gold. The various gems studded into the doublet in the shape of a giant 'M' are, on close inspection, all very well made fakes. The cloth of gold trim on the black velvet trousers is also a sham. In short, though everything is impeccably tailored, expense has been spared. Anyone knowing the dress of the various demons will be aware that this is the accoutrements of Malphas or, more likely, a good facsimile thereof.

The armor counts as studded leather giving 6 points of protection and -1 AG modifier and weighing 20 pounds. It adds 5% to any stealth done by the wearer. Once per day the wearer may trigger a modified Rank 20 Wraithcloak on themselves, Duration 12 hours, Base Chance 111%, +32 Defense and +21 Stealth. Also if they are struck by a weapon which IS magical or silvered, 7 points is subtracted from the damage. While the Wraithcloak is in effect a stylish cloak also black trimmed in gold, which seems to shift and shimmer in a non-existent breeze, will be around the wearers shoulders

Value 20,000 sp
GM Dean Ellis

This item was stripped from the trapped body of Malphas' avatar by a guild party in 799wk, worn by Braegon until 802wk when it was traded to the followers of Ishkhara on Alusia 3.