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Lucius has had an awful time of late. You may think you've had it bad but it's nothing compared to Lucius. Horrible and nasty things just happen to him, constantly. He is doomed to a sad and unhappy life. Lucius dies a lot as an adventurer which does little to cheer him up.

He is however an E+E which means that most adventurers are willing to endure his constant grumbling and complaining for all those neat things that E+Es do. Some also treat him like a miner's canary figuring that when the moaning stops it's because the opposition have turned up and are attacking. Lucius often dies when the combat starts.

Lucius has reportedly smiled twice.

He is rated at 0.34 E

Lucius can cast a rank 18 greater enchantment, see the advertisement in the Seagate times for availability.
He is trying to pay off a large debt and welcomes employment from fellow adventurers.
Lucius' Greater Enchantment Advertisement

Lucius is played by Bridget Jane Dymock-Johnson