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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Hot Fusion
GM: William
Season: Spring 815 wk
Night: Mon in Avondale
Level: Medium

Dramatis Personae
  1. Alandis - Elven (m) - Fire (Scribe) AKA Iymthrae Ravenous Claw
  2. Henric Henrickson - Dwarf (m) - Mind
  3. Ithilmor - Elven (f) - Celestial
  4. Lucius - Elven (m) - E&E
  5. Prudence Smith - Human (f) - Water
  6. Thaeuss - Elven (m) - Binder
  7. Tegan - Human (f) - Earth/Beast mage
Lord Protector of Ladlaugh
Despite the heroic efforts over the last few years to deal with Elven extinction it is not enough. To survive the Elves must mend the bridges burned 40,000 years ago and which are still smouldering. If the Elven peoples are to survive in any meaningful way they must reunite with their Drow brethren. Did I mention time is running out for them too?
5,000 sp each if you bring Lucius back alive +100 sp each for any co-operative Drow you bring back to the spring rites.
50,000 sp final pay as 500 drow have been brought back from Terranova

The Prophecy

Lord Smoking Ash prophesied the following:

The markers of the elves doom shall be three:
The fist will be the advent of the dark one.
The second shall be the discord of words.
The third will be when the Corvus becomes the Dragon.
If those things come to pass then the elves shall wither and die.

Tangled Bones amended
This doom may be averted should the traitors reconcile with the disciples.

Scribe Notes

Session 1

  • Unbeknown to me, I was given the scribe job when I offered my services as tour guide in Dylath, to the party. Anyway it looks like an interesting party of elf with some minions, and despite everyone skepticism, will try to reunite the forces of good with their evil cousins.
  • The story so far; all the events foretold by Lord Smoking Ash prophecy depicting the demise of the Elves and Drow races have taken place, and so they are heading towards the end of their days unless they make peace and reunite.

Lucius plans to bring some willing Drow to the Spring Festival, and aid in the rekindling the relationship of the two races.

We spend a week in debating what needs doing for this reunion, meanwhile, we further our knowledge of current events in Dylath with our friend from PIRATE and Lord Azzur Minions. We also assist Lucius in collecting mandrake root. This is then used to make a nice potion which allows us to learn Drow. After taking said drink, everyone all of a sudden feel somehow more...superior. That is true for everyone who is not an elf, we already are superior!

Once we are all set, we depart headed for Terranova, towards the camp of the rebellious Raphaelites, just on the outskirt of Dylath. Here we will get some of the amulet that distinguish the slaves in the Drow city so we can infiltrate and assess the situation.

Once arrived Me and Prudence make contact with our friend and we learn that a caravan of slaves has recently departed Dylath headed towards the Drows Queen palace in the Capital city. Based on our knowledge we assume is for her ascension (aka-turning into a dragon).

With this new notion a second plan is born. We plan to rescue the slave and use them as currency to get us to the capital city, once there we assassinate the queen and coronate Ithilmor as the new queen. Then by her royal decree we reunite the Drow with the Elves

We are also informed that the Dylath has seen some riots recently due to the temple of Bune no longer accepting offerings of babies. We act very surprised and pleased at the news.

Session 2

While inspecting the rebels' camp, Henric is approached by one of the Raphaelite sisters. He is informed that Sister Purge Impurity with Fire has had a vision and wishes to talk with the high priest of Bune.

After a day of rest, the buffs are cast, and we are ready to descend into Dylath sewers, where we are presented with the foul vision of dead corpses and their Undead souls trapped in a containment chamber. After some magic blasting, the Undead are vanquished and we continue our venture, only to encounter a group of 4 humans following a Drow. They are carrying the same spell blasting machine a previous party used once before in this city. This party is trigger happy and they cast lightning and fire spells at anything that moves. Lucius and Henric send the 5 into a deep sleep before we loot their bodies and itemise them.

We resurface in the street of Dylath amongst a procession in celebration of Bune or Sabrina as they call it now. While the crowd is infatuated and enthralled by Ithilmor dancing, we are able to make contact with Sabrina's High priest and pass on the news from the rebel's camp. The High Priest appears to have had some vision himself and quickly understands and accepts the offer to be taken into the camp, Meanwhile, Ithilmor is getting covered by offers of marriage and business. One particular message catches her eyes. Some followers of Varda are willing to rendezvous with her.

We return to camp and we introduce the High Priest to Sister Purge Impurity, and while they head off we proceed to interrogate one of the 4 Humans met in the sewers. We enquire about the Smoking Ash descendant and we discover that they have been turned into obsidian statues and they are servants of the royal Family.

After resting for the day we head back into town for Ithilmor's meeting. We arrive earlier so to set up a trap in case we have been...well...set up.

A group of 4 Drow approaches and we let Ithilmor discuss with them while providing cover. She learns the existence of small group of Drow who still worship the old gods. They recommend her to make contact with Lady Mourn Desolate Sky. Prudence and I know the lady in question as she was our employer in a previous mission in Dylath.

Ithilmor departs from the Drow and we head back in the sewers, in search of the Vampire Lord Smoking Ash. We find his sarcophagus and it is empty. I start wondering if is such a good idea to look for a vampire in his hiding place in the middle of the night!

Session 3

Once we ensure the bloodsucker is not here, we return to the sewer just in time for a nice ambush. 4 creatures manage to drag the dwarf and the beast mage in the channel while the rest of us are left on the walkways to deal with 3 small vampires. We co-ordinate the attack and in no time we see the back of them. We look for loot but nothing remains as the cowards turned to mist just before been destroyed.

As we head back towards the exit, the sounds of chanting reach our ears. Thaeuss recognize the spell of wall of stone. A damned drow is trying to block our exits so Lucious cast sleep on him. It does not work so we proceed in attacking his party. I am quick and I start firing this flamethrower but one of their fighter manage to snap the cable that links it to the mana pipes.

After slaying some of his slaves the drow summons a demon. The fight is intense and I get knocked unconscious. When I recover get on my feet just in time for Henric lightning bolt. I'm out for the second time. Everyone gangs up on the demon, and as I get on my feet for the second time, I smell the gas escaping from my pack. I quickly throw it at the demons feet and cast pyrogenesis. A mighty explosion engulf the beast. After few more spells of dehydration and petrification we succeed in finish it, and hack his body in to pieces.

The drow is then turned into stone and itemized in order to carry him to camp. We hope to find out a bit more about the gem in his chest. At the camp we spend two days resting and preparing for the flight in Henric flying boat.

We will rescue the slave on the way to the capital.

Session 4

We depart and fly high above the savage jungle this land has to offer. We approach the mountains and spot a closed-by dimensional riff. We stay well away from it despite Tegan and Pru capricious insistence to explore it.

All of a sudden we see a storm forming ahead and turn to our chef navigator Ithilmor.

I may not be an expert flyer but, heading for the center of the storm, may not be the best choice. Out of it a gigantic air elemental materialize. It starts pummeling us and the flying boat. Lucius and Tegan are shoved off the boat; Thaeuss jumps on his flying carpet in the attempt to catch Lucius. Ithilmor cast some shadow wings on herself wile, Pru and I attack the elemental. While he is beating down on us, he is also busy freeing the Elemental that pushes our flying boat. Capital Henric commands to abandon ship.

After few aerial manoeuvres we manage to regroup, and under Ithilmor guide, we land in a clearing just before dawn.

While Thaeuss is busy binds a raft for all of us, Tegan searches for new pets. I guard the area. All of a sudden, I spot a group of creatures' approaching us. We prepare for a fight however they are peaceful and friendly. They look like frogs, with 4 tentacles for harms, and three legs. Pru and Tegan manage to speak with the creatures and establish they require our help.

We follow them to their camp and rest for the day. While resting, we find out that those Frogtopi (Thaeuss copyright) need our assistance in clearing out tunnel. They love to inhabit it except there is the fowl presence of some undead creatures.

At dusk, guided by the locals, we head to the location of the tunnel, under a lake. Pru prepares us for the immersion, than we swim down and enter what once was a mine.

A Soul appears to us and ask for us to assist retrieving its body and return it to its place of origin. It appear that is body is alive without is soul. We inspect further and discover a room which emanate a powerful light. As we approach the light we feel the years shredding of our bodies as we appear to be getting younger.

Us elves continue towards the light; a third eye appears on Ithilmor forehead, and I grow a tail. I retrieve just as my feet are about to turn into something horrific. Pru and Tegan approach as well. Tegan hair turn into snakes, when Pru appears to become translucent....

Session 5

We waste time arguing on what to do since Prudence wants to experiment with the Power Word of Water. We manage to stop her before Henric prediction (her turning off the sun) comes through.

Lucius and Henric want to experiment with the light source and have their body modification. Lucius gets a second face on the back of his head and Henric a bigger brain but no skull to cover it.

We continue deeper in the mine were we reach a high ceiling chamber. Just below the edge of the centre pit we spot a writhing bulbous pile of what use to be bodies. We decide to destroy it and start blasting it with magic; however we only manage to increase its dimensions. Pru start dancing for the monstrosity, which starts following her. We recommend her to get out in the open air. Once out of the water we start burning this horror.

We spend the next two days mining for gold and opal as well as a strange antimatter metal.After assisting the frogtopi in settling in their new cave, we head of in the search of the slave caravan.

In the dark of the night we spot the flames of the caravans Fire Mage.The caravan is actually made up by 4 gigantic diplodocus skeletons. The slaves are inside the chest cage. From the mouth of the front skeleton the fire mage blasts the vegetation in such way as to create a road for the following skeletons. The 4 creatures are controlled by caravans' own necromancer. The caravan is protected by 100 guards and staffed by 20 drow slaves.

We plot our ambush and 2 days after poisoning their water supplies we execute our plan. The poison debilitated forces of the drow are quickly removed by the herd of beasts recruited by Tegan, while Pru Power Word of Water ensures the fire mage is destroyed. The other 3 mages are capture and the slaves are now in our control.

Session 6

We spent 3 days working on rafts to attach to the bones of the diplodocus. At night we spot some e flying figures fanning out in the sky and we successfully hide the diplodocus before they approach. Later in the night we see those figures plummet to their death as their wings disappear. We think they are slaves sent out just to search for the slaves' convoy.

We descend the river pushes along by a Water elemental. While there isn't much to do, we fish and try to keep the prisoners alive. By day 3 we reach a lake where we spot a fort on the lake edge promontory.

We keep our distance, however the water elemental feels the call of a Water Elemental Prince. It appears that the lake contains a portal to the Plane of Elemental Water. We let it go and after a while we spot a gigantic octopus the size of a kraken. It approaches and we prepare for battle, however he starts talking to us wanting to negotiate the exchange of some slaves for the Prince.

After the negotiations are concluded we continue in our journey. The same day we reach the river estuary and the open ocean.

In the bay just south of the sound we spot a ship. Prudence scry the vessel and recognise it as been the Gastrol, and his Captain John Smith. After approaching the craft we start negotiating its cargo of Kerf for some of our slaves; nobles and knights of the Western Alusia to be return for the rewards.

We manage to navigate our way to Dylath and make our way into the city, were we portray ourselves as nobles returned with the new spoils of the war. We manage to enter the city document building where Pru and I forge documents and create Lady Ravenous Claws (Ithilmor), his Brother Lord Ravenous Claw (Me) and Mr Ravenous Claw (Thaeuss) a merchant and distant cousin.

While in the Record Room, we discover some documents describing a shipment of slaves arriving from Salla'm'karr headed to Dylath. The will be traded for obsidian Mines, so we alter those documents too, just to mess with the drows.

We manage to arrange a house big enough to host us and all our slaves, as well as to showing to the city our presence.

Pru and Tegan infiltrate the Stalking Menace house, as we heard they are the ruling family of Dylath. Meanwhile Ithilmor and I try to get accepted in the high drow society by getting invited to the city parties and events. There I meet up with the 2 daughters of Lady Stalking Menace, and I begin courting them, while Ithilmor is courted bu lord Ashen Dawn.

Session 7

We continue spying on various people in the city while Lucius try to get in touch with some of the Philosophers. The old Tallaght however does not have any exciting news, except the fact that Carrick, an old Necromancer and philosopher may be able to help.

We spy on the mage and find out that he likes attending to the games at the arena, so we wait for the next big event; a show organised by the Lord Ashen Dawn in honour of Lady Ravenous Claws (Ithilmor).

While the event is been organised; Lucius, Ithilmor, Prudence and Tegan fly back to Alfheim to visit Tangled Bones the Astrologer, and try to write a prophecy of Ithilmor taking over the drows. He recommends that Lucius meet up with Carrick. The two have been in touch, and Tangled Bones believes that Carrick may be able to help.

Meanwhile Ithilmor look for guidance from Varda. Varda has only words of incouragment towards the prophecy and will assist in the shaping of the stars in aid of the Priestess. Lucius also looks for guidance from her god Sha'mez, who suggest to corrupt the mana stream in the city of Dylath by offering a golem made of crystals of Kainate and a weird metal. This will disrupt the city economy and will facilitate in Ithilmor take over.

The prophecy is made and the 4 adventurer return to Dylath.

The new Prophecy
Ithilmor is destined to lead the drow
First the easter confederacy will arrive
than the great battle that will bring Ithilmor to victory
The drow queen will call on the power of the 71
Ithilmor with the power of the gods will win.

The 3 of us who stayed in Dylath are witness to a near melt down of the city as the astrologer and fortune tellers start reading the new night sky and decipher the new Prophecy of Ithilmor take over. We start spreading news of the Demon having something to do with it.

After a week, in which we build a shrine to Sha'mez and continue spying our enemies, we make our way to the Arena for the games. While Lucius approaches Carrick the Necromancer and discusses the future of the drow, we discover that the main event is the slaying of the 4 Varda followers met by Ithilmor previously.

We devise a quick plan for their rescue. Prudence along with Henric will cast the power word of water and in the chaos, Tegan will do her beast master work on controlling the animals of the colosseum, and pretend to kill the 4 Vardas Followers and take them with her to our mansion. The plan work without a glitch, however once back at the manor, Good old Sier appears. He is looking for Ithilmor, however with loads of small chat we manage to have him on is way with a barrel of Henrics finest Viagra Ale.

We plot some more and discover that Lady Demera Desolate Sky one of the oldest matriarch in the city may be able to help in figuring out which drow family may help in the intent of strengthening the Elven gene pool.

Session 8

Us elves wake up with a startle and a strange feeling; our soul are been called. We discuss this strange sensation with our Major-domo, however he is of no help as he as never experienced such thing.

This sensation appears to affect the whole city of Dylath and especially the drow. So we pay a visit to Demera Desolate Sky and in between this trance stage everyone feels she tells us that the queen is trying to Suck up as many souls as she can, to assist her ascension. During the confusion I pay visits to my consorts and get her mother addicted to Kerf.

Thaeuss has 3 days left to finish the golem commissioned by Sha'mez, so we head down to the Temple of Bune (Sabrina) and convince the priest to help us summoning her. She appears to us and we question her on how to stop the ascension. She teach us on how to create a song that may help stopping the Drow Queen. We also ask for assistance and she offers us some Demon Bards.

We then visit the tower of bones to meet with Carrick the Necromancer. We ask for his assistance in stopping the queen and he hand us a soul sucking stone along with a tome of instructions on how to use it.

After the Tower of Bones, we meet with the mages of the tower of sorcery, were the are happy to assist with stopping the queen and they hand to us a vial of Distilled Mana Worm. They also inform us of an official soul offering which will take place in a couple of days.

We also pay a visit to the Ashen Dawn matriarch, and assist Tegan in the killing. Thaeuss than itemizes her body and we head back to HQ.

Once back we all assist Thaesus in the tiring job of creating some more golems that will be donated to the mass sacrifice. He also creates a golem which will be dressed with the skin of the old and dead Ashen Dawn matriarch. I will carve the symbol of Blood Moon on her back so to incriminate the family. Sha'mes golem is also finished for our gift for the ritual killing.

All Dylath Families are at the parade shoving off their slaves for the ritual. My consort is there. Her sacrifice consist of her drugged mother. I congratulate her in taking over the family.

Our plan goes without a hitch, and all our golems take a dive in the mana pool. The whole city gasps seeing the Ashen Dawn lady taking a dive in the pool; the Blood Moon owns up to the terrible act and threaten the whole city in not touching them.

Sha'mez golem falls into the mana pool and the entire city mana source shuts down. General panic rushes through the drow populace. We take advantage of our guards and my consort guards to retreat. For the following days we spread bad rumours about Blood Moon, as well as convincing some of the of the reach families to find rest and peace at the spring rites in the allusion main land. We assist with striking a deal with the Destinian ships.

We them return to Sha'mez shrine, were we descend into a peaceful sleep. We are welcomed in to her reign and we discus at lenth the plan. She recomands us to attack the queen during the ritual. The queen must be fearing Ithilmor arrival and brought her ascension formward.

Once awake we fly to the capital, and from the distance we scry the city. It is deserted exept for the place where the ritual is taking place. 12 drow, accompanied by a choir and orchestra of Dark Angels and Demons are playing and chanting, while the queen now in a Wyvern shape is eating the slaves. Thaeuss invisible golem manages to spread the distilled mana worm onto a slave. The Queen approaches and screams Ithilmor Name...

Session 9

As the Queen sense our presence, I scour up the city to find a perfect spot for shooting. I cast my Archer of fire spell on my bow and arrows and shoot two flaming arrow on the slave covered with the distilled mana worm. The arrow hit and send the poor fellow up in flames.

We find the perfect spot for an ambush and start setting up. Someone shoos at us and I retaliate successfully. Soon after the dark angels of the Queen start dropping dead bodies on us, as well as javelins. We start shooting them down with spells and arrows, when the queen shows up just behind us.

We demolish the demons and then we take care of the Queen, which in few minutes she is turned into a stone statue.

After looting what we can, we head back to Dylath, ad head back to Sha'mez shrine and divided up the souls swallowed by the Drow Queen, between Varda and Sha'mez.

Once back in town we continue planning for Ithilmor coronation as the Queen of the Drow, and we hurry Ithilmor wedding to lord Ashen Dawn. We organise a great wedding in Sabrina's temple.

Session 10

We wake up, a little groggy from the party. As we have breakfast the Major-Domo advise us on what we may be interested in doing today. "There are some Elven Vessels spotted 3 day out from Dylath- you may want to investigate that".

Of course we will, they may spoil our surprise.

Prudence run to get her bowl of water and start scrying. She wakes up an elf who cast a metal attack and Prudence is out cold. Lucius has a nice cha with Lennic and discovers that Prudence enhanced water of vision has allowed her to scry someone on the other side of the planetary map. Lucius continues to discus with Lennic and finds out that the Elven ships are in fact Beltan Elves Vessels. Lennic has no idea why they are travelling towards Dylath but knows that the follow Sha'mez.

Once Prudence is up on her feet we get her to scry the vessels and we get in touch with Montares, a priest of Sha'mez who is on board of the crafts. The priest informs us that they are following Sha'mez plan and they will be more than happy to assist in the Coronation of the New Queen.

With our mind at ease that the Beltan will not spoil the plan, we proceed with the organisation of the New Queen Coronation. With the Aid of Sabrina's demonic bards, we enhance our voices and with Bardic voices we spread the new of the coronation. Subsequently we barricade our self in our villa waiting of any assassin to show up.

In fact at midnight the avatar of Shaz The Thieving Marquis, appears in the room. He is been sent to kill Ithilmor, but miserably fails when he gets attacked by us. so in a brief encounter the nasty crane looking avatar is been sent back to hell.

The following day, on the tenth our of the day of prophecies, the Self proclaimed Queen of the drow is coronated, and by imperial decree a delegation of 500 drow shall be sent to Ladlaugh under the pretense of infiltrating eleven society.

And with the actions of our brave and cunning party the future of the Elves appears to be a little brighter...


Spring: Thaw (10) 815wk
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Candlemansa 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 6
7 Mandrake harvest 8 Mandrake potion and departure for Dylath 9 Arrival at Raphaelites camp. Night visit of Dylath and retrieval of High priest or temple of Bune (Sabrina) 10 Meeting with followers of Varda and visit to Vampire - Sewers fights 11 Recovery day and prep for the journey to the capital 12 Recovery day and prep for the journey to the capital- afternoon departure - Areal Combat with Elemental 13 Encounter with Frogtopi, camp, night descent into flooded mines
14 Destry the abomination, scour the mines 15 Rest and scour the mines 16 Rest and departure in pursue of the slave. Recon of the area. Plan the ambush. 17 Poison the water supply of the slave and drow caravan 18 Preparation for the ambush 19 Ambush 20 Raft building, Night flying humans
21 Raft building, Night flying humans 22 Raft building, Night flying humans 23 Descent the river 24 Descent the river 25 Descent the river 26 Lake and Water Elemental Prince 27 Continue towards the western ocean
Spring: Seedtime (11)
28 Arrival in Dylath 29 Forging papers 30 Establish our presence in town 1 Establish our presence in town 2 Establish our presence in town 3 Establish our presence in town 4 Establish our presence in town
5 Establish our presence in town 6 Spying 7 Visit to Alfheim 8 Garden set up 9 Building shrine 10 Building shrine 11 More spying and setting up
12 More spying and setting up 13 Arena's Games 14 Golem Production 15 Equinox Assassination of lady Asg 16 Golem Production 17 Eostre Blood Ritual, meeting with Sha'mez 18 Seagate Spring Ball Fly to drow capital
19 Fight with the Queen and return t Dylath 20 Planning wedding 21 Ithilmor Wedding 22 Scrying the Elven vessels 23 Plan for Ithimor Coronation 24 Announcement of Ithimor coronation 25 Coronation day
26 Arrival of the Elven vessels 27 Set up the future of the drow 28 29 30 1 2
Spring: Blossom (12)
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 Floralia 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Walpurgisnacht



Lord Smoking Ash, Vampire in Dylath sewers.

Places & Locations

Seagate Docs:

Dylath outskirt:

  • Raphaelites rebellion camp, trying to free slaves from Dylath
  • Sister Purge Impunity with Fire

Inside Dylath

  • High Priest Of Sabrina's temple, Offers us refuge in the city.
  • 4 Drow Followers of the old God Varda
  • Lady Mourn Desolate Sky, Possible contact.
  • Lady Ashen Dawn Deceased: 2 Daughters (Alandis is working on seducing them)
  • Lord Infinite Hatred (Queen Ravenous Claw consort)
  • Karric the Necromancer

Into the jungle

  • 500 circa (slaves rescued, now property of Lady Ravenous Claws (Ithilmor) and Lord Ravenous Claws (Alandis), Some slaves have been trade as follow)
  • 10 Aladarian knights and high ranking personality traded for Kerf from Captain John Smith.
  • 4 Dwarfs freed by Henric will be given safe passage to Alusia by Captain John Smith.
  • 5 slaves traded for a shriver.
  • 30 slaved traded for a Witch.
  • 30 slaves traded for a Namer.

Things and beasts

  • Frogtopi, a tribe of three legged and four tentacles frogs, looking for assistance from the party.
  • A bear sized, see through frog. Tegan new pet.
  • Venomous Snake, Tegan new pet.
  • Abomination, a bulbous mass of bodies that enlarges with magic if immersed in the waters of the cave where a shard of the life bomb exploded


(and expenses)

Item Qty Effects A H I L P Te Th
Restoratives? ...
... ...
Lightning pack 2 ... Y Y
Fire pack 0 Destroyed
Necro Ring 1 ...
Torque 1 Midium protection from fire - cursed with blood-lust
Demon Fangs 2? ... Y
Demon Scrotum 1 ... Y
Eyes 2 ... Y
Horns 2 ... Y
Hands 2 ... Y
Arms 2 ... Y
Tail 1 Y
Earth Mage Heart 1 gem of strength, +5 WP or rank in strength of stone, can be targeted. It will kill if removed from the chest. Enchantment to inset it or remove it Y
Sacrificial dagger 1 uses the fatigue of the person stabbed
Magical tunic 1 Soul Magic, it is holy to the followers of Istu. Increase[[s MA
Cloak - Sheet of earth 1 Protect from assassins attacks from the rear
Invested Ring 1 Earth Healing +15. 8 Charges
Amulet of demon Emperor 0 Destroyed
Gold tbc
Fire Opal few
Jungle Snake poison 2 DP per pulse Y
Antimatter Black Metal
1 E&E mage
1 Earth Mage
Slaves 700 (-50 traded for 2 barrel of elemental water, 8 great pearls, 1 invested staff) (-10 slaves Aladarian nobles and knights + 4 dwars. Traded for 6 bales of kurf) (-5 for a shiver, -30 for a witch and -30 for a Namer)
Drow (turned into statues and itemized) 30
Sedative Poison 100
restaurative potions 49 10/20 RK8
Troll's blood 30
Ring of Mind Mage Healing 6 x5 charges RK 8
Ring of Mind Mage Healing 1 x3 charges RK12
Broad Sword 1 RK 12 Weapon of Fire
Soul Coins 3000
Bone Armour 1 Death Filed, x2 death aspected, if done personally. Damage 6 -1AG Elf Size Weight 6
Enhance Enchantment Wand 1 Rank 15 x3 charges
Sha'mez gift +1 MA, +5 Purification
Drow Queen palace loot
Dager of the Crane Prince 1
Drow treasury loot
500 drows delegation
Sha'mez gift of Crystal weaving TBC
Dylath Palace 1
Slaves in the Dylath Place

Titles Aquired

  • Ithilmor; Queen (Insert Name here) Ravenous Claw
  • Alandis; Prince??? Iymthrae Ravenous Claw
  • Thaeuss; Lord??? (Insert Name here) Ravenous Claw, Merchant
  • Lucius; Lord??? (Insert Name here) Ravenous Claw

Body Modification

  • Alandis a prehensile tail and spine spikes, (all is toes were fused together, shriver has remouved the body modification)
  • Ithilmor third eye in her forehead.
  • Tegan hair have turned into snakes.
  • Prudence appears to become translucent.
  • Lucius second face on the back of his head.
  • Henric Larger brain



Magic Rk Effects Dur A H I L P Te Th
Greater Enchantment (L) 20 +21% Season Y Y Y
Enhance Enchantment (L) 10
Shadow form (I) 20 +42% def 10.5Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Str of Darkness (I) 13 +8 PS 4.5 Hrs Y Y Y Y
Witchsight (I) 20 See invis 10.5 Hrs Y Y Y Y
Waterproofing (P) 6 18 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Breathing (P) 6 7 Hrs Y Y Y Y
Waters of Strength (P) 9 [D-2]+9 PS 50 Mins Y
Waters of MD (P) 10 [D-2]+10 MD 55 Mins Y Y Y
Cold Resistance (P) 8 Hrs Y Y Y Y
Bouyancy (P) 6 Mins Y Y
Fire Armour (A) 6 28 points ablative 7 Hrs Y duration 14 Hrs Y Y Y Y
Fireproofing (A) 3 2 less damage Prot Normal Fire 4 Hrs Y duration 8 Hrs Y
Durability (T) 10 +3 AP, Unbreakable, 22lb limit 110 mins +2
Modify Aura (T) 6 +/- 3 Levels 7 hrs
Instil Flight (T) Self 10 40mph 650 lbs limit 5.5 hrs - - - - - - Y
Linking Lifeforce (T) 14 Reflect health within 1500 miles Perm I I T I I I I


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Tegan Henric Lucius Tegan
Prue Ithilmor Alandis Thaeuss

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Alandis Henric
Tegan Lucius Prue
Ithilmor Thaeuss

Double File

Alandis Henric
Tegan Prue
Ithilmor Thaeuss

Single File