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Sabrena in 'full battle' armour.

Sabrina: Valkyrie, Knight of the Golden Order, Warrior of the Sixth Codex, Baroness of Midgard

A Female Valkyrie Warrior/Namer played by Dean Ellis

Sabrina previously was an Elf, but is now a Valkyrie, therefore making her a warrior and messenger of Odin. She has some skills as a Namer, but is primarily a warrior, and at this she has few peers. She rides into combat on her war pegasus, Ajax, who is sentient, and himself fearsome in combat.


Sabrina is a 6' 2" tall 146lbs elven aspected female. Judged on an elven scale she would be considered young. Sunrise to sunset, she has long blonde hair, blue eyes and a healthy tanned complexion (PB 27). Sunset to sunrise, she has long black hair, brown eyes, and pale but healthy skin (PB 26).

When not adventuring she usually wears long flowing silk-like fabrics that float around her as she moves, accentuating her air of grace. She is often veiled, with a headdress as well. She appears unarmed.

While on adventure she will wear blood red Dragon Scale Plate armour made from the hide of the Ruby Scourge that she helped slay. This is augmented and incorporated with chain to provide fearsome protection. She is usually armed with a variety of weapons, though her appearance will belie this, and only close scrutiny will show more than the standard "weapon on each hip". She has recourse to further weaponry if mounted on Ajax.

Ajax is a 17 hands jet black pegasus, though with a build more suited to a warhorse, rather than the somewhat finer features normally associated with pegasi, hence the moniker of 'war pegasus'. He is a 2 hex creature, with a wing span of 30ft, and he is normally clad in a full suit of chainmail. He has his own fearsome weapons of bite, kick and trample, and also carries extra weapons for use by Sabrina. He is sentient, and understands most of the humanoid languages. He is also a skilled Mil. Sci.

When not engaged in warfare/adventuring, Sabrina runs her fiefdom, enlarges her burgeoning horse and fantastical flyers breeding business, and has been known to dance with extreme grace and seductiveness.


  • Valkyrie, her agent level status with Odin, resulting in a change of GTN as well. Currently Sub-Captain
  • Knight of the Golden Order, an order dedicated to ridding the world of evil dragons.
  • Warrior of the Sixth Codex, a lost order of warriors, whose skills Sabrina has mastered
  • Right Hand of Justice, able and obliged to enforce the seventh of the Ancient Laws of Magic "Thou shalt not seek beyond the outer gates."
  • Baroness of Midgard, her fiefdom in the area of Old Aladar
  • Knight of the Black Watch and Protector of the King - Eltrandor
  • Hero of the Lunar Empire - Lunar
  • Hero of Elvandar - Elfheim


When not adventuring Sabrina can be found either at the guild training or at her baronial residence in Midgard. This well fortified manor sits atop a hill and presides over the estates where her horse breeding operation runs..


Sabrina is a Master Warrior with few peers. To date she has mastered the use of the Sabre, Battle Axe, Main Gauche, Javelin, Darts, Unarmed, Composite Bow, Shield, Broadsword, Two Handed Sword and Lance, but can use almost any weapon or bow. She has mastered further warrior skills from the Golden Order and the Codex, giving her a fearsome edge in combat.

Sabrina is a Master Courtesan, specialising in various forms of Dance. One of her master works was showing the relationship between dance and combat. Her 'Dance of Death' is graceful, beguiling, and very deadly.

Sabrina is also a Master Horsewoman and Military Scientist, with a strong bent towards cavalry tactics. She is also a practised Ranger, Healer and Troubador.


Not much is known of Sabrina before she joined the guild in 789, and she is certainly not forthcoming on the subject. She has forged a path as a warrior of some renown, lets her deeds do the talking, and will look to champion against evil and injustice


Currently on sojourn, meaning she is likely somewhere on Alusia doing something about any/all of:

  • The Calimar
  • The Drow - especially those on the wrong side of the ocean
  • Havenites
  • (insert bad guys here)

31 others to be documented further

Info for GMs

A GM cheat sheet is available for Sabrina. It is detailed on a separate page for ease of Printing.