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Seagate Adventures Guild

The Seagate Guild of Adventurers
Described by some as a bunch of ruthless mercenaries with magic, the guild is an organisation to organise and protect adventurous individuals who simply want to earn a living from using their unique skills to solve other peoples problems.


The Adventurers Guild began as an idea in a public house in Seagate as the chill of winter was setting in, one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight years after the fall of Panjari. It was born during the friendly drinking session of twelve freelance spies, thieves, and mercenary mages, who had met and worked together up and down the coast of the Baronies. The Guild became an organised body in the Spring of the following year, and although it was not officially chartered for two more years, that Table of Twelve, or as they are known to some historians: The Dirty Dozen, may be regarded as the Guild's founder members.

The Guild secured its charter in Autumn of 1961 AP (about Vintage 762 WK), from the then Baron of Carzala. It was set up to provide a common meeting ground for adventurers, to arbitrate disputes on behalf of its members, to enable training and research in relative safety and provide a pool of information, resulting in a close knit and more effective band of Adventurers.

Since its establishment the Guild has evolved into a powerful organization providing protections and rights within society in addition to a wide range of adventure-related services. The Guild's charter provides the Guild with a monopoly in Carzala for the training of magic, healing and freelance military skills. It also allows members to pay all Guild and County taxes at a flat rate to the Guild, releasing them from individual accountability to the Duke.

The main services provided to members include: diverse magical services; healing and resurrection; valuation and clearing house for treasure; banking and strong rooms; a library; training facilities in magic, healing and military skills; co-ordination for other training; and legal services.


Local area to the Guild. 1 hex 5 miles

The Adventurers Guild is in the Duchy of Carzala and is located five miles south of the city of Seagate on the other side of the Sweetwater River. It is a walled and guarded enclave.

The guild also has a Chapter House (small walled castle with a large tower) in Tycho City which has a permanent portal between the two areas.

The Guild enclave contains:

  1. Guild Meeting Hall and small common rooms (normally used for party and employer meetings etc.).
  2. Administration and Council offices.
  3. The Library adjoins the Administration building. It is split into sections including the Guild records, Adventure scribe notes, Historical, Geographical, Legal, Social and Cartography.
  4. Guild Security and the Guild Vaults.
  5. Residential area, including sleeping quarters dining hall, kitchen, storerooms and bathhouses.
  6. Departmental rooms for each magic college, generally comprising of an office, a common room, and a training room. More popular colleges may have additional rooms.
  7. Casting Chambers for magical training. These are soundproof and regularly checked when in use.
  8. Military Department including offices, armoury, smithy, and arena.
  9. Healers Hall.
  10. Guild Pub, a main common room that serves average food and a range of drinks.
  11. Stables and stablehand's quarters.

Guild Structure

The Guild is hierarchical with five levels comprising all forms of membership.

  1. Guild Council: The Council is the highest level comprising four guild members, (selected from the Deans by the Council), plus a ducal representative. Therefore four of the Council will also be head of a particular branch of magic or skill (see 2). The Council elects the Council Chairman from amongst themselves, this position being the highest attainable in the Guild. The Council may have no more than two members who have not been an Adventurer member. In this way, the Guild remains "by Adventurers, for Adventurers".
  2. Deans: These members are the Heads of the various departments. The departments comprise the magic colleges, Healing Department, Military Department, Administration, Guild Security and Library.
  3. Department Staff: These members are the other senior officials of the guild such as assistant department heads, Guild security and others in positions of responsibility.
  4. Adventurers: These members form the core of the Guild. They are the adventurers who are not involved in the running of the Guild, but utilise the services of the Guild. The Guild exists primarily for these members.
  5. General Staff: These members form the working staff of the Guild such as stable hands, kitchen staff, and other positions of little responsibility. They earn a wage in return for their services, and are normally full members; hence they may take advantage of any Guild service. They sometimes include poor or indebted Adventurers working for their board between contracts.

Departmental Staff

Administration and Legal

No of Staff: 2
Phineas Lockman
Counting clerk. Goodman Lockman is a human male, plump, unfit and pale. He is quiet and very shy.

Guild Security

Head of Guild Security - Mr Smith
No of Staff: indeterminate but there are probably between 10 and 30 staff
Members of Guild security are not individually identifiable. They are disguised with long black robes and hoods and seem virtually identical. Normal divinatory investigations seem to fail on them.


No of Staff: 10
Jessica LaudeFoot
Senior Healer. Mistress Jessica has the responsibility of running the Guild Hospital and is a Rank 9 healer. She is a very attractive mature woman, life aspected and healthy. She is normally friendly but is abrupt when stressed. She rarely leaves the Guild complex.
Opter of Superstition Mountains
Healer. Goodman Opter is a Dwarf in his prime. He is of average height and looks but is always very well dressed. He speaks Common and Dwarven at rank 8. He is a Rank 5 healer.
Trudy Reddingbow
Healing supplies. Trudy is a tall human (b752wk, -). She speaks Orcish, Elven, Dwarven and Common at rank 8 and she has PB of 12. Trudy has served the guild for a decade from 804wk to 817wk and she retired from the guild in 817wk to live in the wilds north of Zumalar City


No of Staff: 6
Cuong Chan
Head Librarian. Goodman Chan is an elderly human from the Five Sisters. His spoken common is excellent, and he is literate in a dozen languages. He is short, has dark skin, black hair streaked with grey and narrow eyes, and is always dressed in flowing robes. His manner is fussy and careful, and he is very protective of the books and scrolls in his care. He is especially fanatic about clean hands in the library.
Cathrin of Slippery Rock
Translations. Mistress Cathrin is a female human, in her late 40s. She is 5'8" tall and has PB: 16. Speaking and writing 28 different languages is Cathrin's strong point. Cathrin gave up adventuring (Mind Mage) 14 years ago, after being the only surviving member of a party.
Jodl Alhywn of Anguise
Cartography. Jodl is a male human in his late thirties. He is 5'10" and has a PB of 14. Jodl arrived in the beginning of 1995 from Tac, as the head of the new Cartography department.
Elegin D'ronet
Cartography. Elegin is a short elven male who assists Jodl with the various maps, records and other documents. Elegin specialises in the documents relating to Terranova, Kinlu and other lands in the far east.
Tenielle Kimura
Librarian. Mistress Tenielle a mature human female (b742wk, -). She is mousy to look at but is noticeably clumsy and always seems to be gasping for breath. Tenielle's specialty is the guild's collection of documents on magic.


No of Staff: 13
Graben Horstson
Armourer, dwarf, always busy and active.
Jeremiah Hornsfell
Warrior trainer, rank 9, gruff, elderly, fit but starting to slow. Uses cunning rather than strength or speed.
Mistress Doris Glucken
Beginners weapon trainer (to Rank 6). She is tall, strong and solidly built. She is heavy handed and intolerant of mistakes but keeps students going until they get it right.
Sir Albert Bonnedenson
Military scientist. He is an elderly Carzalan noble (b735wk, -) from Brastor Landing, who has served in armies in several wars. He is tall, grey haired, with a remarkable beak nose and he is erudite, an entertaining raconteur and has expensive tastes.
Goodman Doric Ulandersen
Senior trainer. Goodman Ulandersen is a dwarf with an infectious enthusiasm for weapons skills. He is strong, fast and showy.
Merc the Orc
Senior trainer, thorough but rough.


No of Staff: 6
Marc of Seagate
Marc runs the Guild Lodgings. He appears slow and lazy but all the work seems to get done.
Barman. Tom is a good humoured, large and fat human. He was a wrestler before working for the guild but these days is rarely seen outside pub.
Prudence (Goody) Fairly
Head Cook. Goody Fairly (b758wk, -) is a middle aged human female, a competent cook and an exacting boss. She is always calm and slow, but is extremely resistant to change. She retired from the guild in 819wk.
Carlos of Seagate
Stableman. Carlos is a human male, of average appearance, in his late twenties. He is a capable rider and ostler.


Officially the Guild no longer has an Astrology Dept. but as Master Toadswart has been with the guild many years, and his service is very popular, he retains rooms in the guild enclave.
Nilus Voldtars
Nilus (a youthful but dishevelled appearing mid 40's year old human male with a slight paunch, long red hair, blue eyes, a long bushy beard and a lisp) took over when Frederick Toadswart died suddenly on the 13th of Harvest (Autumn) 811 after some very intense astrology readings. - See SGT 71. Nilus was a part time Librarian and is known as a master of tactical simulation and he was known to be fond of Frederick Toadswart, having spent many nights with him under the stars.

Frederick Toadswart (Died 13th Harvest Autumn 811)
Master Toadswart is human in his 60s. He is short and balding with black hair. He is rank 10, and occasionally receives visions in his sleep. He is greatly respected by some of the older guild members. He has been in poor health since sickness affected him in late 793WK. DEAD



No of Staff: 1

Associate Dean. Hazel is a youthful faun hailing from the Lupine Wood. She arrived a the Guild towards the end of Summer 824. Hazel speaks moderate Common, but is more comfortable in Elven, Lalange, or an archaic form of Satyr.


No of Staff: 1

Hyram Tallfellow
Dean. Goodman Tallfellow is a middle-aged halfling from islands far south of Seagate.

Ensorcelments & Enchantments

No of Staff: 5

Herkam the Enchanter (Currently absent & recovering)
Dean and council member.
Hadley Sorenson (b768wk, -) is 2iC to Herkam. Hadley is a keen and capable E&E who is skilled in 'investigations' and discovering 'lost truths' as she is also a keen archeologist.
Cathrin Thunderfoot
Training and Greater Enchantments.
Mistress Thunderfoot is a Hill Giant, in her late seventies and stands about 8'10" tall. She speaks Common, Dwarven and Hill Giant at rank 8, and Elven, Orcish at Rank 6. She is PB: 12.
Martin the Farseeing
Training, Location and Crystals of Vision. Martin is a large male halfling who stands 3'4" tall and is in his late forties. He is a happy-golucky halfling that enjoys good company as much as good food.


No of Staff: 2

Maya the Illusionist (RIP Currently dead)
Dean and council member.


No of Staff: 3

Wegan the Inscrutable
Dean and council member.


No of Staff: 5

Kali the Nameless
Dean and council member.
Ariane Leptospurnum
Senior Tutor. Master Leptospurnum is a mature elf, very focused on the theoretical side of magic. He seems blind to many of the practical uses of the college, and has trouble communicating with the 'hand'n'ahaf' brigade of Namers.
Claudia Singer
Assistant Dean, and Curse Removal. Mistress Singer is from Southern Brastor Holdings, and she is a human female who stands 5'11" tall. Claudia speaks Orcish, Elven, Dwarven and Common at rank 8.
Carlos Fastwing
Curse Removal and training. Master Fastwing is a human male in his late thirties. He has rank 12 in Remove Curse (MA 23), rank 13 in Geas, and is a Namer (DA: 115%, Divination rank 4) He speaks Common, Elven, and Hill Giant at rank 8.


No of Staff: 2

Etienne Sorholus-Vesubie
Dean. Master Etienne is an elf, adult but young and light hearted. He is enthusiastic about air magic and is frequently surrounded by songbirds.
Sorceress in Silver
From time to time, Etienne calls on the Sorceress for help in training members.


No of Staff: 1

Festa Fire Master
Dean. The Fire Master is an elf about 280 years old, about 5'10" tall and badly scarred.

Earth Druidic

No of Staff: 2

Rob Darktunnel
Dean. Goodman Darktunnel is a Dwarf, in his late thirties and about 3'10" tall. He speaks Common, Dwarven at rank 8, and Elven, Orcish at Rank 6. He is PB: 12.

Earth Pacifistic

No of Staff: 1

Nigel Greenworth
Training and Strength of Stone. Master Greenworth comes from a respected Seagate merchant family. He is in his late thirties and stands about 5'9" tall. He dresses in simple dark brown robes. He has 22 FT and 16 PB.

Celestial Dark

No of Staff: 2

Vance "Lord of the Bats"
Training and Shadow Wings. Lord Vance is an unprepossessing human in his late forties and stands about 5'10" tall. He has been with the guild for decades but refuses to take a more senior position. He only works at night.
Training. Eclipse is a human in his early 30's with a heavy Aquilan accent. He has dark colouring and is of average build. He is moody and quick to take offence.

Celestial Shadow

No of Staff: 3

Dean. Mister Garrick is an Orc, though older and thinner than is commonly seen. He has a vicious and sarcastic manner and always prefers to use magic to any mundane method.

Celestial Solar

No of Staff: 2

Therisena Sundown
Dean. Goody Sundown is a female human, very elderly and frail, and getting absent-minded. She can normally be found dozing in a patch of sun (even when it's raining).

Celestial Star

No of Staff: 1

Delphinius Auriga
Dean. Master Auriga is a mature elf. He is an aesthete, with a languid and offhand approach to life.


No of Staff: 1

Jonathan Galloway
Dean. Mister Galloway is an elderly human, now retired from the Seagate Navigator's Guild. In addition to providing training and services to guild members he occasionally trains non-guild members.


No of Staff: 2

The Late Graf Grendel von Gracht
Dean and council member.
'Slimy' Thomson
Training. Goodman Thomson is 40, fat, and greasy. He loves crude jokes, and grossing people out.


No of Staff: 1

Hildy Rijiswjk
Dean. Mistress Rijiswjk is a large mature human, with blond hair and fair skin. She is widely knowledgeable and a respected Philosopher in addition to her rune magics.



Entry to the Guild must be as an Adventurer or general Staff. Each level recruits from the one below. The only exception is staff, whose members may move directly to Department Staff. Adventurers and Staff levels are considered equivalent.

Membership Agreement

On acceptance as a probationary member, the prospective member must sign the standard declaration, the "Adventurers Guild: Membership Agreement".

Probationary Membership

All new Adventurers are probationary Guild members for the first six months. Most probationary members are accepted as full Guild members at the end of the six months unless they have been come to the attention of the Guild Grievance Tribunal. The six months will start again from that Tribunal date.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are included in Guild taxes with a minimum of 500sp per year. If a member has paid less than 500sp in taxes in any year, then they may work off this amount in employment at the Guild.

Guild Adventures

If an Adventure involving Guild Members uses Guild services or facilities then it is considered to be a Guild Organised Adventure. The Guild will insist that every party member on adventure sign a contract. All adventures with a guild-backed contract are considered to be Guild organised, and the members are obliged to uphold the contract.


When each guild adventure returns Guild Security requires the adventurers to describe and justify their actions especially with reference to the Guild's reputation, the law and the membership contract. Where a member is found to have acted illegally the appropriate authorities will be notified. If a guild member is in breach of their membership contract or has bought the Guild into disrepute the member may be fined. In cases where a member has acted in detriment to their fellow party members it is common for that member's treasure to be shared amongst the rest of their party.

During this debriefing the Guild will also check if the member is controlled by outside agencies, has been cursed or requires healing. They will discuss with the member the results and the best way of dealing with any such effects.

Guild Taxes

The Guild collects from members 10% of all gross income generated on adventure. Part of this money is passed onto the Duke in payment of Carzalan taxes for members; the remainder is used to pay for the services provided by the Guild.

The Guild also collects from members 40% of all profit on any income from sources other than adventure. This includes members selling items or services to other members or income from non-adventuring activities. This tax is passed onto the Duke. The tax rates vary from time to time and members will be advised of any changes at Guild meetings.

Some Guild members are noted as tax free members.

Treasure Splits

In most circumstances any treasure gained on adventure is valued and split equally amongst the party members.

Where there are items to be shared out then party members roll dice and, in the order lowest roll to highest, each person chooses one item until all have chosen. If there are still items to be shared out then everyone gets a second choice but in reverse order.

Parties occasionally chose to vary the method of sharing treasure but any such variation should be discussed prior to leaving the guild and included in the adventuring contract signed by all party members.

Adventuring Guild Members

Members may view the full membership in the guild roster. Please note that this is a private guild document, the contents of which are not to be made available to non-guild members. The guild deals harshly with members who breach our security or reveal our guild secrets.

Members are also reminded that they have all signed the Guild Membership Agreement and are bound by guild law.

Guild Services

General Guild Services


Magic Training for learning new spells and rituals.

Skills and Weapon Training