Harbinger of Death

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Harbinger of Death / A Doomsday Like Any Other
William Dymock
Autumn 805wk
Amber - Elven Wicca
Braegon - Human Pacifistic Earth Mage Scribe
Engalton - Human Namer
Keshah - Elven Rune Mage
Morgan - Human Celestial Dark Mil Sci
TDP Roberts - Human E&E Water Mage
Vychan - Giant Druidic Earth Mage
Seagate Guild
A man possessed by a malignant spirit has arrived at the guild declaring our doom at the hands of his master. The guild would like this dealt with.
Double Guild Rates!! 400sp per week.

Chapter One - Introductions and Investigation

Duesday 1st Fruit 805wk

We gather in a guild meeting room, catch up on each others news, and sort out the party positions (except leader). Discuss various plans and possible approaches, then we commission an astrology reading, some philosopher research, and indirectly interrogate the messenger.

Proposed Plans and Ideas

  • Engaltons first plan of charge in, do over Rashak, then come back and interrogate the messenger received a few objections.
  • Scouting the area north of the barrens to find the groups that have left.
  • Scouting the Barrens of Sith
  • Finding and closing the gate while the brothers are out
  • Dealing with the brothers before closing the gate in case they need to be forced back through it.
  • Asking Nazvra if he knows about the gate
  • Checking the elven libraries for any info about the gates or the brothers

Information from the Messenger

Interrogated via a mind-cloaked guild mind mage.

  • His master is Malice, who now serves Rashak.
  • Malice has brothers: Torment, Despair, and Terror.
  • They are based in the Barrens of Sith.
  • They encompass our (the guilds) doom.
  • Rashak has specifically set them on us.
  • They have a mighty legion of the finest warriors in the world.

Info from Astrology Readings and Vychan the Oracle

How do we defeat Malice?

To strike down thy foe
First banish all fear
Remove all doubt
Take one most pure
Of puissant skill and valour
And willingness to be sacrificed

Vychan's Earth Oracle

  1. Are the Gates of Death in the Barrens of Sith? Yes
  2. Has a large group left the area? Yes
  3. Have they crossed the River Running? Yes
  4. Are they within 100 miles of Seagate? No
  5. Has more than one group left the area? Yes
  6. Have any of Malice's brothers left the area? Yes
  7. Are any of the brothers currently in the area? No
  8. Are they travelling together? No
  9. Is the gate still open? Yes
  10. Are most of those who have come through the gates undead? Yes

Info from Philosophers

Gates of Death are mentioned in an old document about the Minzuli Empire. The Minzuli were hobbits, they built the gates. Their gods (Thoth, Ra, ...) would take souls through the gates to the lands of the dead. Their empire was somewhere south of Carzala. They were around some time between the War of Tears and Panjari.

Chapter Two - Into the Barrens

Bored with discussing plans and researching, we fly south and land in the area where we think the bad guys may be. Greatwing is sent out to scout while Keshah establishes a portal home and the rest of us keep watch and fortify the immediate area.

First base camp is at the southern end of the spur of hills, 1 mile west of the road about 10 miles before it turns west towards Lyr's Crossing. The Rune portal is concealed within a newly created cave in a small gully. The surrounding area is carefully rearranged to provide better defence without looking out of place. Beneath (accessible by Tunelling) are larger rooms for sleeping, cooking and storage. The escape tunnel contains a Tunelling ward trigerred by the party members only. Keshah establishes half of a rune portal on the surface about half a mile north-west.

W'ansday 2nd Fruit 805wk

The morning is spent much the same as yesterday afternoon, with Greatwing scouting, the rest of us sunbathing or playing with the fortifications. Then Keshah has a premonition of Greatwing returning touched by a dark shadow if we continue to wait for him, so we immediately (after lunch) set out to find him. Keshah neither confirms nor denies that he faked his vision because he was bored.

We find Greatwing happily flying along having spotted nothing more significant than some goblins scurrying along under the trees.

We fly further south towards the Barrens of Sith. Along the way we spot a few dead trees, on investigation we discover they were killed by proximity to Dark Circle undead but it was about 6 months ago so probably not related to our guys.

We survey the Barrens from their northern escarpment and see nothing unusual, then check from lower down at the edge of the Barrens.

It's a blasted and cursed area of land, the few creatures that live in it are unusual to say the least. But it seems safe enough to walk on and fly over so we head for the centre.

Near the middle we spot what looks like the remains of an ancient tower. There are cursed spirits bound into the rocks but there is nothing we can do for them and it seems that these are not the Gates of Death. While there has not been much recent activity here, Keshah talks to some spirits who tell him of a group of beings who were headed towards the south bay.

Looking at the maps there are a couple of options that could be referred to as the South Bay, we decide to try the coast to the south-west first as it is closest. On the way there we spot an odd rock formation, but decide to continue to the coast and check it out later.

The coastline is covered in rotting dead sea life, it seems the curse on the land affects the nearby sea as well. I choose not to sample the "fresh" sea air, based on the green faces and strong desire to leave of my companions.

10 miles north on the eastern tip of an escarpment we check out the rock formation we spotted. It is a circular cap of lava partially covered by a rock fall from the cliffs above. On investigation we find that the rock fall was deliberatly triggered, there is a pool of some sort of liquid beneath the lava cap, and further below (20 feet down) are the remains of an ancient temple. We decide to bypass the liquid and tunnel down beside it to investigate the ruin. At about that point the Eldritch Horror makes its presence known by taking a chunk out of Vychan's leg. A minute later after we deal large amounts of damage to each other, the horror retreats deeper underground. We investigate further and talk to the spirits bound in the area.

These are the Gates of Death, supposed to be a haven for the souls of the people who died here. Malice and co came here and drew out about 100 spirits of those who were their most powerful warriors. Asking the spirits in the land we start to follow their trail east across the Barrens. We are about 3 weeks behind them.

Th'rsday and Frysday 4th Fruit 805wk

It takes us two days to track Malice to the edge of the Barrens. We retreat to outside the Barrens to pass the nights and then return to pick up the trail again.

Outside the Barrens there are no more spirits to question but the plants they have walked over were drained and we are able to follow that trail. This leads us to the Falls of Valusha where they stopped for a few days.

On investigation we find the corpse of a water elemental behind the waterfall. He was taken out by a Petit Mort type effect by Malice and co, then they immersed their recruited spirits in the elemental. We believe that this was done to revitalise/invigorate them. After we revive him and talk about what happened and establish that we are allies, TDP, Amber, Engalton, Keshah, and Morgan are offered some of his water to drink. This has a revitalising effect on them.

It is late in the day so we decide to spend the night here. They are only two weeks ahead of us now.

Chapter Three - From Highest Mountain to Darkest Swamp

Reapsday 5th & Sunday 6th Fruit 805wk

We follow the trail as rapidly as possible, initially it leads us north into the Superstition Mountains, then they turned east and followed the line of hills until they crossed into the Filgiso Forest.

In two days of tracking we have not noticably gained any ground on them, in the Filgiso we are likely to lose more ground. We decide to fly ahead and see if we can pick up their trail in one of the mountain passes or fords that they will probably use.

Moonday 7th Fruit 805wk

Sound deduction or pure guess work, either way we catch up with the trail of a group in a pass north of the Stone Ford, but it is a month old. Some Michaelines are tracking them and after some guarded swapping of information we leave them to it.

At the ford we are attacked by an Earth Elemental and some tall slimy creatures that turn out to be troll flesh-golem undead posessed by the spirits of priests stripped from the Gates of Death. Once we despatch the elemental and restrain the undead, the priests share as much information with us as they can in return for us freeing their spirits. It turns out that our cunning plan of killing them to release the spirits won't work, nor will Banishing them, nor Resurrecting the spirits out of the bodies. We must kill the Necromancers that bound them to end the binding.

Following the new leads we fly south into the swamps. On the way Vychan recalls something about fighting some priest types down in the swamp somewhere, Engalton joins in the reminiscence "there was a dead Titan buried under their temple too". It is unlikely that there are many Titan corpses around so we alter course to head for the temple where the two main rivers join, hoping that the necromancers have not found it yet.

Not so lucky this time, there is a 15 mile diameter storm centred over the temple, magically summoned and/or bound there. We stop near the river at the northern edge of the storm to summon an Earth Elemental to see if it can detect whether the Titan is still buried and what the necromancers might be up to. The elemental confirms that the Titan is active and is digging its way to the surface. While we're making our attack plan we are suprised by part of the cloud reaching out and grabbing Vychan. Anchoring myself to the ground I manage to grab Vychan before he is dragged off then the Air Elemental and I play tug-of-war with the giant druid for half a minute until Keshah manages to banish the elemental. Engalton pops my arms back into their sockets and turns Vychan's head around to face forwards again, then we head to the rivers edge convinced not to try any of our flying approach plans.

TDP enchants us to walk on water, summons a mage current, and pops a couple of canoes out of his pocket to anchor water counterspells on while we travel down the river.

All goes well for 5 minutes until the Waterspout scatters us and our boats and the Water Elemental, spout, and Suarime attack. Vychan engages the Waterspout in single combat, Amber bathes in the Elemental to distract it until Keshah and Engalton banish it, while the rest of us do our best to stay alive and protect our colleagues. Once the elemental is gone the Suarime quickly retreat.

A few minutes later everyone is patched up, we've gathered our canoes and we set out down river once again.

Information from the Undead Troll Golem Priests

  • The spirits trapped in the trolls were once priests of the Menzalbran Empire.
  • A Priest King of the Menzalbran Empire had the idea to create the Gates, all those within the gates relised their mistake as they were trapped in there with each other. They ate the Priest Kings spirit in revenge.
  • Malice, Torment, Terror, and Despair are malignant creatures that formed out of the collective spirits within the Gates of Death.
  • Necromancers (presumably undead servants of Rashak) summoned the four brothers and all the other spirits out of the gates. They bound them with Necromantic magics known as the Chains of Wrath.
  • They and Torment were part of the third group which left the area around the Gates about 2 months ago. We think that each group left at about 2 week intervals. Despair was with the fourth group.
  • There were 5 Necromancers with the group they were in and presumably a similar number with each of the other groups.
  • They are seeking powerful bodies to put the spirits into. The are targetting a Titan for Torment, a Dragon for Malice, a Kraken and something else for the other two brothers. Their group was after the Titan, known to be buried somewhere in the swamps to the south.
  • The process to put the spirits into bodies involves spells, rituals and items. They create an Undead (Ghoulish) Flesh Golem type creature from the corpse then bind the soul into it.
  • The souls are able to re-animate the bodies if they are "killed".
  • The Menzalbran Empire was founded about 5,000 years ago but only lasted a few centuries.
  • The spirits do not understand Common, nor much Elven but they do understand a reasonable amount of Drow.

Chapter Four - Rumble in the Swamp

... Moonday 7th Fruit 805wk, early afternoon.

Landing near the burial site, we discover the air in the area is bound by some sort of necromantic magic. Visibility is limited but then our investigation and cautious approach is interrupted by approaching spirit-ghouls then the usual melee ensues.

I laid down some stone platforms to give us stable ground, buried some ghouls underground so we didn't have to keep killing them, and dropped Shayze down a hole in a failed attempt to relieve him from a tough fight. It would have been a recoverable accident if not for the Water Elemental choosing that moment to play through.

Amber generously did her best to keep the ghouls warm with Hellfire while she surveyed the combat from above and dodged the occasional Black Fire. Greatwing kept a low profile until Vychan lured the Vampires into the open where Greatwing flashed them his sunny smile and left them for dust.

Engalton banished elementals, littered the area with counterspells, healing, and grateful party members, until he got bored and took to Morgan, TDP and a couple of Ghouls with his sword.

Vychan charged and trampelled everything. And remembering his new career as a male model for unusual headware, tried one of the troll ghouls out for size. Evidently unsatisified with the look of the ghoul, Vychan finished the fight by talc'ing himself with Eau D' Vampire.

Keshah follwed Vychan's lead, defended part of his flank and did his best to reduce Vychan's headcount by decapitating the downed ghouls to delay their self-resurrection.

Morgan led from the front, a few token DA's and devastating spells then he took pity on the hapless ghouls and simply blended them with his swords. Evidently not pleased with the fit of his armour, he allowed an opening for the ghoul to strike the runes and explode his armour. While exposing his physique would distract many foes, it seems the ghouls tastes were not so mundane and they expressed their preference for the mangled look for Morgan's shoulder. Appalled at their lack of aesthetic appreciation, Morgan threw on a fresh outfit and punished his critics.

TDP cooly kept an eye on the developing situation beyond our sight and kept us appraised of the emerging Titan, the Vampire-Necromancers, and their assorted ghoulish reinforcements while slowing all those that did dare approach. His non-chalance was only spoiled at the end when he rushed to Morgan's side and threw his hip into the path of a ghoulish sword.

Final Result
The 12 ghouls averaged 2 deaths each, the 5 Necromancer Vampires had their ambush of Vychan turn to ashes, 3 elementals were sent home, the Titan departed for an unknown destination, and Shayze was killed.
One of the vampires left his Dark Sphere Morning Star behind.

Chapter Five - To The Trackless Forest

... Moonday 7th Fruit 805wk, 10 minutes past early afternoon.

A quick check for dropped loot, and then we board the TDP ferry north. I resurrect Shayze while we travel but a quick check reveals that he has picked up an extra soul. 30 miles up river we stop for a divination to find out what has happened, Keshah uses the time to create a portal. It seems that Shayze picked up the extra soul (one of the spirits from the Gates of Death) while he was dead. We use Keshah's portal to travel back to the guild to get Shayze fixed up.

After several failed plans, the one that works is to use Keshah's ability to summon a spirit to get the extra out of Shayze and bind it in a circle. Then after Hellfire has only superficial effect we finally get rid of the spirit by striking it with Engalton's undead slaying sword.

While at the guild Vychan receives a message inviting him to a meeting at the Skull Tavern in Newhaven. Engalton pops home to enable his castle defence system while we escourt Vychan to his rendevous. Vychan's appointment is with Illyas, a 'beautiful' giant (the power of illusions) who would like to give us some Rowan Spears in exchange for a night with Vychan. We extend our appreciation for the offer but defer from taking it up.

As it is getting late we spend the night at Newhaven castle, except for Keshah who Engalton declares is too evil to safely enter the castle. Keshah didn't seem too upset as he set off for the brothel district.

Duesday 8th Fruit 805wk

Based on my assumption that the group we just dealt to was different from the one we followed to the Filgiso Forest, we scout around the perimiter looking for an exit trail of dead plants. When we don't find one, we talk to a Dryad at the North-Eastern edge of the forest. She tells that there is a large group of undead within the forest and a body of a powerful fire spirit beneath the forest. She cannot tell us where they are but she refers us to her mother who may tell us.

Following her directions we find her mothers tree near the centre of the forest. After a bit of polite conversation and assurances that Engalton is reformed, she tells us that the Undead are to the North as is the burial site of the Spirit of Fire. She also passes on the dire predictions of firey destruction if the spirit of fire is released to the surface.

Near the northern edge of the forest we find the valley that was described to us and land to investigate further. An Earth Elemental informs us that the spirit of Fire is a Long way underground as are most of the undead. We discuss whether to head down quickly using Tunelling or whether to go slower using elementals and Dark Spheres. A couple of precog visions indicate that we'll die either way but the slow way involves less avoidable deaths.

With a bit of buffing up and an Earth Elemental to guide us, I start Tunelling downwards. It is high mana which helps, but I still need to stop every 18 tunnels to take a restorative. With quickness running, enhance durations, restoratives and almost non-stop casting of Tunelling, we progress downwards at about 2mph. 7 Hours (14 miles) later we are within a few hundred feet of the area where the spirit is. We create a more permanent hole in the ground and pause to scout ahead with crystal balls and to refresh some of our spells.

The area below us is vast and is filled with heat and flame. We locate a demonic looking keep and what we assume are the guardians of the fire spirit under assault from the undead and pushed back to the dungeon where the spirit is bound. We don't have long before they will fall and there are quite a few undead to get through to reach the front line, this could be a challenge.

Chapter Six - Into the Furnace

...Duesday 8th Fruit 805wk, late evening.

Combat with Rashak's minions in the realm of fire. A good initial assault, then they returned fire and we ended up with half the party unconscious half the time.

Opponents include 4 Troll Ghouls (Air & Fire mages), 2 Wraiths, something that looks like a small balrog, tentacled slime demon, empty armour demon that drains will, Dark Hobbit assassin, and others we didn't see.

The low point was when Morgan threw away the Dark Sphere in an attempt to deal out even more damage to his Troll-Ghoul opponent. The Dark Sphere was then used by one of the necromancers to break the chains binding the Balrog.

Chapter Seven - Once more into the Furnace

...Duesday 8th Fruit 805wk, a few minutes later.

We manage to outlast several of Rashak's minions and reduce their numbers when a Demonic portal opens up and several Thrones are sent through by Murmur to kill Engalton. The Thrones arrival stops us from moving down to stop the Balrog from being released, the potential stalemate was ended by Morgan's soliloquy. Vychan stops the Necros from releasing the Balrog but accidentally breaks the circle himself. Vychan eaten by the Balrog then rescued by Seir. Just as it breaks free, flattens Morgan, and is about to leave, Engalton tames the Balrog with a special property of his sword (The Last Word).

The Balrog takes us to the surface by (somewhat unexpectedly) creating a volcano. It causes quite a lot of destruction at the northern end of the Filgiso before the Balrog agrees to quieten it.

We travel back to Seagate to try and track down what has happened to Vychan and get some rest. Engalton talks to Vychan via his portrait and Vychan is returned a changed giant a few hours later.

Chapter Eight - Poisoned Lake and Oceanic Abyss

W'ansday 9th Fruit 805wk

We discuss the three potential threats:

  • Three stars pulled from the firmament and targetted to fall on Seagate, Newhaven and the guild outpost in the Lunar Empire.
  • The dead Black Dragon Anghangarad
  • The ancient Kraken in an oceanic Abyss

We decide to head for the Dragon first as it is the closest and find the corpse of Anghangarad was removed a few weeks ago but we trick Lavimoia into showing us its current location where Anghangarad and the Kraken are awaiting the arrival of the Titan and Balrog.

The Shape of Fire transports us through a region of fire underground to the abyss (some 50 to 100 miles out from Confederation Bay) in a few hours.

While we are preparing and sizing up the opposition, the Dragon and Kraken move away to attack the giant white whale that has come to rescue TDP from his mortal peril. We seize the opportunity and successfully suprise and destroy the vampire necromancers. Then led by Engalton and some false over-confidence we head over to aid TDPs whale. Our suprise assistance saw the whale healed a bit and grown larger, but then the collateral damage of their titanic battle flattened several of us and things got worse when the Kraken and Dragon started targetting us. We promptly regrouped and hid within a stone bunker, fairly successful until the Dragon changed things by setting some of the stone on fire.

Chapter Nine - Resurrection

... W'ansday 9th Fruit 805wk, late afternoon.

A moment of panic before we get rid of the burning stone, then a few seconds of safety to finish healing , extend our defences a bit, quicken the whale, and take some pot shots at the kraken and dragon. Then the dragon decides we're enough of an annoyance to come over and eat us in person, he tenderises us a bit with banes and disjunctions on his way over.

Things are starting to look a bit grim as the dragon chews his way through us then I ask Engalton whether he can resurrect the Dragon from undeath to life (in combat) and naturally he replies yes, he just needs to hit it with his sword. Not so easily done with a broken hip and a hand and a half, but the dragon sweeps through the party and Engalton manages to sink his sword into its flank as it crushes us under claw. The sword glowed for a moment, then the dragon did too before it started writhing and screaming in agony and rage, Engalton collapsed and the rest of us wondered if this had improved our situation or not. Then the dragon continued its attacks and we continued ours as best we could, Engalton was drained almost to death, but the dragon seems to be taking more damage from our blows. Then suddenly it was over, Morgans dark blast was the final blow and suprisingly severed the dragons head. It seems that Engaltons resurrection of the undead dragon had been successful, at that point it was a just-alive flayed evil dragon, and when it died, it was a normal death and it stayed dead.

We considered using Engaltons sword to bring him around but having no idea how it worked I decided not to try it. Instead I drew on the power of the earth to restore his life essence.

Meanwhile TDP chatted to his battered rescuer and discovered that the Kraken had survived and fled, and the whale passed on a message to TDP that the god wanted to talk to him. We healed the whale as much as we could but on a creature that size our magics had minimal effect.

While Engalton recovered, Vychan and I dug out a sealed cavern below ground, moved the dragons corpse down to it and Keshah established a portal back to the guild.

Back at the guild we discovered the reasons behind some odd happenings during the fight, Keshah had picked up a (173 MA) death curse from the vampire necromancers, Morgan had 2, and Amber had 3. The Shape of Fire burned one off Morgan but at a cost of the permanent loss of all of his body hair. The cursed ones then decided that asking the Lunar Empire for help and owing them a favour was a better approach.

TDP talked with the ocean god that the whale had referred to and entered into a mutual protection agreement.

Th'rsday 10th to Moonday 14th Fruit 805wk

Healing Engalton of his various injuries, and removing the curses took 5 days.

Meanwhile Keshah earned beer money selling fresh Dragon steaks at the Seagate Markets and we commissioned some research into stars and the firmament.

Duesday 15th Fruit 805wk

The Shape of Fire transports us with Morgans flying ship to the Firmament, gives us a few minutes to check out the Firmament and the still embedded stars, and then hurls us after the falling stars.

Chapter Ten - Return of the Titan

Duesday 15th Fruit - W'ansday 16th Fruit 805wk

As we set out TDP estimates that the stars are about 1,000 nautical miles ahead of us, we should reach them in about 2 days. Most of us get a quick course in sailing Morgan's ship, but TDP and Morgan do most of the sailing as we gradually close on the stars. Along the way we discuss a number of plans and approaches, the best addition to the classic charge in and kill the necromancers first plan is to use the censer to spread enhancement potion effects around.

Th'rsday 17th Fruit 805wk

As we approach them we see that the three stars are grouped together in some sort of net. The Titan Azadaeus is standing on one star surrounded by half a dozen smaller beings with what looks like tentacles coming out of their backs and carrying light spheres. Keshah has been maintaining a blob of impenetrable darkness at the front of the ship to conceal our approach but as we get within the last couple of miles it seems they have sensed us as they launch their light spheres our way. TDP manoeuvres the ship to avoid three of them but the others inflict damage to one of the masts, and two places in the hull. We drop the darkness as it seems pointless now and they launch bits of the star at us, a bit of a worry until Engalton and Morgan step up with their juggler cards and produce magical troubadors who catch the falling stars and throw them back at the squid-men.

The it is time for our charge, Engalton summuns the Wild Hunt and we join them in swarming over the side of the ship and charging the group on the star. Our melee trio land and start in on the Necromancers, Keshah plays to stereotype and shoots arrows into the melee, TDP lands the ship, and Amber and I start preparing our magics.

Then the Titan steps in with a lightning bolt for Amber and a couple of kicks and a sword thrust to put Vychan down. Most of us run interferance and are put down one at a time by the Titan while Morgan blends the necromancers with swords and Dark spheres, and Engalton lays down the healing. Things are looking a bit grim for us until the last necromancer is killed and the Titan is freed of the undead posession.

The Titan has no memory of anything since he died and we race to explain that we're the good guys who have rescued him from the bad Drow Rashak. Fortunately he believes us and agrees to help keep the stars from falling on Alusia.

The next question is how...

Chapter Eleven - Catch a falling star...

Th'rsday 17th Fruit 805wk... mid-morning we think

Engalton divinates the magic on the stars while the rest of us poke around a bit and discuss ideas. The magic is a powerful ritualised version of the Celestial Falling Star spell.

After some experiments and consultation with Azadaeus, we settle on using Tunelling to seperate out chunks of the star small enough for Azadaeus to transport, he then travels to the firmament and pokes them through the hole they came from into whatever lies beyond. Once a third of the star has been moved away the falling star magic ceases to have effect on it and we are able to place the rest back in their rightful places.

We divert slightly and drop a couple of chunks aimed at the Tower of Masada from about 10 miles up. The tower was not visible due to shielding layers of cloud so we don't know what effect we have had but we gave it a shot. We also land a few chunks on the ground so that we have a few bits of star to experiment with later.

At our request, Azadaeus gives us a means of calling him if we should have need and then departs. We gather up some of the giant silk net, board Morgan's ship and set sail for Seagate.

Frysday 18th Fruit 805wk

We arrive back at the guild late in the day, have the standard debriefing with guild security and then seperate for a well earned hot mean and rest.

Significant People and Creatures Encountered

Eldritch Horror

Big, black, semi-corporeal thing with lots of tentacles. Lives in and moves through solid earth. Drags spirits out of the ground to throw at us which then try to posess those they hit. Throws weapons made of the bones of those buried near it. Hits, grabs and throws with its tentacles. Screams to inflict magical damage and temporary deafness. Took over 100 magical and physical damage before it retreated.

God of the Falls of Valusha

A powerful and free Water Elemental. Lives in/behind the Falls of Valusha. Worshipped as a god by the local Fossegrim.


Appeared as a beautiful giantess. Presumed to be a Succubus. Knew roughly what we were up to and was interested in why we wanted to stop Rashak and her minions. Has contact with Shoul, an unscrupulous weapons dealer who usually supplies demons.

Azadaeus - Titan

A large Titan at 60' tall. Buried at the southern tip of Insel Garsi (south of Gryphon Valley). Raised by Rashak's necromancers and possessed by Torment. We thought we had freed him when we killed the necomancers controlling him and he transported himself away. But my best guess is that he was still posessed by Torment who was either still under necromantic control or was later re-captured. Once the necromancers at the falling stars were killed Azadaeus was no longer posessed but he did not remember anything since his death.

The Shape of Fire - Balrog

Imprisoned 14 miles beneath the northern end of the Filgiso for millenia, released during the conflict with the Necromancers who were trying to bind him to their service.

Lord Aliliel

Fire spirit and lord of the keep where The Shape of Fire was imprisoned.

Murmur: Duke of Thrones

No direct involvement. Sent some Thrones to kill Engalton during our fight over the Balrog. Presumed that one of the creatures we encountered was pacted to him.

Anghangarad - Black Dragon

Black Dragon slain by Raphael, skinned and buried in the Dragon Spine Mountains between Tuscana and Waterford. The location is identifiable by a dry lake and a mountain that looks burned or melted. He was known as a powerful E&E, Mind Mage, and Namer. Raised by Rashak's necromancers and possessed by Malice.

Lavimoia - Blue Dragon

Dragon claiming an area in the Dragon Spine Mountains between Tuscana and Waterford. Not a friend of the guild due to prior conflicts with guild members but respectful enough to talk, cautiously.

Items, Artifacts and other Loot

Rowan Spears
Spears that Pin spirits. Offered to us by Illyas in return for a night with Vychan. Not Acquired.
Dark Sphere Mace
Stick, chain, and an uncontrolled dark sphere on the end. - Morgan
Iron Crown
Transfers damage to an ally, at the cost of beauty. - Morgan
Mace of Pummeling
Ignores hard armour. - Braegon
Time Enough for Love
An hour of intimacy in an instant. - Vychan
Thirsty Rapier
Sacrifice life force to the sword to become lethal in combat. - Keshah
Flayer Garrotte
Strangles the targets and eats their mind. - Keshah
Sleep in a Bottle
8 hours restful sleep in a bottle. - Amber
Vials of Blood
Enchanted blood that invigorates FT to super-human levels for a short while (3 vials). - Keshah
Censer of Thrones
Piecemeal distribution of the effects of potions and oils. - Engalton
Sign of Evil
Repels Powers of Light and their agents, causes damage to them if the approach. - Braegon
Invested Items
Ring Shadow Wings 10xRk10
Rod Lightning Bolt 11xRk20;

Full Treasure List

Standard Spells and Abilities

  • Strength of Stone +20 EN. Enhanced Duration: 41 hours.
  • Armour of Earth +42% Def -1 Dam. Enhanced Duration: 20.5 hours.
  • Rune Armour/Shield +25% Def +5 AP, one Spec Grev absorbed at the expense of the armour or shield.
  • Strength of Darkness +11 PS. Enhanced Duration: 7 hours.
  • Witchsight Rk 16. Enhanced Duration: 9 hours.
  • Waterproofing. Enhanced Duration: 21 hours.
  • Cold Resistance Rk 10. Reduce Cold Damage by 3. Enhanced Duration: 21 hours.
  • Restoratives -9 EN +18 FT.
  • Smite. D+21 Damage and Stunned, Resist for None and Fall Prone.
  • Trollskin. Rk 13. Regenerate 1 EN per pulse. Duration: 95 seconds or 160 seconds enhanced.
  • Quickness. Rk 10. Duration: 110 Secs * D-5 or 210 * D-5 Enhanced.
  • Waterwalking.


BraegonTrollskin Rk 13 95 Sec Endurance damage and no T'skin in effect.
TDPTrollskin Rk 13 95 Sec Endurance damage and no T'skin in effect.
VychanTrollskin Rk ? ? Sec Endurance damage and no T'skin in effect.

Engaltons Healing Investeds

Range: Touch

Amber122% (18/6) 21 Dam 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Braegon133% (20/7) 28/42 Dam 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Engalton171% (26/9) 40 Dam 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Keshah119% (18/6) 20 Dam 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Morgan135% (20/7) 37 Dam 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
TDP125% (19/6) 21 Dam 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Vychan131% (20/7) 30 Dam 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1