A Kings Ransom

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<-- Scribe Notes

These are the (unpolished as at Winter 2007) full notes for this adventure. The public Notes (i.e. the version available without special permission) have fewer details, and no kidnapping.


  • Adventure: A Kings Ransom
  • GM: Chris C
  • Session: Winter 807 wk
  • Night: Monday in New Windsor at S&L's abode
  • Level: Med-High > High +

Quest Level Information.
During this adventure the characters will be confronted with high personal risk, including the likelihood of death, with tough opponents, e.g. greater undead, devils, very experienced mages. Problems will be difficult and involve much magic and/or ingenuity, but not entirely high Rank magic.
Also at times during this adventure, the characters will be confronted with death, possibly irresurrectable, with very tough opponents, e.g. powerful groups, individual dragons or Powers. Problems will require thought, ingenuity and magic to solve and will involve any (and probably all) magic.


Dramus (GM Info), A Fae Prince and Necromancer played by Mandos

  1. Teeanna, A Fae Princess and Mind Mage played by Hannah
  2. Gerald, A Human Archer and Illusionist played by Struan - Scribe
  3. Darien, A Human Celestial played by Errol
  4. Serena, A lithe Elven dancer played by Dean - Mil Sci
  5. Braegon, a Human Earth Mage played by Stephen
  6. TDP, an Enchanter played by Phil


  • The 'Kings' Mother


  • The party will be informed of the task when they attend the meeting in Kali's meeting room at the guild meeting on the 1st of Frost. It does however involve kidnapping, ransom, betrayal, politics, love, lies and assorted etchings.

Scribe Notes

Chapter One - Meeting with Employers

(11th June)

It appears the King of Eltrandor has been kidnapped, a ransom has been gathered and a portion of this has gone missing.

We met envoys at the guild (including Weygan) then 3/4 hr later portal to meet Marquessa of Bowcourt.

Thence rune portal through many towns to Eltrandor. Shown to rooms to refresh for 1/2 hour before meeting Dowager Queen (with brief appearance of Bruno(?)).

Decide to visit the ransom-loot-site and meet with wounded boy poste haste before time passes. Also allows us an opportunity to fly and talk amongst ourselves without being spied on.

Errol - First night notes

Dates king shipwrecked/taken 17th Vintage WK Regent found out on the 20th (via quite old Dragon Lords) Ransom due 13th Frost King is required in a ceremony at the end of Frost

Met at Regent's chamber by 2 gents and Epheria (lady-in-waiting). One gent and E go in with us, joined by Regent and 2 L-in-W.

The big storm was due to the calamar raising some islands, one of which had a temple to a sea god on it. 2 Royal ships sunk, one missing. King's party attacked on beach (in Zumalar), reports of human attackers in black, darkness, fire, memories taken

Negotiations are via Bishop of Ormond(ton?), of good rep.

Travel in ~400m rune portal jumps. have to wait at the tower in Calder

Head Mage (Human, College: Thaumaturgy) and Warlord (Elven) greet us at Eltran.

Big magic crystal in fountain.

Per Dowager Queen ex-King has retired due to poor mental health. King is being reported as unwell. Age 54 Queen is distraught with worry. Eldest son is _not_ heir (wastrel). Age ~29. Has shadow court, gambles, frolics etc.

  • Last bad stuff on him was 'Charm', ended 12 hours ago.

Dowager Queen is running most things. in 80s

  • last bad stuff was Evil eye
  • time since last charm: na
  • last performed self-only magic: Fortitude
  • College is Mind
  • Curse in effect: None

seems to think grandson has gone astray (as opposed to irredemable)

Taken taxes were from Barony of Reskian to Duchy of Kinloch (40miles), 2 days ago. Sent by cart (decoy caravan). About1.5 ton of excellent wool bales, mithril ore, gems. Was 6-8% of ransom. have found burnt cart, 3 bodies, boy with head wounds. Site is 118 (180?) miles away.

3 nobles have refused early taxes.

Chapter Two

(18th June)

Talk to Princess Karyna.

We are request to arrive or depart from the mages tower or from a small island in the lake.

Fly from island to Raskley. Sabrina stands guard while Braegon heals boy who survived through the night so we can talk to him in the morning. Others spend night in Inn.

2nd Frost

Interrogate boy. Walk to site of ambush, investigate and follow tracks. Talk to local homesteaders, including recent widower.

Led to site where half-orc rune mage was killed.

High mana rock created by significant amount of blood sacrifice, mostly complete inter-planar rune portal. Rune mage was pacted to ?? (Demon). There are other portals like this throughout the barronies and WK. Another portal in Erewhon somewhere. Home/base of operations for cult in ???. Not related to kidnapping of king or theft of taxes.

Camp and spend night investigating.

3rd Frost

Chapter Three

(25th June)

Return to raskley.

Talk to Baron.

Resurrect three guards killed in ambush causing a stir in town. Interrogate the guards as they are resurrected.

Chapter Four

(2nd July)

Find bodies of three of bandits, killed with poison to disrupt soul (irresurrectable). Tax chests in hidden cave, moving them sets off warning stones. Track warning to Raskley port, fly there, stop ship leaving port, interrogate minor noble of Kinloch(?) and search his ship.

Crystals reveal someone has put darkness inside mine, we fly back.

Chapter Five

(9th July)

Land back at mines, covered in Rk 20 Darkness, chests have been moved, tunnel in about 300', find large cavern, fight with Fire and Air Elementals, Devils, Medusa, Gargoyles, vermin, Rune Totem. Teeanna killed by Gargoyle.

Chapter Six

(16th July)

Resurrect Teeanna

Errol - 16th Notes

Portal (Cave-Sanctuary basement) MA40

Talking to Brian's daughter:

  • Got daddy to do stuff
  • items loaded to a bag of holding
  • Armond touched a ring and disappeared
  • earlier a imp arrived, left


  • Known Lt of S. of Masada
  • 4mths ago bought a chest to be opened for 500g (had Mithril and jewellery)
  • First seen in Sanctuary 18mths ago
  • Sanctuary Sammaelites want him too (70k for his head plus amulet)
  • Was Bishop of Soulport until Slavers purged
  • Worshipped old version of Sammael, refused to follow into the light.
  • Sightings in Eltrandor (esp. Soulport), Western Kingdom
  • 2 known associates, twin girls Helen and Roxanne
    • very beautiful, but apparent facial birth defects
    • 5'10, 150lb
    • Wicca and Lessor Summoner

Get lost from Sanctuary to Seagate

Spend evening researching Armond, his cloak of eyes, etc.

4th Frost

Chapter Seven

(23th July)

Errol - 23rd Notes

Visit Eltran again. (Tower to island on lake) They are researching the Seigneur Grand Chercheur d'Eltrandor (The Lord Great Seeker of Eltrandor aka the Arch-Seer of Eltran) Melampus de Argos, who should be able to locate King. Expect to have info in 2 days.

Return stolen tax chests, inform Q. Angela that Armond is behind it, she tells us some more about him and believes that he will be working for someone else.

Bishop of Ormond (negotiator) has arrived in court

Anton of Kinlock was found stripped of his skin in Reskley . Torture started around 8am (before we triggered alarms), died 9am. Was staked to table, skin missing. Was Kinlock/Reskley liaison, fiancée is lady-in-waiting to Baroness of R.

Queen Mum now seems more concerned about King

King's daughter invites 3 party members to her wedding to Logan on 20th Ice!!!

Dramus tries to bring tower to crystal in courtyard, protections stop him. Sets up on island instead (head mage can make items to generate short-term high mana zone).

Go to Reskley, Braegon borrows Anton's body (in front of fiancée and guards). We work out that he will turn into a Spectre Lord in 4.5 hours (his souls and others' have been dedicated to Belial). Get lost to Eltran, tower to Ruby Waters, manage to exorcise Spectre Lord, then resurrect Anton (only 4% of his soul).

Chapter Eight

(30th July)

Teeanna questions what is left of Antone's mind, we learn that he was employed to hijack the taxes by the Baron, his wife, and a Raphaelite Priest named Geoffrey (Careful cross-checking revealed none of us had heard this joke before).

He was then kidnapped by (we presume) Armond, tortured, questioned and then flayed.

The Priest is due to meet Antone in Raskley tomorrow at midday.

Rest for a few hours next to Ruby Waters, then into the Tower for sleep and transit to Raskley.

5th Frost

In disguise we hang out in Raskley, Gerald looking like Antone, the rest of us looking like generic locals. Darrien keeps several of the local women entertained, the elves (looking like humans) enjoy slumming it with the short-lived. But no Raphaelite priest. The gate guards have not seen him come or go all day and the local priest has never heard of him.

Giving up, we get lost to Eltran, to find that the research on the Arch Seer is incomplete, Q. Angela is indisposed and not available till morning.

Dramus invites some philosophers into his tower to see his 'Library'. Braegon and Sabrina attempt to heal the Queen of her illness and discover she is a seer and has scared herself silly with her own visions of doom and disaster.

6th Frost

Breakfast and briefing with Q. Angela. She will take care of the Baron in an appropriate manner once the King is back.

The Philosophers turn up with their findings just in time to crash lunch. The Arch Seer has been wandering around tracing what happened to Edric, son of Sigismund, they believe he is now in the Catacombs of Lucius the Mad, about 10 miles east of Borderlay. As Sabrina points out, the catacombs are also where the Labolas cult responsible for the interplanar rune portal is based.

We tower to the guild to prepare for an assault on the catacombs.

7th Frost

Share a drink just after sunrise at the guild, tower to D'Arbres, cast standard buffs and wings there, then fly west (about 4 hours) towards Borderlay.

We spot a tower 500 yards from the Catacombs, TDP gets a locate on the tower when trying to find the Arch Seer based on his painting. Landing between the catacombs and the tower, we wait two hours and have lunch while Sabrina seals the area against Hell, Fire, Earth, and Air.

Chapter Nine

(6th August)

As we walk towards the tower, the locate suddenly changes to point below the crypt, changing direction we hop over to the entrance to the crypt. Some locals are leaving and increase their pace when they see us. The doors are magically warded to only allow entry for those with family within, Sabrina disables the wards and we go in.

The crypt is aligned with or dedicated to death in some way, the death magic binds most of the walls and doors. We explore the various corridors and chambers (including taking some time to deal with a locked door - respecting the environment has its downsides!) Eventually we find a series of hidden doors, and opening them requires puzzles to be solved. Access to the Arch Seer is earned!

He is happy to help, but needs certain samples from the Royal family. We ask him about the blood cult that is based in a nearby tower, and decide to clear them out while he gets ready to rune portal us to Eltran. About a week ago, most of the cultists left, but a few remain.

The tower is guarded by a minotaur and two humans, wearing dagger symbols. Despite magic not directly effecting them, we quickly kill the minotaur and capture the humans (who turn out to be hired.) Under the tower, a priest prepares to accept his fate as Sabrina charges into the temple chamber. She decides that a follower of Labolas probably wants to die for his cause, so captures him instead.

Melampus messily questions the priest. We learn some details about the cult, and find that it is associated with Black Armond. We take a couple of hours to portal in several steps to Eltran, surprising the head mage's wife when we step out of her mirror.

Melampus gathers the samples he needs then heads off to create the map that will locate the king.

A few hours later he returns with the map, it shows the location of the king and dimly the locations of his relatives (the closer the relation the brighter the spot). We study the map and see that he is in an old POL temple east of Baretskyne, and near to him are two close family members. The Seer and Q. Angela exchange glances and then confess about the King's older twin sisters who were quietly sidelined as babies because they were too ugly (and female). We deduce that they are most likely the same sisters that are known to be associated with Armond and are probably the reason why they are targeting Eltrandor.

We start preparing for an assault on the temple tomorrow.

Chapter Ten

(13th August)

8th Frost

After discussing various options we decide to try using Armond's own portals to access their base under the temple.

Accompanied by Melampus, (5 local warriors) and assisted by a few Eltran items and buffs, we get lost to near the mines south of Raskley, then make our way in to the portal. Melampus sets up his equipment and starts studying the portal, he estimates it will take about 6 hours of study then a one hour ritual to link this portal to the one in Baretskyne.

We pass the time putting down wards to charge us up just before going through the portal.

Melampus successfully links the portals but he thinks he may have alerted Armond, we go through immediately.

Armond is mostly ready for us, and the battle begins. Opposition includes:

  • 2 guards on duty at the portal (Killed by Sabrina in Pulse 0)
  • Armond (wearing a damage absorbing crystal and leaves that seem to be used up in ignoring magical effects, using Tulwar and 2-Handed Sword) (Currently facing Sabrina, though she is ignoring him due to wearing of the crystal. Breagons Earth Elemental is attempting to close and restrain)
  • Sisters (Rox & Helen) (Rox is down under Agony and being Nightmared and soon to be Phantasmed, Helen is slowed)
  • Labolas in giant winged mastiff form (Currently has his jaws clamped on one arm of Sabrinas arms. Can someone throw a stick for the dog to chase please :-)
  • 6+ extra-tough Hellhounds from Labolas' pack (Killed by Sabrina: 2) (1 near Labolas being Spectral Warriored, 1 near party behind wall, other 2+?)
  • 2+ Devils (Mind & ?) (Over by King, need to be dealt with)
  • An Earth Elemental (Levitated out of existence by TDP, kudos to Braegon for this idea)
  • A human (Rune?) mage (Down under Agony)
  • 2 null-magic guards (Currently in front of a severely damaged Darien)
  • 6 Gargoyles (4 incoming that Gerrald can see, where are other 2?)

Party status:

  • Sabrina, ~20 feet away from the rest of the party, is hitting Labolas and whatever Hellhound has wandered up. (Covered by a Rainstorm that targeted Labolas, which is saving a lot of pain)
  • Gerald is doing a flying end-run for the King (who is currently surrounded by a Wall of Earth). (I think the Wall of Earth was just removed by one of the 2 Devils that is nearby, or did they just try, and fail, to remove the wall? - DE The later, and the characters don't know about it - EGC)
  • Everyone else is behind a triple runewall a few hexes away from the portal
  • Wearing damage from one of the Rune Walls, Armond, and Hellhound Fire, Darien is the first to go down, kept alive by Trollskin until TDP can heal him. The two null-magic guards are probably intending to step over him and wade into everyone else.
  • TDP is about to heal Darien lots (not sure if one or two actions away)
  • Teeanna is about to heal Darien? (or maybe dodge)
  • Dramus has just loosed a Spectral Warrior and is about to start stabbing himself.
  • Braegon ??

Chapter Eleven

(20th August)

Gerald returns to help with the guards; TDP heals Darrien; Braegon teleports to the king, dropping a couple of walls to block the hellhounds and devils along the way; Sabrina kills a hell hound and continues to play stick for Labolas; Dramus and Teanna fight off gargoyles and guards.

Things are starting to go badly for us when one of their Devils decides to finish us off with a TK Rage. Having prepared for Mind Magics we all resist but half the bad guys go flying.

Then Sabrina finally kills Labolas who departs with his remaining Hell Hounds, Braegon finishes wrenching the King free from the altar, and the tide is turned.

The Mercenaries surrender, the King is sent back through our portal, Darrien and Gerald are re-healed of their puppy-fire burns, and we set after Armond who has attempted to flee.

Chapter Twelve

(27th August)

The prisoners are tied up and/or Slept/Petit-Mort'd.

Teanna rides her Air Elemental to hunt and corners Armond, leaving Sabrina to worry at him she summons the rest of the party.

TDP, Darrien, and Dramus provide magical fire through the doorway. Gerrald charges through the rune walls, is momentarily suspended between them, then falls to the ground on the other side. Braegon charges through and messes with Armond's hair, distracting him enough for Sabrina to disarm him, then the combined magical and physical assaults disrupt Armond's attempts to escape and bring him to his knees - Surrendering.

Teanna warns us that several Demons and minions will be arriving within 10 minutes, we toss some of our prisoners through the portal, send the non-magic ones running for their lives, take all of the corpses and depart.

The Air Elemental leaves a Windstorm Raging through the caverns as a house warming gift for the demonics.

Back at the mines, Melampus has visibly aged from holding the portal open and collapses. We destroy our end of the portal to be sure nobody can follow then spend half an hour to an hour healing all of the wounded.

Once Melampus has recovered he opens a portal to the mages Tower at Eltran.

The King needs most of a day of healing and curse removals, after a quick report to Q. Angela most of the party rests.

9th Frost

A long lunch is had with the senior royal family and advisers where disposition of prisoners and rewards are discussed. The party are invested and given the Title of: Defender of the King and Knight of the Black Watch

Nominations and SGT Snippets


Best Death
Teeanna - assaulted by elementals, caught in hands of earth, kept fighting flying Gargoyles until death.
Braegon - Levitate enemy Earth Elemental as quickest way to get rid of it.
Braegon - Remembering Ruby waters could heal undead when we only had a few hours to try and recover a partially undead witness.
Sabrina - Considering the option of using the enemy's portals against him after working out he would have one in his lair.


Braegon - I'll blow him before I get in close.

Sabrina - We could go back and try the threesome.

Dramus - Hang on, Things are bad enough that Sabrina's asking for help and we're going closer?!?

Hot and Not

  • Getting Lost
  • Resurrection
  • Sabrina in Melee
  • Walking for hours through snow
  • Talking to the Dead
  • Sabrina hiding behind the mages

Reference Information



Angela (Kiltary) Con Sartra, Dowager Queen of Eltrandor
Technically our employer. 75 years old. She is head of state of Eltrandor at the moment, as her husband has gone looney. Last inimicable spell cast upon her was Evil Eye. Mind mage.
Liselle Davish-Con Sartra, Queen of Eltrandor
Upset/sick over the loss of her husband. Has 6 children, if one includes Suzannah the Inscrutable.
A natural seer/oracle but has limited control of abilities. Currently emotionally overwhelmed by foreseen potential disasters.
Prince Baric
Heir apparent of Eltrandor, has not been officially named as the heir. He's having too much fun with the parties and lifestyle of court and doesn't take upon himself any responsibilities of his position. His punishment (so far) for this is to not be named Heir. (No Heir has been named).
Had been Charmed 12 hours before we met him. Q. Angela explained this as resistance training applied by friends.
Anton, Knight of Kinloch
Led attack on wagons, killed fellow attackers and dropped them down mine, flayed and killed (presumably by Armond).
Melampus, Former Archseer of Eltran
Elven Astrology, Philosopher, Rune/Blood Mage
Resides in a tower east of Borderlay.
His sister is a master artist (/shaper), painted his portrait which can be used to locate him.

Black Armond

Former Bishop of Soulport; Old-style Rune Mage; Slaver; Former Lt of Rashak.

Transported stolen tax chests from Mines to Sanctuary for master locksmith to open. Locksmith opened three before being ashed by traps on fourth. Left with contents of the three chests (Diamonds, Starsilver, Potions).

From Brian's daughter
  • Got daddy to do stuff
  • items loaded to a bag of holding
  • Armond touched a ring and disappeared
  • earlier a imp arrived, left
From Sammaelites in Sanctuary
  • Known Lt of R. of Masada
  • 4mths ago bought a chest to be opened for 500g (had Mithril and jewellery)
  • First seen in Sanctuary 18mths ago
  • Was Bishop of Soulport until Slavers purged
  • Worshipped old version of Sammael, refused to follow into the light.
  • Still passes himself off as a Sammaelite.
  • Sanctuary Sammaelites want him too (70k for his head plus amulet)
  • Sightings in Eltrandor (esp. Soulport), Western Kingdom
  • 2 known associates, twin girls Helen and Roxanne
    • very beautiful, but apparent facial birth defects
    • 5'10, 150lb
    • Wicca and Lessor Summoner
From Q. Angela/Eltrandor
  • Metallurgist
  • Blood magic user (possibly not Lord Arrindales version)
  • Debauched
  • Raised army at Soulport to oppose Eltran drive to abolish slavery
  • Tried and sentenced to death in absentia, 50,000sp bounty.

WK and Barronies

Marquesssa of Bowcourt
Doesn't want the WK blamed for the kidnapping.
Dragon Lords
A Secretive group of powerful beings who see the WK as a force for good amongst the chaos of changing realms. They are trying to keep the WK on an even keel. It is rumoured that the group includes old dragons (generations more recent than Lord Yo), powerful nobility etc.
Bishop of Ormond
Middleman for Ransom


  • Brian (Locksmith) & Daughters
  • Fence
  • Sammaelites


Seagate; Ruby Waters; Sanctuary; D'arbres


Raskley; Kinloch; Eltran

Eltran Castle

Rune portal in top of mages' tower. (low mana) formal gardens: noteworthy for a fountain with unicorn statues and a green crystal emitting high mana zone.

Green Crystal protects the region from intrusive magics including portals and possibly flying. Mages Tower and Island in the lake are ok to arrive at and depart from.



Crypt of Lucius the Mad

Dedicated to Death, burial place of locals (nobility only?) for at least 800 years.

Tower of Simone de la Varain to the East of Borderlay town

Ruined tower, 2 miles to the north west of the tower was a temple/base for followers of Labolas

Les Grands Tombeaux des Morts de Borderlay
  • DA of the walls will reveal
    • Magical, Nature – Binding, Primary Nasty effect of interfering with the magic – Unbinding


Former temple 10 miles west of B.
Armond and Labolas cult holding King.


  • 8x See in rk20 Light/Dark (short term)
  • 2x Gargoyle Summon and Instruct (icky)
  • 2x Medusa Summon and Instruct (icky)
  • 1x Air Elemental Summon and Instruct
  • 1x Fire Elemental Summon and Instruct
  • Sentry Stone
    • Range of Communication 50'
  • Cloak of Eyes (worn by Armond)
    • see all directions
    • See in rk20 Light/Dark
    • See illusions
    • see Ethereal/Invis within 30'

Non Loot

  • 3 Various chests
    • 3-4 layers of protective magic
    • Well-used, old
    • 1 vial chest - capable of holding up to 20 vials, traces of manticore blood
    • 1 chest made to hold a set of 9 matched diamonds
    • 1 chest made to hold cubes. The last cubes were of star-silver (meteor spotted near Raskley)

Standard Buffs

"A" = always on, "Y" = Yes please, "-" not required, blank = as required
For Spectral Weapon please include a number to indicate how many weapons need to be cast upon.
Added Ajax to list, though he may not always be around.
For counterspells, please include a number to indicate how many can be cast on you, 1 per college

Magic Rk Effects Br Da Dr Gl Se Td Te Aj
Armour of Earth 20 +42% Def -1 Dam 20.5Hrs A Y - Y Y Y Y Y
Enchant Armour 20 +42% Def +1AP 20.5Hrs - - - - - - -
Strength of Stone 20 +20 EN 41Hrs A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Witchsight 20 20.5Hrs Y Y - Y Y Y
Contingency 10 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y -
Cold Resistance 10 -3 Cold Dam 10.5Hrs Y Y Y Y Y
Disguise 15 8 Days A - -
Disguise Mind 15 8 Days Y Y A Y Y
Illusionary Aura 7 8 Days Y - -
Waters of Strength 8 D-2+8 for 45 mins - -
Quickness 10 3xRk20 also avail.
Trollskin 13 Regen 1 EN/Pulse 95 Sec -
Enhance Enchantment 20 +20 Rks
Invisibility 13
Shadow Wings 12 42mph 12.5Hrs 500+miles Y - -
Spectral Weapon 13 17 mins +5 Dam +14% SC - 1 1 -
Counterspells/Choker 1/Y 1/Y 1/Y 3 /Y 2
  • Most durations are assumed to be enhanced.

Mil Sci

While Sabrina is the primary Mil. Sci., all of the party get the following benefits:

+8 Strike Chance
+8 Defence
+8 Initiative


Braegon Darien Dramus Gerald Sabrina TDP Teeanna

Marching Order


  • 17th Vintage - King shipwrecked/taken
  • 20th Vintage - WK Regent found out (via quite old Dragon Lords)
  • 30th Vintage - Tax Wagon out of Raskley attacked.
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Winter: Frost (7)
Samhain 1 Guild Meeting Seagate => Bowcourt => Eltran => Raskley. 2 Tracking south of Raskley. Camp by Rune Portal. 3 Raskley, Mine, Sanctuary, Seagate. 4 Eltran, Raskley, Ruby Waters. 5 Raskley, Eltran 6 Eltran, Seagate
7 Seagate, D'Arbres, Borderlay, Eltran 8 Barretskein via cave portal, Eltran 9 Eltran 10 11 12 13 Ransom Due
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Winter: Snow (8)
28 29 30 King is required in a ceremony 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 Ball in Eltran 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 Solstice 16 17 18 Yuletide
19 Days of Chaos 20 2nd DoC 21 3rd DoC 22 4th DoC 23 5th DoC 24 6th DoC 25 7th DoC
26 8th DoC 27 9th DoC 28 10th DoC 29 11th DoC 30 Twelth Night 1 2
Winter: Ice (9)
3 4 5 6 First Plough 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 Princess Karyna wedding to Logan. 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30