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I started playing DQ way back in 1994 and although I took a 2 year break when my first child was born have I had one of my characters out almost every session since 1999.

I GMed my first DQ game in the summer of 2003-2004 and so far have run a number Adventures to planes of my own creation. It is my hope to be able to continue to GM regularly from now on.

Characters Past and Present




  • Rolf; Male Shapechanger (Wolf), he was a Namer.
    In the autumn of 797 while on his second adventure, in a graveyard somewhere in the Brastor - Greenwood area, he was turned into a Greater undead and has since been layed to rest by another guild party.

Planes and locations I use

  • Palaeolithica, a link/buffer between Alusia and the planes on which I run my Adventures.
  • Iska, The areas of this plane parties have visited are a large area of jungle wilderness with isloated settlements, and Towns where the guards keep order (for towns coucils made up of merchant guilds), and a long river valley on the edge of a desert.
    Iska supposed to be my location for medium adventures.
  • Frigidia, a dying low mana world, beware the canibalistic Ogrin.
  • Rue, Not a world for bunnies, its supposed to be my main location for high adventures.
  • Sol, New home to the Paradise Settlers. Its supposed to be my main location for low adventures.

Stuff being worked on

Thorns Landing Bolton manors village.
Bolton Manor's Portal
The Celestial Elements of Light and Dark

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Finished ? pages

Thorn's Tactics for Adventuring Parties