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NOTE: This area of Alusia may be out of date, given the campaign events - The Drow Invasion.

Vassal of The Western Kingdom
Status Duchy
Location South of Aquila.
Area 112,700 sq miles
Geography Varied but mostly hills.
Population ~5.8 million




6% (mostly urban)


Aladar is a large duchy, which along with Aquila and Bowcourt, comprise the bulk of the Western Kingdom.

The land is mostly rugged hills with poor crop-land, and so the bulk of land is used for grazing animals. Situated on the coast to the south of Aquila it's wealth comes from the volumes of Aquilan goods that transit the roads and rivers before being shipped to distant lands and it is a popular destination for foreign traders.

Due to it's history and the recent war, the people of Aladar are often clannish and strongly nationalistic, priding themselves on resilience strength at arms and have a disdain for the courtly graces of Aquilans.


The Duchy comprises one county, eight viscountcies and two shires.



Previous or changed Viscounties (these are now removed)


  • Shire Scipleyan, ruled by a Sherriff on behalf of King Ulric
  • Shire Ferezan, ruled by a Sherriff on behalf of King Ulric


There are a number of Important_Towns_of_Aladar and a list is provided.

Places of Interest


A free town on the southern coast of Aladar. Rich from trade it is the largest port in southern Aladar. It is also known for the School of Magics. The Church and other powers of light are not welcome in Freetown.

County Grobbety

County Grobbety. Notable Baronies are:


Rulers of the Realm

Duke of Aladar

The holder of the title Duke of Aladar had been absent from the Western Kingdom since the Middle Duchies War and it was not until Spring 806 that a new duke took power.

Baltmond Alagaad of the Alagaad Family, Ex-Viscount of Zumalar became the Duke of Aladar on the 3rd of Blossom 806 (Spring 806) after the Aladarian Congress of Lords elevated him to the position.

Duke Baltmond Alagaad is married to Duchess Briana Rothschild

Viscount of Zumalar

On the 3rd of Blossom 806, Duke Baltmond Alagaad elevated Xavier Sartoris to be Viscount of Zumular

Viscount of Baltheim

This was ruled by Viscount Vladimir Mangelsdorff I of the Mangelsdorff Family until he stepped down on the 5th of Thaw 812WK in favor of his Grandson Viscount Ulysses Manglesdorff. Viscount Vladimir Mangelsdorff I had a son Ian Mangelsdorff but he has been sick of late and so passed the mantle to his worthy grandson.

Others of Note

Baron Blitzkreig of Stormguard
Blitzkrieg is Baron Stormguard and Lord High Protector of Aladar. He is married to Lady Catherine, the ex-duchess of Aladar. Catherine is the Sister of the Duke Frederick of Aquila and the marriage we agreed to as part of the Middle Duchies War settlement.
Baron Kern of Steinhugel
Baron Kern Silvercrest of Steinhugel was granted this land for services during the Middle Duchies War where he distinguished himself at the battle of Novalar.
Warden of the Zes Ports
The Warden of the Zes Ports is currently Lludd Vanderzee

Prominent Families


The Clear Blade of Truth

Around 1500 Michaelines members. The group has most influence within the north east of the Duchy.

Governing Principles

Leadership Post Mortem

Upon the death of any leader within the Duchy of Aladar, they automatically lose their title to the next in line. If they recover then they are expected to keep a low profile, and no longer use their influence that they may have once had. The few times that former leaders of families did rebel against this tradition, lead to the Post Mortem being extended to all by the Duke with popular support. This 'Post Mortem' is a decree that is in effect a stay of death, to former leaders as long as they do not use their influence or try to establish themselves once more as a leader. After the war a lot of families where left with very youthful leaders, and the decree was very lax. The decree does not stop people that have been resurrected from becoming a leader.

Sect of Magic Imprenatibilis

With a dark history of death of leaders from the effects of magic, around 150 years ago a popular defence was found. It is seen as not only a defence by also a test of character. The Aladarian Battle relic from before the Old Kingdom, could be used to 'make people become invisible to magic'.

This harder choice of life is well respected within the Duchy. People that have undergone this Court Ritual often die from complications from battle wounds, gout, syphilis or other infections. The Court Ritual involves pacting to 'Warrior King Alaric', once Duke of Aladar, whose mother was Elven, and who became a demigod and left the mortal realm several generations ago.

Since the Duchy wars many noble families only allow the third or fourth child to approach the court, which is honour bound to accept any noble wishing the 'test' and would be a grave insult if refused. Since the war none have been refused. Attempts in the past to resurrect members have failed. Often members of the Sect are also Michaelines. Within Aladar around 30% of the nobility accept this 'life style' choice, of which more are men.


Aladar is was known for;


In particular fine stallions suitable as War Horses




  1. SPRING 806 - Viscount Baltmond Alagaad becomes Duke Baltmond Alagaad
  2. SPRING 806 - Sir Xavier Sartoris becomes Viscount of Zumular


Before the Middle Duchies War (pre 797) the Duchy of Aladar consisted of the following lesser domains and ruled by:

  • County Novalar, ruled by Duke Novan IV
  • County Zumalar-Balthenheim, ruled by Count Baltmond
  • County Grobbety, ruled by Count Grobban
  • County Ferezan, ruled by Duke Novan IV
  • County Droskyn, ruled by Duke Novan IV
  • County Reskyan, ruled by Count Wessamund
  • County Walan, ruled by Count Novamund
  • County Bolar, ruled by Count Bolariich
  • Shire Scipleyan, ruled by a sheriff on behalf of Duke Novan IV
  • Shire Ferezan, ruled by a sheriff on behalf of Duke Novan IV