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I've been playing DQ since 1990 and GMing on and off since about '92.

I have six characters that I fail to keep up with:

Braegon - Human Earth Mage, Elementalist, extreme level healer.
Aryan - Human Fighter with a ton of Talents/Abilities, a King.
Thaeuss - Elven Binder of negotiable moral fibre
Rahne - Human E&E/Celestial, honourable Warrior/Astrologer/Dreamer
Haedric - Dwarven Ice Mage, Master Brewer
Ariane Porter - Human Fighter-Namer, Truth Seeker

I am the Sys Admin for this site. If you have any technical problems then please let me know - no guarantees that I'll be able to help. :)

Cheers, Stephen.

I'm Working On

Customising the Look of the Wiki (Stylesheets and Javascript)
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Adventure Season Plane of Origin


Value Cursed GM
An Exciting Adventure Summer 812 Alusia


50,000sp StephenM

Adventure Season Plane of Origin


Value Cursed GM
A More Exciting Adventure Winter 822 Alusia


25,000sp Stephen


Character Sheet

A traditional character sheet formatted for the wiki...

Name Rahne PS 15 MD 16 AG 16 MA 16 WP 13 EN 15
Race Human
Aspects Summer Fire WT 120 lbs PC 8 TMR 5 PB 15 MR 48 FT 21
Sex Female Hand Right S. Status Craftsman HT 5'6"
College E&E Birth 3rd Legit Date Summer 811wk
Weapon RK IV SC DM CL RG Use
Unarmed 2 28 52% D-4 C MC
Katana 4 30 80% D+4 B M
Short Bow 4 30 80% D+4 A 60 R
Dagger 4 30 70% D+1 A RMC
Armour Prot AG
H. Leather 5 -1
Shield RK Def MD
S. Round 4 15% -1
Skill RK BC
Horsemanship 3 67%
Flying 1 78%
Swimming 0
Climbing 1 35%
Warrior 2
Items Locn WT
Healing Potion 10pt Belt 8 oz
Spell RK BC Rg Dur Effects
Walk Unseen 3 67% T. 4 Hr
Energy Bolt 6 65% 70' [D-4]+6 Damage Resist for none.
Name G/I RK
Rahne I 0
Human G 0
Name G/I RK
Updated: 24/02/2024 Stephen