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Royal Family

The Con Sartra family is an old and prestigious lineage.

The Royal Family of Eltrandor

King Ronan Con Sartra

(Born 753) - Current King of Eltrandor.

Queen Liselle Davish-Con Sartra

(Born 754) - Queen of Eltrandor and wife of Ronan Con Sartra. Has the power to see the future but is untrained in the arts of controlling this power.

Crown Baric Con Sartra

Heir presumptive to the throne of Eltrandor.
Crown Prince Baric Con Sartra is the eldest child of Ronan and Liselle. He was born in Winter 778 on the 24th of Ice. He is 5 foot 10 inches tall with a slight build and fair complexion (PB 19). Baric has copper red hair, high cheekbones, a nose longer and thinner than normal and his emerald green eyes are piercing in their intensity.
Baric spends much of his time with 'chums' who are all nobles themselves and who act as Baric does, which endears them to no-one. They are collectively called Baric's Clique.

Prince Sygismun Con Sartra

(Born 780)

Prince Xavier Con Sartra

(Born 783)

Princess Karyna Con Sartra

(Born 779) As the second eldest child, Karyna finds herself more heavily involved in matters of state that would normally be expected, often filling in for the less reliable Crown Prince Baric.
Karyna married Baron Logan of Newhaven on 15th Blossom 807, a member of the Seagate Adventurers Guild.

Princess Johanna Con Sartra

(Born 781) Twin sister of Susanna

Princess Susanna Con Sartra

(Born 781) Twin sister of Johanna

Angela (Kiltary) Con Sartra

(Born 732) - Dowager Queen of Eltrandor. Known to be a Mind Mage.

Other Family Members

Palathar Con Sartra

(Born 758) - The Baron of Marden

Laric Con Sartra

(Born 759) - Husband of Yvette

Yvette Con Sartra

(Born 765) - Wife of Laric

Cassandra Con Sartra

(Born 780) - Child of Laric and Yvette who was born on the 8th of Frost.
She is a quiet, plain-looking young women (PB15), some 5ft 7 inches in height with long raven black hair and green eyes.
She has wisely rebuked the many suitors who want her hand in marriage as a means of attaining wealth and power. She possesses a sharp intelligence, has a keen sense of politics and an uncanny ability to predict the actions of other nobles and political figures.

Jorgia Con Sartra

(Born 780) - Child of Laric and Yvette, born on the 8th of Frost.
She is a vibrant, strong-minded and independent woman. She grew up away from the courtly life, so she speaks and acts from her heart without regard to the social consequences. She's managed to create quite a stir every time she shows up at the Royal Court in Eltran, but she doesn't care as her home is on horseback, riding the plains.
At 27 years of age she is still a 'tomboy' who has become an expert rider, hunter and archer (especially from horseback) and who excels at practical tasks. The common folk love her because she treats them with kindness and genuine compassion. Much to her father's chagrin she has even accompanies hunters and the like on brief trips. She has PB 18, is some 5ft 10 inches in height with long cinnamon hair and deep blue eyes.

Victorya Con Sartra

(Born 782) - Child of Darysh, born on the 4th of Frost. She is a fetching (PB19) young woman who has recently returned from finishing schools in Artzdorf & Flugelheim and other locales. She knows all of the social graces and intricacies of the Court. She is the ambassador to Carzala and is based in Seagate. She has held the post since Spring 804 when the new embassy in Seagate was completed.
She in the grand tradition of many western noblewomen keeps a close watch of events. She is skilled at seduction and many other political skills. She keeps close tabs on the game players who live at the noble court and has become a sharp game player (especially 'shah' and other strategic games).
She is 5ft 11 inch tall with long strawberry blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes.

Ravy Con Sartra

(Born 760) -