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Location County Grobbety, Aladar
Government Barony - Baron Silvercrest
Population ~10,600

Western Church:
Other Religions:
Demon Worship:








– Property Tax:
– Bonding rate:
– Visitor Tax:

% per annum
% of goods' value/month

Exports Wool

This large barony is an inhospitable one but important to trade and economy due to its natural resources and position along the trade roads and coast of Aladar.

The bulk of this barony consists of rugged hills and mountans that produces a strong and hardy folkhardy. Travel through the deep valleys and dense packed hills of this Barony is difficult and there are few paths leading to the higher peaks.

Around 10,600 citizens is the stable population of the Barony but this is dependant on the season and work conditions in the Barony and throughout the realms. In peak transport and market season this figure increases to around 13,000 and in deep winter this drops to around 9,000 citizens. This population is spread widely across a Barony that is largely hills and mountains. The population is around 75% human with the rest made up mainly of Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves and Hobbits. A small number of giants and other races live deep in the hills but seem to have good relations with those around them.

The populace is openly tolerant to new people, ideas and races.


The Humboldt years

The Barony was held by the von Humboldt family from 630-796 when the last of the family Brendin von Humboldt (now known to have been a Vampire Necromancer), rebelled against his liege-lord (the Count of Grobbety) and openly fielded an 'army' of undead troops who started to terrorize and kill the local populace while the battles of the Baronies war were happening further North near Novalar.

The Count despatched one of his capable knights - Kern Silvercrest & some of his associates along with two companies to deal with the rebellion. Kern retook the Barony and deposed the Baron but not before he had decimated his Barony and the adjoining Barony of High-peaks. The Count as a reward for service during the Baronies war and in retaking the Barony granted it to Kern along with the dilapidated adjoining Barony which had suffered due to its neighbour and all the horrors that abounded during that time.

The von Humboldt family almost died out the day Kern killed the ex Baron but Kern and his troops rescued a baby boy (Hubert)from the burning ruins of the townhouse which was passed to Count Grobban as his ward who fostered him to good parents of faithful loyal retainers.

The Silvercrest Years

Over the past 10 years Kern has rejuvenated the barony and transformed it from a dilapidated backwater with low population and morale into a well run barony with content citizens until an unfortunate diplomatic incident in Snow 806wk. On the 6th of Snow 806wk Kern was stripped of his lands and title and exiled from Grobbety in Aladar.

Humboldt returns

Hubert von Humboldt becomes Baron of Steinhugel on the 6th of Snow 806 under the regency of Eyrc von Flegg, Roland Marsh and Ambyr Whitebrow who will rule in his stead until he reaches his majority in Spring 812. Hubert forgives Kern his errors and allows Kern to take any of the troops who wish to uproot themslves from Steinhugel and follow Kern to his other lands and mercenary life. Hubert has seen Kern as a father figure all his life and Kern leaves behind some of his most trusted personal guards to continue protecting Hubert and form the core of his new guard.


It has Coastal exposure but is mainly hills, and is located in south-west Aladar.

This is a foothills/mountain holding of some 530 sq Miles

  • 51% of the area is Hills/Mountains
  • 15% is Plains
  • 11% are Woods
  • 8% are Arable Highlands
  • 15% are Highland Pasture
Sandstyne Hills

A range of Hills North of Rycheim and has Lake Dunklewasser nears its centre.

Silvercrest Keep

This keep and home to the Baron of Steinhugel is situated west of Alpersbach and on the northern shore of Lake Dunklewasser.

Alpersbach River

This river which flows down from Lake Dunklewasser drops 200 feet over the 10 miles of its length from its height in the hills to the sea level at Rycheim Bay. River traffic and the passage of barges were enabled by the building of the Dewar Locks in 507.

Dewar Locks

Built by Hamish McDavyt the Dwarven Engineer and Lord of Dewarburg in 507. The locks are large and sturdy having only been 'closed' 4 times over the last 3 hundred years twice for maintenance and once due to an 'accident'.

Castle Steinhugel

This castle was a proud and strong fortress until it fell into disrepair after it was sieged and sacked by an orcish army in the Autumn of 680. The ruinination of the fortress was increased when successive lords took stone to build other fortifications, bridges and structures or to simply sell. Baron Silvercrest started a restoration project in 802 and bought in some Dwarven masons that completed the structure in 805wk.



This is the main town and port in the Barony of Steinhugel and is on the south coast trade route between Zumalar and Freetaun. It is built on a promontory jutting out into Rycheim Bay, alongside the final stretch of the Alpersbach River and with Vistwerk Inlet on its southern side. These geographical conditions have created a strong town nestled safely on the cliffs with ready access to the sea and a deep, hazard free harbour for trade. The town has a substantial fishing fleet as well as being the main port for ore and other goods barged down the Alpersbach River from the inland mines and other areas.

The mayor of this busy town is Drem Ingraham (who has held the post since 785) and he heads the Rycheim Council (of 8 elected townsfolk) who direct and control the towns affairs.

This elected council of 8 includes the mayor (who heads the council and has a deciding vote should the council be deadlocked over a decision) and a number of respected townsfolk from business, trade or the local families. The Mayor makes the day to day decisions for the town and the council meets every second week on the W'ansday. If a member of the council is absent then their vote for any decision in front of the council is 'Nay' until their return. This is a result of a ruling passed many years ago to avoid actions being taken by the council which took advantage of absent members.

Council Members are:


A Dwarven community in the Sandstyne Hills, founded by Hamish McDavyt the Dwarven Engineer in 507. It is built into the hills overlooking the Dewar locks and is home to some 150 Dwarves and assorted others. The community lives by mining and operating the locks to allow river traffic (for a toll) up and down the Alpersbach River


Mines and Quarries

Hogans Mine
Drayvn Mine
Talvars Mine
Brygt Mine
Morys's Quarry
Kaplan Quarry
Ryce's Face
Wylsh's Quarry


This Barony within County Grobbety is held by a Baron on behalf of the King of the Western Kingdom.

Baron Steinhugel rules the Barony and he has 24 knights who hold manors within the Barony and are responsible for the peace and security of populace in their local area as well as the Barony overall. These knights hold some official and bureaucratic power but will hold some 'issues' over for the Baron. The Barony has very good relations with the fief's surrounding it and they cooperate to keep down instances of banditry and lawlessness.

The baron has bought with a number of fine and upstanding individuals who work hard developing relations with the populace and have been successful in doing so.

People of Note/Importance

  • Janus Vladeck, Steward of Steinhugel
  • Eyrc von Flegg, Scribe of Steinhugel
  • TBA, Court Mage of Steinhugel


Market Days are held every Sunday and Major Fairs are held monthly on the 16th of the Month.


The barony is known for its Quarried stone (Marble, Sandstone, Granite etc), High Quality Clay, some woods and other metal ores from Mines deep in the hills. Most types of Products are available here with metal products being in good supply.


Most professional services are available in the Barony.

Quality of Goods & Services


The Miners Guild is based in Alpersbach.


Most Religions are tolerated in the Barony except for Demon/Devil Worship and any involving humanoid sacrifices. In the event that any religion is viewed as being 'abhorrent' the case will be passed to the Baron or his appropriate representative for the case to be heard and judged.


Crime and Punishment

Mundane Crime

Magical Crimes


The Stoneguard

These are the elite troops drawn from the Regiment and through superior skill that comprise the personal guard for the Baron and his family. There are 80 Stoneguard troops with half being on leave every 3 months which means the troops are dedicated and focused when on duty. The Stoneguards have a fearsome reputation and several are officers capable of leading sizable formations if the need arises.

Members of the Stoneguard include

  • Rebecca Devara is a Human Stoneguard trooper and she is a specialist Mechanician as well as having some skills in Ranger, Mil Sci and Warrior.
  • Legan Gamrin is an Elven Stoneguard Corporal and he is a Pathfinder of great skill.
  • Sophia Hume is a Dwarven Stoneguard Corporal and she is a Healer of great skill.
  • Yvonne Hume is a Dwarven Stoneguard trooper and she is an accomplished Warrior and Beastmaster.
  • Barry Lucio is a Human Stoneguard trooper and he is a skilled Ranger.
  • Goll Lyndel is a Human Stoneguard trooper and he is an accomplished Warrior.
  • Angeline Obee is an Elven Stoneguard Sergeant and she is a skilled Warrior and weaponsmith.
  • Joyce Ryldon is a Human Stoneguard trooper and she is an Armourer.
  • Peynt Trildar is a Gnome Stoneguard trooper and he is an Armourer and Weaponsmith.
  • Hargan Wylan is a Dwarven Stoneguard trooper and he is a skilled Healer.
  • Nathan Yandal is an Elven Stoneguard Lieutenant and he is an accomplished Warrior.

Steinhugel Militia

The Baron is responsible for fielding some 500 men in the time of war to serve the Count should he call them up. In order to satisfy this condition should it ever arise the Baron formed the Steinhugel Regiment as well as creating a class of Yeoman and professional Men at Arms known as the Steinhugel Militia which has a strength of around 500-1000 troops. The Militia trains together 4 times a year in one of the 5 training areas within the barony.

Steinhugel Regiment

The knights are responsible for day-to-day order in the Barony and they comprise the Steinhugel Regiment along with the Yeoman and Militia. The full strength of the Regiment is some 900 troops but the normal strength of the Regiment is 3-500 troops distributed around the barony - mainly in population centres but also on random patrols throughout the realm. The Regiment is well versed in tactics and combat, having seen a lot during the Baronies war and recently against rebel uprisings and bandit lords.

Members of this regiment include

  • Vyncent de la Varain is the Elven Knight Captain of the Steinhugel Regiment and he is a skill Military Scientist and Mechanician.
  • Roland Marsh is a Human Knight Lieutenant in the Steinhugel Regiment and he is a Military Scientist.
  • Rekos Marsh is a Human Knight in the Steinhugel Regiment and he is a fine Warrior.
  • Ambyr Whitebrow is a Human Knight in the Steinhugel Regiment and she is a Warrior and Military Scientist

Post 806 the regiment was disbanded and reformed with its retained troops as the Humboldt Regiment

The Humboldt Regiment

This regiment was formed from the remaining troops from the Steinhugel Regiment in late 806wk.