Lunar Empire

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The Lunar Empire


The Lunar Empire is for the most part land locked. It has a population of around 12 million and is divided into the Lunar Provinces. It is located at the eastern end of the Islands of Adventure, and the two interface cities on the edge of the Empire are both outside the glow lines and so are not under the same control of the High Guilds as is in the Empire proper. The Empire is lead by Titus Flavous Valentius Stabilius.

South-west: Human 92%, Hobbits 2%, Dwarf 2%, Giants 1%, Dragonewt 0.5% Others: 1.5%
West: Human 95% Giants 5%
Northern central: Humans 99% 
Lunar City: Humans 98%, Dwarfs 1%, Storm Giants 00.3%
South east: Humans 90%, Dwarfs 5%, Hobbits 1%, Dragonewts 1%, Storm Giants 1%

When any Giants are present, it is polite and expected, that others speak Giant (often Storm).
* South-west: Five-Sisters-Trader 90+% , Lunar 100%, Common 30%, Storm Giant 20%, Dwarf & Orc 5%
* North central: Five-Sisters-Trader 50%, Lunar 100%, Storm Giant 15%, Dwarf 5%
* Around Lunar City: Lunar 100%, Storm Giant 10%
* Central and east: Lunar 100%, Dwarf 5%
* South east: Lunar 90%, Storm Giant 20%, Dwarf 20%, Dragonewt 10%
* Literacy 5% predominately Lunar City, Cognitum City, and Tycho City.
* Read Guild Arms 75%
* Some say all the High Guilds have secret language.


The Empire is made up of Lunar Provinces, Lunar City and The Block. The great Parthais City was the capital of the old Republic. These days it is for the most part peaceful.

In and around the Empire are the three great cities of Lunar City, Cognitum City, and Tycho City. Today the capital city is Lunar and boasts just under a million people, which is almost the same size as the huge independent trading city of Tycho. Cognitum City is still part of the Empire and is the main port other than Tycho.

Tycho trades with many ships with spices, silks, fur, grain, wood, and gems in large quantities. The ships and free traders come from all over the Islands of Adventure. It is said that everyone in Tycho is a trader.

Around 250 years ago the Republic was involved in a huge civil war. It lasted for over 25 years of constant warfare. On all sides of the war were large political factions. The powerful factions and alliances, often held sway over many of the regiments and garrisons of the Republic. In those days Mages where few in numbers. Often the more powerful leaders where 'pacted' to Demons. Battles were horrific and catastrophic with huge death tolls.

The war suddenly ended in two short years with the opening of the glow lines. The lines were started by what came to be known as the Inquisition who maintain them to this day. Ironically the lines eminate out from the temples. They protect the area inside the glow lines from the effects of extra-planner creatures and controls, such as Imps Devils, Demons, Pacts, Elementals etc.

The Inquisition were added by the guilds and Storm Giants which have since become the 14 High Guilds within the Empire. To this day the Guilds each hold monopolies over an area of commerce.

With the 'pacted' leaders no longer able to gain the support of their patrons they were all executed and the new Empire replaced the Republic. The Emperor summoned the leaders from the provinces and elevated them to Senators. The Senators were and are still charged with the power of local government and to protect the Empire. Regions on the borders are required to maintain a standing Garrison of the Empire. Within the Empire slavery is legal. Slaves can theoretically at any point opt to join the army for 20 years and then become freemen and citizens of the Empire. Most slave owners discourage this.

Independent of the Senators is the Army. The Army maintains a force of 1 in 20 people. It is involved in all the large civil works within the Empire as well as wars. Most of the Empires Army and Garrisons are made up of ex-slaves.

The deployment of the army to any new regions tends to place a huge strain on the local economy as the local lords have to provide at cost normally a large amount of the food for the troops, and is often used as a tool to deplete a region that is growing too independent or prosperous.

Within the Lunar Empire are the fifteen provinces of: