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The Sartoris family is one of the nine aristocratic families that own most of Borderlay.

This family is an old one, having been in Borderlay since around 526WK. They have grown rich with their family holding that are diversified across the realm and their family itself has leveraged their wealth and now boasts several lines across other realms of the WK and now includes Viscounts, Barons and Lord High Admirals of Aladar amongst their family honours. They are very wealthy and are known for their good quality Cognac known as the Black Pearl that is the most expensive bottle of non-magical wine in the known world.


Chateau Sartoris

Significant Family Members

Davydd Sartoris

Lord High Admiral of Aladar

Gerrard Sartoris

Master of Cellars at Chateau Sartoris. Male human 6'3" PB 21, E&E of reasonable ability. He is a high ranked merchant with a specialty in wine and related goods, he has been shown to have prowess in unarmed combat, he has well chiseled refined features and said to be 'well built'.

Gerrard is a man of refinement and taste along with a sizable streak of ruthlessness

Gustav Sartoris

Current Lord of Chateau Sartoris and head of the family.

Joseph Sartori

Baron of Ravens Keep

Children: Elfriede, Mindy, Madawg.

Siblings: One brother (Bertha) and two sisters (Bethel and Dania)

Xavier Sartoris (b777wk -)

Viscount of Zumular in Aladar since 3 Blossom 806wk

Other Family Members

Chay Sartoris

Cousin to Gerrard. Chooses to work as a Forester on the Sartoris Estates. Killed and partially eaten by Wolves and Dire Wolves 9 Frost 809wk, required several weeks regeneration afterwards.

Oustman Sartoris

Cousin to Gerrard. Gentleman Philosopher (knows all but has experienced nothing).

Rumours or gossip associated with the family

One rumour has that the family has the font of eternal youth in its basement while another a vast source of healing that enables the family to shrug off illnesses and disease that lay waste to other families. It is said that the family found these treasures in a nearby dragons horde some 3 centuries ago but none of the family feel inclined to discuss such matters