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Teleri Silverfoam is an Elven Namer played by Michael. Married to Katerina of Borovia.

Lord Admiral Silverfoam in the tropics

Magic overview
High MA+WP Namer — The average standard Special Namer spell Rank is in the low teens — but does have Rank 20 Scry Shield and is happy to cast it ritually for Guildmembers of good standing. Non-standard magic: Rivers of the Mage (very obvious overland transport of ships), Water&Wind proofing (vessels & people). Has several standard Thaumaturgical G.K. spells as S.K. spells (esp. Rk 20 Locate); also a few Water & Air spells. He counts as both an Aquatic and an Avian.

Max Rank (10) Military Scientist, Navigator, Troubadour, Mechanician; Courtier.
Master Professions: Healer (8 non-resurrecting); Philosopher (8) Spy 8;
Master Artisan skills: Shipwright(9); Lensmaker/mirrormaker (8); Sailmaker (8).

Languages (& Read/written forms):
Drow 9, R&W(elven); Dwarvish 9, R&W(Runic); Eldaran [ancient Elven] 8, R&W(drakonic); Elvish 10, R&W(elven); Erelhain [Kin lu] 10 R&W,(character Rk 10); Halfling 8, R&W(Runic); Quechan 5; Frog-Elvan [Terra Nova] Rk 4.
Common 9, R&W(westr); Destinian 7, R&W(w); Folksprach Rk 8, R&W(w), LaLange ,7 R&W(elven);
Silent Rk 6.

Usually contactable at Seagate & Borovia Hold