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Pierre the naked chef.


Name: Pierre
Race: Human
College: Water
Gender: Male
Played by: Andrew

He should not be confused with Pierre the Halfling Illusionist, a Guild member with the same first name.


Pierre is a overweight balding man who loves to cook.



  • Master Cook (Rk 8)


  • Waters of Healing (Rk 9)


Out look

Since joining the Guild, Pierre has seen a wide range of adventurers and skills. None have surprised him as much as Lath. Pierre is alarmed by Lath's pure chaotic nature, and thinks she is very dangerous. Pierre wants to stay close by Lath so he can limit the damage she does. He believes that if he can cook well enough, then Lath will tend not to cast Whirlwind Vortex on him quite as much as she used to.

Pierre tries to be as helpful as he can. Unfortunately, he is a Water Mage, and so he cannot help very much. He can, however, cook very well which is the most important thing after all.