Duskfalls demise

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Duskfalls demise
GM: Julia
Season: Summer 815 wk
Night: Tues in Onehunga
Level: Medium

  1. Bromli - (m) Dwarven Fighter-Namer - Nick
  2. Henric - (m) Dwarven Fighter-Mind Mage - Chris - Scribe
  3. Lyric - (f) Dwarven Charmer (E&E) - Michelle
  4. Mario - (m) Human Lothario-Mind Mage - Dean - Party Leader
  5. Penni - (f) Elven Healer-Namer - Lisa
  6. Thaeuss - (m) Elven Binder - Stephen - Mil Sci
  7. Mayhem - (m) Halfling Shadow Weaver - Jim
Special Dwarven Consul to Duke Leto of Seagate - a position that is currently vacant.
'Find' the Special Dwarven Consuls and then complete various tasks that are the responsibility of the office... Meet with deep Dwarves and sort out whatever they want so they'll go home.
  • Consult the Dwarven Seer about the Death Walkers
  • Investigate reports of the Death Gatherers/Walkers on the surface.
A very reasonable donation to the Duke for his appointment of a position with income
A donation to the joint-race task force from the deep Dwarves

Scribe Notes

Session 1 - Guild Day and party that night

We have a party consisting of three dwarves (my lovely sister Lyric, the stoic Bromli and I - Henric), a dark-aspected Halfling named Mayhem, Thaeuss the infamous elven binder and 2 humans with Mario the fine upstanding merchant lothario and Penni the beautiful republican.

The Duke of Carzala has a problem to do with some dwarves and he's willing to appoint some of us a Special Consuls to the dwarves (for a one off payment of 2,000sp) to get it sorted.

Some of us consider this a good idea and so 5 of us volunteer to pay the dauke for this honour while Thaeuss and Penni decide against it. We are invited to the evening soiree at Castle Chilton that night where we distinguish ourselves in many ways before we meet the Duke where we get a quick overview of the issue and some of us swear fealty before being passed on to his steward Sir Bryn.

The gist is: There's a nice square off to one side of the castle and some dwarves recently arrived and dug it up claiming it to be a sacred meeting ground for the peoples and they were there to meet with others. Now because these seemed to be capable and high ranking members of the dwarves who couldn't be persuaded to stay in an inn like most others, the duke decided to deal with it using his local fixers - aka the Seagate Adventurers Guild - aka us! We are to discover what the dwarves want and solve it to their satisfaction and enable the square to be repurposed once more or some other similar civil construction issue to be resolved. We agree to the duke's terms and set about having a good time that night.

I had gleaned some tips on how to find a female companion from my fellow party members and while Mayhem said just pay them, Mario said talk with them, feign interest in whatever they say, let them talk (especially about themselves) and keep them happy and entertained. I went with Mario's advice!

I met nice dwarven lass named Morlar who was very keen on me, so much so that she let me walk her home. I found out later that my sister in her stunning blue formal gown had shadowed us home and lurked in the alleys while I took her to her door, introduced myself to her kin and walked off as a gentleman should.

Meanwhile an older dwarf came up to Lyric hiding on the corner alley and asked if she was ok and needed somewhere safer. She replied "yes, of course" and pulled a small stick out of her cleavage and crushed it to become her war-hammer. He went away mumbling that she had a fine weapon rack for a young dwarf.

The night otherwise passed uneventfully into hangovers and regrets.

Session 1 - Investigations - 2nd of Meadow

We arose the following day and from various locales rendezvoused at the guild where we got our hangovers cured and became slightly more presentable. We get the results of some research we had commissioned yesterday which revealed that yes the square they have taken over was a historical meeting location between Elves, Dwarves and humans some 200 years ago.

We go down to the square and discover it's more like a dwarven field camp with pits, tunnels and the like. There are a lot of runes about and looks like they have some very useful and unique magic at their disposal.

We hail the workings and take ourselves and our alcoholic beverages down into the 'camp' and start to talk over a few drinks. The elder dwarves welcome us as 'Seekers' who have come to the meeting place. They have blackskin w flecks in it and we greet one as Oakenbark from 'The Strong Mountain'.

We consume beverages and he explains that they have some seers who never fail to be right and when they say the sky will fall then the sky will fall.

The seer is very old and has been mumbling about the dark circle rising, death constructs, missing people, the herald of darkness, death-walkers wandering the land in an undead clump and more.

We are tasked to talk with the seer and investigate what is being prophesied

Session 2 - Off we go - 3rd of Meadow

We consume a great deal of seeker food and we awake from their effects (and the Rune portal travel) inside the Great Mountain within the Dragonspine Mountains on top of a mithral dias festooned with runes of travel. We are deep under the mountain in a nice cold chamber hewn from the rock of this interesting mountain. The 100ft tall roof above has a mossy which emanates a dull light.

We meet some dwarves named Darina, Dree (f), Kildree and Dwon.

We are given Fungballs to help recover our lost fatigue.

Its around noon and we are shown whats been assembled here by the farsighted dwarves and we review the prophecy made a month ago by the seer.

We are shown the direction to the seers chamber but informed that each must travel a new path to get there and so without a map but with a great group of adventurers we head on down into the depths which get more and more dark and forbidding to those used to sunlight and open air.

We come to a chasm and are attempting to negotiate its passage when we are ambushed by spiders and other nasty types. Combat ensues ....

Fight with giant spiders (non-sentient). Abilities to cast webs as strong as steel, paralyse pin shadows, poison. Kill several, capture one of the biggest, take some eggs.

Session 3 - In the depths - 3rd of Meadow

Heal wounds, eat, rest a couple of hours and harvest silk and stuff.

Branching of tunnel with choice of 3 games, participate to proceed. We choose checkers and make it with some serious wounds that we are able to heal.

Dark room of fear, fight with Lyric's haughty Elves.

Steep ascending tunnel, camp for night part way up. Dreams. Gather copper ore (10k) and malachite (3k).

Session 4 - We see the light - 4th of Meadow

The night passed uneventfully in a physical sense but several of us have had disturbing dreams.
I dream of a necromancer (evil of course) living under the earth. He stands over a large evil looking egg which I see cracks in and ..
Mayhem dreams of 3 women knitting a tapestry. The tapestry is tapering and the women start to cackle and
Mario dreams of a bright star, gates being sundered and a great smoke pouring forth from there ...

Once we awaken somewhat rested we are determined not to sleep down here again if we can possibly avoid it. We breakfast and then set off again up the rough path.

We emerge into alpine valley. Squabbling young dwarves (seekers sent before us) including Namer and Rune mages. Find and talk with Oracle. Visions, dreams, plans.

She (the Dwarven Seer) is Recks, the sibyl of the dwarven race and one of 10 on Alusia, there being one for 10 different races.

Dwarven Oracle Plan: Gather samples from the leaders of the races in the 'western kingdom' area, make a poultice from them, apply it to the ancient Elven throne in Confederation Bay to enhance the lifeforce of the represented races so they'll survive the coming darkness.

Night passes

5th of Meadow

Spend the night - more dreams. Send the seekers to report back to the elders.

Fly west to near the ice road then south parallel in hops until Lyric locates the smaller Death Gatherer she dreamed of. With emerald wings we fly close to the broken ground towards the DG, spot a good crevasse to lure it into then land and start to prepare our ambush.

Session 5 - Ambush Day - 5th Meadow

Walls, Golems, Wards, Weapon of Flames, and a traditional layer of leaves and sticks over the dead-fall. Thaeuss and Penni fly out to harass and lure the DG which works. It flings Spectral Vultures as it charges after them but they're too slow to keep up.

DG goes into the pit as planned though it vomits putrescence over as as it goes in, golems lay into it, we assault it with thrown magical weapons from above. The DG vomits at us, throws more spectral Vultures but we shelter in Necro counterspells, then it throws parts of itself (undead horses) up to engage us, then throws a different horse that seems to be its original/central body. The central body merges with another part of itself and tramples us, we assault it and Penni gets the death blow to finish it off. Mayhem is caught outside of the counterspells and killed by the Spectral Vultures.

Finishing off the remnants, patching of wounds, resurrecting Mayhem, counterspelling the Vultures, gathering the Dark Phoenix feather that was the 'heart' of the DG, then fleeing out of the war zone.

Camp in a safer area, away from settlements. Divining and examining the Feather, we think the Dark Phoenix it came from is bigger than a Roc. It was corrupted in the egg by Phenex and Naberius. It's feathers can be used to create DGs. The feather will drain the living on contact.

Night Passes

Session 6 - Return to the Mtn - 6th of Meadow

Fly north and east, back to the Dwarven oracle. Report on the findings and then wait while he divines the feather himself and tells us what we already know. We question her (turns out the Oracle is a woman - who can ever tell with Dwarves) further on her plan to protect the people of the west and then agree to attempt it.

Fly back to the guild, commission a philosopher to gather what they have on the Kingstone, stay the night.

Early morning portal to Tycho, have breakfast, some shopping, meet a prostitute called Maria, arrange a discreet ship for departure on the evening tide.

Once at sea we fly from the ship north towards the Temple of Fate. After a few hours we are intercepted by a dusky beauty of a Titan, she points out we are heading for the Gryphon Mountains, redirects us towards the temple and requires us to deliver a message (that the Demons are necessary) to the fates in return for her inconvenience. She would also like us to remove the Calimar from the gates of Hell, if they remain they may succeed in their goal.

On approach a light Titan flies up to meet us, declares Bromli (in his flying form) is an abomination and kills him. We land, recover Bromli (back in Dwarven form), resurrect him then proceed on foot. Three Light Titans are sitting with one Dark Titan at the foot of the stairs engaged in intense discussion, one of the Light Titans discretely waves us on, we take the hint and walk quickly.

At the temple we are met by the mother, we deliver the message, ask the question we thought we should ask (is the Oracle's plan a good thing) and then after hinting we ask for help and guidance with our task. Agreeing to place ourselves in fates' hands we receive further advice and help.

The coming darkness is now a certainty, events have progressed too far for other outcomes to be likely. In their focus on the way on hell, the Elements of Fire have been remiss in maintaining the balance of the elements, this has placed the sun at risk. Someone should chastise them and get them back to their duties. It is not too late to stop the Dark Phoenix. In gathering the hair for the life poultice, we should not gather too much or from those that are too powerful, nor should we gather too little. Success and the ideal duration of effect depend on the right balance.

Session 7 - 7th Meadow

We fly back to Tycho and portal back to the guild to rest.

8th Meadow

The next day we set out flying across to Brandenburg, landing near a small village to spend the night at their Inn. Culture clashes over the large shared bed and varied expectations, no fowl on the menu due to cool fire.

9th Meadow

Next day we fly west then north up river and then west again to Grobbenbonk's tower. There we meet with him, explain, negotiate, and in the end distastefully bribe him to donate some hair to protect Goblinoids, one of his guards is more easily convinces to donate a hair to protect Ogres.

Then a short flight to Orc town and simple bribery to acquire a hair to protect Orcs.

Flying back to the coast to camp for the night.

10th Meadow

Most of a day flying back over the sea to Seagate.

11th Meadow

Heading for the head of the sweetwater we fly upriver then lose it in the sea of grass, back tracking we reacquire it but need to walk or boat to avoid losing it again - part of its nature. We walk for a while then Henric reveals the boat in his pocket and his water magics to propel it. Mage current takes us up stream until duck when we pull over to rest.

During the night we are assaulted by Nixies. Fatal aquatic romance is thwarted and we find ourselves with a petrified Water Elemental that is still active in some sort of crystalline form.

Session 8 - over their dead bodies and into the headwaters - 11th Meadow

We stand over the dead bodies of the 2 Nixie's we have managed to survive encountering and we take stock of our situation. We have their bodies and the crystalline quasi-water elemental that Lyric has charmed. We discover some weeds on the Nixies and once recovered and the enemy bodies itemised (for later review) we get back to resting for the night.

The weeds are

  • 4 Strength Weed (aka waters of strength)
  • 8 Healing Weed (aka waters of healing)
  • 3 Luck Weed (consume and for a period roll twice and take the best)

Since it's the middle of the night we resume watches (Thaeuss and I) while the others return to sleep (esp Mario as he's very drained) except for Lyric who decides to play with her new friend Crystalle. This only lasts a short time before she badly injures herself jumping and playing with the elemental in that way that you aren't supposed to, so with broken bones and muscle strains she wakes Penni to ask for healing who after checking tells her that will take 20hours and that she should stay still and quiet while it occurs.

Night passes.

12th Meadow

We breakfast on the riverbank and then re-float the boat before heading on down the Sweetwater.Around noon we reach some rapids and so I guide us to shore and we pack up the boat for a walk beside the river to traverse the rapids.

We walk down a short way and discover a reverse waterfall as this water is coming up the waterfall from underground beneath this mountain we are near. We go to traverse the reverse waterfall but when we move down a strange thing happens and a force makes us stand on the other side rather than fall as gravity has changed there.

We go down the new level land beside the now much smaller river and Bromli finds a flat gold nugget which he swallows after divination (Its now 'The Enduing Nugget')as it enables the consumer to not stop moving / die until they reach below -10EN. It will pass through the body of its consumer over a period and will then need to be extracted from the dross of the consumer once passed and then possibly reused.

The Enduing Nugget is magical, Nat of Magic is Life, Eff of Touching NA, Level of Purity 24 carat gold.

We continue along the river once the divination has finished and we discover the river goes beneath a rock-face and so we all swim several hundred feet before emerging into a large underground cavern with water flowing out from further in the cave system.

We note a dead plains barbarian from who appears to have been dead some 6 years and suffered crushing damage which caused his death. We leave his desiccated body with a few bits of cloth on it and move on walking along a path beside the underground portion of the river.

Mayhem rushes ahead of us and turns a corner where he discovers a 19 headed Hydra who takes umbrage at being disturbed and bites him badly. A combat ensues where at one point the Hydra grows to have 24 heads in total as certain dwarves need to understand the requirement for crushing weapons rather than slicing weapons. After a number of pulses and 3 near deaths the hydra dies and we retrieve it from the river it had fallen into but not before its immortal head floats away. We spend some time butchering the hydra for its organs, skin, blood etc.

We discover a small mound of gems, coins and items that the Hydra was sitting upon and guarding.

We also discover just further on a crystal fountain out of which drips water of almost pure life which is finally the head of the Sweetwater River and our goal.

We test the powers of the Sweetwater and bring the body of the plains barbarian here and immerse it just under the dripping crystal fountain and he comes back to life.

We pull him out of the water and establish a dialogue using Penni's extensive language skills from her time with the plains barbarians. He is Lash of the Tribe of the Stone and he wants to get back to his tribe. We say we will take him when we leave.

More experimentation goes on and we grow 14 more of the Luck Weed and 2 more super strength versions of the Strength Weed which are equivalent to rank 24 WoS.

Stupidest Adventurer Nomination
Mayhem wonders what will happen when he mixes some Hydra blood with some of the Sweetwater water. His vial starts smoking before we know of it and then quickly a 4 headed hydra comes into being. He goes 'oops' and drops the vial and the hydra which is starting to grow. We quickly beat it using crushing weapons while T manages to petrify the immortal head into a 'Hydra bracelet' for later use! We admonish Mayhem severely and reflect on creating an immortal creature.

We play with the water a bit more and get some more vials of pure life water.

Mario has a piece of Naga skin and with the party's agreement places it in the water and an immortal Naga grows who is OK to be the new guardian here as it's her time , as it was once before and so the Naga guardian returns to the headwaters of the Sweetwater river. She is known as Nagari and would appreciate any books we could secure for her in the future.

Penni has bathed in the waters and become life aspected as well as mixing up a poultice for each of us to carry (just in case) for our next tasks.

We ask Nagari about the Keystone under confederation bay and she illuminates us a bit.

The Keystone is a source of sex magic and if you are infertile and sleep in its shadow then you will become fertile. The keystone can found found in the lost/sunken city of Alhambra and Nagari gives Lyric a locatable vision of the Keystone for us to hone in upon when we go there.

We pack up, thank Nagari and make our way out

Session 9 - 12th Meadow

As we depart the cave at the head of Sweetwaters Thauess plants his Black Hickory shrub on the north side of the river while Penni plants her Oak shrub on the south side.
We get ready and take flight heading westwards towards Seagate.
We fly for the day until just before nightfall.
As we come into land we espy a lone merchant who has made camp. Intrigued we land nearby and go to speak with him. He is Oliver, a merchant who has been waiting to see a woman and pass on a message. It turns out its Penni he was waiting for as he is a SLS human, Mind Mage pacted to Gusion. His message for Penni is that it will be a busy next few days.
We decide to camp away from him for the night.
Night passes

13th Meadow

The new day dawns and as we eat breakfast we see Crystalle come on up.
We soon thereafter recover the body of Mayhem who had unwisely decided to play with her and so we tell her to meet us in Seagate while we keep him alive and fly onwards to Seagate which we arrive at just before midnight.
Night passes

14th Meadow

The day we go diving dawns and we all make the final preparations at the guild when we get the materials and potions we may need.
After eating we rendezvous with Crystalle and head out to sea.
We swim down into the depths which is around 100miles deep and in the abyss where I've been before. I point out the tourist spots to avoid, like the sahaungin temple on the highest ridge (only about 10 miles down) , the lost dwarven citadel (with its one way portal to hell) , the membrane at about 50 miles down and then the eternal battle between Leviathan ('The Great Whale') and 'The Kraken' which we all avoid.

So after 5 hours of descending we get to the bottom. I also point out that we should avoid the shipwrecks down here as they may have elves still fighting and drow reciprocating the feelings (all from the war of tears) and they are on incredible warships of considerable power and length so they should simply be avoided.

We go towards the lost city of Alhumbra and espy a number of sahaugin who have camped on a hillock nearby doing something sinister. They have also left 20 guarding the keystone for some reason and we take this as an affront and plan how to deal with them.

We attack a small patrol of 5 and barely succeed without raising alarms but then Lyric's charmed friend takes her to see the keystone and we quickly follow making up superior military strategies on the fly.

15th Meadow

Session 10

We carefully approach the enemy on the crest of the hill while our lyric distraction walks up with the surviving sahaugin soldier. Now I don't know what exactly tipped the enemy off but it was possibly the 4 missing sahaugin soldiers, the never ending babbling dwarven woman or just instinct - the end result was they had time to prepare and we were in a fight to the death.
The time seemed to drag on but we had good luck and a surprising amount of grenadoes (not usually very useful underwater throwing-wise) and a brave Mayhem.
We finally killed the last of the enemy but we lost a valiant Mayhem in the process.

We then undertook our various activities on the hearthstone


Summer: Meadow (1) 815wk
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Beltane Full Moon 1 Guild Meeting 2 Investigations 3 Off we go 4 Get to Oracle 5 Ambush DG 6 Rtn to Mtn after fight
7 Fly back to Guild 8 Portal to Tycho 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 Full Moon 29 30 1 2 3 4
Summer: Heat (2) 815wk
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 Midsummer Eve (Faerie Day) 15 Solstice 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 Full Moon 27 28 29 30 1 2
Summer: Breeze (3) 815wk
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
3 Day of Death 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 Full Moon 25 26 27 28 29 30



  • Duke Leto of Carzala
  • Sir Bryn of Carzala - A steward with Duke Leto
  • Maria Trebiana - A doxy of Tycho, retained by Mayhem for 100 sp / annum
  • Lash of the Stone Tribe - a plains barbarian
  • Nagari - a naga protectress woven into the guardianship of the Sweetwater

Life Poultice Donors

As leaders/representatives of their races, the following have donated hair to be used in the life-enhancing poultice:

  • Regs - Dwarven Oracle
  • Boulder - Giant
  • Mordrin - Dwarf
  • Amelia - Halfling
  • Engalton - Human
  • Sabrina - Elves
  • Grobbenbonk - Goblinoids
  • Grobbenbonks Guard - Ogre
  • Grilsh - Orc (of Orctown)
  • ? Lady Nicola - Shapechangers
  • ? Lady Cher - Saurime

And the party.

Places & Locations


(and expenses)

Item Qty Effects Br He Ly Ma Pe Th My
Bromli Bow 1 ... 1
Tycho Companion 1 ... 1
Armour of Earth Spell Trap 5 Rk 10. +22% Def 3lbs 1 1 1 1 1
Shield Stone 14 6 Rk 10 Rune Shield +15% Def 2 dmg 1 0 1 1 1 1 1
Stat Traps 7 0 +8 to one stat for 30 mins 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Potions of Luck 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Nixie Luck Weed 16 9 Roll Twice, take the best. 1 1 1 1 3 1 1
Healing weed of the fates 8 1 Heal D-5+15 +special
Nixie Strength Weed 2 +D-2+24 PS for 125 mins 0 0
Life Potion of the Summer 815 3 Resurrect and regenerate
Elixir of the Sweetwaters 3 Cure resurrection EN loss
Rose River Water 6 Restore all FT
Turquoise River Water 1 Restores lost WP or MA
Bronze River Water 1 Restore S.G. Stat. Loss
Silver river water 1 Regenerate 1 S.G.
Lemon River Water 1 Cure 1 backfire
Blade Venom of the many headed Hydra 11 10 x 3
Shadow Spider Paralytic Blade Venom 9 2xEN or paralyzed for 15 sec
Fungi Ball of the Strong Mountain Dwarves 13 10 FT meal
Battle Axe of the Dwarven Consul 5 -3 d.m. +2 dam
Clingy Silken Shirt 5 + 4/4 AP <= 13/5 +2 PB
Amulets / Jewelery  
Enchanted Ring of the Ice Warriors 10 Inv. Enh. Ice Armour 2 charges rechargeable
Enchanted Bangle of the Stone Hydra 1 Petrified immortal Hydra head
Amulet of Amethyst 3 Dreams, sleep, +10% FT rec.
Amulet of Carbuncle 1 -2 poison damage
Belt of the Depths 10 Arctic Megahex
Life Imbued Gold Nugget of the Sweet Waters 1 Consume to be conscious to -10EN
Shadow Silk Rope 7 70' steel silk
Sac of Spider Eggs
Spider fangs for shadow pinning
Tunnels and Challenges
Copper ore (10k) and Malachite (3k).
Sweetwater Quest
Stone-Water Elemental - deceased
Hydra Skin
Hydra Teeth, blood, heart, etc.
Hydra gold horde
Penni & Thaeuss Trees
? Other Sweetwater effects?
Sauhurgin Weapon of Ice javelins
Sauhurgin gems, jewels, and artefacts :-)

and consequences...

Penni, Thaeuss, Bromli, Henric, Lyric, Mario, and Mayhem have accepted a Fate:

Your zenith shall be your Nadir
From victory shall come despair
Find Nyx who dwells in darkness
Wrest from her the Harpe of brightness
And face the children of the night
Death stalks when the master comes to fight

While under this fate they cannot be affected by any other fates. i.e. A harpy cannot pronounce an evil prophecy.



Magic Rk Effects Dur Br He Ly Ma Pe Th My
Greater Enchantment (Ly) 12 +13% Season Y Y Y Y
Durability (Th) 10 +3 AP, Unbreakable, 22lb limit 110 mins +2 +2 +2 Y
Modify Aura (Th) 6 +/- 3 Levels 7 hrs
Instil Flight (Th) 10 40mph 650 lbs limit 5.5 hrs - - - - - Y -
Linking Lifeforce (Th) 13 Reflect health within 1400 miles Perm P
Heroic Aura (Ma Self) 10 Allies:+3 SC,+1 Dmg,+6 Reaction and Fear ; Enemies:-3 SC,-1 Dmg,-6 Reaction and Fear 5.5 hrs - - - Y - - -
Witchsight (Mhm) 6 See invisible etc 3.5 hrs - - - - - Y
Weapon of Flames (Ma) 7 +8% +4dmg 12 mins
Enchant Weapon (Ly) 7 +8% +43mg 12 mins


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Mario Henric Bromli Mario
Mayhem Thaeuss Penni Lyric

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Bromli Mario Henric
Lyric Mayhem
Penni Thaeuss

Double File

Bromli Henric
Mario Lyric
Penni Thaeuss

Single File



Stupidest Adventurer Nomination

Just after we barely survive battle with a 19 headed (which briefly became 24 headed during the combat) Hydra and we are still weak and feeble (we are after all just a medium level party) Mayhem inconsiderately pulls this stunt!

Mayhem wonders what will happen when he mixes some Hydra blood with some of the Sweetwater water. His vial starts smoking before we know of it and then quickly a 4 headed hydra comes into being. He goes 'oops' and drops the vial and the hydra which is starting to grow. We quickly beat it using crushing weapons while T manages to petrify the immortal head into a 'Hydra bracelet' for later use! We admonish Mayhem severely and reflect on creating an immortal creature.