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Nastiness Rating 0/10
Nastiness Rating 0/10

The Willing Prince

The Avatar of Seir appears as a handsome man with hair the colour of corn and eyes like ice, often riding a silver stallion with gryphon wings. He speaks with a soft and cheerful voice and is of a good nature, always amenable to the desires of the summoner. The powers of Seir are predominantly focused on travel and the magics of Air.

Talents, Skills and Magic

Seir is a practitioner of the College of Air Magics. He possesses these skills: Astrologer, Healer, Merchant, Navigator, Spy, Troubador. He has knowledge of all thefts and can sometimes tell where the loot is hidden. He can pass over the entire world at the twinkling of an eye and can carry others with him. He brings abundance of things in his wake.


Characters in the company of Seir and his summoner will always experience a flood of good luck so far as material wealth is concerned. The average value of treaure they may acquire will be 10% greater than usual.

Known Agents and Followers

  • Haann - Human Mind Mage, Member of the Seagate Guild.
  • Vychan - Giant Earth Mage, Member of the Seagate Guild.
  • Jhiselle - Human Fire Mage, Member of the Seagate Guild.
  • Razor - Elven Non-Mage, Member of the Seagate Guild.

Former Agents

  • Shoka - Human Air Mage, Member of the Seagate Guild.
  • Dramus - Elven Necromancer, Member of the Seagate Guild.
  • Dalran - Human E&E, Member of the Seagate Guild.

The religion and it's factions

The followers of Seir have their main power base in the south eastern area of Alusia but small groups of worshippers, 'the willing followers', are spread throughout the continent. As yet no records of followers on Terranova have been recovered. The various sects are largely independent but travelling preachers and occasionally lay knights travel between the groups and pass news and gossip pertaining to the followers of Seir.

Outside of the Southeast the largest open group are those in Rokar where most of the town follow the precepts of Seir.

Symbols and Symbolism

The followers of Seir use a number of symbols and images in their places of worship. Images of hawks are particularly prevalent particularly in the Western Kingdom sects, and the motif of silver wings is an often-repeated theme.

In Rokar the symbol of a dove is used to represent the peace and prosperity that Seir brings his devout.

Most temples will have offering urns hung from the claws of a bird near the entrance to the temples, but out of sight for offerings to Seir and collection of tithes.

The Law according to Seir

The followers of Seir place a strong belief in living in the present, the act of saving goods for future famine or hard times is looked upon as weakness by the devout. Gambling and other challenges are actively encouraged and most temples will have gaming available, particularly on Duesday, the holy day for followers of Seir

The bulk of Seir's followers are simple folk who believe in him as a power who looks after his people and allows them to live their lives to the full right now rather than worrying about the future. To this end, there are very few other restrictions the priesthood places on the devout other than an encouragement to try to fleece non-believers for all they can in order to fund the temples, which take a tithe of 50% of any ill-gotten gains.

The priesthood forsake the consumption of bird flesh and many high priests will go so far as to only eat foods that are also eaten by avians as birds are considered holy animals and often the temple folk will leave food and offerings for the local avian population. Many temples have square bell towers with flat roofs for this purpose.

Those who pact to Seir will have some restrictions placed upon them, chief among these is an inability to walk away from a challenge of any kind, those selected for this honour will generally be those who have a rash and risky lifestyle, generally as thieves or mercenaries, and the bravest or most confident of those will be favoured.

The other restriction, which ties in with this, is the fact that once someone has pacted to Seir they may no longer have an honest living, and any monies or goods gained by honest labour must be donated to the temple. Gambling away goods, using trickery to increase prices, general larceny and mercenary behaviour is perfectly acceptable and, for those pacted, the tithes to the temple are not required for those who gain monies by these methods.

Those who break with Seir, foregoing their pacts and turning their backs to him, may not suffer direct immediate retribution, but may well find themselves less lucky in gambling and games of chance.

Activities and Known Interests

Recruiting the Guild

Since about 800wk, Seir has been openly and actively trying to recruit members of the Seagate Guild of Adventurers and has had some success. It is presumed he was quietly trying to recruit guild members before this.


A Chronology of Events and Encounters

Party consisting of Tussock, Faith, Arnaud, Albion, Nendil, Clarissa and Hoo helped save the city of Rocar in the southern continent from a lizard man army for Seir.Seir's Good Works

A party negotiated for his services at his Seagate temple Autumn 802. He transported them to Kahessire aiding them in kiddnapping the Hero of the Plane. Into the Se of Wizards GM William Dymock

Kahessire Summer 803 Seir was summoned to resurrect party members.

He was encountered on the plane of Gaia in Summer 805 by a guild party including Human the Fool who was promised to Seir at that time. Conflict in Gaia GM Alan Grant

Encountered in his own realm by a Guild Party. And Darkness Fell Upon The Face Of Alusia - Autumn 815 WK.

Pre War of Tears

Some say Seir was once an elf named Astronia. This Astronia was a powerful Shaper/Time-Mage and ally of Foras. Astronia is known to have summoned the spirits of a guild party back in time to inhabit the bodies of elven inquisitors so as to protect a project that involved sending a hero forward in time to help with the Dark Circle.

Other people suggest that Astronia is a contrivance of Seir's. They contend that Seir created an avatar of elven appearance, and sent it back in time to create the appropriate history. They are also noted for spending a lot of time in the senior demonologist's common room going fairly heavily at the sherry.

A great deal of doubt surrounds the history of Seir, in common with diabolical entities of any stripe. However, consideration must also be given to the influence of Foras, who adds yet more potential duplicity to the scant collection of facts available.