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Mavric Henriksdottir

Mavric is the oldest daughter and third child of Mavoin, guard captain and Henric, miner from Zirac Holding in Southern Ranke. Like her siblings, Henric, Bodric and Lyric, Mavric recently joined the Guild with the sponsorship of Mr Thorik.

Mavric learned all that she knows of the Bardic College from a secret book hidden in a secret cave back home. She is a fearsome warrior with a nasty warhammer. She has adventured several times with Sam the Ork, and has had some success in recent bandit control missions across the waters. She does not like sailing, but does like horse riding and fighting.

She's a fine wee slip of a lass with a wicked warhammer, nasty swing and vicious cutting whit. She'll go far as a Dwarven Warrior if only she can stay away from the sordid 'elements' around her. - Zeke of the Draymax Death Squad, Summer 807.

Garec McCaw, a companion to Mavric

Garec is a skin changed Goblin in the form of a hyacinthine McCaw parrot. He is 1 foot tall with another foot of tail, has a 2 foot wingspan and weighs around 2lbs.His body, tail, and wings are dark blue and the head is a slightly paler shade. It has an area of pale-yellow skin adjacent to the base of its beak, and orange-yellow eye rings. It has a large blackish beak and dark grey feet. As a parrot Garec can execute those parts of his Skills that are appropriate to his form.

Rank 4
Rank 8
Rank 6

Garec usually pretends to be a mundane parrot with an unusually large vocabulary when dealing those he does not know or trust.

Movement Rates: Flying: 600

PS: 4 MD: 19 AG: 23 MA: 18 EN: 8 FT: 13
WP: 11 PC: 18 PB: 10 TMR: 12 NA: Feathers absorb 1 DP
Garec can attack in Close Combat only
If Garec inflicts damage with a beak attack, he may immediately attempt a claw attack without penalty
Beak BC 104%, D10 + 2 A Class Damage
Claw BC 109%, D10, B Class Damage

Garec is happy to have been Skin Changed because he loves to fly. Also, he can live on crackers and a few thimbles of water for a long time.

Once, Garec was a goblin scout, and a good one, before the Ebolan witch Inchade captured him and turned him into a pet.

He spent some time with Mayhem (GM: Chris Caulfield Red Red Wine Winter 813wk) but discovered Mavric Hendriksdottir (GM: Chris Caulfield Trouble in Spine Summer 819wk) to be a more convivial and complementary companion.

He will stay with her until his life is endangered when he will act in his own self-interest. If scared, he may flee, retreat a way or fly to somewhere safe such as Mavric's houseboat/cave etc - GM's call.