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<--Map of Dwarven Lands

The entrance to this Dwarven Stronghold is at approximately 4,000', and sits in a mountain range nearly 50 miles due north of the mouth of the Ranke River and 25 miles north of Baxt.

Home to several thousand Dwarves as well as an undefined number of rock and water spirits, the complex is riddled with areas of high mana.

The overall impression is one of a quiet, insular, anti-magical clan, willingly cut off from other dwarves and the events of the outside world

The Complex

The main entrance leads down a long spiral stair past many passages to a large amphitheatre which is where the Dwarven Council meets.

Other passages lead off this stairwell to dwellings, comunal area's and the main mine shafts.

The Shafts

The main mines are accessed through two huge boxes suspended on thick robes that can be raised or lowered by some means not yet divined. The shafts for these boxes extend down 4000 feet into the bowels of the mountain and a number of mining areas areaccessable at various levels from these. At the very bottom a corridor leads off 200 feet to the south before ending in salty water. This tunnel continues underwater and eventually extends into Confederation Bay.


  • Morthrin - Senior Council member, appears to deal with external matters on the very rare occasions that outsiders are permitted entry into the complex.
  • Drun Kin - A political activist, his unconventional beliefs about increasing contact with the humans of Ranke and Carzala have prevented him from gaining any official position of authority. But his prompt decisive actions in 801wk that led to the return of the kidnapped miners has gained him many supporters and an unoffical regular seat in the council.
  • Bevan - One of the few who have regular contact with outsiders, merchant responsible for the small amount of trade that takes place with nearby villages. Primarily purchasing grain and barley from the village of Lieu Battant.
  • Henrik - A senior miner, conservative pillar of the community. Husband of Mavoin.
  • Mavoin - Full time guard, soldier, and mil sci. Wife of Henrik.

A small number of dwarven adventurers and Guild members come from this stronghold

  • Mabruin - A mercenary adventurer, member of the Seagate Guild 781-4wk, believed to have ties to Zirac.
  • Henric Henrikson
  • Bodric Henrikson
  • Mavric
  • Lyric
  • Haedric


Winter 801wk
Several miners and their families are abducted. Drun Kin enlists outside help to aid him in their rescue and punishing the Sahuagin who abducted them.