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Logan Bury is a Human male E&E Mage played by Neil Davies.

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Count Logan of Soulport is a tall slim gentleman, modestly spoken and generally recognised as having a warm and friendly disposition.

He is pleasant looking, with a hint of "animalistic" attraction about him that is difficult to pin down. His dark brown eyes are offset by his more golden-brown hair which curls when worn longer. Logan normally wears fine clothing that accentuates his attractiveness.

Logan often carries around a beautiful staff kindly commissioned for him by the people of the Lunar Empire after a mission saving the Empire from certain doom (year 979). He generally carries this both in the Empire and within Seagate.



Logan is married to Princess Karyna of Eltrandor, gaining the title of Count of Soulport. Logan now spends most of his time in Soulport, although regularly spends time in the Lunar Empire.

Lunar Empire

Logan has worked for Duke Leto of Carzala in a capacity as ambassador to the Lunar Empire and is a wealthy, well respected and liked member of the Lunar social elite. He is known to have the ear of Titus Flavous Valentius Stabilius, called Valentius and has been bestowed the official title of Emperial Enchanter of the Lunar Empire.

His official residence is a Palace within Luna City. Balls and Banquets are regular events in the social calendar at the Palace, and Logan is known to be a superb dancer seen dancing with many throughout a night. He frequently both attends and puts on these and other social events, as well as entertaining various dignitaries on smaller scales.

He has a total team of approximately 150 Guardsmen working for him, with 5-6 personal protectors regularly traveling with him when within the Lunar Empire.


Logan was the founding Baron of Newhaven, passing on the role in 803wk to Engalton Redwood. As such there is a continued close relationship between Logan and Newhaven.

The Bury estates include a particularly fine manor at the eastern edge of of Newhaven harbour. The manor has particularly magnificent evening views looking over sculptured gardens to the bay and the retreating sun. This residence is more recently used as a discrete and private retreat for Logan and guests, but otherwise made available to Newhaven County and used as longer term accommodation for visiting dignatories and hosting small multi-day events.

Well Known Abilities

  • Can detect and locate sources of scrying.
  • Has Rank 20 Greater Enchantment and can make them permanent.
  • Is accomplished dancer in any and all types dance.
  • Has a small pocket dimension, often referred to as "Logan's Lounge".
  • Had an intimate experience with the forces of life that has improved his courtier skills.
  • Is filthy rich.

Rumours and Stories

  • It is rumoured that Logan sleeps on a pile of gold.
  • Logan is believed to have the monopoly on permanent "Greater Enchantments" within the Empire, which if true is certainly one reason for his excessive wealth.
  • Logan is believed to have paid a fine of one million silver to the Lunar Empire for crimes by a party he employed.
  • Logan seems to have started talking to himself.

Adventuring History

Q2 Autumn - Mezzo Volta Suffering
Q3 Winter - Sword Of McFergus
Q4 Spring - Paris Dolls / To Catch A Thief
Q1 Summer - Return to OZ #2 / Find the Cowardly Lion
Q2 Autumn - The Stonecutters ("rescue nasty dwarves")
Q4 Spring - Lost Inheritance / Mordag's Finger
Q4 Spring - (Mordags Finger)
Q1 Summer - NewHaven Manor
Q2 Autumn - Kel's Rune Goblins / Goblin Hunt
Q3 Winter - Death Wish
Q3 Winter - Wyvern Hunt
Q3 Winter - Rescue the Damsel
Q3 Winter - Six go Mad in Calder
Q3 Winter - Return to Basilisk Isle
Q4 Spring - The Elven Crystals
Q4 Spring - Mellar's Maze
Q1 Summer - Arabian Adventure
Q3 Winter - Black Mage Mange / Reflection of Black Mages
Q4 Spring - Calamari Stew (Many Lifeforms Present)
Q1 Summer - Waters of the White River
Q2 Autumn - Rescue the Idiots ("Lest we Forget")
Q3 Winter - Lord Azure's Minions
Q4 Sprint - Qui Vigiles Vigilent
Q1 Summer - Behold the Beholder
Q1 Summer - Holiday Adventures
Q3 Winter - Where the Wind Blows
Q4 Spring - Under the Tuscan Sun
Q1 Summer - (Scouting the Games)
Q2 Autumn - The Siege of Novadom
Q1 Summer - (Festival of the Arts)
Q2 Autumn - Crystal Ship
Q3 Winter - Save A Prayer
Q1 Summer - S.P.E.
Q1 Summer - Reflections and Visitations