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Tari at a formal dinner

Tari is a 6'4 female elf with long blonde hair. She is a Earth Mage and is an improving fighter. She tends to travel with her friend, a Falcon. She is friend to all animals but is not a vegetarian.

She has been on a number of adventures over the past years, having exposure to a number of the fringe guild members whom have not adventuring as often as others, these included Arkham, Belladona, Blitzkrieg, Callas, Kree, Scab, Sabastian, Tulip, Turf, Ty Trident, Ughbash, Uzi and Ular Rah-Shan/Tip. She also adventured with Sabrina before she returned to the fold of the extended guild.

Having such an unusual variance between the types of adventuring parties she has been with her previous expeditions (Bliz/Turf saving her life with a very "white" tinge to the adventure, verses Ughbash/Uzi/Scab looking at her longingly - not sure for being a female elf or for food and having a much more "black" tinge), she is now looking at adventuring with a wider range of guild members in the hope, that at least in the short term, more of a "grey" tinge to the adventures are found.

Her first adventure , Return of the King, she found some grey, on her second adventure, Ozma's Birthday, she has found some pink candy floss which Mortimer loved to eat.

Since visiting the Insel der Freiheit on Return of the King, Tari has returned again on the adventure of Rio were she ventured into different areas of the Isles meeting more dragons on the way.

During all these adventures Tari has been either on the lower end of experience level within the party or "the luggage" when out with Blitzkrieg, Kree, Turf or Sabrina. However, with Tari's next adventure, Scouting for Silas, she was one of the most experienced guild members travelling with some first timers. This provided her with a very different adventuring style like riding horses everywhere rather than flying. She hadn't ridden that much since becoming a guild member, she had forgotten how much of a pain it was.

Tari has continued adventuring:

Laughing Hills

The Family Jewels

Revolving Doors

The Black Pearl

Entitled to die for

Harvest Moon

Too much of a good thing

Friday Night Firefights

Wolves of Winter

The Gyldwasser Depths