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The Kingdom of Flugelheim (and Artzdorf)

With the marriage of their heirs in approximately 1992 AP (~ 792 WK) Artzdorf and Flugelheim joined into one kingdom.

GM(s): Struan Judd

Geographic Features


The four northern mountains vary in height from 2037 yards to 1275 yards and these form a natural barrier against aggressive northern neighbours as well as unique climatic areas. The mountains are

  1. Teranpake - at 2037yds
  2. Arpake - at 1808yds
  3. Rhipake - at 1743yds
  4. Jesepake - at 1275yds


The eastern Artzen ranges, which average about 800yds above sea level, form another natural border. Recently uncovered beneath them is the large forgotten capital of the Lower Empire


Lake of The Moon

Situated in Northern Flugelheim is a circular lake with a small island in its centre. The colour of the lake changes to reflect the current phase of the moon. The island is a high mana zone and the mana is rumoured to change with the phase of the moon. On/within the island is a grotto dedicated to a localised power called Selene. At the outlet of the lake is a waterfall and pool within which is some sort of water power called Senorita Aqua.


Port Artz

Trading port. The city of Port Artz has a Mage Guild that requires foreigners to buy a license to use the mana. The mana is locked from halfway across the bay. Port Artz is very open, laid out with wide cobbled streets and straight cross roads - it looks completely indefensible, particularly from cavalry invaders, like those from upland Artzdorf. The bottom end of the eastern Great Ridge is at one end of the bay, and the Ridge River empties via a waterfall into the bay. An upmarket inn is The Straight Arrow.

  • Elron van Immerseel, the Harbour-master
  • Maya, a doxie

Ebolan Embassy
The Ebolan embassy in Port Artz is a nice house in the better part of town that is mostly used by Ebolan merchants and naval officers. Guild members who can claim friendship (or at least acquaintance) with the Count can usually cadge a nights accommodation.

Southhaven Academy

The Southhaven Academy for Girls is situated a few miles west along the coast from Port Artz and is a finishing school for young women.

Shrine to Unknown Earth Power/God

Hidden beneath an old cellar where a house used to be, about 30 miles south of the Lake of the Moon.


There is a Hemlock tree in Maltain village at the northern end of the Serra Ranges. This is a high mana zone and used to be a Place of Power for Water. Maltain has been deserted since Aim, the Demon Duke of Fire converted the place to a fire place of power. (Mystery at Maltain)


5 days travel (on horseback) north of Port Artz. Local taverns include 'The Lucky Strike' and 'The Saucy Wench'.

Rhitz River

Feed by the mountains and the lake of the moon in the north, winds its way south through Flugelheim to reach the sea at Port Artz.


Small Town.



This small town is on western bank of the High River. The Lord of Hightown is Conrad DeVulk.




Royal Family

King: HRM Matthew Jose Trent Apfelherd of Flugelheim and Artzdorf
Queen: HRM Eloise Mirabella Florence Apfelherd (nee Scarlonse) of Artzdorf and Flugelheim
HRH Paul Samuel George Apfelherd
HRH Mary Jacqueline Elizabeth Apfelherd
HRH Constance Rosalie Anne Apfelherd
HRH Alastair Henry Bartholomew Apfelherd

NB: as at Summer 810 the children's ages are 19 (Paul), 16 (Mary), 14 (Constance) and 11 (Alastair)

Royal Court

Usually found at court will be the following personages:

Seneschal: Lord Geoffrey Bartrey of Rhigelheim
High Admiral: Lord Inigo Jose du France of Flugelhiem and Destiny
High General: Lord Kurt Smitherson of Flugelheim
Chancellor: Lord James Knarlsson of Teranheim
Father Adam Freshlight of Mariksville (Old Church)
Lady Adeline Showsen of Artzdorf (Trinity)


Malkor of Flugelheim, 2nd Assistant Royal Wizard. Human, tall, thin, middle-aged wearing tattered robes. Binder with minor shaping abilities. Has a Rag & String golem that can create inter- and intra-planar portals.


Warden of the Northern Marches

Kern Silvercrest was given this title in Summer 807 as consideration for his great service to the Kingdom over the last few decades. He has established Silverbone Manor in the centre of the Northern March holding.

Maltheim Cross

Cher was named Lady Maltheim Cross in Winter 810



Highpoint Downs

Aurora was named Lady Dawn of Highpoint Downs in Winter 810


Ice Demons

  • Haze - ravens, only see 1000'; agent was Celestial.
  • Picturesque - spiders, distance wrong, artistic look; agent was Illusionist.
  • Storm - polar bears (12' tall), blizzards; agent was Earth mage.
  • Chill - wolves, driving winds; agent was Air mage.
  • Apathy - furred ice snake, ease/ calm, lack of energy; agent was E&E.

These were all part of the 'infestation' during the phase that A&F was all ice in.


Avatar/Power, her spheres are Change, Cycles, Reflection, Water, Magic, Fertility. No-one can normally visit her grotto more than once.

Senorita Aqua

Avatar, her influence or sphere is cycles and nature.


Autumn 810 - Work for the Warden

A party is hired to help uncover the opportunities in a new holding.

Spring 808wk - Fair-Bound Ride

A party is hired to escort a caravan (carrying remnants of the Ice Demon incursion) off-plane.

Winter 806wk - Lost Temple

A party goes to look into rumours of a 'Lost Temple' and follow an ancient map. - Search for the Lost Temple

Winter 805wk - Missing Brewery

A small group of Journeyman adventurers investigate why a Royal Brewery hasn't sent any product to the nearby distribution centre recently.

Autumn 804wk - The Kingdom Sleeps

Malkor uses an ancient Elven artefact to put the kingdom into an "enchanted sleep" and hires a party of adventurers to rescue the people and get rid of the demons.

Summer 804wk - Winter Ends

A second group of adventurers are hired by a member of the Flugelheim court to find and kill the agents on the assumption that this will end their attack. The group is successful in killing the agents and this releases most of Flugelheim from the winter but it also completes the demonic ritual and leads to a section of an icy hell plane manifesting in northern Flugelheim.

Spring 803wk - Adventurers Go In

Merchants concerned about the absence of spring grain shipments hire a party of adventurers to venture through the snowstorm barrier surrounding Flugelheim and find out what is going on. They report back that the area has been taken over by the agents of 5 ice demons and most of the populace have gone missing.

Winter 803wk - The Longest Winter

As was later revealed, ice demons interfered with the normal flow of seasons during Winter 803wk and caused the snow and icy temperatures to be more extreme than standard winters and to continue into Spring and Summer. This shut down trade in and out of Flugelheim, froze the port solid and interfered with shipping as the ice packs extended over the sea several miles south of Port Artz.

Autumn 801wk - The Kingdom Everyone Forgot

Into A Strange Land

Meadow 798 WK - Shipping for the Calamar

A Guild party locates a warehouse holding specialist shock troops for the Calamar in the Port Artz Dock District. Further investigations caused an explosion and fire that people talk about to this day.

1992 AP (~ 792 WK) The Union of Artzdorf and Flugelheim

The children of the two kingdoms wed after receiving help from a group of SAG adventurers. Kern Silvercrest for his part in this was granted the title; Knight Defender of Artzdorf and Flugelheim and the medal - The order of Artzdorf

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