Liberty of County Palatine of Borovia

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Liberty of County Palatine of Borovia
GM: Jono
Season: Winter 818 wk
Night: Tuesday in New Windsor - First night Wednesday 13th and then Tuesday there after
Level: High
Info: Information from players for Jono
Playtest: 47 - Thief - Version 3.0 A and 33 - Assassin skill 3.0 A1

Dramatis Personae
  1. Alandis of the Mighty Pen. Scribe
  2. Colonel Blackthorn.
  3. Braegon Elementalist & Healer and man of the people. Military Scientist
  4. Keshah an Elvish Rune Mage.
  5. Roderigo is a respectable businesshobbit & E&E
  6. Verity. Party Leader
Baron Silverfoam
Stop the Drow in Borovia.
Destroy the Arch Vampire Strahd von Zarovich.
Drive the Drow back through the portal to the Elven Isles.
Secure the liberty of Borovia.
Payment up front
500,000 sp in silver ingots at the guild. 50% now and 50% on success.
Some allies have made transport available to allow people to add Names to The Block of the Lunar Empire. Transport within 48 hours of guild meeting - will prevent enchantments being removed on death.
Three nicely worked ashwood chests containing -
40 small red bottles (one knot) of 10EN & 20Ft Gutbusters in raspberry flavour
60 small blue bottles (two knots) of D+18 Waters of healing
40 small green bottles (three knots) of D-2 +18 Waters of Strength potions
Some invested/scrolled Air magics
6 rings of invested - Air Magic Feather Falling, Rank 3, BC 100% charges 3
6 scrolls of invested - Air Magic Flying, Rank 3, BC 110% charges 3
6 scrolls of invested - Air Magic Vapour Breathing, Rank 15, BC 110% charges 3

Scribe Notes

Night 0 : preplanning

THE BIG PLAN OF THE FORCES OF EVIL [FoE] is to sacrifice Kree to resurrect Strahd von Zarovich in a midwinter/Dark Skies Ritual on the 30th anniversary of his slaughter by Kree & Anasatsia

FoE include:

  • Supreme Commander (Lady Dokkalfer, see Elvish Isles box), a Sitri pactee appointed by the War Party (in TerraNova), and ally of Ruby Scourge.
  • Her MILITARY SUBORDINATES: including Morequendi (in CP of Borovia box)
  • Her current minion DARK SKIES a Drow person/Thing of Power
  • Her minion Ld AZZUR (see Calder box)
  • The INFECTED PRINCE --- giant wolfman / giant magma creature / giant elf creature (he can flux between those states)
  • and (currently) the Giants he controls

FOUR(?) demons involved: Vassago, Phenix, Sitri, Forneus, [and ... ?]


  • A vindictive, resurrected Arch-Vampire is dangerous for us & our friends/relatives/employers on this side of the Continent.
  • Freeing Terminius bad
  • The Drow Military controlling much of Alusia not good either.
  • Also, Karisi (from Asan) an ex of Cain's wants to use Darkskies after the ritual so that she can kill Cain ... which might be bad


  • To Weaken the Drow
  • To free Lord Azzur from external evil influences/control of Karisi (Lady Of Dark Dreams, Lady Bloodsong)
  • A pre-emptive Ashan Azuria regalia acquisition/raid to avoid misuse of items for FoE ritual
  • To persuade Drow to retreat (Can the diverted portal, formerly to KinLu, be liberated or safely disabled after such a retreat?)


  • Some Janx are supposedly fetching the important regalia — disrupt!
  • The Caleenline walkers are obliged to return home if the Callen ruins are threatened [Prudence mission?]
  • Rumours of ITEM/person who can change the location of a portal (only a few hundred miles).; remember Portals are currently controlled/perverted by the snake priests who are controlled by Kirisi
  • Cultivate/Liberate potential allies ... namely:

POTENTIAL ALLIES & possible critical/pressure points of the Enemy's structure

  • Karisi's associate, Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan, is a Princess of Azuria
  • The giants currently under the Infected Prince's Control (Fire & Ice Gts)

N/A: M&R are in Hells, training.


  • Sasha has identified Sangarius [Vampire & Zombie Lord] & 19 minions is lurking in Sewers beneath Sanctuary
  • FAKE PEOPLE: There is also a Kree at the Guild ... some party members were almost clowned ...sorry cloned. KatG may be only a Klone, He is real but that doesn't necessarily mean there are no others.--Kelsie (talk) 22:06, 18 June 2018 (MDT)

SASHA's group

  • going to Azuria ... to investigate, but esp. to "relocate" the formerly Ashan Sceptre of Terminus.

ARYAN'S group:

  • Infiltrate Morgor's Lair, this time doing it the easy way [NB: inside the front door of Morgor's Lair (on the right?) there's an Antechamber that has the amulets for the service-staff] in order to:
  • Use the Kraken Heartstone to control vampires [drop it into Karisi's pool in Mgr's lair]
  • Then raid the armoury ... see shopping list:
  • HORNS --- can use on the Ruby Scourge to lower MR


  • from Sabrina — How many Krees are there?
  • Who has the item to dismantle the Infected Prince: Dunmer has the weapon, but I don't know WHAT it is --Kelsie (talk) 22:06, 18 June 2018 (MDT)


  • IMPORTANT provisions: including Jasper amulets
  • request something useful from the Armoury.

Night 1

We thought we were through with the Drow, but all our snooping and spying around in the last couple of years as revealed that is not the case, and finally got to this point: We need to stop the Drow; stop the resurrection of Straad Von Zarovich and release of Terminus; and liberate Borovia.

At the security meeting the two parties have decided on what tasks to pursue, then split up and organise ourselves for the mission.

Before being introduced to Matt the Titan, the party travel to Kilroy's house to pick up some Wicca amulets and have our (Plane of Origin) linked here. Once back at the guild Matt transports us to the Lunar Empire, above a mile high black monolith. We fall for a while, however the raging storm above this gigantic stone appears to stops us from falling further, and allow us to inscribe our names on the black stone.

On the way back the Titan stops in Arabie to dry himself off. Braegon enquires for a stopover in Azuria to memorise the place in order to "Get Lost". Matt is happy to help and stops by a partially flooded and empty stone temple that he says nobody visits at this time of year.

Braegon asks if Matt has Knowledge of the Regalia we are seeking. Matt is aware of it and knows the location (Hades Tomb) of some(?) and offers to give us passage there.

We then head to Adjepbar, to collect some blue sand for Morgor (Ingredient needed for Amulets of protection against draining).

It takes some time for Roderigo to negotiate the price, the rest of the party waits at a Café and has some local delicacies. Once back in Seagate we all head to Turf's place. Syrene is here and ask what we will be doing about Kitty and Purr. We will have to add them to our "to do" list.

Morgor takes our orders, and requests to meet him in the morning for the goods.

While I escort Verity on a wild goose chase, or better a wild snake chase, Braegon and Keshah head to the guild library. There they track some information about Hades Tomb. We roughly know its location but due to the shifting dunes will be difficult to get there. Also challenges are to be expected and even worse if you somehow pacted to the powers.

Night fall and dawn rises but 3 figures venture out when is still dark. At Turf's place we are greeted with an abundant breakfast. We collect all the items we asked to be made by Morgor, and after the meal we head back to the guild to catch up with Braegon and Verity.

We meet with Matt. Morgor, Syrene, the 2 Elemental Elven brothers and Anguitia are conferring at the table. They all have some suggestion for the temple of Hades, about using magic weapons and no poison, and the combination of the lock in the 2nd challenge (14 18 12). Syrene has some news about the potion left by the Janx; they appear to be needed to deal with the Dark Skies. Matt and Verity enter in a conversation about her kingdom, which I will spare you all of the detail. Yawn!!

Once all the pleasantries have been concluded we all grab hold of Matt and in a blink of an eye the temperature soar to 65⁰ and humidity plummet. We are now in the desert and a great depression extend at our feet. We farewell Matt and proceed in familiarize with our surroundings.

The enormous canyon contains an abandoned town; the desert has moved in up to the edge of of a circle about 1000' across. A truly deserted and ruined place. At the centre of the town at approximately a mile away from us, we spot a sinkhole. It looks weird and ominous from here and possibly our destination. As we descend in the valley Keshah spots some shapeless creature moving aimlessly around the place.

Braegon spots a good place for camp and carves in the rock a modest apartment. I wander if we could have separate rooms next time??? As the night descend, the best time to do my kind of business, Verity performs her dance. We are half through when some of the weird creatures want to pay us a visit. We are too busy watching Verity so Braegon and Keshah place a wall of air and stone by the entrance. Come back later you gusty Revenant or leave us a message.

Once the show is done, we suit up ready for a fight. Braegon open an aperture where Verity breathe Dragon fire in it and I follow with a flaming arrow. Once the flames die down we venture out. No one is here, but Keshah perceive few minds waiting for us.

Night 2

We excogitate a plan, and as we venture out we realise that we move faster than the revenant, so with our ever increasing advantage we head to the centre of the depression. We quickly reach the ½ a mile wide hole in the ground, where the sand appears to stop. We descend into the hole and as we approach the centre of this place we cross an area covered by an Illusion. Before our eyes, a building with a 60 feet high colonnade and massive bronze doors that on close inspection reveal to have been forced open from the outside.

We enter the building; a set of stair descend in the darkness. We head down on a steeped clay ledge created by Braegon, as we are suspicious and the stairs may be trapped.

Once at the bottom a room opens up in front of us. Some statues are forming out of falling send in niches along the 120 feet walls while the floors appear to be moving. Keshahs Rune spells appears not to work while she is holding a Rune Stick of protection from Hades. Breagon extends his clay path formation forward towards the opposite side of the room where a curtain of sand blocking an entrance; more sand is cascading into gigantic braziers on both sides of the doors, emanating a blue/purplish light. Above our heads hundreds of clay urns swing, suspended by very thin chains. As we approach the end of the room the door swing open, and a sandy, crocodile faced creature rushes out at us; a centipede like creature is on our rear. We a swift in returning them to dust but the two buggers have Roderigo and my armour damaged.

With Roderigo Opening spell we succeed in entering into the next area a 200 feet wide, dark cavern with stalactite, stalagmites and natural pillars that appear to be shifting and moving. Tracks appear to be splitting in to tree groups. 2 group headed to the two side of the cave and one headed in the centre where a pool opens up. We follow the latest to the pond; the water appear to be inked and dark despite the white moon reflecting bright in it. We look up to the solid roof of the cave; curse you Hades. We contemplate entering the pool but a couple of precognition spell reveal that we may end up dead, so we make a wise decision of life preservation rather than resurrection, and follow the traces.

We reach one of the many tunnels extending out of the cave. The tunnel enters into a burial chamber, bodies are places in alcoves all along the walls leading to 2 stairs; one with steps sized for humans and one for giants. We step down towards a room with a black and white chessboard styled floor surrounded by a red stone edge. We reach the bottom to find 6 dead goblins with no arms. Our suspicion that the Janx have been here is now confirmed, and a divination reveals that they have gone by 9 days ago.

Night 3

Upon examination of the main double doors and adjacent single entrances we discovers some panels with numbers. We enter the combination given to us by Syrene, and a mechanism unlocks the door.

As we do this we are attacked by the Janx. They have us surrounded, and no matter of our effort, they manage to prevail.

I am clobbered to death by this monster of a man that appear to grow stronger by the second, while Roderigo manages to shut the door locks.

After been resurrected by Braegon, my companions explain that they have managed to rescue me just before tunnelling to the plane of tunnels while Verity has been capture by the Janx.

Night 4

Braegon helps me recuperate my strength before banish our self to Kilroy's place. Once done we return to the guild, find Turf and summon Verity. She is back with, and reports that after few minutes in a strange place of death and decay, she was back in Hades temple, but could not see the Janx.

Roderigo and I are offered some assistance for our armours as they are in bad shape. We hesitate as it will take 48 hours and we may need to depart quit quickly. However we decide to stay put, do some researches, get some astrology reading and get on our way.

After the astrology reading is completed and the armour repaired we make our way to Grace Wind Estate to find out more about The Joy of the West Wind; and we are informed that she may be operating against us. We also discover that she may be involved in shutting the doors to the room of the Fire of Aims in Glissom and may be working against us.

As we head of we get lost in the maze just outside the elven estate. Braegon gets us out of here just before nightfall. After returning to the guild Verity perform her dance and we get lost with Breagon while looking for the 6 eye Seer. We get to some strange hills were we enter a cave. We wander the cave for 2 and ½ days before reaching a cave with a 40 feet high pile of junk in the middle and a strange figure at the top of the pile.

Braegon recommends us not to stare at the figure when speaking with Him. We ask for the Seer help with the Janx. He is happy to help in exchange for 4 cups of sand from 4 different beaches from the 4 continents. We get some more information and then we are of.

While heading out of the tunnel we get to a place where the tree are in bloom with pink petals. A peaceful valley extend ahead of us with a pond at the bottom of it. We meet Syrene by the waters.

We collect 3 potion of luck each before we are approached by some gnomes with Starry wands. They are leprechauns wanting our help in retrieving the pot of gold stolen by the Janx. We get some gift from them and then we are of.

Night 5

After 2 days walk we get out of the caves, and we get lost with Braegon. Once in Seagate we head to Turf's House. There we discuss with the Elemental Twins about removing our shadows. So in the next 6 day we will get our shadows woven in a cape to give us extra protection against Shadow Manipulation from the Janx.

The first volunteer is Keshah since the rest of the party head to Matt the Titan's boat moored at the port. We ask for his help in retrieving the payment for the 6 eye Seer, and once we have all the items we deposit them at the guild for safekeeping. While we wait 5 days for everyone shadow to be woven, we spend some time in researching the Doppelganger of Wasyrat, and we discover that he is a powerful creature in charge of the crime ring in the city.

Once the Shadow have been dealt with we depart toward Glissom, to investigate what has been happening.It is Night time as we arrive and once in the castle Verity (aka Sasha) hears of what has been happening to her family. One of her Children has been missing for the last 9 months and 2 are unconscious and sick. The 3 healers in town have been dead for some time now and her other self apparently headed out of the kingdom to look for help.

Verity Talk to her Daughter, and the young one explain the Verity (The real one) has been coming and going few times. She finds out that her son has gone to rescue the brave hobbit and that there is another Verity in the castle. In the closet of her daughter is a statue of Verity with an arrow in her shoulder. Apparently this may be Purr, and was shot by one of the guards as there were 2 Verity in the castle that night.

The king and the 2 sick children have been infected by a creeping petrification and now Braegon has been infected too.

We head to bed more perplexed than when we got up and head for the outskirt of the forest where the elf are coming to pay a visit to the kind. When talking to them we find out that to defeat the Janx we need to use the fire of Aims, in the Corridor of Time, in Morgor Lair. We deduce that the fire of Aim Stolen from the Glissom's Castle my already be in Morgor's Lair.

We return to castle more baffled than ever. Why Morgor does not know about what is happening in his place? And if he does why hasn't he told us earlier? Any way back to Seagate, and at Turf's place we get chatting with the Elemental Twins which offer to train us, as they are aware of the Corridor of Time.

They take us to a high Mountain Pass, where we will spend the next 2 weeks in training

Night 6

We train hard with the twins in an effort to inflict more wounds and do more damage. While in training the Elemental twins reveal to us their suspicions on what may happen in regards of the different factions in this Barovian war.

Vampires and Janx may betray the Drow. Vampires are supporting Janx so they can get their hands on Dark Skies so they can slay Kane, while Janx wants Dark Skies so they can resurrect their master.

It is also apparent that Blackthorn cannot interact with Dark Skies. The twins tells us that Dark Skies is a formidable combatant that favours throwing shards of Iron and Glass in a 60 feet radios, and Spec. Grev. everything in the area. They reveal to us as well that Morgor can help us with the luck we collected from the pond, as well as removing Braegons curse.

While our training take place Breagon venture back to Seagate to visit Morgor. They talk about Aims fire and the Corridor of Time while removing his curse and turning it into a Crystal. Braegon, on his way to the Elemental Tweens, stops in Seagate to hand over the curse to Syrene for posterity. Once he is back, we head of to Wasirath with the twins. They take us right to the front door of the Doppelganger harem. We enter and out of the 35 people asleep we spot what we think is the faker and impersonator. Caprice stealth down to the main bed and still the ring finger of the figure after is been slept by Blackthorn.

We exit in a hurry and the elemental twins collect us and we head back to Seagate.

There we collect all item for the 6 eye seer and we venture toward his cave. In the various cavern heading to his cave we are ambushed by a group that teleport Braegon, Keshah and I, to a body of water. Kashah banish us to Kilroy place. Caprice manages to see the invisible creature; a young drow with a VII on his back with 4-5 daggers stashed on his legs. He appears very frustrated.

Night 7

When we meet up with Blackthorn and Caprice, they explain their trip to Faerun in order to escape a second ambush in the Seer's caves. In Fearun they have discovered that the Moriquendi Family has a contract of 100,000sp on Blackthorn head.

We inspect the bodies of the Sea-Drow that we manage to carry with us. All equipment is very familiar to us who have been in Moriquendi. Upon divination we discover that they have been buffed up for weeks and some of the ritual are Blood Magic.

We are still too predictable so we head back to Elven Estate outside Seagate. The Prince is not here but Lady Alas is available to meet with us. We ask for help in the effort to block our enemies from figuring out our movements. She provides us with 3 choices however she also has information about the Kraken Heart in New Moriquendi. According to her intelligence, tonight is the best time to strike behind enemies lines.

We make arrangement for the mission. Callas will be taking us to New-Moriquendi in the Elven Isle. There we will make our way into the tunnels running under the city, defeat a group of guards, enter the Kraken room and stab it with the Dagger given to us by Lady Alas.

We leave the Estate, directed to Turf's place. There with meet with Callas; she is happy to take us to the Elven Isle, to one of her Bunkers. We take advantage of the obscurity provided by the constant fog and once in the town we wait.

As expected, the Red Crown arrive to arrest the guards at the Tunnels entrance, replacing them with an anxious and tires guard. Caprice sleeps the unsuspecting guard and we easily slip past. We enter the tunnels effortlessly and continue towards the Kraken heart. We hear guards ahead of us, headed in our direction. We quickly plot and execute our ambush and we swiftly defeat them. We carry the corpses in the room of the Kraken heart and upon Its beating the corps are revived. We finish them again after blocking and crossing all wards in the room entrance. Caprice reach for the Dagger and drives it in the heart.

Night 8

Few more stabs and the heart is finished, then we depart and after a brief stop at Kilroy's place we head of to the Fates.

Matt the Titan is here waiting for us and has news. Ishmael will be able to help us in our quest. Matt disappear and reappear few minutes later with Ishmael in tow. Ishmael tells us that there is a way to Stradth tomb and the Janx Temple via Hades and the river Styx.

After Matt disappear with Ishmael, we visit the Fates. The Fates reveal to us that both drow and Janx have been here asking for us but they will et no information as the price is to high, because the Fates do not want them to succeed. However they are happy to assist us and in order to stop us from predictability we need to get hold of a great lie at Turf's place.

Next stop Turf's place. Once there we do rest and in the morning we are informed by Blackthorn had a visit from Syrene, who suggested we return to the Fates to discuss the Corridor of Time. We collect the Great Lie from Turf's kitchen, along with the Matriosca Eggs donated by Turf. Matt the Titan escort us again to the Fates and after few our conference with the older of the three, makes us realise that we need more practice with our newly acquired skills.

Once back at Turfs place we are greeted by the Elven ambassador.

Night 9

We spend the morning trying to write 4 Great Lies that may aid us in confusing our enemies and set me of in the wrong direction. Once the time is right and the lies are complete, we spend some time in opening and helping Caprice to drink the potion of Great Lies, and reseal the bottle. Once done the sky seems to darken and Syrene arrives at our table, ready to take us to Morgors lair.

The Great Lies
We will be caught unaware with the Janx most want in the corridor at Morgor's workshops at midnight on the first new moon of winter.
We are not travelling in time
The Janx will be killed by the Senators of Decay
Strahan perishes by Dokalfer's hand when the tomb is opened

We will be spending some times in practicing our newly acquired skills, as well as learning how to use the corridor of time to defeat the Janxs.

Night 10

We spend few weeks working out the rooms' functions and the use of the gems to move in time, and practicing our skills and movement in the corridor of time. Once ready we head to the past in order to stop the Drow efforts in resurrecting Stradth Von Zarovich.

4 years ago We head to Barovia, and as we approach the landscape is very different from the modern days; the forest is still alive. However the drow are already here and from we know the same people are here. After few days of observation Blackthorn manages to infiltrate the guards and manages to exchange shift with some guard for the night of the ritual. As we been traveling up and down the timelines, placing useful object for us to discover at much needed time, Blackthorn reaches down and finds the satchel containing the counter-spell, which he use to block the effort of the 6 priest. After the failed attempt the people in the camp are unhappy and as he leaves camp the next day he also discovers that the Drow are looking for some regalia bounded to the land that will aid in the ritual

3 years ago This time Blackthorn manages to infiltrate the Drow camp in no time and during the night of the ritual notices that the 6 priest are still here as well as the Serpents Priest. Giants are present and a huge cauldron is at the centre of the ritual. A crown is seated on the altar. Blackthorn manages to switch the crown and place the necessary counter-spells and the ritual fails again. The days after the ritual the campers are still agitated and voices in the camp talk about an alliance with a shapeshifting dragon.

2 years ago Blackthorns return to the camp and a new warlord is leading the troops. The troops have changed as well. The sky is hazy and the tomb is been excavated further. Blackthorn manages to disrupt the ritual again and the new warlord decapitates all 6 priest, and 1 Serpent Priest. Amongst the onlooker he spots the Janx.

1 Year ago The camp appears to have been paved and Lady Dokkalfer is planning to execute the warlord. During the ritual 3 blood sacrifices take place as well as the offering of the regalia of Brandenburg. Blackthorn cast the necessary spells as well as switching the regalia. The ritual fails again. Amongst the spectators, the Janx, Kitty and Purr. Word in the camp is that the Janx will provide further support in the coming year, the mother land will increase capital, Darkskies on their side, and the Ruby Scourge assistance, will guarantee their successes.

We return to the present day, and meet up with the elves to collect the equipment and plans we left with them in the future. The elves also have a letter from the Future Blackthorn the original regalia from Brandenburg, 6 boxes of equipment and a box full of daggers. We head back to the Guild to borrow Ishmael skiff and then we head to hades. Once in the underworld we meet a satyr who is preparing our needed equipment, than we head south toward the entrance of Stradth Von Zarovich. We head into the tomb and we swifty move to the temple of the Janx to retrieve the weapon to kill Stradth. We are ambushed by a pile of zombies which are set alight and quickly disposed of. Roderigo retrieve the need keys to defeat the Arch-Vampire while losing a couples of years in the process. We spent some time to figure out how it works before returning to the sarcophagus

Night 11

We inspect the sarcophagus in tomb 3: the remains of the Arch-Lich are preserved here. We decide to give the other 2 sarcophagus a go. In tomb number 2 we encounter 3 strange figures which are despatched from this forsaken place in no time. The sarcophagus contains the remains or a great Vampire.

We then head to tomb number 1. Here we open the tomb and kill the Vampire by staking his heart, chopping his head off and dragging his body away from his resting place.

We return to tomb 2 to find a cloud of black smoke coming from the tomb and a menacing figure rising from it. We quickly attack it but two more figure jump out of the tomb. I lose a leg and an arm in the process while Roderigo, using the 3 keys from the Janx temple manages to literally making mincemeat out of them.

As we head to tomb number 3 we perceive a malevolent creature. We swiftly quaff a portion of luck each and enter the room; the Arch-lich is standing performing a spell so we run and attach it without mercy and in one attack we turn the greater undead to I pile of bones and loot.

Night 12

We return to Morgor's lair and prepare the ambush for the Janx, but we missing Aim's Fire.

After few our Wolf, Sasha's Son arrives with Peter, Sasha's Soul Mate. Both are Bloodied and miss their right arms and haven't got Aims Fire. A dragon has ambush them and stolen the Fire and is expecting Sasha AKA Verity.

We pay a visit to the dragon: he has some gripe with Roderigo, which manage to wriggle im self out of whatever issue the beast has. Sasha however is not so lucky. The dragon apparently has the ability to move in time and is aware that Sasha will betray a pact done with him, so he requests that we bring him a pint of Sasha's Children's blood. She is happy to oblige, and once done we return to the time corridor.

The ambush is set and when the Janx arrive we set the plan in Motion.

After placing 5 pieces of smouldering rocks from Aims' fire in Brazier number 3 we release our fire spells and a column of fire blast of pulverizing the enemies and sadly their/our loot. The fire is so intense that we also take the damage. Again I am having a chat with Death and again Braegon stops the conversation.

Once the did is done a bunch of Vampire turns up. They have issue with Blackthorn, but before leaving they inform us that 3 more Janx are still alive. We will have to see this through another time as we are due to return to the guild.


Items Available

PDF document of the loot list and character exp chits.

  • Standard Wicca Amulets (ref Wicca Special Alchemy) purchased at cost through Kilroy's Wife
 Alandis Spent 26400sp for following amulets

Roderigo: 29k diamond, aquilegious, chalcedony, jade, carbuncle.

  • 2 amulets to be used by Alandis and Blackthorn (to be returned in a week time) Resist drain, 1PT protection against drain +5% defence
  • 1 Amulets (Roderigo) Resist drain, 1PT protection against drain +5% defence
  • 1 Clasp (Keshah) Resist drain, 1PT protection against drain +5% defence
  • 1 Ring (Alandis) 1Pt FT, 1Pt EN, 5% defence, 5% Magic.
  • 1 Potion (Braegon) Fixing his boots
  • 8 Scroll of E&E Counterspell RK6
  • 12 charges of E&E counter RK12
  • 12 Mind Counter RK20 General
  • 12 Mind Counterspell RK20 Spelial
  • 3 TK Rage RK 14
  • 6 Btls of Hoozing special Granados
  • 18 Potion of luck
  • 24 Gold Coins of Unluck from the Leprechaun
  • 5 lights from the Rainbow
  • 1 Pair of Sure footedness Slippers from the Leprechaun
  • shadow woven in the cape
  • Elemental twins training, 50 strikes and inverting numbers
  • 3x Sea-Drow, armours and weapons and amulets???
  • Curved Blade Dagger with Snakes hilt, to defeat the Kraken Heart
  • 5 guards equipment from New Moriquendi underground Corridors.
  • 1 Great Lie
  • Turf's Matriosca Eggs
  • 6 rings with 2 charges of RK20 counterspels 140%
  • 6 Charges of enchanted weapons RK 20
  • Brandenburg Regalia
  • 1box full of Silvered dages with Spectral weapons RK20 spells, double duration +3
  • 4x bags of Hades sticks
  • 6x nectars of the Gods
  • 1x stone key, 1x silver key, 1x brass key (from Janx temple)
  • 6x Arch Vampire daggers
  • 8x Magic Potion (Arch-lich Vampire)
  • 16x Poison (Arch-lich Vampire)
  • 1x Enchanted Boots
  • 1x Enchanted armour (ignore EN damage after 1st pulse)
  • 1x Crook
  • 1x Sceptr
  • 1x Hand and 1/2 sword
  • 1x Battle axe
  • 1x Falcion
  • assorted gemms

Buffs & Mil Sci

'^ Indicates duration always doubled on that character. A = Always on.

Long Term (assumed always on)
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Al Bl Br Ke Ro Ve
Strength of Stone (Br) 20 +20 EN 21 hrs Y Y A Y Y Y
Armour of Earth (Br) 21 +44 Def, 2 DR 12 hrs Y Y^ Y Y
Rune Armour (Ke) 20 +25 Def, +5 AP, SG 10.5 hrs Y Y
Fire Armour (Br) 20 100 Ablative Mag. Fire 21 hrs Y^ Y Y Y Y Y
Heat Shield (Br) 9 40 Ablative Mag. Cold 10 hrs Y^ Y Y Y Y Y
Fire Proofing (Br) 17 Prot. Normal Fire 6 less Dmg 18 hrs Y^ Y Y Y Y Y
Cold Resistance - Water (Br) 18 Prot -36°C 5 Less Damage 19 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Proofing (Br) 7 Dry, protection from Rainstorm 24 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Breathing (Br) 6 Breathe and see in water 7 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Buoyancy (Br) 6 Up/down 17'/pulse, withstand pressure 3½ hrs Y Y Y Y
Vapour Breathing (Br) 6 * Braided 'til dawn 3½ hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Witchsight (Br) 20 10½ hrs Y Y Y Y Y
Willow Healing (Ke) 7 3 end per pulse 14 Hrs Y Y Y
Greater Heart Rune (Ke) 18 heals 12 end 19 days Y Y Y
Smite (Ke) 20 Resist or D+21, knocked prone, stunned 21 h Y Y Y Y Y
Blessing F.(Br) 6 +50 vs Disease/Infection +30 Fertility 7 Mo Y Y Y Y Y
Disguise (Ve) 20 ht+/-20%, wt+/-40%,PB+/-12, voice and clothing, race and gender 33 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Short Term - Cast as Needed
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Al Bl Br Ke Ro Ve
Feather Fall (Br) 6 Fall no more than 5'/pulse 3½ hrs
Star Wings (Br) 6 36 mph 3½ hrs
Shadow wings (Bl) 9 39 mph 5 hrs
Enhance Enchantment (Ve) 15 up to +15 Ranks spell duration 17 pulses
Invisibility (Ro) 16 85 mins
Enchant Weapon(Ro) 12 +13 SC / +4 dam 17 mins
Rune Weapon (Ke) 20 +[D-5]+7 Acid dam x D pulses 25 mins
Ambush/danger senses/skills/magic
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Al Bl Br Ke Ro Ve
Sense Danger % 91%
Ranger Detect Ambush % Base %, -5*OppRk, SpecArea +6% 119% 203%
Thief/Assassin Sixth Sense % BC 10+2xPC+5xRk 83% 132%
Sense Intent % Sense ill intent toward self or party 100' range or 20' when asleep self only 104%
Self Only
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Al Bl Br Ke Ro Sa
Fall Banding (Br) 6 Land on earth without damage 3½ hrs Y^
Elemental Transformation (Br) 15 +3 DR +3 U.dmg -2 AG -2 MD -1 TMR Move through earth 8 hrs Y^
Tracking (Br) 20 Tremor Sense 100' 21 Days Y^
Detect Traps & Snares (Br) 10 +20% to detect Traps/Ambushes within 70' in Nat. Env. 11 hrs Y^
Immolation (Al) 3 +7% to defence, Self 2 hrs Y^
Black Fire Archer (Al) 10 +7 SC +3 DM 45 min Y
Dark Cloak (Bl) 7 +3 Armour Variable Y
Hair Braiding (Rk 9 Skill) (200sp 1oz silver ribbon per person/time)
Sometimes (takes 30 mins per person per day): +50% resistance vs Charm (Demonic, Spells, Bardic Voice). -25% melee damage from attacks from behind. Enhance Duration of one 2+ hour spell until next dawn. Stealth +10% 20'r. Unaffected by Awe or Fear for 5 mins from first exposure.
Rarely (takes 1 hour per person per day) +3 AG (or +2 over racial max).
Anti-scrying (Rk 21 Spell)
Braegon + 3 hex radius while on the ground. Undetectable to scrying (including Wizards Eye); Blocks Rk 20 (or lower) Locate, Telepathy, ESP.
Herbalist Meals/Broth
4FT for meal or 5FT for broth/tea
Verity, and three others have whispering earrings, range 600'
All tagged so that Verity can talk with them within 200 miles
Naked Dancing
by Verity(assuming Lipstick): At night party gains +21 to MR and Ft, Verity +43
Martial hymn on Harp of Marineh (1 pass action /2 pulse from Mask of Shailah)
by Verity: +52 SC, followers of PoL +3 dam, agents of PoL regen 1 per pulse
Psaltery of Psilence
sneaking at 1/2 TMR
by Verity: negates stealth penalties of armour, doubles racial stealth bonuses, triples spy and assassin stealth bonuses
presumably check with SF - Defence potion, 1 each from Siverfoam
35 def, -20 stealth (sparkling), against unholy, reflects 21 dam per strike and spec grevs

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Alandis Braegon Keshah Roderigo Verity

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Blackthorn Keshah
Braegon Verity
Alandis Roderigo

Double File

Blackthorn Keshah
Braegon Verity
Alandis Roderigo

Single File



Winter: Frost 818 (7)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
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Winter: Snow 818 (8)
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12 13 14 15 Solstice 16 17 The Duke of Carzala's Winter Ball 18 Yuletide
19 Days of Chaos 20 DoC2 21 DoC3 22 DoC4 23 DoC5 24 DoC6 25 DoC7
26 DoC8 27 DoC9 28 DoC10 29 DoC11 30 Twelfth Night 1 2
Winter: Ice 818 (9)
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