Series of Unfortunate Events

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: A Series of Unfortunate Events
GM: Dean Ellis
Season: Winter 819wk
Night: Thursday
Level: Medium

  • Mayhem - Halfling Shadow Weaver/Scout - Jim
  • Henric, the renowned Dwarven Mind Mage - played by Chris
  • Lady Cher, an Saurime Binder - Sean
  • Lila - Celestial - played by Kelsie
  • Thaeuss - Elven Binder - Stephen
  • Bromli, a Dwarven Warrior and Namer - Nick
Smith, Psmith and Smythe / Lorto
Lorto is a collection agent that is overdue, find him and bring him in. Then there are some debts to be collected.
10,000sp ea retainer. 10,000 bonus for recovering debt collector. Percentage of collections.


From the Guild

10 point Healing Potion x 6

From Blackshore

Rank 20 Enchantment from Rahne (12,000sp each)
Lucky Numbers from Rahne

Bromli -
Hendric 10
Leila 48
Mayhem 92
Cher 23
Thaeuss 86

From Slippery Rock

Restoratives up to Rank 10 (-12 EN, +24 FT)
Witch Skins: rat x 3, dog x 2, sheep x 2

Scribe Notes

Day 1

Hung out at the Guild and ran into this flunky. Looking for people help him out. Works for a crowd name of Smith, Psmith & Smhythe who're looking for a debt collector. Thought "I'm good at collecting debts, etc:. 'Pparently, already have someone in mind. Missing, but. Offering up to 10,000sp to find missing debt collector (plus salvage). There's a bunch of us: Thaeuss the Iniquitous, Lila the Becoming, Lady Cher, Hendric the Reaper and Bromli the Dwarf-wright. Not to forget me and my business partner, Hemlock.
So, anyway, flunky tells us to head down Rumble River and speak to real employer. He's just here to winnow chaff from wheat, he says. Buy Healing Potions from Guild (6 x 10 points) then head to Slipper Rock to buy Restoratives (up to Rank 10) and Witch Skins (3 x rat, 2 x dog, 2 x sheep). Later, flew down to Blackshore to buy Enchantments & horoscope from Rahne. Place is still empty, no doxies, not even a pub. Probably need more peasants etc. Anyway, after nice cup of tea and massive scone, fly up the Rumble River where Camdindell Soul Reaver hangs out. Did NOT land on Camdindell side of river. After bit of think, created Shadow Gate to get back here through Shadow, sucked the life out of me. Might have been the scone, but. Anyway, got into this long dinghy next to jetty. Dinghy untied itself and crossed over to grey, rectangular block of building. When closer, building changed and walls around towered structure with inner courtyard. Fucking big illusion, ask me.
So, met Camdindell, who has more than one "highest Ranked spell" when I read his shadow, took this as meaning as off the charts and stopped checking him out. Turns out, he is the actual employer. Has this mate, Maelstrom, who is not normal looking. Kinda spare and hair sticks out all over the place. It a he. Bloody ugly she, if not. Does a fair bit of elemental magic.
'Ccording to Camdindell, his other mate, Lorto has buggered off and not been seen for while, now. Didn't realise he'd gone 'cause he just wanders in when mood takes him. Had noticed that he'd been a bit odd recently, but. Ever since he helped create a magic defence against someone dropping giant rocks from the sky.
'Pparently, had to give up some of "himself" to create portal over building. Turns out he can create doors to other places using, well...doors. Anyway, they're guessing he's feeling glum about having part of soul sucked out when defences upgraded vis-a-vis dropping giant rocks. Maybe part of his soul that held all happy thoughts. Wouldn't know it to look at this place.
Anyway, got introduced to Camdindell's dad. Disappointing, really, 'cause hadn't even been caught with anything. Reckon this was a preemptive move on their part, 'cause this guy was well past it. He was so far past it he wasn't even dead any more. No need to discuss this any more.

Later that evening

So, shadow walk to Sanctuary, bribe our way past gates. Citadel is north corner of two walls next to river. Population around 18,000, rich people live in north, slums called Downwind; tanneries etc. The Maze on west side of wharf district. Pretty dangerous, 'pparently. Plenty of people moving around when we arrived, even though it was dark. Noticed elves, dwarves and other unhumans. Lots of smells, but no kids around. Pretty odd. Seems we being observed. Expected this.
Head to the Maze. Not very big, two, three blocks maybe. Mostly shanty town, buildings leaning on building, no real roads, mostly alleys, smelly, dirty, no obvious undead. Thaeuss demands some native lead us to Vulgar Unicorn to water and feed the dwarfs. He says they want the Vulgar Unicorn. Offends this guy. Par for the course.Guy stalks off, probably getting some mates to do us over later. Second time around, pointy eared bastard manages to convince this other guy who leads us there. Hendric ESPs and gets prevailing mental weather is survival mode. And how best to stab your enemies. And how best to stab people you barely know.
Anyway, find Vulgar Unicorn, sign has picture of unicorn with bloody big dick. Suppose that's why its vulgar. Make acquaintance of the barman, One Thumb, who "cleans" glasses with rag of infestation. I pass on drinking or eating here, and rent a pleasant doxy, who, it turns out, has couple of diseases. Meantime, Bromli gets a round in. 'Pparently, Sanctuary Pale Ale. This One Thumb pulls a sketch out from under the bar, which makes a change. Uaually weapons. Bromli says it's a picture of us all. One Thumb reckons should talk to people in booth (points). Bromli gets the round in and we head over to booth. Find a door on table and formerly living people casually lying about. I "search them for clues" and they have a few A & C Class weapons, some poison, 'nnointed weapons. Door's aura shows no destination, but previous destination hundreds of miles away, less than one thousand. Similar to Rune Portal. Connects destination with departure point for few moments then dissipates, so no ongoing connection. Thaeuss reckons destination in Western Kingdom but may be getting interference from door. 'ccording to Linking Lifeforce, Lorto in Western Kingdom. Thaeuss smells high quality perfume, and waves at high class woman (long living sentient, GTN Necrant, so not human). 'Pparently drained life out of people in booth. Seems pretty casual 'bout it. Name of Ischar and signature of magic is Necromancy. No one minds carnage so we decide not to raise alarm.
We head to bazaar to hook up with Ishard's seers, forget why. Probaby 'cause hungry. Come out of Maze in north west corner couple of hours from midnight. Silks, carpets, no djinn. Don't see anything magical. Head over to gypsy tents. Seer is human womane name of Illyra in her thirties, not colleged. Ishard tells seer that we're helping Shadowspawn (Lorto, 'pparently). Lila asks "Where will I be when I stop looking for Lorto?". The answer is somewhere on Greyhawk.
Walk shadow paths to Camdindell's place, tell him what we found so far. Ask Camdindell if he can get us to Greyhawk, and he goes outside with another door, fuck knows why. Reckons he can do it, no details but. Chat with Camdindell, reckons he can help out with venereal diseases. Seems like good plan. Mentions hardly any dissection.
Lila gets dark wolf made from void wolf bits, and special hunting abilities.

Once on Greyhawk we visit the offices of Smyth, Smyth and Smyth to get some local information, namely where Lorto usually hangs out. We are informed of 2 taverns in the city that he's most likely to frequent. Once is an upmarket place named xxx and the other a dive named xxx. We decide to visit the upmarket place first so as to get a feel for the place and try our luck.

We arrived at the xxx and asked subtly about our friend and were soon thereafter seated at a table that unusually had a door in/on it. We had a brief conversation with xxx and he explained that there was recently a fracas at the lower end bar that we were also interested in and that our mutual friend was involved.

We proceeded down to what was now an abandoned bar that showed much sign of use and violent events. We investigated and ascertained that our friend was in fact residing in the jail, next to the tourist attraction - the Greyhawk castle, the one rumoured to have a huge amount of treasure in it and so is frequented by treasure hunters looking for a quick score, but most often the castle gained whatever treasure the unfortunate hunters left behind on their cold dead bodies. Note this for a treasure attraction plan on Alusia!

Anyway we proceeded up to the castle and admitted as we said we were there to adventure in the castle and we paid our entrance fee. Once inside we hopped the walls to the next door jail, gained entrance via a hole in the wall, disabled a guard or two and descended into the jail below ground.

There we fought off water rats, and more to enter a miniaturised prison (again a great idea to save space) and rescued our friend.

We got away and talked with him while he rested up.

We decided to undertake a 'job' for him while we had time and so set off to kill xxx, the leader of xxx.

Day 9? In Greyhawk City sewers - after following the scent of our prey from the city municipal building

Into the lair

We made final preparations before heading into the underground home we'd tracked our quarry to. Two stone golems were ordered to guard our flanks in the sewers and so 1 went north 60ft and lurked in the deep shadows with orders to stop anyone coming from that direction, whilst the other golem went south for the same reason. With our flanks protected we enacted our plan and then the two door guards became statues and we entered the complex leaving Mayhem outside as the rear guard along with the nearby golems.

We proceeded into the complex which we judged (by dint of telepathy and ESP) to be some 4 levels in all with us on the top level that seems to be servants' quarters and such. Next down at level 2 we judged to be a working level of some sort. Level 3 seems to be the family quarters as I could detect children's minds sleeping down there and at least one guard. The bottom level seems an in-house gaol of some sort with unpleasant maltreated minds down there. We are mindful of the warning to avoid collateral damage and the lives of innocents and so we don't simply kill all we encounter and in fact are planning to subdue unless resistance is encountered.

We KO the cook and look around the top level before heading down to level 2 where we bypass the 2 guards at what seems to be another egress from the complex and proceed down towards level 3.

Level 3 has 2 guards which prove very difficult to take out and a loud combat ensues which we win in the end by the complex is alerted by the screams and such and so alarms cords are pulled and people forewarned.

So we go loud and we think the target has escaped when we search the family level, only finding sleeping children and a wife. We knock the wife unconscious to avoid her intervening in any way and leave the children alone as well.

We then use our skills and itemry to divine where he had gone which was apparently down inside his sea chest to the level below. We open, enter and apprehend him and he dies while considering an offer. We make haste to leave with our itemised target and his loot, sea chest, mirror and a lot more (see Complex Loot #1) through the complex which is now full of smoke (and some fire) and flee with the rest of the people outside into Greyhawk city proper.

We decide to continue onwards out of the city to put space between us and the scene of the crime and so fly rapidly towards safety. After some 8 hours we are divining things when our dead target becomes a dead wife and we realise that we have been duped and he did a body swap of some sort in the short time he had and we have failed to get him as planned.

We decide to get even.

Complex Loot #1
In the sea chest we find a Patch, Pirate Hat, nice armour, scimitar, dirk, boots, baling hook, Amulet, Rings, Earrings, 2 bags of misc loot inc monies. We also looted the sea chest itself (which we find has a pirates treasures curse on it of those stealing it can't be healed until curse lifted) with its treasure and also a hidden area that we discover is a portal to level 4 of the complex. We also looted a mirror which is a soul diving rod and allows transfer/swapping into another body and control of the secondary body etc. Very useful. Lots of expensive perfume bottles made from gems and some 30k of nic nacs. Books from the library on many topics and magic too!

Notable Peeps

Smith, Psmith & Smythe
shadowy arrangers, worth taking note of, check out services and fee schedule
Enchanter, tough as an old boot, hangs out in Blackshore, has tea and scones
High ranked spell caster that specializes in important things that it does not pay to investigate too closely.
His father
Lich. Moving on.
Elementalist freak. Could go off at drop of hat.

Buffs and Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects *Dur Br He Ma Ch Th Li Cr
Witchsight (M) 12 See in darkness as twilight, 75 feet inside, 150 outside, see Invisible & Blended Rank <= 12 6½ / 9½ hrs
Modify Aura (T) 6 +/- 3 Levels 7 hrs
Vapour Breathing (L) 3 4/5.5 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y
Feather Fall (L) 6 5.5/8.5 Hrs Y
Fire Armour (L+) 10 44 ablative fire protection 11/17 Hrs Y
Fireproofing (L+) 10 Fireproofing 11/17 Hrs Y
Strength of Stone (H) 12 +12 EN 13/19 Hrs Y Y Y
Shadowform (L) 15 32 Def, 16 Def in Close 8/11 hrs Y Y Y - Y
Linking Lifeforce (T) 16 Reflect health within 1700 miles Perm Y Y Y Y Y
Linked R&S Golems (T) 12 May hold your spirit on death ... Y Y Y Y Y
Ice Traversal (C) 20 Travel over ice and/or snow without slipping or sinking in. (+7 TMR on flat ice) 7 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Self Only
Instil Flight (T/Ch) 10/20 40/60mph 650/+ lbs limit 5½/10 hrs - - - Y Y - -
Other Armour Spells v Def + AP/DR 8+ hrs Y

*Dur normal/enhanced by feather hat in morning buffs

Short Term / On Demand

Magic (caster) Rk Effects *Dur Br He Ma Ch Th Li Cr
Shadow Wings 6 36 mph Y
Lightning Strike (L) 5 [D-4]+5 against 1st blow 5/7.5 hrs Y
Barrier of Wind (L) 4 17 def missile, 13 def melee, close 2.5/4.5hrs Y
Weapon of Flames (L+) 10 +11% + 6 15mins

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Cher Thaeuss Henric Lila Mayhem
Lila dream eye
Bromli Shelter
Thaeuss' Golems

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Bromli Henric
Mayhem Lilah Cher

Double File

Bromli Henric
Mayhem Lilah
Thaeuss Cher

Single File



Winter: Frost 819 (7)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Samhain 1 Guild Meeting 2 Travel to Slippery Rock, Blackshore, Rumble River, Sanctuary, back to Rumble River 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Winter: Snow 819 (8)
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 Solstice 16 17 The Duke of Carzala's Winter Ball 18 Yuletide
19 Days of Chaos 20 DoC2 21 DoC3 22 DoC4 23 DoC5 24 DoC6 25 DoC7
26 DoC8 27 DoC9 28 DoC10 29 DoC11 30 Twelfth Night 1 2
Winter: Ice 819 (9)
3 4 5 6 First Plough 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30