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A land-locked area, comprised, generally speaking, of highlands and goats.

To the North-West and North is Duchy of Drakenburg, to the West is the Kingdom of Eltrandor , to the South-West is the Mountains of Brack, far to the south beyond the Mountains of Brack and the Pagan Mountains is Duchy of Brandenburg & Kingdom of Glissom, to the South-East is the Duchy of Aladar and the Duchy of Aquila lies both to its North East and East.

GM's with an interest or details of this area

  • Chris C


This information was current as of 780WK

Humans: 12,000
Halflings: 25,000
Sheep and Goats: 900,000
Languages: Common 90%, Halfling 80%, Goat 20%

Cauldersfield is a largely rural area with no large settlements or towns larger than 400 families. Mostly, the wild highlands and hills are populated by hardy, healthy Humans and small Halflings. They spend most of their time trying to make schnapps, and cheese. Any time left over is devoted to stealing other people's schnapps and cheese. Sheep and goats have been known to be herded on the hillsides.
Goats and round cheese passes for local currency. Almost everyone in Cauldersfield has some goats.

At the Eastern end of the Cauldersfield range is the Dwarven stronghold of Kingdom Guards. Every 8 years or so, approximately 2,000 Dwarves travel through the area from the North to get to the stronghold.

So this information is current as of 810WK

The proximity of the Pagan Mountains and other such 'wild' unclaimed areas means that some of the population detailed herein would likely be classed in that area if it was a realm or readily definable. Thus the population numbers here are likely 70-85% correct (according to the Western Kingdom Cartography Guild master) not withstanding other 'factors of importance'.

In recent decades the number of humans has risen dramatically from what it was (with refugees from various sides moving to Cauldersfield to escape various people, entities or organisations) while the number of Halflings' have remained steady. There has also been an influx of non-humans into the area (from the mountains to the south and other areas) which means there is now a significant number of Orcs & Goblins which are estimated to be around 15000 and a few groups of giants, ogre's, trolls and the have been seen locally. This population estimate doesn't preclude the existence of beings not noted herein and only really details known settlements of these beings with many others suspected but not confirmed.

The Halfling populations mainly live in the Forest of Deynn or along the Danybe River.

The population is estimated to be:

  • Human: 50,000, Halfling: 30,000, Orcs & Goblinoids: 15,000, Giant types: 1,000
  • Sheep and Goats: 700,000, Highland cattle 100,000 and various other beasts

There has been a number of terrible census takers gathering this information over the years and its the opinion of Lord Wilhelm du Bois of Deynn that the number detailed here are no less than 'balderdash'. The true populations of these races and especially humans is bigger by at least a factor of 3 and perhaps up to 8. The massive influx of 'refugees' from various realms has been absorbed into the multitude of locales throughout the realm where they would remain hidden from all but the most diligent census takers and estimators of population. So in summary, expect more of what is detailed here and be careful as you'd be surprised what you'd find if you looked hard enough.


  • 814wk

The marauders have almost all been lost but a few remain wreaking havoc across the near realms with sizable bounties on their heads. A few have even returned with great wealth that they have 'recovered' from war ravaged lands in the form of goods and also items apparently from both sides in the war. They keep marauding so we will see what next year bings

  • 813wk

The Drow Invasion was seen as an opportunity by many of the young Cauldersmen who went off to form marauders ravaging the backlines of the Western Kingdom, but the older men held back and instead looked to keep to themselves. Only time will tell but by the end of 813wk most of the marauders have become difficult to contact.


Cauldersfield has a great valley in the middle of the realm with 3 eastern mountain passes to Aquila (Erisberg, Bolar) and Aladar. The western end of the realm is open and mainly ends in a large lake/swamp (Lake Panatanala) and attendant river systems as well as the northern edge of the Mountains of Brack. The capital of Cauldersfield is the town of Caulderveld. The mountains surrounding the realm on the southern, eastern and half the northern borders provide a unique climate and a number of geographic challenges. The eastern end of the realm is mostly mountains although 3 passes lead out of Cauldersfield into neighbouring realms but provide exit to several different areas as the central pass leads to a midway highland valley from which hardy travellers can choose multiple paths.



The town has a population of around 5,000 people. Caulderveld town itself is raised above the surrounding water by 10ft, which is the accumulated residue of silt and rocks that have accumulated here and then topped off with huge stone blocks to enable the building of structures here. The Town Wall has been built from solid stone blocks which are suspected to have come from 'The Rock' and these enclose the town to a height of 20ft with taller towers every 200ft which go up to 40ft.

  • Caulderveld Crag

This is the keep in central Caulderveld which sits on a huge rock outcrop (The black rock of Caulderveld) rising above the town level by 100ft. "The Crag" as it's known is a solid square structure taking up 60% of the top of the rock while leaving 30% enclosed in a walled courtyard and the rest of the area used for egress (the path or the lift chimney's etc) or the small area left to allow walks around the edge of the rock.

  • The Red rock of Caulderveld

This is a huge piece of blood-red rock rising 100ft straight up from the land on which the town of Caulderveld has grown. The rock is 100ft high by 1000ft square and the rock itself is almost square apart from rocky sides that protrude or are inset a little. The rock has been chipped away over the eons and an 12ft wide path now climbs around the outside edge of the rock (at an angle of 10 degrees) allowing passage up to Caulderveld Crag and down from there into the town proper. The other means of egress are several chimneys that are natural formations in the side of the rock which are generally utilised by lifts operated by pulleys that lift goods and people up to the top or down to the bottom.

  • Caulderveld docks

The town has a set of docks to enable the transfer of goods from land to water and vice versa. The docks are reasonably sized with the largest being 80ft long and 15ft wide. The vessels that use the docks ply their trade across Lake Pantanala


Axente Severus






The settlement of Saschez is commonly referred to as "the Scum Huts", as it is a collection of primitive mud huts. A lack of timber for building in the region, combined with abject poverty in the dispossessed inhabitants, led to the haphazard development of this hive of scum and villainy.

The escaped slaves, beggars, thieves, and brigands that live here (numbering around 2000 in the nearby hills, caves and actual town proper) are collectively known as "Scumies". The inhabitants eke out a bare living from the local hills but most if they are capable can be assembled into mercenary bands willing to serve in foreign armies, in hopes of sacking an unprotected village or two.

The town is dirty; lacking infrastructure, sanitation, and exports, this pitiful place survives mainly because no nation wishes to take the trouble to wipe it out. The unofficial ruler of this wretched town at present is Sajni who is a very smart and cunning woman of indeterminate age but possessed of extremely shrewd business and diplomatic acumen.

Valea Victoris

Castles, Towers and other such structures

Narb Castle

Selep Castle

Rosilep Castle

Razal Castle

Daynuh Castle

Okim Tower

Saragaf Tower

Mountain Passes

  • Gutu Pass. This is the most northerly pass between the mountains proper and a set of high hills
  • Strigoi's Pass. This is the central pass that leads to the Strigoi plateau which is a long highland valley full of life in the midst of cold, dark and looming mountains. Travellers from here can choose to exit in Bolar or Aladar.
  • Nosfor's Pass. This is the southern pass that leads to Norwmarch. A little known path will allow passage to another Aladarian province.

Forest of Deynn

Shadowspin River

This is a navigable river that flows south from the Lake Panatanala catchment area and defines the borders of Eltrandor, Cauldersfield, Drakenburg, Mountains of Brack, Pagan Mountains and Glissom

Danybe River

This large river is in central Cauldersfield

Local Borders

The borders between Drakenburg and Cauldersfield are more volatile than the demarcation line on the maps would indicate. E.g. the light woods to the north that define the border between Drakenburg, Aquila and Cauldersfield are in fact contested territory and constantly 'raided' or 'patrolled' depending on who is talking. The various realms in fact vigorously enforce their realm borders based on towers that each has built in the area around the woods and from which they base 'patrols'.


Cauldersfield Title - the equivalent rank/position - the # of such ranks

  1. Zupan – Leader/King - 1 (there can be only 1)
  2. Prinz – Prince – the son of the king, femenine is Prinzess - these is a variable number of these, but the current Zupan Herkym Sozet has 9 children to 3 different woman - his wife and 2 others.
  3. Boyar – Duke - Max of 3
  4. Ispan – Count/Earl - Currently 9
  5. Zagbaro – Baron - Currently 66
  6. Nemesek – A noble lord/lady, this is a title between Knight and Baron - variable number
  7. Magnificus Vir – A high Court Official (one of 13) – The role has a court rank equiv of a Count/Earl
  8. Udvari – Royal Guard Knights – limited to the top 100 knights of prowess and loyalty
  9. Voivode – Town/Village - Governor/Mayor - variable number
  10. Hetman – Clan Leader - there is a variable number of these but it is only the great clans. Lessor clans are generally represented by the major clan leader.
  11. Vitez – Knight or Warrior of freeman birth or better - variable number
  12. Armalis - Guard - variable number
  • The Zupan has a Royal Court but every season he holds a Conclave where all with titles can attend and make cases to the Zupan for which cause they have or grievance they hold.
  • The Voivode's look after a village or town and have great power there but this only extends to the walls of the town or village. All Voivode's are assigned by the Zupan, Boyar or Ispan of the area they are located within BUT they are generally hereditary unless the local overlord (Ispan, Boyar or Zupan) has an issue with them or their heirs in which case they may petition the Zupan for the removal of the Voivode unless there is a case of insurrection or rebellion in which case they may act first and discuss later. Note Insurrection or rebellion would result in the inhabitants of the town or village being decimated unless the ringleaders 'front up'.


  • Boldizsar Sozet (b782wk), the Zupan of Cauldersfield from Spring 817wk. He is the first son of Herkym Sozet the previous Zupan of Cauldersfield.
  • Herkym Sozet, (b760) the ex-Zupan of Cauldersfield. He is married to Bianka Arpad (b763) and he ascended to be Zupan upon the death of his father in 785WK until ill-health forced his retirement in Spring 817wk
  1. Boldizsar (m) of Cauldersfield, (b782) son of Herkym Sozet the Zupan of Cauldersfield & Bianka Arpad (b763). Zupan from 817wk
  2. Alexander (m) of Cauldersfield, (b782) son of Herkym Sozet the Zupan of Cauldersfield & Bianka Arpad (b763)
  3. Gyula (m) of Cauldersfield, (b784) son of Herkym Sozet the Zupan of Cauldersfield & Bianka Arpad (b763)
  4. Hajna (f) of Cauldersfield, (b786) daughter of Herkym Sozet the Zupan of Cauldersfield & Eviki Zobole (b766)
  5. Ilona (f) of Cauldersfield, (b787) daughter of Herkym Sozet the Zupan of Cauldersfield & Eviki Zobole (b766)
  6. Jancsi (m) of Cauldersfield, (b790) son of Herkym Sozet the Zupan of Cauldersfield & Bianka Arpad (b763)
  7. Syrena of Cauldersfield, (b790) daughter of Herkym Sozet (b760) the Zupan of Cauldersfield & Bianka Arpad (b763). She was engaged as of Spring 810 to Lucius zu Soltz, son of Victor zu Soltz the Baron of Bad Hyndhausen – County Ostow - Aquila. They married in 812wk.
  8. Csilla (f) of Cauldersfield, (b792) daughter of Herkym Sozet the Zupan of Cauldersfield & Bianka Arpad (b763)
  9. Endre (m) of Cauldersfield, (b794) son of Herkym Sozet the Zupan of Cauldersfield & Chrystina Kund (b765)

Magnificus Vir

These are the high Court official, of which there can only be 13 due to ancient treatise. Each official has a court rank equiv of a Count.

  • Stavros Arpad - The Vizier. Stavros is a human male with a polished bald/shaved head and a long, thin 'oriental' moustache and he has he;d the position since 785WK. He offers advice to the Zupan on matters of politics, government, plotting, scheming, 'subtle tools of state'; and also carries out the Zupan's 'special instructions'. He has always been accorded a generous degree of discretion in carrying out his duties
  • The Seneschal
  • The Chamberlain
  • The Sage
  • The Mage
  • The Chancellor
  • The Majordomo
  • The Steward
  • The Falconer
  • The Hound Master
  • The Horse Master
  • The Keeper of the Seals
  • The Standard Bearer