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Engalton is a male human Grey wizard of great skill. Engalton is a high++ level character and played by Jono.

Engalton OM riding
Redwood Family arms
Redwood Family arms

Engalton has not been seen in public since the death of Liessa.

Count Engalton OM of Newhaven

Count Engalton Redwood OM of Newhaven, Holder of the Alusian Cross and Protector of Novadom. Engalton was the husband of Countess Liessa who was an exceptionally accomplished adept of the college of Sorceries of the Mind, until her ascension in Autumn 808WK. Engalton age often changes and often he looks thirty. Engalton OM as at 15th of Frost 807 has been given the title 'Count of the Newhaven' by Duke Leto of Carzala.

Other people describe Engalton as determined, confident and self-assured to the point where others often think of him as a megalomaniac. Engalton has received the 'Order of Merit' from the Western King. Engalton attended and passed with flying colours from the school of 'suffer not an Imp to live' which extends to other evil creatures. Preferring the direct approach when dealing with villains, he often goes to extremes to resolve issues. He is a follower of the Urielites and Raphaelites but not pacted.

If Engalton OM is seen in public in Seagate, it is with Erzsabet. Engalton was once the E Engalton Adventure History

Normal Entourage