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Alusia Globe
Alusia Globe
Alusia Globe

Alusia is the main world our game takes place in. It is a fusion of medieval Europe, renaissance Europe and classic fantasy literature.

The details have been seperated into several sub-pages as follows:

Lands of Alusia
Documenting the countries, counties and lands of the world.
Climate of Alusia
The 10-year forecast sea currents and climate of Alusia.
Peoples of Alusia
The races, families and other social groupings of the world.
Alusian Economics
The businesses, traders and economic factors existant in the world.
Myths and Legends
The ages of the world and the mythologies of the peoples.
Gods and Powers
Demons, Angels, Gods, Demigods and other powers beyong the ken of man.
Maps of Western Alusia
Maps of Western Alusia.