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Henric Henrikson is a dwarven Mind Mage and brother to Bodric Henrikson of the Henrikson clan from the Zirac Holding of southern Ranke

Henric would like to become the greatest dwarven Mind mage in order to bring pride and prestige to his Holding and family. He is the oldest of his siblings and so attempts to lead in times of uncertainty in order to safeguard his brother and sister.

He is taking some time to adjust to all the changes in his life since he and his siblings left the holding and joined the SAG to see the world and all the changes have left him unsure of himself in a lot of circumstances where he has no control or idea of what's happening or what to do. He is teased a lot by his siblings but he takes this 'ribbing' in good spirit for now. His priorities are the lives of his sisters (even the annoying bard), his brother and then himself as he sees himself as the father figure in the family while they are away from home.


Henric adventures wearing special dwarven mail. He also has a suit of Dwarven (Zirac Mail) which is particularly well made and durable but doesn't interfere with spell casting unless the metal inserts are used. He carries a Morning Star or Quarterstaff which he capably welds and oft times a shield.


Henric is becoming a more worldly-wise dwarf as a result of his adventures with SAG parties and the experiences he has on these missions

  1. He was initially a shy and hen pecked (by his siblings) young dwarf
  2. He changed during the course of The Last Delivery to become more 'earthy' and focused
  3. He learned from the mistakes of others in What once was lost and again gained more confidence
  4. He has become a darker more questing style dwarf and has a harder edge to him than expected.

Unusual Events
  1. Henric learned some new magic during his time with some special books he read during the course of The Last Delivery
  2. Henric used some of his new found magic and became a stronger dwarf for it with the knowledge of his convictions and he gathered protection from his racial enemies
  3. Henric again followed his heart in What once was lost and when he and his party had defeated an enemy he learned from the experience becoming a better dwarf again

Seasonal Events


Winter 806

My siblings (Bodric, Mavric and Lyric) and I accompanied a group of Seagate adventurers to their nearby town to investigate why some special grain shipments had stopped. The SAG adventurers were Thoric, Avatriss and Victoria. We achieved their goals of finding out why the shipments had stopped and with the help of 30 crack dwarven troopers captured or killed the outlaws holding the village captive. I got to kill one of em with a superb Morningstar hit to the throat, yeah!

We all then got leave from Mum and Dad, to leave the Zirac mountain holding and accompany the SAG members to the guild as we have all shown some aptitude in magic.

I spent the rest of Winter Learning my college and practising weapons, and drinking lots....

Spring 806

I was one of a group that included Sam the Ork, Mavric, and Rahne who were invited by an off plane mage Mathius to rescue a kidnapped dwarven princess which we did, although I died once during this time.

We battled Goblins, orcs and came to terms with some very nicely attired elven women that looked 'dangerous'.


Once I returned from off-plane I joined the Carzalan Army to make me a better warrior and better develop my skills and co-ordination with others during combat.


Summer 807

I spent the summer with the Militia regiment of the Carzalan Army learning to fight better as well as small unit tactics. Mum will be so proud.

Autumn 807

I went on an adventure to the Novadom/Southern Brastor area - see How to win Friends. Afterwards stayed with Bodric at the trading post in Gryphons Pass

Winter & Spring 807

Stayed at the Trading post improving the land and buildings as well as staffing the 'Inn'

Summer & Autumn 808

Apprenticed to Liessa in Carzala

Winter 808

I spent the Winter with my old regiment of the Carzalan Army as travel was almost impossible with the heavy snows.

Spring 808

I did some work around old Seagate looking into the strange events there with my siblings and other guild members - See Black_Watch_Chronicles_III:_Tidings_of_Comfort_and_Joy. It all turned out well and at the end I went back to the Fort to do more work there.

Autumn 808 to Winter 809

Lots of work on the Inn/fort along with Bodric and Mavric and Lyric. The place is coming along well and there's a lot more trade along the route between Novadom and Brastor

Spring 809

In Spring 809 I adventured to help a dead man (Lafayette, deceased courier) fulfill his promise of completing his last delivery and we succeeded with a few complications along the way. I met some good people like Sven, Tegan, Daisy, Kayseri, Gobbo and I accompanied my sister Mavric to keep her safe.

Summer 810 to Summer 811

Since then I have had some time down at the Inn where I continued building/repairing more of the fort and we now have a 60ft stone tower at the southeastern end of the fort which provides a much greater viewpoint for the guards keeping an eye on the trails.

Autumn 811

I learned that the guards along the trail are being recalled and we will need to be responsible for our own security from the end of Spring 811.

Winter 811

I spent time at the Fort drilling with our new guards, practising formations, weapon handling and being guards. We have 8 cousins from Zirac and 6 more new dwarven friends who are being trained up to be guards as well as working at the Inn and the like. The winter is long and cold but we also manage more hard work developing muscles we didn't know some of us had and rolling, pulling, lifting and dragging more rock up to the walls for use in the next season or so and into piles in the nearby hills for use soon.

Spring 811

I adventured on a guild mission What once was lost and delved into the depths of Confederation Bay


I spent the year working at the Inn and finishing off some work there. The Gryphon Rangers and I spent a lot of time seeing off bandits and aiding travellers in the Hills. I sent missives to known Dwarven enclaves to get word from my brother Bodric as we are concerned with having no word of him for this time.




Summer 815wk

I was called to join some friends on Duskfalls_demise, namely Bromli, Lyric, Mario, Penni, Thaeuss and Mayhem and do taks as Dwarven consular representatives. It went well-ish!

Spring 815wk

I joined a group of adventurers doing good for the elves on Hot Fusion. I was with Alandis, Ithilmor, Lucius, Prudence, Thaeuss and Tegan. The elves aren't extinct yet so that must be a good thing.


The Inn took up much of my time this year with further development there with the increase in traffic along the roads and nearby settlement.


In Spring 817wk I joined a group of adventurers doing some interesting tasks for the good of the elves of Laudaugh. I was with some special guild members like Mayhem, Anooke, Pierre, Everan and Quentin Ulysses Ash. Something to do with demons from the shadow realm on a mission titled Air_Bastards_of_the_Shattered_Queen


Spent this year developing the area around the Inn further and started on some new buildings in the pass.


In winter 819wk I joined an unusual party on the adventure Series_of_Unfortunate_Events. The party included Thaeuss the Evil Binder, Bromli the dwarven Namer and warrior extraordinaire, Lady Cher the not that type of Binder, Mayhem the evil soul life and valuables shadow stealing shadow weaver and the Quixotic lady of the night Lila. We were hired to find Lorto who is a collection agent that is overdue > find him and bring him in. Then there are some debts to be collected too!.

We may have been involved in a jail break at Castle Greyhawk Prison but ...


In Winter 820wk i again joined a party adventuring where the weather is bit different from the bitter cold and snow driven mountains of home and the pub. We had a mission titled East_Hindia_TC and this time i have a whole lot of family along as both of my truely lovely sisters are coming along - it will be such such fun!






Henric's letter's to mum

Henric is a good Dwarven lad and regularly sends letters home to the clan.

Actual SGT Missions

  1. Favours from Zirac Holdings
  2. Assault on Kron
  3. How to Win Friends
  4. Black_Watch_Chronicles_III
  5. The Last Delivery Spring 809wk
  6. What once was lost Spring 811wk
  7. Duskfalls_demise Summer 815wk
  8. Hot Fusion Spring 815wk
  9. Air_Bastards_of_the_Shattered_Queen Spring 817wk
  10. Series_of_Unfortunate_Events Winter 819wk

Relative Level

as at 812wk

Henric is currently classed as Medium.

  • He doesn't have many items to enhance his abilities or skills and he is not blessed with magical aptitude so his magic costs him dearly as does any mind magic.

as at 820wk

Henric could be classed as Medium High but that's still to be seen. Still tracking on the path of being Alusias greatest living Dwarven Mind Mage ;-)